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1. Bring Turbo Kick Back to 24 Apple Valley

Hey everyone! Turbo Kick use to be at our High Desert 24 Hour Fitness location in Apple Valley. We had at least 2 classes on Tuesday morning and Thursday, but they were dropped and or replaced even at the extreme objection of the gym members. We need Turbo Kick at this location. It's an amazing full body workout and the music is awesome.

Please support, by adding your name and very important, add details on what time and day you would prefer the class to be added to schedule. Thanks in advance for the support!

2. Continuation of the Hypermobility Syndromes (HMS) and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Services at Chapel Allerton (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)


As you are all aware Professor Bird retires after serving the above community of patients at the end of September 2010. Our information indicates that the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust do not intend to continue with the service that our community accesses. So with the loss of Prof. Bird and the highly skilled multi-disciplinary team, the existing and 300+ new patients a year, will no longer have access to what is widely recognised as a designated HMS/EDS Clinic.

This will have a devastating effect on the needs of those of us who access the current service in Leeds. Additionally this will lead to an increase in referrals to the other three existing designated HMS/ EDS Clinics in the UK, namely Glasgow, UCH in London and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. There is no doubt that many of us despite the difficulties in travelling and the extra cost will wish to attend a specialised service in a designated clinic, (especially considering the difficult journey that the majority of us undergo to gain a diagnosis in the first place). It is also apparent that this patient group in fact needs more designated clinics, run by knowledgeable and skilled staff who are up to date with research and who participate in research in attempts to best indentify how to manage and treat what can be a condition which significantly impacts on a patients physical, emotional, financial, family and social lives. It is not in the interests of this patient group to attend ordinary rheumatology appts, so with that in mind we are asking that you all sign this petition for the following reasons;

1.The continuation of a fit for service fit for purpose designated service/clinic for people with HMS/EDS at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.
2.The need for more designated clinics for people with HMS or EDS.

3. Support Jake's Restaurant Group Proposal

Jake's Restaurant Group, which operates casual dining restaurants in the Bay Area is proposing to open and operate a new restaurant at 14101 Winchester Blvd. which is located in the Vasona Station Shopping Center in the Town of Los Gatos.

The proposed Restaurant is 4,000 square ft. and would serve casual dining cionsisting of prepared to order sandwiches, hamburgers and pizza,etc. and would serve beer and wine. Jake's Restaurant Group currently operates 6 restaurants in the area: The Garret in Campbell, Jake's Restaurants in Willow Glen, Saratoga and Sunnyvale and The Boardwalk of Los Altos and the Oasis of Menlo Park.

We are very involved in each of these communities and believe in "giving back" by supporting local organizations, sports groups and public schools.

We feel that we would be a benefit to the community that surrounds this location.

4. GLA Group At Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic High School

It is time for change in the catholic school board. Students should be able to have access to an accepting environment that allows them to be comfortable in their own skin.

This organization unites students who feel they do not belong and who may be different from the regular students. It also is the promotion of a hate free environment where prejudice is not tolerated. This is an environment where individuality is accepted.

5. Bring MCM Expo's Cosplay Roadshow to Norwich/Norfolk/East Anglia

There are various anime/manga, videogame, cosplay and media conventions around the country, but nothing substantial in East Anglia.

This petition is to gather support for such an event happening in this region, and also in support of the MCM Expo Group and its events.

The MCM Expo group is willing to bring their recently announced Cosplay Roadshow to this region if enough interest is generated.

This petition also serves as information about the fan base level in the region for other events to hopefully happen as well.

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6. STOP! please read - this is NOT the official petition for Canada

to sign the official Canadian petition PLEASE visit this link:

Global Petition Coordinator:
I would like to invite you to help make "Meat Free Monday" adopted by governments around the world. Ghent, Belgium's officials have created an official "veggie" only day - recognizing the many benefits that a plant based diet has on the environment (not to mention human health).

