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1. No confidence in our government. We want a general election now.

This is petition asking the government to have a general election now.

We have lost confidence in our government and think we need a change now.

Please sign this petition.

2. My Care

I want to introduce you all to a thought – simple idea born out of musing over the state of our society and our situation, and how we can improve our state as we delve deeper in the 21st century and leave something to look forward to for the coming generations.

How would you like to have funds available to you that won't cost you a penny? The funds I am talking about will be dedicated for the sole purpose of social welfare and the betterment of our society. These funds will come out of the total amount you pay as income taxes to the government. Imagine, a small amount of your taxes being available to you for making the world a better place. You can either donate the funds to any charity of your choice or even establish your own charitable organization to improve any aspect of your society, which you deem to be in need of development or relief.

My aim is to bring about a social change – a change that brings a paradigm shift in our outlook. It is quite apparent, from the present state that our society is in, that there is a crucial need to give care to our ever apathetic society.
This is an introductory attempt to start creating those necessary changes and with this I am introducing My Care to you! I want you to start reading the book with some idea as to what I wish to communicate to everyone and what you should expect. The book is available on Amazon and the link is on the website-

Petition Guide:

This campaign has always meant to be a global one and it is the wish of the author to ask the residents of each country who would like to support the My Care campaign in their own country to supply the addresses (in case of UK being; The House of Commons) of their own country and send it to my email.

The information provided will be used to create a petition similar to that of the UK. This way every participating country can have a petition connected to this link for voting.

The global petition is for the rest of residents living in countries where the implementation of My Care cannot take place at present, but want to show their support for the cause!

Please send your addressee information to:

3. Deepak for Social

Last year a certain school hosted a school social where a particular member, Deepak Selvraj, offered to be DJ. He was accepted and did a wonderful job. The same social will be taking place again, however, the only difference is that Deepak is no longer invited because the president of the Social committee, Cameron Poultney, says he is "black".

I believe that this is against our human rights and in order to balance the awesomeness we need him, because he is awesome.

4. Support British Pensioners

The only way things will change is when this kind of email translates into voting results at the polls -- as of NOW.

PENSIONERS out number ANY OTHER type of voter even by race - religion - or age --- WHEN ARE PENSIONERS gonna wake up and understand WE have the power to shape legislation all WE need is the willpower to do so--




‘Entitlement’? I paid good money for my State Pension and other benefits! Just because they borrowed that money, doesn't make my benefits some kind of charity or handout!

Gold plated MP pensions and Civil Service Government benefits, aka free healthcare, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, 20 weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days, now that's welfare, and they have the nerve to call me a 'greedy pensioner' and my retirement, an ‘entitlement’ !!!!!!.....scroll down...

What the HELL's wrong with us???


Someone please tell me what the HELL's wrong with all the people that run this country!

We're "broke" & can't help our own Pensioners, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc., but spent 1.2 billions of £££'s for G-20 events!

In the last few months we have provided aid to India, Greece and Turkey. And now Afghanistan, Pakistan ...... home of Bin Laden. Literally, BILLIONS of POUNDS!!!

Our retirees living on a 'fixed income' receive no aid nor do they get any breaks while our Government and religious organisations pour Hundreds of Billions of ££££££'s and tons of food into foreign countries!

They call Old Age 'security' and Healthcare 'an entitlement' even though most of us have been paying for it all our working lives and now when it’s time for us to collect, the government is running out of money. Why did the government borrow it in the first place?

We have hundreds of adoptable children who are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans.

GREAT BRITAIN: a country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed hungry, hospitals being closed, average income families who can't afford dental care, elderly going without 'needed' med's and having to travel 100's of miles for medical care with no reimbursement of cost, vehicles we can't afford fuel for, lack of affordable housing, and mentally ill without treatment - etc., etc.

They have a 'benefit' for the people of foreign countries ... ships and planes lining up with food, water, tents, clothes, bedding, doctors, and medical supplies.

Imagine if the *GOVERNMENT* gave 'US' the same support they give to other countries.

Sad isn't it?

99% of people won't have the guts to forward this.
I'm one of the 1% -- I Just Did.

