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1. Change MCAS Futenma relocation to somewhere else than Henoko

Department of Defense is currently planning and preparing for the relocation of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to Henoko. Relocation of MCAS Futenma to Henoko will effect beautiful coral reefs and about 5,400 species according to the National Nature Protection Association in Japan. We need your help now to effectively let Department of Defense and other government organizations in both Japan and America know of what actions they should take. Your sign can be a big step to protect both Okinawan locals and beautiful environments.

2. Lower Whaling Rates and Allow International Investigators to Oversee Process

Currently, whaling in Japan is being condemned around the world, with people asking for a total ban on the practice. However, Japan should be allowed to carry on its culture, as long as there are increased regulations and international oversight.

While other Western livestock are being slaughtered (Source:, these countries are attempting to stop a culling of an animal that is typically seen as "adorable". This is tantamount to cultural whitewash. However, on the overhand, we can't allow these practices to continue. Thus, the National Diet should implement reforms.

3. SuG for Hyper Japan

Popular Japanese band SuG just completed a successful European tour and would be well-received.

Petition for SuG to perform at Hyper Japan festival in London.

4. Sanpei Shirato's Sasuke Anime released on Blu-Ray Set

There's an anime show that suffers from scarce production. Sanpei Shirato's Sasuke. I as well as you may know it either as Sasuke, or Sasuke Il Piccolo Ninja. Or the yet more rare dub Kiko Boy Ninja. There has/or was a DVD-Box release I found on Play-Asia.

Even on CD-Japan but were either out of print, or unavailable for whatever apparent motives. On Play-Asia I did find that Columbia Pictures is the labelled manufacturer to these DVD-Box releases.

If there can be a more updated release of the classic anime show. Consisting of 29 episodes that withstand potential like Naruto, Dragonball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokemon for release. Either Blu-Ray or a simple DVD release with available subtitles, Italian, Japanese, and English.

As well as the two languages the original Japanese and Italian Dub that survives unbelievably throughout YouTube. Even original Japanese spoken episodes thrive throughout the Internet. English dub? No but I have only two episodes from those dubs on VHS. Why I keep them? Because that cartoon has value we shouldn't abandon. A lot of effort went into that show alone, and really speaks a unique voice that can be passed down to future generations.

5. Brighton twinned with Tokyo

After just watching the Rugby World Cup game between South Africa and Japan I was made to feel very proud to be from Brighton when I heard how the local fans got behind Japan, and I'm sure the Japanese players and fans saw this and greatly appreciated it.

So what better way to show Brightons warmth than to twin Brighton with Tokyo and begin a wonderful relationship between our two cities.

6. We want BUCK-TICK on world tour!

Buck-Tick is a Japanese rock band, formed in Fujioka, Gunma in 1983.

Until now, they gave concerts in Japan only.

7. Masashi Kishimoto to draw Neji design as if he were still alive!

Hyuuga Neji, the only one of Naruto's generation that died in the war.

There are a lot of before and after photos of the kids since Part I to Shippudden, to the Last, til they're finally grown-ups. In these posts, the most common and liked comments are those that mention the absence of Neji.

It is upsetting, but if he were to live, what would he have looked like? Would his hair be still as long? Still wearing the ponytail that barely holds the hair? Still in all white clothing?

Well, if possible hopefully a lot more of the other characters too. And their possible conclusions. Will Neji be someone's husband? Or simply show as Himawari & Boruto's uncle? And at least seem him smile? Itachi as well, Sarada's uncle? In what scene does Kishimoto see them if everyone lived?

It's an impossible paradise after all, of course. But just the sight could really lift us up in seeing those who didn't make it to the end.

8. Bring Fantage Japan Back!

Fantage Japan was a more fun version of the fantage we play on today.

In fantage Japan there was no membership and they had different items from what fantage has now.

And I'm not gonna lie, those items were way better.

9. Taiji fishermen must include baby dolphins dumped at sea in their records

All over coastal Japan dolphins and small whales are being killed for meat or for a lucrative aquarium business. Despite international condemnation the Japanese Fisheries Department still issue quotas for how many cetaceans are to be killed.