Now you can urge other governmental bodies to do the same. Lend your support by visiting the official international facebook group:

If you’re not on facebook you can visit this website
for a list of all the "offical" meat free petition movement that is taking place around the globe

I look forward to your thoughts and input on how to make this the best possible plant strong collaborative effort so that our veggie vision is soon shared by those in office and the public at large. We welcome new people who want to take an active role.

All the best,
Global Meat Free Monday Team

7. Student’s Right to use the Campus our Tuition and Tax Dollars Built at the U of U

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." ~Plato

A group of approximately 25 students of all races, nationalities and ethnicities, was recently denied access to soccer fields located near the HPER buildings to play “The Worlds Beautiful Game”, soccer, on a late Thursday evening. The students were also warned that security would be called if they proceeded to use the empty soccer field.

The reason’s for denial of use of the field that were stated in a brief conversation with an administrator at the College of Health, the College responsible for the field, were that the students did not reserve the field, but also did not pay $30 an hour to utilize the field.

It is interesting to note that in years past, this fee was not applied to anyone who used these fields but is now being done so due to recent budget cuts. Ironically, all 25 of the students could have swiped their U-cards to use the heated indoor pool inside the HPER complex or have gone to the Field House to play basketball, lift weights, or play indoor soccer. The students would not have been charged further to use those facilities.

It quickly became apparent the ‘Mandatory Fee’s’ that are addendum to students tuition did not cover this field. Rudimentary research to ascertain what the ‘Mandatory Fees’ that accompany the tuition are quickly shows that these fee’s go to: ‘ASUU Activity, Athletic, Building, Collegiate Reader Program, Computing, Fine Arts, Utilities, Health, Library, Publication Council, Recreation, Study Abroad, Sustainability, and Transportation budgets.’ In light of the highlighted budgets, it would seem evident that use of the soccer fields is a fundamental right that students garner when attending this institution

This denial of campus grounds is far more egregious after contacting the city and county about their reservation policies and charges on the use of their soccer fields, softball fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts and discovered that the city and county do not charge for use of their facilities, even in this economic recession. In addition, BYU does not force their students to reserve and pay to use campus ground.

To add to this incendiary act, the group of students was of an international origin, making this denial of use an international disgrace. Despite being a large commuter campus, student life of all forms should be supported; especially those activities that are constructive and healthy in nature. In light of student fee’s paid, burdening students further with financial obligations to play something that is otherwise free elsewhere is in principal a folly and sinister in nature, especially since one of the fields is in near unplayable condition,

Bret Van Ausdall
Graduate Student at the University of Utah

8. Open letter on the Equal Opportunities Commission Bill

Dear friends,

We are writing to draw your attention to the Equal Opportunities Commission, Bill to be introduced by the Government, shortly. An important recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report (Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India), 2006 was the setting up of an Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in India. The Ministry of Minority Affairs set up a committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Menon to examine and determine the structure of an Equal Opportunity Commission. The Committee submitted its report in 2008, which proposed a draft Equal Opportunity Commission Bill (EOC Bill). The Government also set up an expert committee headed by Dr. Kundu to recommend an appropriate diversity index in living, education and work spaces.

We have drafted an open letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, highlighting some of the key concerns with the draft bill and demanding a wider public debate before it is introduced in Parliament. Once, endorsed, we will mail copies of the letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the Prime Minister. We also hope to publish the text of the Open letter in atleast two national newspapers.

Do forward it to other organisations and individuals who would wish to sign the petition.

In Solidarity,

Centre for Study of Social Exclusion,
National Law School of India, Bangalore

9. Get rid of WMG on Youtube

Well ever since roughly the middle of 2008, the youtube group Warner's Music Group (WMG) has been becoming strict. They have been removing Audio from videos. WMG has been becoming very hated from not letting people put music on their youtube videos.

Not every video's music has been removed, but alot of it has! People have said that they even have seen their own music removed. Seriously, people lost music that they created them selves!

Not only music is being taken away, also videos. I was watching Lord of the Rings on youtube (yes they have the whole movie on youtube) and I realized that the best parts were tooken off. When I looked up and saw who took it off, it was WMG. yes! one of the greatest movies of all time, taken off by the wretched WMG!

