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1. I'm So Sorry video

(I'm from Russia, so my English isn't very good. Sorry. Hope there isn't too many mistakes.)
"I'm So Sorry" is one of my (and not only my) favorite songs, and I think that song like it should have a video. I sometimes see comments like "Why didn't ID make I'm So Sorry music video?", so I decided to make a petition. I'm afraid that it won't make a difference, but everything is possible.


The Oral Cigarettes is a band who have not forgotten their Japanese roots just yet.

We would like to have them in Singapore for a live performance.

3. Induct Robin Leonard Trower into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Robin Trower has been one of the most iconic, influential and prolific rock guitarists of the past 50 years.

During that time he has recorded on more than 70 albums. After beginning his career with the Paramounts, he was a founding member of the popular rock band Procol Harum. He recorded on their first 5 albums before launching his own successful solo career, which has spanned more than 40 years.

Now in his 70's, Robin Trower still sells out venues world-wide as he continues to tour and record new music.

There is no rock musician more deserving of a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame than Robin Leonard Trower.

4. Save live music at the pub

This petition is to raise objections to the proposed development of the land next to The Pub, Lancaster. The proposed development will include domestic residences.

If these are built the surrounding area, which includes The Pub will be re-classed as a residential area. This means that anyone living in these flats will be able to complain about any excessive noise in the area and this could very well mean an end to what we all love - live music at The Pub.

5. Album Porcelain Black 2014

All trainwrecks (fans) have been waiting for her debut album since 2011. RedOne Porcelain's producer says every year since he started producing Porcelain's album that it's coming this year.

Porcelain black works very hard to get her music released. She has an amazing voiceand and her style is completely different.

twitter @porcelainblack

twitter @redone_official

6. Let'S Get Jeff Gutt on Ellen

Jeffrey Adam Gutt, the 37 year old runner up on Season 3 of The X Factor, hailing from the city of Detroit, has blessed us with his extraordinary voice and rock ‘n roll way of life. His social media following is loyal to a fault and growing exponentially and internationally.

Fans, known also as the JAGarmy, are located not only in the United States and Canada, there is also a huge following in Brazil and the rest of South America, in Europe, Africa, Australia and some parts of Asia. Each and every fan of his has a story to tell about how Jeff’s music has changed their lives or touched their heart. We also are well aware that this remarkable artist makes his music as a form of artistic expression but more importantly for his incredible son, who we would also like to see as a guest on the show because of his charming personality and gusto.

Not only has Jeff been making music for over twenty years and has determination in spades, he has a true heart of gold. Even though he is not the most widely known celebrity of them all, his philanthropic character is gratifying to us. Among his good deeds we know of he has done a concert in which all proceeds and donations went to providing infant warmers in the Special Care Nursery of Port Huron Hospital, he has also performed to help with Covenant House, which works towards getting the homeless children of Detroit off the streets; he has followed fans on twitter, and more simply given a guitar to a deserving child who needed one.

Nothing however stands up to the unforgettable voice Jeff has inside of him which is what makes him truly exceptional. In summary, there are many reasons we the fans, known as the JAGarmy, are petitioning The Ellen Show to have both Jeff Gutt and his son Talon Gutt on as guests. We know Ellen loves music and dance!

The fans want to see Jeff Gutt sing on The Ellen Show, one of the highest achievements for an artist. Please sign this petition to help us achieve this.

We also have an event page on facebook dedicated to this cause. You can visit it to see what people had to say about Jeff Gutt as well, or you can post your comment,


Thank you.

7. Pearl Jam to SA

Pearl Jam is one of the top bands never to have come to South Africa.

Hopefully this will get them to come here.

It has been a long time coming.

8. Give "Second Chance" a second chance!

David Hasselhoff recorded "Second Chance" during the 2010 recording sessions for his 2011 album "A real good feeling". It was supposed to be on the album, but ended in the archives.

You can see a short snippet of David recording "Second Chance" (the original Song is from the music group Shine Down and feature on their album "Sound of Madness") right here:


Young English went on an indefinite hiatus in late 2012 after releasing only 8 songs.

8 songs was not enough, so this petition is to show them everyone wants them back together so they can provide us with more awesome jams.


Legendary band Tool have announced their first AUS/NZ headlining tour since 2002. But they have skipped the City of Perth to the dismay of many Tool fans living there.