5. Petition to repeal the Health & Social Care Act ('NHS Act')

When the Health and Social Care Act was still a parliamentary bill, Dr Kailash Chand OBE (@kailashchandOBE on Twitter) started an e-petition on the government site demanding that the bill be abandoned.

The site's rules state that any petition reaching 100,000 signatures or more must be considered for Parliamentary debate. The petition easily exceeded 100,000 signatures, at times averaging 1000 signatures per hour - a clear sign of the wishes of the British people.

The petition was closed, and the discussion never happened. The government - as it is technically entitled to do - let the motion disappear into a parliamentary black hole.

I believe we have to maintain the assault on all possible fronts, so I've started another petition.

However, while I've submitted the petition to the government site in case people look there, I'm setting up the main petition here on, for the reasons below:

1) The government site is likely to block the petition from even appearing on their site.

2) Even if it goes ahead, once it reaches 100,000 signatures, they close it. I believe that far more than 100k people will sign the petition - potentially in the millions - sending a far clearer and harder-to-ignore message to the government that we will not tolerate the selling-off of our most treasured national possession.

If you agree that the government's actions and plans are unacceptable, please sign the petition below - and get everyone you know to do the same.

(If you want to send an even bigger message, sign this petition too, for a motion of no-confidence in the coalition government

Thank you.

Steve Walker
Twitter ID: @skwalker1964

6. Let UK citizens vote in a Scotland Idependance Referendum

I believe this is the ideal opportunity to decide what United Kingdom citizens collectively wish to happen with regard to Scottish Independence.

It costs the UK billions every year to support Scotland. Similarly Scotland would be left with huge debt following separation.

The implications are serious for all UK citizens so it should be the decision of all United Kingdom citizens.

7. We love our NHS in Brighton & Hove

The Tory-led Government are forcing the NHS to make £20 billion cuts. As a result, waiting times are already increasing, including in Brighton & Hove.

While slashing NHS budgets, the Tory-led Government are planning a top-down restructure of the NHS. This is despite promising not to do so before they were elected.

As well as these changes having no mandate, they will bring more bureaucracy, waste and private competition to the NHS.

Join us in our fight to save the NHS and to keep it a public service organisation, not a free market.

8. Stop the Police Cuts

The Government are cutting back on police.

What does this mean? It means an increase in crime and violence and an unsafe society for us and our children to live in.

Action needs to be taken and the time is now.

9. Re-Election, get the tories and ConDems out!

The Benefit cuts, the needless spending on unwanted things with our tax money, the privatization of our public sectors, the cuts on our council, the outright breach of human rights and the government smiling as they do so.

10. Help Find Ben Needham


Ben Needham from the UK was abducted whilst with his family on the Island of Kos, in Greece in 1991, aged just 21 Months. Much evidence and leads arose but were never properly investigated. To date, Ben has not been found.

Please visit our Facebook Page at and our official website at

11. Defend multiculturalism, don't let Cameron divide us

Add your name to the list of MPs, musicians, artists, trade unionists, academics and others opposing David Cameron's attack on multiculturalism and Britain's Muslims... [scroll down to sign]

12. Government to follow the peoples' wishes

Now is the blackest time that the UK has ever suffered apart from the World Wars. David Cameron and Clegg have teamed up to reduce this country to a collection of slave workers that will boost the wealth of the wealthy.

The system of government in this country is totally wrong when governments only listen to themselves and ignore the wishes of the electorate.

We need a new system of government that follows the wishes and desires of the electorate, no coalitions just a simple majority and perhaps even no political parties any more.

13. Stop Nottinghamshire County Council cuts to voluntary sector grants

The proposal by Nottinghamshire County Council to reduce the amount of grant aid support to the voluntary and community sector across the county by 66% flies in the face of David Cameron’s statement to a commons question on how the government proposed to support local voluntary organisations:

“We should say to every single council in the country: ‘When it comes to looking at and trimming your budgets, don't do the easy thing, which is to cut money to the voluntary bodies and organisations working in our communities. Look at your core costs. Look at how you can do more for less. Look at the value for money you get from working with the voluntary sector.”

Fiona Simpson (Chief Executive of NAVO) said “The voluntary sector in Nottinghamshire is very realistic of the need to trim budgets but the proposed £1.37 million of cuts to over 120 groups and organisations in Nottinghamshire will have a devastating effect on a sector which supports the most disadvantaged people in our communities”.