The Taiji fishermen have worked out a way to make sure these figures are efficient. They round up a pod of dolphins by using a wall of sound. The terrified family are then herded into the cove. The babies are picked out and kept aside while they watch their entire family slaughtered by sticking sharp rods into their blowholes and then pegging the blow hole up.

This means the dolphin drowns in it's own blood (this is done to try and keep the waters clean to hide what they are doing from the public eye) Then it gets even more unbelievable. They put the babies in sea slings on the side of the boat and drive them back out to sea.

On December 15th 2014 the cove guardians witnessed an entire family of Risso dolphins killed except one baby who was dumped at sea. The reason is there is only 67 Risso dolphins left on the quota as they have been killing Risso's all season.

We demand that baby dolphins are released with their mothers and family members to ensure the baby's survival. If they are killing the whole family and dumping the babies out in the ocean they should still include these babies in the record of numbers killed. The babies will have no chance of survival and will die, yet the fishermen don't count these as kills. This means they can keep hunting more dolphins until they reach that quota.

10. Bring Back Tamagotchi's!

Last year, they disabled "TamaTown". Then everyone forgot about Tamagotchi's. Come on guys! Tamagotchi's are awesome! They should totally start making them again, and bring back TamaTown, not only for Portugal. That's because the only place in the world where Tamagotchi's and TamaTown still exists is Portugal, but they still make Tamagotchi's in Japan.

But they should bring them back again now! Sure, I might sound a little bit old school, they are so 10 years ago. But come one1 They're awesome, and taking a come back!

11. Stop Melbourne Cup Horse Racing

I want to stop Melbourne Cup because it is cruel to the horses that are forced into the gates and are forced to race when they don't want to be on the track.

1. The 2014 Melbourne Cup favourite Admire Rakti died of acute heart failure in a tragic aftermath to Tuesday's race. The Japanese horse has died because of a sudden death syndrome (being forced to race and being forced into the gates).

2. The second horse that died this year broke his leg because he was startled by a kid waving a flag at the horse it is not suitable for kids to do that.

3. The owners should learn how to manage their horses because horse racing is just cruel.

4. The gates are unsafe for the horses and can cause horses to break down on the track.

12. Ban or Restrict Horse Racing in Australia

After the Melbourne Cup 2014, Admire Rakti, the pre-race favourite, passed away.

The Japanese-trained horse was in the lead then fell behind and died after the race in his stall, suffering heart failure.

Every year, over 18,000 horses die from horse racing.

Horse racing is a pleasure sport. It was once compared to gladiators during the era of the Roman Empire. The crowd cheers, the fashion is stunning and the winner receives lots of money.

However, there is a dark side. Horses are killed, injured or die.

Imagine what this does to the horses; they must be traumatized after the races. Stop this torturous activity. Sign this petition, which will be sent to the RSPCA.

13. Ban Indoor Smoking in Japan

Public facilities should maintain an environment that does not pose a risk to people's health.

The government should impose smoking bans and uphold these facilities to a higher health standard.

14. とろぶる To-LOVE-る ダークネス Darkness アニメ Anime しんき Season 2

It is to my knowledge that the anime and manga "To LOVE-RU Darkness" is quite popular. Not only in Japan, but also overseas on the continents of Europe, North America, and other parts of Asia.

According to what I've seen online, there are lot of people that would support this cause.

15. No to Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Japan, a candidate of the 2020 Summer Olympics, is a exclusivistic country, that continues contemptful demonstrations.

In Tokyo, extremely aggressive demonstrations targeting Korea is being held. At these demonstrations, Japanese are using violent wordings such as "send the Koreans to gas chambers," and "let's hang Koreans." Japan's demonstrations are no different from the ones held by the Nazis.

The bigger problem is that even when the demonstrators resort to violence and social disorder, the Japanese police are doing nothing to restrain these behaviors. Rather, they are protecting the demonstrators. This is because the violent demonstrators have ties to the Yakuza, violent criminal organizations. Moreover, the media is heavily influenced by the parties related to the violent demonstrations. This implies that Japan's extreme rightist politicians are involved as well.

