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1. Let's sue the United States Of America




2. Freedom of expression should not include making fun of Prophets

Leading Swedish newspapers namely The Dagens Nyheter newspaper and Expressen tabloid on Wednesday March 10, 2010 published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) with the body of a dog by a caricaturist who was the target of an assassination plot by Muslims arrested in Ireland. They defended the fact that it's freedom of expression.

It is also purposed that amendment in the constitution of Swedish Government is also going to take effect from 1st Jan. 2011 clearly stating in the Freedom of the Press Act and the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression that agencies and other public bodies are prohibited to take action against anyone exercising their freedom of the press or freedom of expression. It is also proposed that there be a penal provision for more serious violations of this prohibition. Equivalent rules are to apply to local government enterprises.

3. Don't end Big Brother, keep it going!

Big Brother has been going for a strong 10 years, and most of its viewers enjoying watching it during the summer.

Channel 4 have decided that it may be dropped next year.. that would be shame!

4. Redistricting of Bradshaw Glen Subdividion

Bradshaw Glen is now districted into the Arnold Mill District which is approxim. 9 miles from the subdividion to Arnold Mill School. Bradshaw Glen is 1.5 miles to Hickory Flat School.

Buses from Arnold Mill would have to pass buses going to Hickory Flat to make pick ups at Bradshaw Glen subdivision.

5. Get Riding Back!

From most kids houses there’s no where to ride. But, These Game wardens are posting everything and fining us. For what?! Riding? We aren’t hurting anything. And they wonder why people are calling cops on us for riding roads. You tell me where is there to ride where it’s not posted? I’m pretty sure a kid doesn’t want to pay ANOTHER fine.

One place, the rock dump which isn’t that big and we still have people yelling for the dust. So what is the problem with us on trails? We aren’t hurting anything we aren’t tearing down trees or making new trails. We are just riding. They are fining us for riding? But, they aren’t catching the people down at the PARK doing drugs, And they wonder why kids do drugs in our town. What else is there to do? There’s a park two actually. But who wants to sit at a park?

The basketball courts are all cracked and all dipped in. Plus you can only stay till eight or you get a fine! And what else is there? We don’t have one arcade. Not one Public Pool. We have BARS instead. That’s so fun. NOT! We can walk around town but what’s fun about that. Drugs all around you? That about all that is in our small town. There is nothing for the kids to do. Ride? But there’s a problem about that but they just blow off the kids with drugs. That doesn’t make sense. This town doesn’t! So we the kids and adults are going to get riding back because we don’t want to do drugs and our parents don’t want us to, we would rather ride!!

6. Stop all Anime changes NOW!

InuYasha is one of the best animes in the world and known to man, now they're planning to make it PRESENT DAY! With InuYasha as a SKATER and Sesshumaru as a GANGSTER!

7. We want Old Nick Shows

Nick studios in florida closed in 2005 and ever since then all the old nick shows were taken off air. After that happened all the other nick studios started to take place of the old nick studios in Florida and what I've been reading on the internet every one wants the old nick shows back on

8. My son deserve a father figure in his life - Don't deport Jacques to DRC

My partner has been in prison for almost 6 months. We were hoping that his sentence will be reduced and finished on or before13th August. He appealed against his sentence and his appeal went through and he is hoping to attend the court on Friday.

I contacted our mp concerning his immigration papers the home office wrote to him that they are processing his case. He left me with a 51/2 weeks baby when they took him on 9th February, not fully recovered from operation and with no help at all as the social service said i was not entitled to any benefit for a baby as an international student and him being a failed asylum seeker.

I manage to survive mainly for the help of the church.
I was expecting that after his sentence my partner should be able to come out and support our baby so that i can go on with my studies but last week the immigration prisoner officer told him that no matter what happened to his sentence he is going to be detained and deported back to DRC congo.

I am so confused and i don't understand why are they doing this to my family, i am sure if he go back to his country he is going to be killed and i cant go with him, if i send my baby to masai land he will not be accepted (a baby from non maasai dad). I am struggling to stay in UK for the time being using some serving i had and help from the church worrying not to know what else i can do. I feel there is no justice at all.