Will be updated.

10. Stop WGM from ruining Youtube

Youtube, the website where anyone can post videos. Whether it be a music video or a web series. But all that changed when Youtube and Google teamed up. Now Google has some control over Youtube, that's not bad it made the ad renevue partner-ship thing. But Google brought in Warner Group Music, other wise known as WGM, and that's when everything went wrong.

Now WGM is deleting videos that contains music, some that belongs to their clients, alot that does not even remotely belong to one of their clients. Sometimes they delete the audio, not the video, but that's the same as deleting the video. This has to stop now before Youtube becomes a place where you can post videos, but with no music because WGM is a deleting machine.

This has to be signed by a lot of people. Your voice need to be heard sign this petition and we will be one step closer to have Youtube breaking its ties with WGM.

11. Anthony Tyler Quinn - we need your help!

Anthony Tyler Quinn is an under-rated actor who we think could greatly help us out by checking out a few sites and possibly signing up with them.

The goal of the petition is to get his attention.

12. Allow myspace in school

we should be able to access myspace from school... i think so because there are people that dont have a computer at home and i think it would be alot easier if instead of blocking myspace completely that they just have some little password code on the site and when people are done with there work they can just have a teacher sign them into the site and do their own little thing on myspace...

i for one get on mainly because im in a group home and i like to contact my mom through email because i dont like staff at the group home listening in on my conversations with my mom... sign if u agree..

13. Get JB playing on Radio Now Again!

Alright, so I recently found out that Radio Now! (A Radio Station) was told to stop playing Jonas Brothers songs. Heres the story:
A church group went to the station and told them to stop playing Jonas Brothers music because it was somehow "offensive" to them. The radio station told the group no, and now the station is in trouble, & has stopped playing Jonas music, all because of a church group.


So we MUST get the Jonas Brothers back on the station. Do you really want them to stop playing Jonas music just because of a church group of what, like, five people? No! So sign this petition! We want at least 500 signatures before July 23rd. I know, big goal we want to reach, but please. Before you know it, this church group will try and get EVERY radio station to stop playing them!

Please & thank you!

14. Supporting Strong Libraries in Portland Public Schools

To: Portland Public School Board Members and Portland Public Schools Superintendent

The Oregon Library Association (OLA), the Portland Area Information Literacy Group (P.A.I.L.), and the undersigned Oregon librarians and library media specialists want to express support for libraries, teacher-librarians and library media specialists in all of Portland Public School libraries. The OLA is a statewide association of over 1,000 members composed of academic, public, and special librarians from across Oregon. P.A.I.L. is a group of Portland area librarians from public, school, college and university libraries in the Portland area. We advocate for Information Literacy for all of our library users and students.

P.A.I.L. has met over the last three years and found from the very first conversation that we had a common concern: “Students seeking a post-secondary education lacked the requisite knowledge to do high quality research using the multitude of resources available in today’s modern library.” From our discussions we discovered that support for professional teacher-librarians and library media specialist (LMS) in Portland Public Schools had been waning over the years. It was a stunning epiphany for all, especially the college librarians.

We write to you in support of staffing your school libraries with professional librarians and support staff, providing equal and equitable access to both a qualified librarian and a professionally developed library collection. The role of administering a library program and library media center also involves someone who is an expert in curriculum and provides high quality resources teachers and students need. Research has consistently shown that school librarians and strong libraries correlate strongly with student success and retention. They also prepare students to succeed in post-secondary schooling and to become critical thinkers and well-informed citizens.

We understand that you recently created a new position in the district, one that can help to renew the role of librarians and school libraries across your district, and we applaud your acknowledgement to address this need. We wish to encourage your continuous efforts to bring Portland Public School libraries into the 21st century, and to become the leader for school libraries in Oregon.