Some may think that these demonstrators are only a small part of Japan. In contrary to this belief, most Japanese believe that they are victims of a nuclear bomb, rather than that they are past war criminal nation. Instead of repenting for their past war crimes, they are denying their crimes against comfort women, and invasions. Germany, a war crime nation during WWII just as Japan is very different.

Moreover, Japan is creating territorial disputes with neighboring nations, and is attempting to regress back to past militarism.

16. Demand Accountability for Those Responsible for the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

After over a year and a half, not a single person has been held accountable for the catastrophic accident that happened at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in March 2011.

The report of the independent investigation commission set up by the Japanese Diet published in July 2012 unequivocally states that the accident was man-made; TEPCO did not take appropriate measures against the potential risks of tsunami already identified; and the collusion of the government oversight agencies with the nuclear power industry compromised safety. [for the report, go to]

In June 2012, a group of over 1,300 people who lived in Fukushima at that time filed criminal charges against 33 individuals, which include former TEPCO executives, government officials in charge of nuclear safety in Japan, and the current Radiation Health Risk Management Adviser appointed by Fukushima Prefecture. The charges were filed with the Fukushima District Prosecutor's Office on the grounds of professional negligence resulting in death and injury, and environmental pollution offense.

The written statements submitted by each plaintiff tell stories of agony of how their daily lives were suddenly uprooted and their human rights violated. No government assistance has been provided for the evacuation of children, and most have been left in dangerously contaminated areas in Fukushima. The impact of radiation exposure on their health is becoming more evident, while the government continues to deny this grim reality.

The second group of an additional 10,000 plaintiffs from the rest of Japan are expected to join this case on November 15, 2012. Now we need to put pressure on the Fukushima District Prosecutor's Office, so that it will not just go through motions, but conduct a thorough investigation that would result in the actual prosecution of the individuals charged. This is only the first step, and a critical one.

17. The U.S. Must Avoid the Trap on East China Sea

We, as people concerned about peace in the world, write to call your attention to growing tensions Japan has provoked in East Asia in its territorial disputes with neighboring countries, and urge your actions to exercise a U.S. role in deterring the continuation of such provocation.

As the world marks the 67th anniversary of Japan’s unconditional surrender that concluded World War II, we are again haunted by the memories of Japan’s militarism and imperialistic expansionism that propelled its invasion of Asia and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Japan has never formally repented for its atrocities against the world. Its leaders continue to worship the Yasukuni Shrine where war criminals’ tablets are kept. Its right-wing activists have repeatedly sought to rewrite textbooks to distort its war history. There are more signs that its extremists, in a heady romanticism with Japan’s prewar “glory” in which violence and aggression were exalted, have been stepping up their attempt to revive Japan’s militarist past.

A most recent example is the Japanese move to “nationalize” the Diaoyu (called Senkaku by Japan) Islands. The move is reopening the old wounds an imperialistic Japan inflicted upon the people of the region and fueling concerns about peace and stability in the area.

The Diaoyu Islands are unequivocally territories of China, which Japan failed to return to their rightful owner at the end of World War II.

The Cairo Declaration of 1943 asserted that “Japan shall be stripped of all the islands in the Pacific which she has seized or occupied since the beginning of the First World War in 1914, and that all the territories Japan has stolen from the Chinese, such as Manchuria, Formosa, and the Pescadores, shall be restored to the Republic of China. Japan will also be expelled from all other territories which she has taken by violence and greed.”

Numerous historical documents, some dating back to as early as 1403, recorded the Diaoyu Islands as part of China. Japan seized the islands and Taiwan after the Sino-Japanese war in 1894. In 1941, a court in Tokyo ruled that the Diaoyu Islands belonged to Taiwan, settling a dispute between Taiwan and Ryukyus (Okinawa) – both governed by Japan at the time – regarding the governance of the islands. Throughout history, fishermen from Taiwan have been fishing around the Diaoyu Islands.

With Japan’s return of Taiwan to China in 1945, the Diaoyu Islands should also have been returned as part of Taiwan. However, in the Okinawa Reversion Agreement signed in 1971, the U.S. ambiguously and inappropriately included the Diaoyu Islands as part of Ryukyus that it reverted to Japan the next year, thus planting the main cause for the current dispute.

