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1. Support Canada's membership into the European Union

The current situation with the US proves that we are too much dependent on our neighbour to the south. Politics under President Trump put's Canada's sovereignty in danger. It is clearly stated 'America First'. We cannot rely solely on the USA anymore as Europe cannot rely on them anymore. This position is also stated by chancellor Ms Angela Merkel in the news after the unsuccessful Meeting of the G7 states. Canada has to find new partners to succeed and survive. It is a very natural move to ask without any further delay for an immediate membership into the European Union. Both sides will gain tremendous benefits from this move.

2. Bring Kpop to Europe

ALL Kpop Fans please help get KPOP to Europe! We need to all come together to show them that fans are here waiting to see them and it will not waste their time or money!!
Block B recently came to london and were a huge success. Sold out tickets for meet and greet and filled the troxy Venue!
There are so many Kpop fans in Europe that are constantly dissapointed by world tour releases and No mention of a European country. We are dedicated fans and would fly to any other European country to support our idols but to fly to America or Asia is just to far for an awful lot of us.
You have millions of fans here waiting to finally be apart of a concert thats not through a computer screen.

3. Pledge 2 Boycott - companies leaving the UK

Since the UK referendum on the 23rd of June 2016 and number of international, global or even British companies have suggested that they might abandon the UK.

This could have massively detrimental effects on our economy just when we need all the help that we can get. We might want to remember their lack of loyalty when they want to return when it doesn't work out.

These companies are from a variety of sectors including manufacturing, financial and transport businesses. They will potentially disregard job losses nationally.

They don't consider the costs that they could face if we as consumers stopped using them. They might live to regret it if the European Economy collapses as we emerge as a leading economy.

They consider that they will face additional costs due the so called 'Brexit'. Together we can let them know that they also face massive costs if they dessert us.

Together we can pledge to boycott them now and in the future. We can refuse to buy their products and use their services. We can remember that when they want to come back to us, that they stabbed us in the back!

4. Push for the creation of a Multinational Peacekeeping Humanitarian Task Force to stop ISIS and provide aid to Iraq and Syria

The self-proclaimed caliphate of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL, also known as ISIS, is a malevolent, well-armed group of extremists responsible for killing over 1,700 people in 23 countries, not counting the higher death toll in Iraq and Syria or the millions forced to flee their country.

All nations must work together toward lasting peace and bringing an effective end to this global calamity. Therefore, the formation of a multinational peacekeeping humanitarian ground force is called for under the terms of Chapter VII of the United Nations charter.

This contingent shall fulfill solely the purpose of dismantling ISIS and providing much needed aid to civilians in conflict-stricken Iraq and Syria, with strict adherence to international law and the directives of the UN Security Council.

You may also sign the petition at the White House web page.

5. Pledging ARMISTICE over SYRIA

Would you please call out IMMEDIATELY a THREE-MONTHS period of ARMISTICE over SYRIA!

And start INVESTIGATING the actions in form of recent AIR STRIKES as committed by all three responsible powers through their world leaders:

1. US President BARACK OBAMA,



3. Russia's Prime Minister VLADIMIR PUTIN.

6. Οι Έλληνες του εξωτερικού ψηφίζουν ΟΧΙ στο δημοψήφισμα της 5ης Ιουλίου

Η απάντηση των Ελλήνων του εξωτερικού σε τελεσίγραφα είναι δεδομένη. ΟΧΙ!
Μετά από 5 χρόνια σκληρών μέτρων λιτότητας που έπληξαν την πλειοψηφία του ελληνικού λαού και άφησαν άτρωτες τις παθογένεις που μας οδήγησαν στη σημερινή κατάσταση, οι δανειστές θέλουν να αναγκάσουν την ελληνική κυβέρνηση να υπογράψει την συνέχιση και επέκτασή τους.

Παρουσιάζοντας κατοχυρωμένες ευρωπαικές δημοκρατικές παραδόσεις, όπως τα δημοψηφίσματα, ως απειλές, οι δανειστές θέλουν να επιτύχουν την αέναη οικονομική κατοχή της χώρας.

Δεν θα σταματήσουν όμως εκεί. Ξέρουμε ότι θα είμαστε οι επόμενοι. Ξέρουμε ότι το παγκόσμιο οικονομικό κατεστημένο δε θα σταματήσει παρά μόνο όταν επιβληθεί και κάμψει παντού κάθε αντίσταση.