Robert Schroeder
Coordinator of the Portland Area Information Literacy Group
Assistant Professor and Reference Librarian, Portland State University

Sarah Beasley
Oregon Library Association. President
Associate Professor, Education and Social Science Librarian, Portland State University

15. Bon Jovi back to Portugal 2008

Since Portugal has a big group of Bon Jovi fans, and some couldnt go to the concert due to the lack or tickets or personal problems, are sad because missed the concert of theyr lives I'm here speaking in the voice of a few fans that we beg to have Bon Jovi back in Portugal if possible still this year (2008) in Lisbon.

16. Don't Stop WEMF!!!


WEMF should always go on no matter what!!! Lets find a solution. Sign the petition, join the group, and pass it along. Theres gota be something that can be done?!

17. Re-open Jumpin Jaks Gloucester

In 2006 “The Best Party in Town” or as it was more commonly known “Jumpin Jaks” in Gloucester ceased its operations. For so many people in Gloucester, JJ's was known for its great party atmosphere, especially to the older generations and those who fancied a change from the other clubs on offer.

Over the past two years, the number of people actively clubbing in Gloucester has risen significantly. As a result of this, we have seen numerous major UK chain bars and restaurants make their move to Gloucester. Most notably, Lloyds No.1 Bar, J.D Wetherspoons and Varsity. Many of Gloucester’s nightclubs have also had major refits during this time to cater for the ever increasing number of people, wishing to make use of their facilities.

Having visited other Jumpin Jak’s locations, it is clear that the brand’s image is still very strong, most noticeably in Cardiff, thanks to its excellent entertainment team. This is something that could definitely be brought to Gloucester.

What Gloucester is also currently lacking are student nights. Jumpin Jaks would instantly produce an attractive venue for students throughout both Gloucester and Cheltenham and with the proposed build of a new campus for Gloucestershire University, the city will see hundreds of new students living in Gloucester by 2012.

The 3D-Entertainment Group currently owns and operates the "Envy-Lansons" Nightclub on Quay Street, Gloucester which is due to become a "Studio 25" very soon. Ideally it would be more beneficial if both "Studio 25" and "Jumpin Jaks" were to exist in the city. However given the choice, the "Jaks" location would probably be favored over that of "Envy-Lansons" by the general public and so it has been suggested that an option could exist by which trade is ceased at the "Envy-Lansons", Quay street location and moved to the old "Jumpin Jaks" site on Brunswick Road.

The Jumpin Jaks site is currently still being marketed for sale on a freehold basis and has planning permission for a complete demolition, so any action would need to be taken before the site gets snapped up by another retailer!

The aim of this petition is to show the owners of the “Jumpin Jaks” brand that the people of Gloucester need a new nightclub which caters for all kinds of people and gives them a place to party each and every weekend. The memories that so many people share could once again be brought alive!

18. Krewe of Chasco: Whites Steal American Indian Culture!

For 86 years, the city of New Port Richey on the Gulf Coast of Florida has exploited American Indian culture and spirituality to sell an 11-day food fest and carnival called the Chasco Fiesta.

They put on a pageant in which children dressed as Florida Indians made stabbing motions into the chests of children dressed as Spaniards, showed Indians practicing human sacrifice, and showed a Spanish priest teaching Indians how to plant corn, squash and other crops, while the priest calls the Indians savages, pagans and heathens. The happy ending of this pageant? The Indians spared two white children making them their King and Queen, then convert to Christianity.

And why are there no Florida Indians today? The Chasco Fiesta brochure says when their benevolent white rulers died, the Indians reverted to human sacrifice, so God killed them all: men, women and children--with hurricanes, not Spanish genocide and disease. The pageant ended only when local citizens took the mayor and the president of the local Chamber of Commerce to court. Also ended were these activities in the Children's Indian Village: "Pin the Tail on the Drunken Indian," and "Find the Buried Treasure in the Miniature Indian Burial Mounds in the Big Sandbox."

What remains is the Krewe of Chasco, more than 300 white local civic and business leaders who dress up in authentic, sacred Indian regalia purchased at great cost, so they can appear in nine regional parades as a living advertisement to the Chasco Fiesta in late March. They are the only krewe in Florida that dresses like an ethnic minority that is not made up of a majority from that group--in fact, they pay a Seminole $5000 to stand on their float--the going price for betraying your heritage here.