Perth would easily be able to accomodate a Tool gig in the newly opened Perth Arena, and more than likely be able to sell all the tickets.

11. No More Bed Time For Soundwave

Every year in February and March, the Soundwave Festival tours Australia, bringing much-anticipated international and national bands to our shores for one day of hardcore excitement. However, due to scheduling conflicts, many of the festival's punters are unable to see the bands they want. In fact, hundreds have voiced their displeasure in the timetable on various platforms.

To solve this situation, we, the 300,000+ strong fanbase request that, to accommodate for these horrific clashes and the disappointed and saddened fans, the curfew be reconsidered for the festival in it's 5 states. As ticket holders, we feel that we should be able to see the bands we want without having to make a heart-breaking choice. The festival is, for many, the only way to see these bands, so you could (hopefully) understand the frustration and sadness that arises from these bands clashing.

We ask that you please consider lifting the curfew to the fair suggestion of midnight. If the show were to run a mere 2 hours longer, many of these clashes would not only be resolved, but bands would be able to play longer sets for their high-paying, loyal fans.

Note from Sarah-Jane: I, myself am attending Soundwave with my special needs sibling and a friend who legally blind. I will not feel safe with punters running between stages between acts for my sibling and friend. I feel the curfew raises safety issues. A longer timeset would ensure more bands could play in the one allocated spot. Additionally I am worried about the crowds forcing their way to the front of stages after other acts at different stage locations causing fights and drama.

Note: This petition is directed at the council and venues of the Soundwave events (excluding sideshows). We fully support and appreciate Soundwave staff and what they do for their fans.

12. Shadow The Hedgehog 2: Broken Memories

SEGA made Shadow the Hedgehog in in 2005 for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

The game's story, Soundtrack and concept was a great success amongst Sonic gamers and casual gamers alike.

But sadly, the game had a few bugs, which made the game hated by hardcore gamers, and made fun out of it.

The story has ended in the first game, but we know, there IS a way to make the storyline continue.

13. Get Bon Jovi Inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame

Bon Jovi is an American Rock Band that throughout their career has:

*Released eleven studio albums, three compilation albums and one live album, and has sold 130 million records worldwide.

* They have performed more than 2,700 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 35 million fans.

* Bon Jovi was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

* The band was also honored with the Award of Merit at the American Music Awards in 2004;

* Songwriters and collaborators, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2009.

We want Bon Jovi to be added to the music greats that grace the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as he is their colleague, peer, and Deserves the Honor!

14. Bring System of a Down to Puerto Rico

15. More Women In The R&R Hall of Fame

Only 10% of the inductees into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are women. Just not fair.

16. Bring Metal Back to Rochester

The Rochester, New York music scene is rich with rock roots. Listening to all the "new" rock music is just stale. Bring back metal and hard rock to the airwaves, much like The Nerve had done.

Anyone who wants to bring life back to the radio, sign this petition to be sent to FQMB, the leader in Rochester's radio management.

17. Metallica To play a small warm up gig before Download 2012

I'm starting off this petition as a huge and epic request not just from a huge metallica fan but a fan of metal. I run and organise a rock/metal night at DeBees Music Bar in a small town of Winsford, Cheshire, UK and i am opening up this offer to James, Lars, Kirk and Robert to play this venue before taking the stage at the Download Festival, Donington, UK.

You may have heard this from thousands of fans from around the world but at least acknoledge this petition to say yay or nay, i don't have much money but will do ANYTHING to make this happen, so please respone to the e-mail address and will give more info on request.

Thank You.

18. Awaken The Sleeping Beauties

The Sleeping Beauties were a short-lived rock band, based in Canberra. The three piece band dabbled in a select range of influences and sounds, including psychedelic, blues and Japanese noise rock, their lyrics flirting with surreal images of frustrated and demented figures.

The Sleeping Beauties' revival awaits on the original guitarist's say-so. If you are at all interested in the band, wish the band to return to live performances, or merely wish to support us on a whim, please sign this petition. If you want any copies of our music, feel free to email me at . Visit our Triple J Unearthed website,

Here is a video also:

19. Stones Tour 2012

Dear community and all fans of Stones, we need your help! We want to bring the Rolling Stones back on stage and give everyone a chance to see the living rock legends live!

All you have to do is becoming a member of the official online petition group! Become a part of it and help letting the Stones rolling back for an unforgettable rock concert!

Show your love for the greatest band on earth and spread the world!

20. DON'T Ban Jumps Racing

A petition to support the continuation of jumps racing in South Australia and Victoria.

21. We want Avril Lavigne in SERBIA!!!!


22. Arcade Fire to do a tour with a full orchestra

We've seen several bands such as Elbow and Snow Patrol take to the stage with the backing of a full orchestra in recent years. The results on many occasion have been mindblowingly good.

Arcade Fire are one of the finest instrumental bands on the planet and to see them perform live alongside a full orchestra would quite definitely be ranked amongst the greatest shows of all time.

23. Any Jonas Brothers world tour or Demi Lovato's world tour to come to Australia

This petition is for the any Jonas Brothers world tour and Demi Lovato's tour to come to Australia anyone can sign this petition i will send it to the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.

Thanks for helping wish us luck cause its not a world tour without AUSTRALIA.

24. Gram Parsons Wall of Fame (and Petition to Induct Into Rock & Country Halls of Fame)

It is absolutely mind boggling that the late, great Gram Parsons has not been inducted into the Country Music and Rock Halls of Fame, joining his protege Emmylou Harris (who was inducted into the CMHOF in 2008). As much as Hank himself (who is in both Halls), Parsons influenced the form of music he loved most, and created some of its best. Gram has exponentially influenced everyone in many fields of music since his tragic death. It's unimaginable that he not be inducted into these prestigious Halls of Fame.

Cheers, Will James
P.S. And please read this from Austin Bryant:

[NOTE: All info you provide, which is minimal, is entirely safe and secure and will not be given to anyone else (that's why I chose GoPetition). It is safer than putting it on a paper petition. Thanks, Will James]

25. Avenged Sevenfold Come To Australia!!!

We've got their albums, we've got their dvd's, we love them, and we want them here in Australia again!

A7X came here in 2006 and both old and new fans want them back! They're touring USA this year, and the UK, why not come here too!

26. Bring Airbourne's Australian Tour To Perth

Airbourne's current series of shows around the globe have been a great success. Later this year they bring their show to their homeland of Australia for more dates.

Unfortunately as they embark on their Australian tour, they are leaving many fans from Western Australia disappointed as these dates do not include Perth.

This petition's aim is to gain enough support for Airbourne's management to consider bringing their show to Perth, Western Australia.

27. Save Live Music at The Southern

Please visit our facebook group at:!/group.php?gid=119874308055755&v=wall

28. We want the The B-52's Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I like their music..... their music made a difference in my life.... And I would like to see them get an award for all their hard work.

I see them not only as musicians but also as artists.

The B-52s (originally formatted as The B-52's) can be considered a New Wave rock band, formed in Athens, Georgia, United States, in 1976. In their heyday, their music was marked by the female harmonies of Cindy Wilson (vocals) and Kate Pierson (keyboards, vocals), Ricky Wilson's (guitar) surf-style guitar, Keith Strickland's (drummer) "go-go beat" drumming, and the generally spoken word or sprechgesang male vocal counterpoint of Fred Schneider (percussion, vocals). The resulting unique "guy vs. gals" vocals, sometimes used in call and response style (as in their songs "Private Idaho" and "Good Stuff"), are a trademark of the band. Presenting as a positive, enthusiastic, slightly wacky party band, the B-52s have focused on songs telling tall tales ("Rock Lobster", "Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland"), glorifying wild youth ("Love Shack", "Deadbeat Club"), or celebrating wild romance ("Strobe Light", "Hot Pants Explosion"), all set to a danceable New Wave beat.

The correct name for the band had long been "The B-52's", but in 2008 they dropped the apostrophe, with their official website and Funplex album and single covers reading "The B-52s".

29. Kathi McDonald Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Kathi McDonald's landed the vocalist her first big professional gig when she was attending a concert and joined in as part of the audience. McDonald's powerful voice drew Ike Turner's notice in a club called the Winterland, and he invited the aspiring singer to his and Tina Turner's next rehearsal. McDonald had snagged a in the Ikettes, the Turners' backing group. It was a heady and magical beginning for someone who never had any formal lessons.

Born in Washington state in 1948, McDonald performed professionally for the first time around Seattle when she was 12 years old. At the age of 19 she set off for San Francisco and its burgeoning musical climate, where she met the Turners and, through her association with them, took the first step on a career path that would span more than four decades.

Not long after the evening at Winterland, her talent caught the attention of Big Brother & the Holding Company's Sam Andrew. McDonald threw her lot in with the band in 1969, leading to appearances on the albums Can't Go Home Again, How Hard It Is, and Be a Brother. She went on to sing with Mad Dogs & Englishmen for Joe Cocker, and later sang with Leon Russell's Shelter People. Her session work included recordings for such artists as the Rolling Stones, Nils Lofgren, Rita Coolidge, Delaney & Bonnie, and Dave Mason. Her work for other musical artists totals up to appearances on almost 160 albums, more than six dozen of which achieved gold status. In addition, McDonald also launched a solo career in 1974 with the release of the album Insane Asylum. The recording was arranged by Pete Sears, whose formal band associations include Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship.

Insane Asylum featured performances by Tower of Power, the Pointer Sisters, Aynsley Dunbar, John Cippolina, Neil Schon, and Ronnie Montrose. Kathi did not release another solo effort for 20 years, when Save Your Breath appeared. Above and Beyond followed in 1999, featuring contributions from Lee Oskar on harmonica and Brian Auger on keyboards. McDonald devoted more than two decades to recording and performing in collaboration with Long John Baldry, and the duo scored with their version of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" when it was released in Canada. The song reached number 2 in Australia and also made the US charts.

Aside from collaborative efforts Kathi has solo projects of her own: Insane Asylum(1974), David Briggs, producer of the second Alice Cooper album Easy Action and multiple early Neil Young discs is at the helm on Insane Asylum. With arrangements by The Jefferson Starship's Pete Sears, whose formal band associations include Hot Tuna this is a showcase for the chops and musicianship of McDonald. There's a terrific reading of the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody" and an interesting first track co-written by McDonald and Pete Sears, "Bogart to Bowie," with Nils Lofgren on guitar and Bobbye Hall on percussion. The photos of McDonald on the back cover are chaotic and beautiful, a cartoon caricature of these adorns the cover, the illustration by Seiko Kashihara. With Ronnie Montrose on guitar and Pete Sears on keys for a heavy version of "(Love Is Like A) Heatwave," you basically have Big Brother & the Holding Company/ Montrose/Jefferson Starship covering Martha & the Vandellas. With what may be the best performance on the disc, "Threw Away My Love," the second Sears/McDonald original, Kathi's great, bluesy vocal fights and Journey's Neil Schon on guitar give the track tons of soul! "Freak Lover" features the late Starship violinist Papa John Creach and is appropriately manic for an album about insanity.

Willie Dixon's composition, "Insane Asylum," with Pete Sears and Nils Lofgren, is a blues workout deluxe. Neil Schon and Pete Sears accompany Kathi on a Peter Frampton tune, "All I Want to Be." Lofgren and Sears do a heavy cover of Neil Young's "Down to the Wire" for the singer to display her wonderful voice. There is an abundance of talent here, creating a nice platform for this important singer. Insane Asylum also featured performances by Tower of Power, the Pointer Sisters, Aynsley Dunbar, John Cippolina.

Her next solo project was Save Your Breath (1994), then Above And Beyond (1999) featuring contributions from Lee Oskar on harmonica and Brian Auger on keyboards. She reunited with Big Brother & the Holding Company in California for a concert on New Years Eve, 1997.

Her self-titled Kathi McDonald (2005) is a triumph in a long and prestigious career. This CD showcases the still incredible voice, timing, soulful delivery, and talent that is Kathi McDonald, the musician's choice as singer, the musician's musician, and still the biggest little white girl to ever sing the blues coming out of the West Coast. The main forces behind the CD, Pete Slauson and Ann Pierson (partners for years in the nineties at 2B1 Music, Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA).

30. Support a Woodstock National Holiday

As an original Woodstock Survivor who sat in the mud with 500,000 brothers and sisters the weekend of August 15, 16, 17, 1969 I witnessed first hand the love , the sharing, and the sacrifice of those that attended. A half million people were galvanized in the mud together. Here the seeds of brotherhood and compassion were sown which healed this Nation.

It's time for us to return to these core values once more. a National Holiday will help us focus on what this histroric event has come to symbolize.