Δεν ξαναγυρίζουμε στον 19ο αιώνα και σε συνθήκες σκλαβιάς. Γενιές συνανθρώπων μας αγωνίστηκαν για τα ιδανικά με τα οποία μεγαλώσαμε και που τώρα πάνε να μας στερήσουν.

Με ηρεμία, λογική και θάρρος ψηφίζουμε ΟΧΙ για το μέλλον των παιδιών μας, το μέλλον της Ευρωπαικής Ένωσης, το μέλλον της δημοκρατίας. 

7. Nominate & Vote FIFA'S New Chairman & Vice Presidents

FIFA needs extensive reforms, a transparent body corporate to revive the credibility and transparency of the organization. FIFA needs a person to get the organization get rid off corruption and the culture of non-accountability.

A strong capable leader, a successful business minded person, neutral and transparent to restructure the organization.

FIFA needs new blood. It requires a complete reform of its administrative structure, there must be a fundamental overhaul of the culture inside both management of the organisation and the affiliate regional football associations.

FIFA needs a profound overhaul and deep-rooted structural change. Above all FIFA needs to stop corruption and bribery, and to improve the transparency process in the selection criteria of the winning country selected to be the host of a world cup competition.

8. 2015 Kia Sedona for Europe / 2015 Kia Sedona für Europa

The fantastic 2015 Kia Sedona is not intended to be sold in Europe / Das 2015er Model des großartigen Kia Sedona soll nicht in Europa auf den Markt kommen

9. One Europe for Modified and used cars

Like it sais in Article 26 annex 2 of the TEU “ The internal market shall comprise an area without internal frontiers in which the free movement of goods is ensured in accordance with the provisions of the Treaties” and Article 28 annex 1 of the TEU “The Union shall comprise a customs Union which shall cover all trade in goods and which shall involve the prohibition between Member States of customs duties on imports and exports and of all charges having equivalent effect”

But according to the European Parliament these rules are merely guidelines for nations to follow and they are not enforced unless you are a big corporation within Europe. A modified car that is legal in Holland is Illegal in Spain (refuse of import), a car that is legal in UK is not Legal in Finland when modified our aim is to improve Europe and make it LEGAL for regular citizens to import and export used and modified cars!

10. A Scottish Referendum on EU Membership

Many Scots will turn up to vote in the Referendum and vote to decide Scotland's future.

It is right and proper that we should also all be consulted about our Nation's future as either:

1) An Independent Sovereign State, fully capable of making our own decisions.


2) A vassal state, a subservient partner, who has surrendered our sovereign liberty by joining the European Union, who will decide our fate!

The EU has a scandalous record, and they override the wishes of nation states, to impose their damaging and irrelevant elitist agenda.

The EU decides our minimum wage. It is no better than slavery!

Civil justice and human rights violations have become worryingly commonplace!

11. Stop WAR! Talk! Petition for more peace & togetherness in the world

International conflicts and aggressions are increasing all over the world and are at the verge of escalating. Ukraine, North Corea, Iran, Afghanistan ... just to cite some of them.

Actually unrests are going to increase to open conflicts between USA, Russia and Europe, between the continents, between economic power authorities.

If you don't believe the mass-media and look behind the facade in most of the cases the main reason for those conflicts are not human rights or bad presidents loosing it, mostly it's about oil, gas, money and strategic important territory.

Ask your neighbour, if he wants to have war, he will say "no". If anybody in the world asks any neighbour in the whole world, all of them will give the same answer: "no".

That means: Humans don't want to have war and aggression, humans want to have peace and harmony. But the people who fight about oil and gas, are not the ones who are standing at the front line of a war. At the end, the people who are fighting at the front, are the people who don't want war and will never have oil, even if they survive.

If everybody in the world wants to have peace and harmony, it should be possible to find a way of living together in a nice way, even if cultures and races are different. For saving and caring about our interests we have presidents and authorities, so we think, they should do it and work out a way for peace and togetherness.

With our bavarian flashmob in India (watch at, where hundreds of people from all over the world spontaneously started dancing together an bavarian song (nobody could understand anything at all), we prooved one fact:

"All nationalities can dance together, even if they sometimes don't understand each other".

