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I want to introduce you all to a thought – simple idea born out of musing over the state of our society and our situation, and how we can improve our state as we delve deeper in the 21st century and leave something to look forward to for the coming generations.

How would you like to have funds available to you that won't cost you a penny? The funds I am talking about will be dedicated for the sole purpose of social welfare and the betterment of our society. These funds will come out of the total amount you pay as income taxes to the government. Imagine, a small amount of your taxes being available to you for making the world a better place. You can either donate the funds to any charity of your choice or even establish your own charitable organization to improve any aspect of your society, which you deem to be in need of development or relief.

My aim is to bring about a social change – a change that brings a paradigm shift in our outlook. It is quite apparent, from the present state that our society is in, that there is a crucial need to give care to our ever apathetic society.
This is an introductory attempt to start creating those necessary changes and with this I am introducing My Care to you! I want you to start reading the book with some idea as to what I wish to communicate to everyone and what you should expect. The book is available on Amazon and the link is on the website- www.mycarethebook.com.

Petition Guide:

This campaign has always meant to be a global one and it is the wish of the author to ask the residents of each country who would like to support the My Care campaign in their own country to supply the addresses (in case of UK being; The House of Commons) of their own country and send it to my email.

The information provided will be used to create a petition similar to that of the UK. This way every participating country can have a petition connected to this link for voting.

The global petition is for the rest of residents living in countries where the implementation of My Care cannot take place at present, but want to show their support for the cause!

Please send your addressee information to: Mycarethebook@gmail.com

To the House of Commons, UK,

The residents of the UK would like to bring to your attention the need to establish a formal structure by the name of ‘My Care’ dedicated towards institutionalization of love into the society and bringing a transformation as a whole. The aim of this movement will be to ensure sustainable lives for the betterment of the society. With adequate support from you, we are sure that we would be able to further the vision of ‘My Care’.

‘My Care’ believes in spreading love and care throughout the society and taking proper care of the people that make up that society. However, a proper transformation can only begin once we start at a micro level by setting up charities by every individual tax payer including companies throughout the UK that will work to support the different existing issues and that which may arise through a combined effort. The funding for these charities will be received with a portion of the taxes that the citizens pay to the government. These charities will be for the people and by the people and will expand further once they are successfully established and working to take up more responsibilities.

The petitioners therefore request the House of Commons to stand with us in our vision to create a better society for improving human conditions with love and positivity.

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