The impact of this proposal will remove the safety net that the voluntary sector provides, bringing to an end services which support women and children experiencing domestic violence, homeless young people, activities for older people and the advice and information services so valued by people living on low incomes provided by welfare rights and CAB.

Mr Cameron sees volunteering as central to the success of the big society, however, by removing 66% of funding to the sector, the opportunity to volunteer with trusted and professional established services will be severely reduced.

Faced with the challenges that small voluntary groups will face as a result of these proposals the usual creativity of the voluntary sector will be crushed at a time when the demand for their services will be at an all time high. This will have serious repercussions for the most vulnerable citizens of Nottinghamshire.

Sarah Collis ( Director of Self Help Nottingham) said:
“We have a grave concern about the lack of consistency and joined up thinking within the county council. Service reviews appear to have been undertaken in isolation from complementary departments within the county council with some blatant contradictions in the priority being put on particular voluntary sector services. For instance, the Adult Social Care Service review is proposing massive cuts to the VCS including services across the county for women and children experiencing domestic violence, yet the Communities Department has highlighted Domestic Violence services as something which must be protected.

For many groups working with vulnerable children and adults, the cost of safeguarding checks has to be met somehow, the group which provides befriending and support to an older person who is unable to get out of the house needs to be able to pay volunteers expenses for travelling and the cost of training and supporting those volunteers comes with a price tag.”

14. Pressure UK Govt to recover *all* avoided taxes from Vodafone

In the light of recent deep spending cuts by the current UK coalition government, which are estimated to result in the loss of about 500,000 jobs around the UK, it is both unfair and unjust that Vodafone, through the use of a Luxembourg loan-subsidiary tax avoidance company as a routing location for their acquisition of Mannesmann and subsequent profit "stashing", has avoided billions of pounds (estimated £4.3Bn to 2010 with further revelations this week) in taxes to the UK coffers.

In 2011 it looks like their £3.5Bn in profits will see them paying just ***£1400*** in tax (

While hard working families struggle to make ends meet and services are cut, big business like Vodafone continues to enjoy preferential treatment from the government.

All this could potentially be seen as rather "cosy" in light of the knowledge that Andy Halford, Vodafone's financial director, has been advising chancellor George Osborne on tax matters. Osborne let the long-disputed original tax bill finally drop shortly before a trip to India to argue to Vodafone's business interests out there.

After years of wrangling, the UK govt caved in last year and received just £1.25Bn of an estimated overall £6Bn bill: the avoidance continues a year on.

What hope can there be for fairness when governments let huge companies avoid taxation while persecuting individual UK taxpayers following HMRCs PAYE incompetence, and subservience to Big Business interests?

PAYE employees cannot "negotiate" their tax rate. Companies should be no different.

15. Let the Chagos Islanders return home

In the early 1960′s, the US government, concerned about Soviet expansion in the Indian Ocean, asked the British government to find an uninhabited island where the US could build a naval base. Returning the favour, the US would be willing to give $14 million in research and development fees for Britain’s Polaris missile program.

The first island located was Aldabra, near Madagascar. Aldabra fitted the bill in terms of it’s location and vitally it was uninhabited. However, the island was a breeding ground for a rare species of tortoise and their mating habits may have been affected by a military base. Looking for an alternative, the US decided on Diego Garcia, the largest island in the Chagos Archipelago. This had the benefit of leaving tortoise mating undisturbed but the island was home to 1,800 Chagossians, or Ilois, who had inhabited the islands for over 200 years.

The Chagossians were employed, grew their own food and fished and had built their own stores and a church. However, the courtesy for tortoises evidently didn’t apply to human beings. The government soon began a campaign to deal with the “population problem” to “maintain the pretense there [are] no permanent inhabitants.” This appalling attitude persisted and rather than seeing Diego Garcia as the society it was, it was regarded as a nuisance, summed up by the British diplomat Dennis Greenhill who said: “unfortunately along with the birds go some few Tarzans or Man Fridays whose origins are obscure and who are hopefully being wished on to Mauritius.”