War is the result of fear ...
- fear of loosing territories
- fear of loosing influence
- fear of loosing richness and prosperity 
- fear of loosing privelegs.
In short ... it's all about materialism and "being better or better situated than others".

Since thousands of years the concept is "getting more and being better than somebody else" neglecting the fact, that true richness and satisfaction is harmony and togetherness.

The main problem: The world population is growing, resources and energies are getting less. So every nation tries to get as much influence as possible, to save and raise their economic standards (fear of Looping).

But imagine an international alliance of all nations, which works on a way of togetherness on the whole earth, which creates worldwide peace-contracts and concepts for equality and global collaboration.

Imagine if all people on earth would take all the money, which is actually invested into armament (around 1500!! billions US$ per year!!!) and militaries, and work together on solutions for new sustainable energies, for making uninhabitable land inhabitable, for living together in harmony...

The earth would have enough sustainable resources for the whole population.

We think, in the 21th century - after thousand of years of "against" - it's time to recap the past, to reconsider and to start changing the system into "with each other", because that's what you and your neighbours want (if you neglect the fear of loosing something).

Media, authorities and presidents all over the world are promoting fear and the "against"-concept by forwarding unilateral story lines furthering the own nationalistic idea. Of course they do this, otherwise the folks, which don't want war, would not share the idea and authorities without the people behind them would not have any power.

But do we need political power to live together in peace and harmony? If we continue following the "against"-idea: Yes!
... If we start to change something and work on the "together" idea: No!

We know, that changing this will not be easy and for sure it will take a long time, but it's worth starting and trying to change the concept of thinking now.

Its time to make a concept not only on behalf of some people in the world, but in everyones interest all over world. Even a small change is a beginning!

Please sign this petition and share our


12. Stop Spanish Government undermining our right to Freedom of Movement

This petition has been put together by a group of concerned citizens of the European Union in response to the Spanish Government's continued attempts to hinder people's right to freedom of movement.

13. Bring back Richie Sambora on tour in Europe in 2014

Done! Richie will be touring Europe last 2 weeks of june and the first week of july 2014

After the highly successful european leg of the "Every Road Tour" in 2012 this petition has one simple purpose; to get Richie back for another leg in Europe in 2014!

If you agree just sign!

14. Against the scam of the V.I.P made by weird-world

During the GazettE's show, two kind of places had been sold: regular and V.I.P. They both were expensive, however we absolutely wanted to put an end to this 6-year wait and to see at least this band live. We were joyful and very happy.

Some of us paid about 100 euros in order to have favours. We didn't expect great things, but maybe goodies or these kinds of things. We weren't expecting much, but not only a little cardboard around the neck and an hour earlier than the others.

I spoke to different leaders who told me that it was the group "weird-world" which was in charge of the organization in Europe. So I tried to speak to a man who worked for weird-world, and he was vague, bothered and he wasn't able to give me one explanation.

We can't blame it for the price, and we don't want a scandal which may scare the GazettE (after all, we are all eagger to see them again in our countries!)

That is why I decided to create this petition. In order to get an apology and explanations.

No matter if you had a regular or V.I.P ticket, if you didn't go to the concert or if you don't live in Europe. We only want support!

15. Tegen sluiting Griekse openbare omroep

Gisteren besliste één partij binnen de Griekse regering (Nea Demokratia) om met onmiddellijke ingang de Griekse openbare omroep ERT te sluiten: 3 TV-, 7 nationale radio- en 17 regionale kanalen verdwenen van de ether. De twee andere regeringspartijen zijn er zelfs niet mee akkoord.

2656 collega’s verliezen van de ene dag op de andere hun job.

Dat kunnen wij niet aanvaarden.

De Griekse collega’s hebben dit ook niet aanvaard en hebben hun omroep bezet en via de website verder informatie verspreid. Duizenden Grieken betoogden voor de omroep.

Deze sluiting kan niemand binnen de openbare omroepgemeenschap aanvaarden. Voor de EBU, Europese koepel van de openbare omroepen, schreef hun voorzitter Jean-Paul Philippot, administrateur-generaal van de RTBf, een brief aan de Griekse eerste minister om terug te komen op hun beslissing. Euro-Mei, de Europese mediavakbond, sprak zijn steun uit aan het protest van de Griekse mediavakbond POSPERT en riep alle mediacollega’s op tot solidaiteit en verzet, zoals ook de Europese Federatie van Journalisten deed.