9. Demanding change in our education system

I am writing as a concerned parent of a student who is to be attending kindergarten in the year 09/10. I currently live in Clintondale which is Porter township. I was supposed to register my daughter for kindergarten this year and I am struggling with the fact that the KCSD is purely being run by power and money. Here is my story: My daughters designated school is Robb elementary. Now I am sure all of you who don't know about the "policies" are wondering why Robb when this family lives in Clintondale. Yes, I thought the same thing. So I called to get answers. And like we all know nobody ever has any. I do not want my daughter to go to Robb for the fact that it is so big. It has three kindergarten classes and Lamar Township only has 12 students in their kindergarten. This is pure ludicrous. Not only that but the fact I am going to pass three yes that's right three other elementary schools before I get to Robb. So many students are falling between the cracks of the education system and the district is allowing this to happen. I want my daughter to go to a school where to is going to get the attention that every student deserves. Next year so far there is only 25 students going to Mill Hall elementary in the kindergarten class.

Now also attending Lamar Township is a little girl who her designated school was Robb but she is being allowed to go to Lamar for the simple fact that her mother went to a board meeting and said I live in Porter Township and if my daughter goes to Robb then she will make friends in Lock Haven and I will have to drive her to Lock Haven to play with her friends. So they passed it and allowed her to go to Lamar Township.... and you call this justification. Absolutely not....I want to send my daughter to a school where I know she is going to get the education she deserves and we are going to put social power over that. Where does it end??

That's my question to you? When are we as citizens going to stand up and say ya know this mother has a point. There was a study done by a group of people who were concerned about the education system over the entire country. Whether your going to the suburbs of San Fransisco or a small town like Mill Hall/ Lock Haven results all came out pretty much the same and the results will blow you socks right off.

It was a study on students who have dropped out of school and we currently have about 30% of students dropping out and 45% of those students said that they dropped out in high school because during their elementary education years they were simply not prepared to handle the knowledge at the high school level. WHAT?!?!? That is what is going on here folks. That is what is going on. When I called the attendance office, transportation office, and the superintendents office and said all I am asking is for justification for my child going to a school that is in Lock Haven when I have an elementary school 2 miles from my house they all said the same thing....that is what the board passed. Blows me away. So in closing here is what my conclusion is.

My daughters education will be determined my a handful of people who all have political power and a better social status than John Doe down the street. Is that really justification? And at the end of the day who are we??? It is a question that we as citizens need to really think about. This is a serious situation and I am sure I am not the only mother or parent for that matter who has the same concerns. Let's come together as a community and make our education system what it needs to be. Or we will just be another statistic?

10. Say No to Images of Naked Children in Art

Art Monthly magazine published an image of a six-year-old girl on its July cover to protest against the recent furore over similar pictures by artist Bill Henson.

Art Monthly editor Maurice O'Riordan said he hoped the edition would "validate nudity and childhood as subjects for art'' and restore some "dignity to the debate".

Dr Jolley, co-author of an article about Bill Henson in this month's Art Australia magazine, said the cover was deliberately provocative.

"It could be a provocation or it could be simply saying no we aren't going to preemptively buckle, we aren't going to let this small pressure group dictate what we can and can't show,'' he said. "We aren't going to let the tabloid media ... dictate what we can and can't show and we are not going to let politicians, who are always wanting to jump on populist bandwagons dictate what we can and can't show.''

This petition is to show to the government and the art world that it is the COMMUNITY who is saying NO to the use of naked images of children.

11. Do Not Sell YAHOO!

Yahoo! is used by millions of users, including me, I am completely against the sale of Yahoo to Microsoft, if Microsoft buys yahoo, they are going too change EVERYTHING including mail, messenger and everything, if we don't do anything now, every 1 person that signs can help stop yahoo selling up.

Yahoo is one of the best sites out their for both search and mail, if Microsoft buy it, they will change it too Windows Live and only give you half of what you get now, or maybe very little space for mail, you currently get unlimited mail...

If Yahoo sells, Yahoo is going too lose VERY many people!