18. We are fans of JIN AKANISHI (Loyal Subject)

It's just for know who love Jin Akanishi. Thanks.

19. Tenchu ​​must return


The market is satured of generes that are too bored. we need that the series Tenchu gone back with the players. So far we have only imitations of theese game that big moments made us feel in the past. Really the fans and the public in general will be grateful that these proyect can become in a reality.


El mercado está saturado de géneros que ya cansan, necesitamos que la saga Tenchu vuelva a los jugadores, hasta ahora no han habido más que imitaciones de dicho juego que grandes momentos nos hicieron sentir en el pasado, realmente los fans y el público en general estará agradecido de que este proyecto pueda convertirse en una realidad.

20. Autumn: back to the U.S. from Japan

Autumn Lynn Teixeira went on a vacation with her parents to Japan a few weeks ago. They told her that they would come back in a month. Shortly after they told her that they are staying in Japan.

Autumn and I are about to start High School and wouldn't want to miss it for the world. She was depressed when she found out she was staying in Japan.

I'm trying to persuade her parents into letting Autumn come back. She doesn't want to be in Japan.

21. Bring Moon Kana to Romania!

Kana have had a lot of concerts in Europe, because she really loves her fans.

If she knew about her Romanian fans, she would probably think to come to Romania.

If we get enough signatures, I will send her the petition. Our purpose is to bring her in Romania at Otaku 2013.

22. URGENT! STOP restart of Ohi (Oi) Nuclear Power plant, Fukui Japan

Japan moved closer to restarting the first of the nation's 50 idled nuclear plants as the prime minister signaled that he might order a start-up as early as next week.

Now, the fate of Kansai Electric Power Company's Ohi plant reactor #3 and #4 in western Japan are in the hands of prime minister Noda after Fukui prefecture formally accepted restart of 2 reactors on 16th June after Ohi town/Fukui prefectural nuclear commission approval.

Some experts are warning that another big earthquake may happen this very year. If they are right, another Fukushima disaster will be inevitable.

If the three active fault lines around Ohi power plant move together it could reach 1,270gul. The Ohi plants safety stress tests are based on 700gul, only taking into account worst case scenario for two faults not the three. Wakasa Gulf of Fukui prefecture holds not only Ohi but Takahama, Mihama, Tsuruga and Monjyu; total of 14 nuclear plants.

As a responsible member of the international community, Japan should not make a decision which exposes the world to a new risk of radioactive contamination.

We call on all citizens of the world to stand with us and appeal to Prime minister Noda before he make a final decision on the restart of Ohi nuclear power plant.

If the restart of Ohi is forced to go ahead, the rest of the nuclear power plants in Japan may also be restarted.

Please spread the word, we do not need another Fukushima!

23. The US Needs a Hello Kitty Magazine

Many countries and regions other than the US have Hello Kitty magazines and we feel that the US could use one.

24. Save the University of Canberra's Japanese Language Program

Dear Reader,

The University of Canberra has proposed to cancel the Japanese Language Program. As a current student of the program I urge everybody to help convince the preservation of such a great university course.

With many students in the middle of their degrees this cancellation would cause so much stress and many problems. Especially for the ones who decided to go to university to specifically learn the Japanese Language.

The Japanese Program has allowed many students to learn the language and culture, which is important in the current globalizing world and especially in our very multicultural Australia. It has helped create great friendships with many Japanese students on exchange at the university and also while benefiting local students, it is a very attractive course for international students.

The university has agreements with several universities in Japan and while we have students anticipating going on exchange in Japan, we also receive many Japanese students to learn English. This is a great way to represent our university and our country.

Please help us maintain this excellent, well developed language course with the best, most encouraging teachers by signing this petition.

The past students, current students and future students appreciate your help.

25. We want Namie in Italy & Europe!

We want a concert of Japanese singer Namie Amuro in Italy!

26. The UN should recognize Japanese War Crimes as an act of Genocide

In WWII the Japanese committed a genocide on the Chinese, Korean, Filipinos, Malays, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Indonesians, and the Burmese. The Japanese murdered women, children and men who weren't part of the war and sometimes raped them. They made women their sex slaves. One of their most horrific act was the Rape of Nanjing.