De Griekse regering besliste dat openbare diensten door de bevoegde minister mogen afgeschaft worden, zonder eensgezindheid in de regering, zonder parlementair debat, zonder overleg met het betrokken personeel en hun vakbonden.

Er kan dus nog van alles volgen!

De besparingswoede van de Troika (Europese Commissie, Europese Centrale Bank en Internationaal Muntfonds) verarmt niet alleen de overgrote meerderheid van de bevolking, maar breekt de democratie af op een nooit voorheen geziene wijze. Griekenland, bakermat van de Westerse democratie, heeft de trieste primeur de openbare omroep te likwideren. Dit is zelfs niet gebeurd onder het kolonelsregime! Deze verarming en democratische afbraak lossen de crisis in geen geval op.Integendeel, ze verergert de chaos en doet afbreuk aan de rechtsstaat.

Het nieuwe Europa en zijn Griekse zetbazen hebben duidelijk geen respect voor het arbeidsrecht en de collectieve arbeidsovereenkomsten. Nadat de lonen al met 30-50% waren verlaagd, zijn de mensen nu hun job kwijt. Eén derde mag misschien terugkomen maar tegen welke loon- en arbeidsomstandigheden ?

16. Global anti corruption campaign

Occupy-Science and Occupy love groups with New World Organizations including New Arab Organizations request open documentation for future war crimes from corporations such as Monasato and the National army.

It is evident that Europeans history of gas chambers and genocide existed. History repeats itself.

SEE journal, Indictments, and events by Global Activity Generations - GAG=MUT

17. EU asylum for Anastasia Grishay

Anastasia Grishay is a very kind person and a very good mother.

She loves her kids and places them above all.

She is being persecuted in her home country Ukraine, for starring in porn.

As a fact Anastasia needed money so badly after she has been left alone with kid, that she was ready to do anything to feed her family.

Getting into the porn business was not an easy decision at all. And sometimes, more often these days, people have to face the struggle to protect their families from poverty.

A beautiful soul makes a beautiful person; and Anastasia is very beautiful indeed.

Please, your support can save her family.

18. Tenchu ​​must return


The market is satured of generes that are too bored. we need that the series Tenchu gone back with the players. So far we have only imitations of theese game that big moments made us feel in the past. Really the fans and the public in general will be grateful that these proyect can become in a reality.


El mercado está saturado de géneros que ya cansan, necesitamos que la saga Tenchu vuelva a los jugadores, hasta ahora no han habido más que imitaciones de dicho juego que grandes momentos nos hicieron sentir en el pasado, realmente los fans y el público en general estará agradecido de que este proyecto pueda convertirse en una realidad.

19. Leehom to perform in Europe

This is a petition by Wei Yi U.K & Europe on behalf of Wang Lehom's European fans.

Leehom, you are loved all over the world and your concerts are always a huge success. Despite touring all over the world, you have never performed in Europe. We appreciate that it would maybe mean putting on a much smaller concert than you are used to but you have a huge number of fans here who would love the opportunity to see you perform.

As such we, the undersigned, request that you come to Europe to perform for your fans here.

20. Do Not Cancel Missing

Missing is a show about Becca Winstone who used to be a trained CIA agent. Now her son, who is 18, goes missing and Becca tries to find him. That means that she will have to revisit her past connecting with old friends. And enemies.

It is a great show to watch because:
-it shows how much your family will do for you;
-it takes place in different countries;
-it is watched by over 7 million people;
-inspires people to become apart of the CIA.

21. Pétition pour sauver l'émission "Carrefour de l'Europe" de Daniel Desesquelle sur RFI

Carrefour de l’Europe, l’émission européenne de débat et de découverte est menacée de disparition.

Carrefour de l’Europe n’apparait plus dans la nouvelle grille de RFI qui sera mise en place fin mai / début juin.

N.B. Nous avons choisi ce site anglophone pour sa souplesse d'utilisation mais vous pouvez bien sûr remplir les champs en français (First Name: Prénom, Last Name: Nom de famille).

Si vous ne parvenez pas à signer en ligne, vous pouvez nous écrire à l'adresse suivante :, en indiquant nom, prénom, pays, qualité et commentaires éventuels"

22. Cyclists For Right Of Way Priority On UK Roads

23. We want Namie in Italy & Europe!

We want a concert of Japanese singer Namie Amuro in Italy!

