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1. Standard Genetic Screening for Newborns

When an infant is born, he or she is required to have a genetic screening test done to test for any harmful diseases. This test uses a sample of the child's blood to extract and screen the DNA for specific traits. But what happens to this sample after it is used for the screening process?
Most patient samples are given to the scientific community for research without clear consent from the parents. Unless a parent specifically requests that the sample be destroyed and discontinued, the infant's blood sample will be used for further research among scientists. The problem with this process is not what the sample is used for after screening, but rather, the lack of consent from parents and potential privacy violations. To protect the infant's privacy and control over their own samples and information, it should be required that the infant's legal guardian be given the explicit opportunity to choose whether the patient's sample be donated to research or destroyed and placed in medical waste.

2. Petition to President Trump Not to Abandon His Stated Support of the Role of Wikileaks and Its FounderW

President Trump, on several occasions, expressed his support for the role of Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange, in bringing to the citizens of the the world's countries the concealed truth and information needed to support their individual welfare and rights. Recently, he seems to have abandoned this support in favor of apprehending and punishing Mr Assange for publishing worldwide the often compromising but desperately-needed truth his organization frequently reveals,

3. Amend the Constitution so that Personal Information is Protected

Personal information is not a directly protected right within the U.S. Constitution.

This petition goal is to rectify this concern by clearly making such right evident through the means of a constitutional amendment.

4. Get water bottle companies to publish their bottled water quality and detailed info about their sources

Many water bottle companies make profits by selling their water bottles. The reason: people think that they are more pure than water that comes from the tap and it has the impression that it is better.

However, studies have shown that water bottles can have traces of bacteria and arsenic. Many bottled water companies fail to have a bottled water company report in order for the general public to see what their water is really like.

We should also enforce water bottle companies to publish their sources. Some water bottle companies like Dasani and Aquafina take tap water and purify it. It is a waste of money to buy water that is essentially the same as it is from your kitchen sink.

Water bottled companies should be more controlled, the citizens of the U.S.A have a right to know!

5. Start a Shopmobility/Information Service

We are seeking help from Amber Valley residents and surrounding areas to support us in our campaign to start up a Shopmobility/Information Service for disabled/older people in the Alfreton area.

We are asking people to sign the epetition and comment below so that we can prove to potential funders that this service is needed. We
need as many signatures as we can get.

Many thanks in advance for supporting our campaign

Disability Assist

6. Save

It has been recently announced that is going to be shut down.

This is a valuable local resource that needs our support.

7. Stop Websites from Posting Your Private Information without a True Cause is a website that poses themselves as a part of the media giving them an opportunity to post your name and home address to anyone visiting their website.

All one has to do is put your name in the search engine and pops up your personal residence. Although they are supposing to say they are providing information about real estate property for selling purposes, your property does not even have to be up for sale to be listed on their website. uses the fact that these are public records are accessible to anyone. The fact is that when someone is in search about a piece of real estate, they do not look it up by the person's name, but by the address.

A serious real estate agent will be willing to go to the courts and find the information they need, but not some crazed person who may want to harm you.

8. Britain Must Leave The European Union

Withdrawal from The European Union is an option that must be offered to the people of Britain.

9. 聯署:保障公民知情權,捍衛採訪自由 Petition - Safeguard Citizens’ Right to Know, Uphold Press Freedom


Safeguard Citizens’ Right to Know
Uphold Press Freedom

10. Say no to US taxation

Shutterstock have introduced a new taxation scheme. This states that if you are in a country which has a double taxation agreement with the US, you will need to fill in a form, involving private information, and send notarised copies (expensive) of your passports to the US. If this form is not filled in, then 30% of ALL your earnings will be deducted for US tax. If you live in a country without a tax agreement with shutterstock, then you will automatically be leaving 30% of your earnings with the IRS.

Shutterstock is attempting to censor debate on their forums by banning contributors who disagree with their point of view. For an open uncensored debate on the issue of IRS taxation on our earnings, feel free to use this forum. Details such as when the petition will be handed in and negociations with shutterstock will be discussed there too.

For this petition to have the maximum impact with the shutterstock management, we need to get a maximum number of signatures. Because shutterstock is deleting posts from the forum refering to this petition, we need to get the word out as many contributors are unaware of this petition and the potential benefits that it will bring if successful. So please make details of the petition known as widely as possibly. This is for the benefit for every non-US contributor at Shutterstock.