They were “wished on to Mauritius”, as well as the Seychelles and the UK. This began in 1968 when residents who left Diego Garcia merely to visit Mauritius were refused return to the island. They were stranded in Mauritius, without any assistance in resettling or any compensation. To this day, the Chagossians in Mauritius still live in poverty. Soon after, the Americans began to arrive and the rest of the indigenous population were forced to leave. Only allowed to take clothes, their homes and possessions had to be abandoned and their pets were killed amidst threats that if they did not leave, they would otherwise be “bombed” and wouldn’t “be fed any longer.” All this was with the full knowledge and approval of Harold Wilson, Roy Jenkins and Denis Healey.

The inhumane treatment was compounded by the compensation later given to the Mauritius government. The £1.4 million only covered the debts incurred from resettlement and when it was dealt out to 595 Chagossian families, it was years later and significantly reduced by inflation. Another £6 million was paid in compensation but when the Chagossians claimed for it, they were required to endorse a renunciation form, written in English though they speak Creole, that forfeited their right to return home. This wasn’t even translated for them.

Injustice after injustice, finally in 2000 it was ruled that the forced removal was illegal and the right to return to the outer Chagos Islands was returned. This slight progress was then reneged when Jack Straw issued two Orders in Council in 2004 and the right to return was take away again. Even as soon as April this year, the Foreign Office proposed plans for a Marine Protected Area in the Chagos Archipelago that erects a barrier to any return to the islands. The outright dismissal of their rights continues.

That’s the story. Tragic, inhumane and unlawful. We desperately have to make amends and the best place to begin is by changing our policy on Chagos and campaigning for their right to return. To achieve this, we need your support.

16. The Conservative Party should reveal the tax status of Lord Ashcroft

The Conservative Party - including David Cameron - has repeatedly refused to reveal the tax status of its deputy chairman, Lord Ashrcoft, who has funded the party for almost three decades.

This has continued even after Lord Ashcroft promised to return to the UK from his home in Belize and pay UK income tax by the end of 2000, when he was made a peer.

David Cameron has said that, if elected, the Conservatives will "create a right of initiative nationally, where any petition that collects 100,000 signatures will be eligible to be formally debated in the House of Commons. Any petition with a million signatures will allow members of the public to table a Bill that could end up being debated and voted on by MPs."

So Mr Cameron has provided us with his definition of significance; that sounds like a challenge.

17. David Cameron should keep his promise and hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

We want David Cameron to keep his promise and hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty or we will not vote Conservative.

Recently, the chairman of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, has told voters that his party will not be holding a public referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty, despite his iron-clad promise in 2007 assuring us that one would be held.

It is abhorrent that a major political party has cut we, the British people, out of affairs that would directly affect us. It is the people that make up the UK and without us, the Conservative Party would not even exist. We demand the right to be heard.

18. Photographs of the grieving Camerons should not be in UK newspapers

On Thursday 26 February 2009, several UK national tabloids, including the Daily Mail, the Mirror and the Sun, published images of David and Samantha Cameron returning, grieving to their home just hours after their son had died. The photographs were taken close-up and clearly show their faces.

Whilst it is impossible to legislate against the taking of such insensitive and tasteless images, it is the assertion of this petition that newspapers that published these images, especially those which published them so prominently, are responsible for not only a breach of a moral code but of the human rights of grieving parents to grieve in peace.

The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) has stated that they will generally not investigate complaints from third parties. However, they will waive this in exceptional circumstances or if there is a public interest angle to the complaint.

The PCC have absolute authority over which complaints they will investigate, so perhaps if we can show them that these images have caused offence to much of the public, we can persuade them to pursue this further.

There is also an active Facebook Group should you wish to join it:

19. Write to Cameron McGraw

Cameron McGraw is a TV star on TLC. He answers any kind of Questions you can think of and now he will answer your question right here.

20. James Cameron to direct TRANSFORMERS: The LIVE Action Movie

There is only one director in Hollywood today that could deliver us the ultimate sci-fi action epic film that would-be TRANSFORMERS: The Live Action Movie, the man is James Cameron.

Of course James Cameron is the Oscar winning director of Titantic, but more notetably the director of Terminator, Aliens (Alien 2), The Abyss, T2: Judgement Day (Terminator 2), and True Lies.

Once the whisper reaches his ear I'm sure he'll want to take the helm.