12. Stop NAIS

NAIS stands for National Animal Identification System.

NAIS is trying to be passed by the federal government. This will make anyone who has animals to register their property and their animal. At our expense. This is to make sure that there stopping animal diseases brakes out.

This also stops anyone from taking there pets off there property. If you go to the Vet your vet has to disclose if your animal is contagious or not. If so they are supposed to confiscate and destroy. You have to have promotion from the government to take you animal to the vet.

If you show your pet in FH or FFA you have to have promotion to do that as well. They want you to micro chip or brand your pets. They are going as far as micro chipping rodents and chickens. It has been proven that micro chipping causes cancer in animals. Some animals it would be very hard to micro chip let alone brand.

What this will do if it passes is most people will get rid of there pets do to expense. This will also stop 4h programs and FFA programs. A lot of these programs help keep kids off the street and out of trouble.

It will put grain growers, farmers and hay growers out of business. Vets and horses ferriers will be out of business. Our economy as we know it will be destroyed. The government is already trying to enforce NAIS in Kentucky, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

13. Residential speed limit on Front Street

The current speed limit on Front Street is 35mph. Front Street is a residential area with lots of children the limit should be 25mph.

The limit is 25mph on every other street in the area that is a neighborhood they even have children at play signs. On Front Street the limit doesn't go down to 25mph until you head downtown and away from the children.

On Christmas day a child was hit by a car, the girl driving was "going the speed limit" but didn't have time to stop. She had a suspended license hit a child and all she got was a ticket because she was going the speed limit.

I don't want to see this happen to my daughters or anyone else's children.

14. Bring Inuyasha Back

Please sign this petition to bring back Inuyasha. They cut the season short on October 26, 2006, leaving us all in suspense, waiting for another new episode. Although they made movies, many Inuyasha lovers were disappointed by the ending of the series.

There may be hope though, all you have to do is sign this petition and it will be sent to the creators of the series. If you haven't heard of Inuyasha, I suggest going to Google and looking up Inuyasha episodes or pictures.

You may also watch episodes on Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Here is the first movie!!

15. What is Ilson(Ilkeston) coming to?

Maxine Carr moving to Ilkeston and working in our local Tesco’s? If so then why should we (Ilkeston people) be allowing this to happen? What if she came up speaking to your child, what if she did something wrong to your child such as hurt him/her, if she’s been able to do it once what’s stopping her from doing it again???

Yet we all sit back and do nothing and will carry on to do nothing until something happens perhaps it may not I don’t know but I can tell you now I'm not going to sit back and let this carry on if its of a true nature then this is going further. Why Ilkeston!!

16. Petition Against Deletion Of IMVU Mature Products from User Accounts


IMVU is going to render products that only AP Pass holders can use unusable, after a significant amount of community members have purchased it with their own money. It is an error on their end they have not fixed and once fixed, will make a large amount of product unavailable to users who have purchased them with credits, which are bought with money.

IMVU AP Holders do not want this happen. AP Holders cannot trade or sell these items. AP Holders can only use these items with other AP holders.

AP Holders are going to be the ones who will suffer the consequences by losing out on product they honestly came by because it was sold in the catalog. AP Holders should not be the ones punished for select individuals who abused the system by selling Mature products either through the regular IMVU purchasing procedures or via another off-site website.

One of the bugs we are working on right now is that, apparently, [formerly] Mature products can still be used after they are marked Mature. Even worse, there are sites out there that have figured out a way to sell hidden products. So, essentially, they are selling products that are marked Mature. We will be rectifying this in short order and involving the authorities where needed.


This petition is now closed. IMVU has disabled mature products and is currently undergoing a reimbursement process to all its Access Pass members who have Mature Content in their inventories. More information can be obtained here at the IMVU Access Pass Holders Only Forum:

You must be an IMVU Access Pass user in order to read this forum.

17. Start a Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program in Brazil

Similiar to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America a Big Sisters, Big Brothers program in Brazil needs to be started to prevent more children from going to the streets or into premature prostitution.

Also, to enable a closer bond between the huge gap of rich and poor Brazilians.

18. Time for a new world history teacher

Our world history teacher, Ms.Simanu Klutz is a nice person however not a great teacher. Ms. Simanu Klutz has taught us nothing so far in the year, and when I mean nothing, I mean nothing. She gives us many packets of the book to try and help us but we haven't even went over that chapter or section in class.

She gives us the packets and makes us do it on our own. She then gives us tests and quizzes over chapters and sections in the book that we all don't even remember discussing in class because we haven't. She tries different ways to teach us including: slideshows and group projects. Slideshows are a good way for us to make notes and learn but not when she doesn't even let us finish writing everything on the slide on our peice of paper and then doesn't even bother going back to let us write it down, but tells us that we should write faster.

How are we supposed to study for test if we don't have any notes in class. We have only seen three slideshows and not that much information on them. We are now on Chapter 14. She also sometimes lets us watch movies on what sections we are on but it is so boring that everyone ends up falling asleep. Also our class is the only freshman class that she teaches so we get treated like seventh graders. She doesn't do anything in our class to teach us about history. The information that she lectures to us is all coming out of the book.

We never have homework in her class and we never know when we have homework because the plansheet changes in class everyday. Its like social hour for us and we don't like it because we don't learn anything and when she gives us quizzes we bomb them.

19. People for safer schoolchildren - Phelps and Clifton Springs

On Friday December 8, 2006, a Midlakes senior was killed in a fatal car accident. The student, a new driver, lost control of the vehicle and went across the median.

She was then struck by an on coming vehicle going 55 mph. If the vehicle that struck her was going 30 mph or less, the life of that student could have been saved.

20. Get Davy out of Huddersfield Town Football Club!

Questions asked to Ken Davy are "Where is our money going?" Huddersfield Town had a target to be in the top 30 clubs come 2008.

Unfortunatly this is an un-realistic target now with HTFC been a mid table team in League 1! After plenty of fans insist for answers Ken Davy cannot do anything but lie and lie! Are Huddersfield Town and Huddersfield Giants been run seperatly? Davy insists they are, but everyone knows its a lie! Ken Davy stated "They [the fans wondering where Huddersfield Town's money is going] insist on creating an atmosphere which is potentially damaging to Huddersfield Town Football Club."

But surely when fans come to watch their team week in week out they deserve proper answers? When they are spending money on watching Huddersfield Town, who are not acheiving, surely they deserve to know where the money is really going?

Answers are not coming and not going to come because Davy has thrown our money away! Get him out!

21. Save Frank Incandella

Dear Mr. Hoffa,

We the members of local 631 and the employees of ABF are requesting a reversal of your decision to Band Frank Incandella from our union. Frank has been a loyal teamster for 25 years and a great business agent. It is going to be impossible not to talk to him, due to we see him on our regular runs,he delivers to our terminal and we see him at show sites. Are we going to be band from our union too?

Fraternally Yours,

The undersigned

22. Whistle Cessation, Irvine Alberta

This petition is for Cessation of the Train Whistle while passing through Irvine, Alberta Canada.

The train goes by approx every 56 mins as there are 27 + trains going through Irvine on a daily basis with the rail traffic being more often when the demands for rail freight increases.

23. Speedbumps on Valleyview Way Needed

As a current resident on Valleyview Way, it has been witnessed time and time again, cars going way beyond the speed limit on our residential street.

There is also a blind spot while going over a small hill where it is very difficult to see (cars speed over this blind spot).

My younger brother was just hit by a car on August 11, 2006 and was injured with a broken leg.

As a community, we would like to do everything in our power to prevent this from happening again by the use of speed bumps, especially at the blind spot of our street.

24. Otakon in DC

August 5, 2006

We love Otakon. We've been going for several years, and we want to be able to keep going, and enjoying it, in the years to come.

But Otakon 2006 is definitely not as enjoyable as previous Otakons. It is obvious to anyone who is attending that there are too many people for the space. The crowding not only degrades the con experience considerably on its own, but seems to have exacerbated the normal snafus we know come with running a con: this year they seem worse than usual.

One solution is to lower the attendance cap back to 2005 or 2004 levels. That would work, but it would mean less people could enjoy Otakon, and it would mean Otakon wouldn't be able to grow anymore.

The better solution is to move Otakon to the Washington DC Convention Center. The DC convention center is much larger than the Baltimore Convention Center.

-Otakon 2006 con chair, Jim Vowles himself said: "Realistically, unless the BCC is leveled and rebuilt, it will not be a serious competitor with DC"

-The DC convention center is located conveniently close to a Metro (commuter rail) station, so people could stay in cheaper hotels in MD and VA and take the train in.

-Great part of town, plenty of restaurants, located in our nation's capital!

Every year the registration price goes up, but more people just get shoved into the same space. We encourage you to choose the option that will both give your fans what they want and allow Otakon to keep growing and thriving.

25. Where are Our Tax Dollars Going?

July 22, 2006

Parents work, Parents Pay Taxes, Where is that money going?

I feel that the schools are not getting what they need. Our tax dollars need to be going toward our schools. Instead of Teachers and Parents buying everything.

How can parents pay for 3-4 kids to go to school with this school supply list? How can teachers, pay for their kids and plus pay for her or his classroom supplies? IT CAN'T BE DONE!!

That's why the government that has been promising us free education needs to MAKE IT FREEEEEEE FOREVERYONE!

I have a petition started already, I have sent it in email to at least 100 people, some of them have sent it back to let me know how its doing, and some of them sent itout to family and friends until it reaches to 100 then they send it back to me.

I already have at least 50 signatures right now. And I have about 30 more that I know first hand that wants to sign it too. I plan on taking apetition around town, getting people to sign it. I might even hold a sign petition party. Something needs to be change about our school system lets make a difference.

Stand up for what is right. Taxes should pay for our schools and their needs.

We pay enough of them, where is it going, Oh yeah Their wallets is where our money going.

26. Wage war against terrorism in India

This petition is to pressurise Government of India, International community to form a group for a massive anti-terrorism operation.

On 11th july 2006 terrorism struck and again on Mumbai (India).Seven Local trains were blown up not in one but at seven different places of mumbai within a span of 15 minutes, leaving more than 190 killed and 700 wounded.

These blasts were followed by blast in Srinagar(Jammu & kashmir),a regular feature in srinagar.While the Assam blast(JUNE 08) and varanasi blast(march 7)are still afresh in the minds of people.

Terrorist attacks have become regular feature in most of the countries including america, Britain,India Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, afghanistan. In month of May, maharashtra police arrested 3 terrorists belonging to LeT (Lashkar-e-tayyaba) and SIMI with 33 kg of RDX,but one car and two of its accomplice managed to escape.

So it was clear that the person who escaped must have been carrying RDX. This should have immediately raised the alarm to protect the nearest important city which is mumbai, but the government did not take careful notice of it and the result is out now.

Two weeks back NSCS(National security council secretarait) official S S Paul was arrested for his involvement in espionage. The above incidences suggest a strong failure of India's Intelligence bureau.

Morever, government is unable to arrest terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim(mastermind of mumbai blast 1993) who is hiding in Pakistan and Abusalem, another prime accused of mumbai blast-1993 who is under custody is not yet proved guilty. And above all banned terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, LeT, Jaish-e-mohammad, ULFA are creating
attacks on a regular basis.

A recent rise of terrorism in bangladesh is going strong day by day. This shows that either the government is going soft on terrorist based
policies, or is inefficient or are insufficient in their resources to nab them.

Now time has come for India to give its reply to terrorism. India should give an example of its crusader-terrorism image example by arresting Dawood Ibrahim, trying abu salem, Babloo srivastava.

Other nations and oranisations like united nations and other countries should support india and work together to launch massive operation against terrorism.

27. Marvel Vs. Capcom ( Vs. DC) 3

June 28, 2006

Hello, there! My name is Jason Holmes, and I'm asking for your Support to make an idea I recently had become a reality.

I was thinking, if Capcom is and was still going to make a Marvel Vs. Capcom ( Vs. DC) 3 game, to ask Capcom, DC and Marvel if they could and if they wanted to work together to allow the DC Universe Characters to be playable in MVCVDC3, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and many others.

This petition if for Capcom to consider, if it is and was going to still make a third Marvel Vs. Capcom game, to ask DC to join them in allowing the DC Universe Characters to be playable, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and others.

I would like to know if Marvel and DC, and you gamers out there, might want this to happen too?

Jason Holmes ( AKA Kronoan).

28. Reduce Dental Charges for Pensioners

March 07, 2006

Recently my dentist has decided to rebel against the government's new dental contracts by going private.

Admitedly no dental treatment has been entirely free but was subsidised. Now I will be £120 out of pocket just for 2 inspections and scalings per year and then there will be more charges for any other treatment required.

Surely they could think again as there will be no going back once they have got your money. I think it is unfair as most dentists were trained in this country free of charge before top-up fees came into force and I think they ought to give some of the cost of training back by honouring the national health motto "from cradle to grave" as envisaged by the originators.

Written by a disgruntled pensioner who may not get any dental treatment in the future.

29. Keeping Mr. Edward Jerome Bell (Cabanlit) In The U.S.

January 21, 2006

Mrs. Angela Bridgett Bell

I write this letter to you today, hoping that somewhere, someone can offer me some help. My husband was born in The Philippine in 1963. When he was 9 months old he was adopted by two U.S. citizens. He was legally adopted, and has been here in the U.S. since 1963. He does not read, write, or speak Tagalog. When he was in his youth, he fell in with a 'bad crowd' and got into doing some things he should not have done.

He didn't know he was adopted not until he was sixteen. He regrets the mistakes he has made, and he's serving time for those mistakes, but he has paid his debt to society. I feel very deep in my heart that he has been rehabilitated and he knows the right path to take.

Now as he is reaching the end of his prison sentence he is going to be deported back to the Philippine if we can't prove he is a U.S. citizen behind he will leave a heartbroken family: three sons, five step-children that he loves as his own, uncles and aunts and cousin, as well as myself a wife that is deeply in love with her husband.

The heartbreak of him going to prison was hard enough, but now to lose him across an ocean for a period exceeding his prison sentence is absolutely devastating! I am watching the man I love, get deported back to a country, where he doesn't know anyone nor does he speak their language. If he is deported, they will be sending him to a foreign country America is all he knows. I have an 11 year old son who has Diabetes that loves him he is waiting for his daddy to come home.

I lost my mother in December of 2004 and my husband lost his adopted mother in May 2005 she was sick over my husband being deported. So many would probably be quick to say "Who cares? He broke the law, and he's getting what he deserves." But how many upstanding, law-abiding citizens have had someone close to them someone that they love, that has messed up somewhere along the way.

A son, a daughter, a brother, or a sister- who maybe broke the law, or got involved with drugs, or some other type of negative behavior? It's really easy not to care until it's someone close to you someone that YOU LOVE! Then it becomes a different story. In writing this letter, I am hoping to find an ear that will listen, and hopefully be able to help.

In addition, I hope to bring forward others who may share my pain, so that we may come together and with the strong voice of unity, perhaps we can bring forth CHANGE! Something must be done to stop what is happening, right here in our own country!

These new laws are not fair or just!! Families are being ripped apart. It is both devastating and heartbreaking. In fact, it's downright shameful. Just the mention of the INS fills me with anger and disgust. This has become a nightmare for all of us. Is their any one in office that cares about being just and keeping the families together?

Every day we are living with an unspeakable pain and fear that we will never see each other again. A happy family is on the verge of destruction, not due to natural disaster, but due to the new immigration law. The United States is a humane society that respects human rights and strong family values.

I do not believe, and cannot believe, that it will allow an inhumane thing such as forcing a wife to be separated from a husband, and the children to be separated from a father to happen. I wish you can help me so my husband can stay in the United States with me and his children.

My husband has been released from Prison October 4, 2005. He has been at the Processing Center waiting to be deported.

Please support this petition. Mrs. Angela Bell

30. End Horse Slaughter FOREVER!

January 13, 2006

Please Sign for the sake of horses!

This is a petition that is for those who DON'T believe in horse slaughter!