Thank you.

11. Information about shared ip-Popmundo

We are two Turkish Popmundo Players living in Moldova Republic.
We are students and flatmates.
We live three guys in this house and share same static ip with three computers.
Two of us are Popmundo players.

Due to recent lightning occurences to people who share internet as well as us, we seized to fear and wanted to let you know we never use or share our accounts, everybody uses his own computer and never use two accounts in same computer.

You can watch the attached video as an evidence.

12. Supporting Strong Libraries in Portland Public Schools

To: Portland Public School Board Members and Portland Public Schools Superintendent

The Oregon Library Association (OLA), the Portland Area Information Literacy Group (P.A.I.L.), and the undersigned Oregon librarians and library media specialists want to express support for libraries, teacher-librarians and library media specialists in all of Portland Public School libraries. The OLA is a statewide association of over 1,000 members composed of academic, public, and special librarians from across Oregon. P.A.I.L. is a group of Portland area librarians from public, school, college and university libraries in the Portland area. We advocate for Information Literacy for all of our library users and students.

P.A.I.L. has met over the last three years and found from the very first conversation that we had a common concern: “Students seeking a post-secondary education lacked the requisite knowledge to do high quality research using the multitude of resources available in today’s modern library.” From our discussions we discovered that support for professional teacher-librarians and library media specialist (LMS) in Portland Public Schools had been waning over the years. It was a stunning epiphany for all, especially the college librarians.

We write to you in support of staffing your school libraries with professional librarians and support staff, providing equal and equitable access to both a qualified librarian and a professionally developed library collection. The role of administering a library program and library media center also involves someone who is an expert in curriculum and provides high quality resources teachers and students need. Research has consistently shown that school librarians and strong libraries correlate strongly with student success and retention. They also prepare students to succeed in post-secondary schooling and to become critical thinkers and well-informed citizens.

We understand that you recently created a new position in the district, one that can help to renew the role of librarians and school libraries across your district, and we applaud your acknowledgement to address this need. We wish to encourage your continuous efforts to bring Portland Public School libraries into the 21st century, and to become the leader for school libraries in Oregon.

Robert Schroeder
Coordinator of the Portland Area Information Literacy Group
Assistant Professor and Reference Librarian, Portland State University

Sarah Beasley
Oregon Library Association. President
Associate Professor, Education and Social Science Librarian, Portland State University

13. Lighting the Stadium Field at Darien High School

DHS Lights Information Committe:

The DHS Lights Information Committee is providing the facts about plans currently
under consideration by the Board of Education to place lights on the Stadium Field at Darien High School.

14. Make Native Title Data Available

WA mining companies are concerned at the time consuming task of accessing up to date information on the progress of tenement applications through the Native Title processes from the Department of Industry and Resources.

Currently tenement managers have to resort to regularly phoning the Department with Native Title queries creating ongoing and inefficient demands on the department and its resources.

They also have to wait sometimes for months for tenement applications to be advertised before they can take any action necessary. It is also extremely time-consuming to collate and update this information across multiple tenement applications.

As such, it would be extremely beneficial to tenement managers and the department to have a system in place that could answer native title queries across multiple tenements in a form easily integrated with in-house databases.

This would improve the overall consistency, time and transparency with which Native Title data can be accessed and used effectively.

15. AA Midget Female Team

Two proposals have been forwarded to our local Brandon Youth Hockey Association (BYHA) to request the formation of a stand alone AA Female Midget hockey team for the upcoming 2007 - 2008 season.

Both proposals have been declined as an earlier survey of midget aged potential families suggested that there was not enough support to warrant a team. At the time of the survey very little information was known about what a stand alone team may look like and what type of schedule and costs would be involved.

A group of individuals with girls involved in Midget hockey would like the opportunity to hold tryouts for a stand alone team and offer detailed information as to what a stand alone AA team scheudle and costs would look like to those interested in playing at this level.

Tryouts would be held at the earliest possible time in September. Potentially the week players return to school.

16. Two Australian journalists, were Kidnappés by the POLISARIO

There is more than two weeks, Mr. Danial Fallshow and Mrs. Violeta Ayala obtained the permission of the polisario to work in Rabouni and the refugee camps. The interested parties paid their second visit in the area. The two journalists were invited to pass their stays in the tents of a family to the camps of Aousserd. During two weeks, they carried out films on the life of the refugees.

On May 1 before midnight, the journalists informed a family member having accomodated them whom they were to leave the tents to go in another place. This information came from to the safety of Polisario, which started to seek the journalists. On May 2 with 11:00, the person in charge of the protocol of the polisario received a call of the Australian MAE, calling upon a “kidnapping of journalise”. Less than one half an hour after, Mr. Danial Fallshow and Mrs. Violeta Ayala were found with the inn of a cuban doctor, where they hid.

The Director of the Safety of the POLISARIO, Mohamed Wali Akeik, stopped Mr. Danial Fallshow and Mrs. Violeta Ayala. According to the carried out investigations, the interested parties carried out a film on slavery and racism in the refugee camps sahraouis. They described a slavery-racism ratio within the same family, divided into two according to the colour of its members. Alleged the " slaves noirs" belong " with the Master blanc".

When the film was carried out, "esclaves" asked the journalists to pay attention to their safety because the POLISARIO followed their activities.

Mr. Danial Fallshow and Mrs. Violeta Ayala then took the video-cassettes of films carried out and tried to flee the zone sahraouie. They called by telephone of the parents in Australia, announcing to them that the unknown ones kidnapped them. This information was transmitted to the Australian authorities, which invited the FP to take the necessary measures to find the missing journalists.

17. Deux journalistes australiens, ont été Kidnappés par le POLISARIO

Deux journalistes australiens, M. Danial Fallshow et Mme Violeta Ayala, ont été Kidnappés ou et arrêtés par le POLISARIO récemment.

Il y a plus de deux semaines, M. Danial Fallshow et Mme. Violeta Ayala ont obtenu la permission du polisario de travailler à Rabouni et aux camps de réfugiés. Les intéressés effectuaient leur deuxième visite dans la région. Les deux journalistes ont été invités à passer leurs séjours dans les tentes d’une famille aux camps d’Aousserd. Pendant deux semaines, ils ont réalisé des films sur la vie des réfugiés. Le 1er mai avant minuit, les journalistes ont informé un membre de la famille les ayant accueillis qu'ils devaient quitter les tentes pour se rendre dans un autre endroit. Cette information est parvenue à la sécurité du Polisario, qui a commencé à rechercher les journalistes.

Le 2 mai à 11h00, le responsable du protocole du polisario a reçu un appel du MAE australien, invoquant un « kidnapping des journalises ». Moins d’une demi-heure après, M. Danial Fallshow et Mme. Violeta Ayala ont été retrouvés à l’auberge d’un docteur cubain, où ils se cachaient.

Le Directeur de la Sécurité du POLISARIO, Mohamed Wali Akeik, a arrêté M. Danial Fallshow et Mme. Violeta Ayala. Selon les investigations menées, les intéressés ont réalisé un film sur l’esclavage et le racisme dans les camps de réfugiés sahraouis. Ils ont décrit un rapport esclavage-racisme au sein de la même famille, divisée en deux en fonction de la couleur de ses membres. Les prétendus "esclaves noirs" appartiennent "au maître blanc". Quand le film était réalisé, les "esclaves" ont demandé aux journalistes de faire attention à leur sécurité car le POLISARIO suivaient leurs activités.

M. Danial Fallshow et Mme. Violeta Ayala ont ensuite pris les vidéocassettes des films réalisés et ont essayé de fuir la zone sahraouie. Ils ont appelé par téléphone des parents en Australie, leur signalant que des inconnus les ont kidnappés. Cette information a été transmise aux autorités australiennes, qui ont invité le FP à prendre les mesures nécessaires pour retrouver les journalistes disparus.

18. Help Capitan Ulman!!!

Capitan Ulman was a spetsnaz GRU officer serving in Chechnya during the recent war. One day his group took part in a military operation aiming to surrender and capture the group of Arab terrorists allegedly based in some remote mountain village. His task was to block one of the outbound roads and do not let the terrorists to escape.

While on duty he ordered to open fire upon the vehicle which refused to stop and tried to run over one of his men. Out of the 6 people in the car one was killed instantly,and few others injured. He passed this information together with the ID details of the alleged terrorists to his commanding officers up in the military headquarters.

In return he received a direct order to shoot them all and continue with his task He was arrested after and charged with manslaughter. Court hearing took place twice and TWICE he was found NOT GUILTY in the court of law by the Jury. Despite all this the government ordered him to be put on trial once again - for the THIRD TIME on the same charge with NO JURY this time.

This is a violation of all and every Russian law on this matter. Nevertheless preparations to this third court hearing was underway when information was passed around that Ulman and his group disappeared. Officials claim that he ran away, but there are rumours that he was kidnapped by the relatives of those killed Chechens.

There are grave concerns for his and his friends life in this case. This tragic development of events could only become possible due to the terrible civil unrest in the country ended up in a war in Chechnya, when the Army has called to perform its duty on the territory of it’s own country and in the absence of the formal state of war.

This put hundreds of honest soldiers and officers in the situation the same of similar to the Ulmans one. Highest authority the President of the country has full and direct responsibility for all this mess hence we kindly ask you to sign this petition which intends to draw the attention of Mr Putin to this tragic event, and asking him to use his powers and ensure swift and fair investigation of this disappearance and the whole Ulmans case.

19. Time for a new world history teacher

Our world history teacher, Ms.Simanu Klutz is a nice person however not a great teacher. Ms. Simanu Klutz has taught us nothing so far in the year, and when I mean nothing, I mean nothing. She gives us many packets of the book to try and help us but we haven't even went over that chapter or section in class.

She gives us the packets and makes us do it on our own. She then gives us tests and quizzes over chapters and sections in the book that we all don't even remember discussing in class because we haven't. She tries different ways to teach us including: slideshows and group projects. Slideshows are a good way for us to make notes and learn but not when she doesn't even let us finish writing everything on the slide on our peice of paper and then doesn't even bother going back to let us write it down, but tells us that we should write faster.

How are we supposed to study for test if we don't have any notes in class. We have only seen three slideshows and not that much information on them. We are now on Chapter 14. She also sometimes lets us watch movies on what sections we are on but it is so boring that everyone ends up falling asleep. Also our class is the only freshman class that she teaches so we get treated like seventh graders. She doesn't do anything in our class to teach us about history. The information that she lectures to us is all coming out of the book.

We never have homework in her class and we never know when we have homework because the plansheet changes in class everyday. Its like social hour for us and we don't like it because we don't learn anything and when she gives us quizzes we bomb them.

20. Save Wal-Mart's Fabric Department at Jacksonville, Florida

While shopping on Thursday, December 21, 2006 in our local Walmart Store located at 6830 Normandy Blvd, in Jacksonville, Florida, 32205, in their fabric department, I commented to one of the employees that I was so grateful and glad that Walmart provided such an affordable and well-stocked fabric department.

I was informed that soon after the 1'st of the year (2007) the fabric department was being closed. Dismayed and extremely upset, I spoke with the Assistant Manager on duty that day, and he verified that they had just received notification of the pending closure.


While shopping in the latter part of December, at the Yulee, Florida Walmart Super Center, located just outside of Fernandina Beach, Florida, we were informed by an employee that parties in the fabric department had been given information that a large number of pending closures/substanitial changes were coming to Walmart fabric departments across the country. This information did not come from a store manager and therefore could be construed as unreliable and hearsay. The only reason that we're passing it along is because in the event that it IS true, we feel it's valuable information with regard to our petition.

21. Changing Major Professor Petition

1) We are unable to understand what the professor explains and we have already complained about him in the 2 courses we had with him before during the previous years.

2) The mismatch between the derivatives' teaching and the derivatives' reality due to the fact that the professor explains it merely from his own personal perspective and he provides us with equations that he creates from his own understanding of the topics (which always happen to be irreliable and inaccurate) and not the ones that are actually used in text-books.

3) Getting to the work place, we -GUCians- will be backed up with false information about the subject or a "tailored-understanding" of the course according to our professor's own perspective. This will not only affect us as students but we believe it might also affect the GUC's image and integrity.

4) The use of mathematics as an end in itself rather than a tool (He does not give much attention to explaining the formulas and he is constantly confused about their application - No attention to the non-theoretical part of the course).