Peter Matthiessen, author of several books on American Indians, calls the Krewe of Chasco one of the greatest insults to American Indians in the U.S. today. When the Florida American Indian Movement (AIM) and local citizens protested the float, the Krewe president told a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, "I want you all to buy guns and kill AIM--I'll bury them for free." He owns a funeral home.

On their website now closed to outsiders, one of their photos showed a drunken blonde woman wearing a sacred Plains Indian headdress with the caption, "Even Squaws can be Braves in the Krewe of Chasco"--apparently unaware that the word "squaw" is as insulting as the n-word to African Americans. On their float to "honor" Florida Indians as their non-profit charter says, they have a big brown fort representing the power of the military in destroying American Indians, a canoe and a drum from the Northeast, totem poles from the Northwest--and one paid Florida Indian.

Each year, the city of New Port Richey and the Pasco County Commission uses taxpayer money to rent the float for this private club--$21,000. Letters, lawsuits, protests, arrests and local petitions signed by more than 100 city residents have not been successful. Anyone who cares about American Indians who is considering a visit to this area should reconsider, and let the local governments know why. To freeze American Indians as they were a century ago, and to act as though they do not exist in modern-day American society is shameful.

No American would consider dressing up like blacks, or Roman Catholics, or Jews if they do not belong to that group--why then dress up like American Indians?

19. No to Charging Disabled and Older People for Essental Services in Hammersmith & Fulham

This petition has been actioned by Hammersmith & Fulham Coalition against Community Cuts (HAFCAC)

Hammersmith and Fulham Council are seeking to charge disabled and older people for essential services which enable them to live as equal citizens in the community.

The proposed charges of up to £12.40 per hour would negatively impact on the well being of disabled and older people who use essential community care services.

In March 2006, the Labour administration said it would stop charging for home care services. In April 2006, a spokesperson for the Conservative group said, “A Conservative Council will not reintroduce Home Care Charging. The Conservative group has included this as a manifesto pledge.”

Many local disabled and older people feel cheated that the present Conservative Council is proposing a U turn on its election pledge.

Local residents wish to strongly object to the Council's plans.

Contact HAFCAC on 07899 752 877 or email

20. Biyuuden must not separate as a group

Biyuuden is made up of 3 girls: Rika Ishikawa, Erika Miyoshi, and Yui Okada.

Biyuuden should not separate. They have very good music. Biyuuden actually have a meaning behind their name. 美 bi beauty, 勇 yuu bravery, and 伝 den legend.

Let us take the nuisance on my behalf of joining signatures so that everyone understands how many fans of biyuuden there are in the world who do not want them to separate..

Sincerely carlos tymoszuk...

21. Northampton Football 3rd XI have been punished enough

“Individuals can resist injustice, but only a community can do justice”

The situation has arisen where the University Football 3rd team, as a result of one irresponsible action, has been heavily fined and withdrawn from all University Competitions.

On top of all this, it has now been brought to my attention; the team have been uninvited from the end of year 'sports tour'.

22. Save Sycamore 50

We are a group apposing the auction and destruction of 50 Sycamore Avenue. We were first aware of this a short while ago. It is behind in front or beside our houses.

There is a proposal to build a 2x2 storey group of flats. Our reasons of opposition are: overlooking, damage to trees, dust in the air, the entrance is inadequate for emergency vehicles and it is still used by 350 members of the Asian community the Bexley Gujarati samaj club.

23. Saving local Trade - Stop shop closure by Sainsbury group

A local shop which was recently taken over by the Sainsbury group is going to close.

I believe that this would not be in the interest of the local community, because the business provides a very good service for people who are not the most affluent.

24. Barnet Safe Children and Environment Group

Here is what is planned:

A new, two lane, street-lit, tarmac road with pavement is planned to be built across Pymmes Brook and the green space running alongside it - right at the entrance to Hadley Woods.

The road is intended to provide access to a new, 1350 place school called JCoSS which is planned for Westbrook Crescent in New Barnet.