They committed cruel acts on POWs lie bury them alive, used chemical weapons to kill many ( Hilter refused to use and the Nazis had tons of chemical weapons ), etc.. Find out more at your local library or search Japanese War Crimes.

27. Help prevent whaling!

Hunting whales has dated back to 3000BC and should have been made illegal years ago. The ocean is their home just like the land is ours, they did nothing to hurt us so why should we kill them?

They are beautiful creatures and they will become extinct if you ignore all the petitions people are making to get your attention.

28. Support Hospital Ship 支持醫療船

Japan is considered as an easternmost small island with limited resources. Yet, if the volume and the depth of the sea are considered, Japan ranks fourth in the world. With this favourite marine background, Organization of Mobile Hospital International (OMHI)was established as a fair and independent non-governmental organization. We aim primarily for constructing Japan-made hospital ships, which help contribute to world peace.

Our proposed hospital ship will deal with natural disasters such as the earthquake or an outbreak of epidemic (e.g. Bird Flu and new influenza.) As for international need and demands, hospital ship will provide worldwide humanitarian support in devastated areas, for example Indochina, Haiti and Chile, where quake and tsunami are in the offing. We will help to maintain the security and to improve the safety in conflict regions.

Nowadays, registered hospital ships come from 14 countries and 4 non-governmental organizations, but none of them belongs to Japan. There is no denying that hospital shipwill provide medical services, whereas world peace is a more important issue to deal with. Japan could make fairly contribution to the issue by utilizing her oceanographic technology.

We have started this project since a private workshop held in Tokyo in February 25, 2011. Influential people from various quarters participated in the workshop and exchanged their opinions actively. If you share our mission, we would like invite you be a part of us, constructing hospital shipto stabilize international maritime safety.


1995年1月17日阪神大地震後,日本學術會議上已經提到建造醫療船的緊急性。關東東北太平洋沿岸的海嘯一瞬間吞噬超過兩萬名居民,加上嚴重的核災,我們是需要醫療船的。 我們籌劃的醫療船將足以處理地震及疫症(例如禽流感或其他新型流感)爆發等自然災難。醫療船也會因應國際需要,為世界各地受災地區提供服務,包括東南亞、海地及智利等受到地震及海嘯影響的地方,會保障並促進當地的安全性。



29. pour une transparence totale sur la radioactivité de l’air que nous respirons

Plus de 60 laboratoires d’analyse équipés de détecteurs de très haute précision sont répartis sur l’ensemble de notre planète et contrôlent quotidiennement la radioactivité de l’air. Leur mission : rechercher les très faibles quantités de produits radioactifs qui pourraient indiquer qu’un essai nucléaire a été effectué en violation du Traité d’Interdiction Complète des Essais Nucléaires (TICEN).

Les résultats de ces analyses permettraient de suivre, jour après jour, et depuis le 12 mars 2011, l’avancée des masses d’air contaminé par les rejets radioactifs de la centrale nucléaire de FUKUSHIMA DAIICHII. C’est impossible car les données sont confisquées par les Etats. Les résultats sont transmis à des organismes officiels qu’ils sélectionnent et qui sont tenus de ne rien divulguer. Le réseau international de mesure est financé par de l’argent public.

Les populations ont droit à cette information. Tous les chiffres doivent être publiés et non pas quelques chiffres soigneusement choisis par les autorités.

30. STOP Nuclear Power Plants in Earthquake/Tsunami Reachable Areas

In the whole Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Romania, Spain, USA (specially California) etc., there are many nuclear energy power plants under the huge risks of earthquakes and/or tsunamis.

The accident of Fukushima [Mar.11,2011], Japan, as well as the former accident of Kashiwazaki (Niigata) [July 16,2007], Japan, caused by earthquakes shows the total incompatibility of nuclear energy plant in the area where the earthquake and/or tsunami are reachable.

Thus, we shall ban the operation of nuclear power plant in such area immediately, as the first step of total prohibition of nuclear power plants in this planet.

In Japanese: