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Hyde has been a more-than-successful artist in Japan, being in a band known as L'Arc~en~Ciel for longer than 15 years. He was an idol for the young with a unique voice and charisma to boot.

He has toured America since his succession but didn't seem to impress the audience... tru fans would actually encourage his performance! He needs to be appreciated in Europe too!!!

The true fans of Hyde, the famous Japanese rock singer, are asking fans of UK to unite in signing this petition in letting this amazing artist know his worth and appreciated talent in Europe.

We ask for fan support and encouragement, as some J-Rock bands have successfully performed here before. Following the slightly disastrous concert in America, let Hyde know how much love and support awaits him here instead! We are desperate to have him here!

Please sign this in his name, if you truly appreciate his music and excellent charisma. Thank you.

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