5) He finds out a lot of misstatements and inaccuracy in the material he is using in the lecture upon the chance of a student raising questions.

6) Most of the time, the professor has no answer to the students' questions on the spot and he constantly asks for time to review the concepts again.

7) Psychologically, it is inadequate that the professor himself is usually uncertain of the information he is giving.

8) The teaching assistant is obliged to explain things from the professor's point of view, mainly because this is what we will be examined in.

22. ASFCME - stop the current addendum vote

On Friday September 29, 2006, a union vote took place concerning modifications in the Driver and Monitor Contract. Many union members feel that they were not properly notified or given accurate information concerning the vote.

Specifically, members were not notified in a timely manner to make arrangements or allocations of their time to participate in the vote. Some members were notified the very day of the vote and some were not notified at all. The preferred current ASCME communication style is to put paper flyers in the transportation building lounge. This style operates under the assumption that all drivers and monitors visit the lounge, which is not true.

Additionally, the amendments to the contract were not given to each union member in a timely manner to develop an opinion of good or evil. Only two pieces of paper that were confusing to some lay next to the vote box for drivers and monitors to make a very quick decision to vote yes or no. Furthermore, union members were not provided their own personal copy

23. Stop The Closing Of MSN Chatrooms

Webtv users being told they can no longer use TalkCity for chatting and are moving to MSN chat services. Then MSN closes free chat experience but users are to pay for a service that would cost them $19.95 a year just to chat (MSN loses a lot of clientel).

Two years later MSN states that they are closing the chats down altogether, but only a few have seen this information, and if you do not look close enough on the chat home page you'd miss this information, (MSN was/is trying to hide this information).

Now MSN is breaking apart webtv'ers & MSN users that have made bonds, extended families and we want to BLOCK the closing of this action.

Here is our plea...

24. Introduce Sarah's Law

We owe it to our next generation !

Sarah's Law would give parents the right to controlled information about the whereabouts of predatory child sex offenders living in their area. It would enable parents to safeguard their children by contacting police in order to obtain details of high risk paedophiles who are known to reside within their local community.

This information would be strictly controlled by police and there would be strong penalties for anyone who abuses the information.

Sarah's Law is NOT a call for unrestricted open access to the Sex Offender's Register.

We start from the position that information should no longer remain the exclusive preserve of officialdom. We believe the public have the right to protection and they have the right to information'.

Lord Stevens - former Met Police Chief:

'Its all about a parent's right to protect their child, a child's right to be safe. 'If just saves one child from sex abuse, and the lifetime of nightmares that too often follow, then I'm afraid its worth all the inconvenience in the world for the

'We Can't Change the Past - But We Can Definitely Change the Future'

Children don't get a second chance.

We believe its our right as parents - We recognise the problem - We commit to
the cause.

25. Justice for James Farrence Jr.

July 2, 2006

On March 31, 2005, 27 year-old James "Jimmy" Farrence Jr. disappeared from Carbondale, Pennsylvania.

Jimmy had less than $60 on him the night he disappeared, did not drive, and suffered from muscular dystrophy. He was extremely trusting and friendly.

On September 20, 2005, and again on March 11, 2006, just 21 days shy of the one-year anniversary of Jimmy's disappearance, his remains were recovered near the Lackawanna River in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The National Center for Missing Adults and the Carbondale Police Department have determined that Jimmy's death is suspicious.

For nearly a year, family and friends searched desperately to find Jimmy, organizing search and rescue efforts, addressing state legislatures and municipality representatives, networking with missing person organizations, and continually pressing for answers.

In July 2005, Jimmy's family submitted a large packet of information to America's Most Wanted with hope that his case would be selected for coverage.

Unfortunately, Jimmy was never listed on AMW's missing person list. In addition, AMW didn't respond to the family until June 2006, nearly an entire year after Jimmy's case information was submitted.

Supervising Producer Steve Katz offered words of condolences in a letter dated June 8, 2006, and stated that with less than one hour every week, they are not able to air Jimmy's story.

Mr. Katz went on to say that "there is power in numbers"; hence, this petition.

I am encouraging everyone who supports Justice for James Farrence Jr. to sign this petition so that it can be respectfully submitted to America's Most Wanted in an effort to convince the producers to air Jimmy's story.

26. Increase Education Standards at Devry University Alpharetta

June 16, 2006

This petition is generated only for the improvement of educational materials and information at DeVry University Alpharetta.

The mediocre education at DeVry University Atlanta, Georgia ---> Alpharetta campus that I and many students have received is disgraceful.

In light of the tuition fees that we pay (in excess of $19,000/annum), somehow the educational information that we deserve is not reflected and neither is the equipment we currently use.

We as students are taught information that is not concurrent with todays technology standards. Along with the dated information we are receiving is the expired or broken equipment that we are using.

As a private university which boasts latest technological training methods coupled with cutting edge equipment and information, Devry Alpharetta has fallen very short.

There is a need for a change at this school to reflect the Devry that used to produce leaders in the technological/engineering industry and a need for this school to live up to the standards set for accredations of Universities.

27. Free Hao Wu

April 14, 2006

Hao Wu (Chinese name: 吴皓), a Chinese documentary filmmaker and blogger who lived in the U.S. between 1992 and 2004, was detained by the Beijing division of China's State Security Bureau on the afternoon of Wednesday, Febuary 22, 2006.

On that afternoon, Hao had met in Beijing with a congregation of a Christian church not recognized by the Chinese government, as part of the filming of his next documentary.

Hao had also been in phone contact with Gao Zhisheng, a lawyer specializing in human rights cases. Gao confirmed to one of Hao's friends that the two had been in phone contact and planned to meet on Feb. 22, but that their meeting never took place after Gao advised against it.

On Friday, Feb. 24, Hao's editing equipment and several videotapes were removed from the apartment where he had been staying. Hao has been in touch his family since Feb. 22, but judging from the tone of the conversations, he wasn't able to speak freely. One of Hao's friends has been interrogated twice since his detention. Beijing's Public Security Bureau (the police) has confirmed that Hao has been detained, but have declined to specify the charges against him.

The reason for Hao's detention is unknown. One of the possibilities is that the authorities who detained Hao want to use him and his video footage to prosecute members of China's underground Churches. Hao is an extremely principled individual, who his friends and family believe will resist such a plan. Therefore, we are very concerned about his mental and physical well-being.

As of April 14th, 2006, Hao has been held for 52 days without being charged with a crime, in clear violation of Chinese procedure. Numerous requests by Hao's family for information have been denied by the State Security Bureau.

Hao Wu's friends and colleagues at Global Voices Online - where Hao served as China editor - in cooperation with his sister Wu Na have organized a website, a letter writing campaign and this petition to ask the Chinese government for his immediate release.

More information about Hao Wu's detention is available at (or a mirror site,

28. Petition to investigate China's concentration camps

Update May 15, 2006

This petition is now closed. Thanks to all who signed. Thanks to! More people have discovered the terrible news of concentration camps and signed to ask for investigation.

April 14, 2006

Recent reports have revealed several concentration camps in China where tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners are being held and face possible death—this is an urgent situation that requires attention from the international community, especially the United States.

According to multiple sources, concentration camps similar to the one in Sujiatun, Shenyang, have been set up in provinces across China to detain large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners. In those camps, the authorities have been harvesting the organs of practitioners while they are still alive and cremating the remains to destroy the evidence, then selling the organs for profit. and The Epoch Times exposed these atrocities to the world in early March, and within three weeks, before Chinese officials addressed the issue to foreign media, the practitioners held in underground concentration camp in Sujiatun had been quickly relocated.

According to tips from Mainland China and different investigations, the Chinese communist regime hastily published the "Interim Regulation for Human Organ Transplant Practice" after the Sujiatun concentration camp was exposed. However, the regulation will not take effect until July 1, 2006, and thus we suspect the regime was allowing time to destroy all evidence of the crimes. Investigations have confirmed that hospitals and transplant centers in Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Hunan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Anhui, Shan'xi, Xinjiang and etc. are operating overtime to perform transplant operations. Hospital staff members told undercover investigators that patients should come in quickly if they want a transplant, as the hospital can find matching organs in as short as one or two days and it will be difficult after this batch of organs is used up.

This information, supported by multiple investigations, leads to one conclusion: A slaughter to eliminate witnesses and victims of the concentration camps is underway. Because of this urgent situation, the Falun Dafa Association has initiated IGFG (Investigate Genocide against Falun Gong in China) where many credible organizations have been and will be invited to join, aiming to go to China to perform an independent investigation of the persecution of Falun Gong in all the labor camps, jails, hospitals and relevant facilities.

After World War II, the international community deeply regretted its failure to stop the Holocaust and solemnly promised "Never Again." We urgently ask you to take immediate action and activate all possible mechanisms to stop this new genocide in Mainland China. In particular, the U.S. government owns satellites that can provide information on the past and present activities in the concentration camps and labor camps etc.

In the meantime, we know that you are meeting with Hu Jintao later this month. We hope that you can bring up the following points:
1. Open up all of China's labor camps/jails/hospitals for international investigation.
2. Allow IGFG to go into China and research the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong.

We believe such requests are fair, just, necessary, and urgent considering the current situation. Every minute of delay will result in irremediable loss of innocent lives and will be a disgrace to the human race!

29. Smart Classrooms for East Tennessee State University

March 24, 2006

Hutcheson Hall on East Tennessee State University has been undergoing renovation for the past year.

As the Family and Consumer Sciences Department, we are striving to update our image while providing students with a higher level of education.

Technology is a key factor to providing students with effective learning. Our classrooms are currently out-of-date and need immediate attention.

30. Remove Seating Facilities for Concerts at S’pore Indoor Stadium

February 7, 2006

This is a Petition to request for action on the removal of seating facilities for Rock & Pop concerts (S'pore Indoor Stadium).

I attended my very first rock concert in my teenage years. In my opinion, it was one of the best concerts that ever took place in S'pore. The energy exuded by the 1000+ fans were truly an amazing sight. It was a METALLICA Concert & at that time, they were one of the hottest Metal Bands around (& they still are!!).

Although I absolutely enjoyed the unforgettable event... but what disappointed me utterly was the inclusion of seating facilities. I was extremely surprised (or rather, Shocked!) that there actually were seats for a Rock concert. What a Travesty it was.

The seats were absolutely redundant & a major obstacle for the fans to have a great time. For Goodness sake... this is a ROCK Concert. Nobody will ever seat down during a Rock Concert.
I really do not comprehend the reason for placing seats in the main arena. I did not pay $150 to seat down at concert events. Apparently, everybody were not utilising the seats at all.
The fans were either standing or using the seats as standing-stools (including myself & my friends).

In 2001, I attended the COLDPLAY/TRAVIS Concert. The concert was excellent, but the seats (again!) were a major disappointment. Then there were also ushers demanding fans to take their seats. This is unacceptable as those at the rear will not be able to see their favourite band perform because the fans in the front were standing up & obstructing the view.

Hence, those fans behind have to stand on the seats to enjoy the concert & get their money's worth. The concert tickets cost over a $100 each & i bought 4 tickets for my friends so we would have a enjoyable night.
However, we were deprived of having good clean fun.

I understand the need to have seating facilities for shows/films, theatrical performances & plays as i do attend these events as well. (eg. Cirque du Soleil, Cabarets, etc )
Nowadays whenever there are any concerts (like the upcoming Franz Ferdinand & OASIS concert), i would think twice about spending money to attend the event where i have to mandatorily take a seat to enjoy the concert.

I'm very sure many others out there would share my exact sentiments.
Thus, I write this petition to appeal to the authorities & organisers to remove the seating facilities for all Rock/Pop Concerts in the future.
I always believe this action will undoubtedly please all fans & concert go-ers.

Furthermore, more eager fans would not hesitate to buy tickets to see their favourite artistes/bands perform.
This will definitely be a win-win situation.

The cost of setup would be lower as there will be significantly less maintenance of the seats & manpower to arrange the seats prior to the event.
Please do your part & sign the petition to put a halt to all these unreasonable decisions to place seats in the arena.

Kindly send this petition to all your friends & relatives who believe in this cause as well.

On completion of the signature inputs, this petition will be sent to all relevent authorities pertaining to concert events organisation. (Ministry of Information & The Arts, SISTIC, etc). Thank you very much for your kind & generous support.

Yours Sincerely,
Kenneth Fan Kei Lim