After it has cut across the brook, the road is planned to continue up to the proposed site of the JCoSS school across what is currently the playing field of Livingstone Primary School at the very edge of Hadley Woods.

We believe that a faith school such as JCoSS has the potential to add cultural enrichment to our area, and we welcome that. However this must not be at the expense of the safety of our children or the environment in which we all live.

We can stop this road, stop all the traffic it will generate and save our green space, but it is crucially important that we demonstrate strong opposition, and we need your help to do this.

25. MPRA Group Health Benefits Petition

The pensioner made contributions to the pension funds. These funds have been invested and have increased the pension funds to a present sum of 23 Billion dollars. As pensioners we believe that there is adequate pension funds to create a Group Health Benefits Account.

26. Help Capitan Ulman!!!

Capitan Ulman was a spetsnaz GRU officer serving in Chechnya during the recent war. One day his group took part in a military operation aiming to surrender and capture the group of Arab terrorists allegedly based in some remote mountain village. His task was to block one of the outbound roads and do not let the terrorists to escape.

While on duty he ordered to open fire upon the vehicle which refused to stop and tried to run over one of his men. Out of the 6 people in the car one was killed instantly,and few others injured. He passed this information together with the ID details of the alleged terrorists to his commanding officers up in the military headquarters.

In return he received a direct order to shoot them all and continue with his task He was arrested after and charged with manslaughter. Court hearing took place twice and TWICE he was found NOT GUILTY in the court of law by the Jury. Despite all this the government ordered him to be put on trial once again - for the THIRD TIME on the same charge with NO JURY this time.

This is a violation of all and every Russian law on this matter. Nevertheless preparations to this third court hearing was underway when information was passed around that Ulman and his group disappeared. Officials claim that he ran away, but there are rumours that he was kidnapped by the relatives of those killed Chechens.

There are grave concerns for his and his friends life in this case. This tragic development of events could only become possible due to the terrible civil unrest in the country ended up in a war in Chechnya, when the Army has called to perform its duty on the territory of it’s own country and in the absence of the formal state of war.

This put hundreds of honest soldiers and officers in the situation the same of similar to the Ulmans one. Highest authority the President of the country has full and direct responsibility for all this mess hence we kindly ask you to sign this petition which intends to draw the attention of Mr Putin to this tragic event, and asking him to use his powers and ensure swift and fair investigation of this disappearance and the whole Ulmans case.



28. Help ban or limit the group My Chemical Romance

I would like for this petition to ban the group, My Chemical Romance. I realize this may not be possible but we should be able to put an age limit of 18 to purchase their music.

The facts are that this group and others like it are doing harm to our children! I have a very good friend and her 13 year old daughter was listening to them and wanted to kill herself. What kind of message are they sending to our children?

It is our duty to protect our children please join with me in this petition to put an age limit on this group and others like them.

29. Petition to VH1 for Jodeci Behind The Music Special

This is a petition to VH1 to recognize the multiplatinum R&B group Jodeci, with a VH1 Behind The Music special.

Since their arrival on the R&B music scene 16 years ago, the members comprising the group Jodeci have become legends.

Several artists have remade their songs, and many of today's new artists cite Jodeci as major influences on their music.

Despite their success collectively as a group, as well as a duo (K-ci & JoJo) and solo artist (K-ci), the members of Jodeci have not been recognized with a VH1 Behind The Music Special, an oversight that we hope VH1 will soon correct.

30. Doyle Street Parking Permit

As the growth of Riverside Metro Auto Group continues, it has become very evident that they are not providing parking to there employees. Employees from Riverside Metro Auto group are parking all along Doyle Street and blocking our mail boxes, city trash bins, and blocking our driveways.

There has been plenty of resident complaints to Riverside Metro Auto Group and no action has been taken to solve this problem. In addition residents have been issued parking tickets for parking in our own driveways leaving us no other place to park.

Having this petition expresses our concerns to the City of Riverside to issue parking permits to each household to eliminate these on going problems.