24. JYP Entertainment to Europe!

JYP Entertainment includes Korean bands like 2PM, 2AM, Miss A and popular solo-artists like San E and Park Joon Hyung!

Get them to Europe!

25. Shelter the Street Dogs of Sophia, Bulgaria

Sophia means "wisdom". I was born here and I live here. I love my city.

Over 25 years there has been a problem with street dogs.

A shelter or two existed for a while indeed but, a film made in secret by some Britons showed the world how they used to kill dogs in one of these "shelters". This is not a decision!

There are many cases when street dogs attack people and even children. Not to mention dogs as s source of infection.

I don't know who benefits of keeping this situation as it is.

I hope a letter from foreigners to the Minister of Environment and Waters and to the Mayor of the city could make a difference.

Can you, please, help us to improve our life here.

Thank you!

26. Get Super Junior to come to England

THIS HAS TO WORK but at the moment THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH PETITION SIGNERS! we don't have much time left, they are making their SS5 plans NOW! COME ON ELF! SPREAD THE NEWS!

Super Junior had a Super Show in France in April (2012), sadly it was not to England, but this is all because people let SM know how many people liked Super Junior there! So please ELFs pleeeeease, sign the petition. We can do this! We just have to work together!

Lets bring SS5 here! All we need to do now is show SM how much we want them to come here! To do that SIGN the petition and spread the news to EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

POST this petition ON FAN SITES and ANYTHING ELSE you can think of! Thanks (:

If you like other K-Pop artists as well, then please sign Bring KPop Artists and Bands to the UK | Online Petition Thank you.

27. Americans in Kuwait Need Your Help

I learn about this man through members my church who return from military duty in Iraq .,I' am 29 years old caucasian woman who was once marry to high ranking member Kuwaiti Royal family I have seen racism first hand toward African American men and women in State of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates being marry to member Royal family .,we had friends from other Gulf countries and friends who were not members Royal family they would love to speak African American women and men at this parties at dinners I hate it so much that I divorce my husband return United States to my church I was hearing words language this NIGGER's that Nigger special when man /women back turn I have members in my church asking question their is really racism in KuwaitI my responds stories racism,. I'm now trying my best to right wrong I need your help please send your letter's of support following numbers in WASHINGTON Dc, 202-395-6179 & 202-364-2868 Are to Amir of Kuwait- Shaikh Sabah Al Hamad Al Jaber Al Sabah-965-22430559

The White House February19/2011
President Barrack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave,. N.W.
Washington, Dc 20500

Reference: (Father Hood)

Dear Mr. President

I'm American citizen from Louisiana by name Joseph Morris who has been living in State of Kuwait for last (9) years through marriage to Kuwaiti citizen we are now divorce with eight (8) year old son we are very good friends trying to raise son together. Mr. President at time I didn't have knowledge there was so much racism toward African Americans in Kuwait I been trying for last three years to obtain legal resident by sending letters Kuwait Crown Prince Shaikh Nasser Al Mohammed Al-Ahmad Al Sabah and Shaikh Naser Mohammed Al-Sabah for there approval there have been no responds also problem I don't have contacts (Waster) as its call in Gulf to arrange meeting. Mr. President I have refuse to obtain resident by illegal ways I love my son very much I remember your speech do campaign that African American men have take care there kids Mr. President I'm trying my best problem I need help I cannot live in Kuwait on three month visas can you please assist arrange for me speak with Shaikh Nasser Al Mohammed Al-Ahmad Al Sabah and Shaikh Naser Mohammed Al Sabah to Obtain resident in legal way in State of Kuwait.

Joseph morris

Kuwait Mobile Number: 965-60632557

Saudi Mobile Number: 966-556375415



Joseph Morris less

28. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked for Europe

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor was an excellent and unusual SRPG developed by Atlus for the DS, gaining great acclaim for its orginality and accesability. But the game was never released in Europe (in part due to the DS' region-free nature).

SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked is an enhanced and remastered version of this game for the upcoming 3DS. It now has improved graphics and character portraits, full voice acting, and an additional 8th chapter.

This game will be released in America this Summer, but yet has no European release planned. And as the 3DS is region-locked, importation is not an option.

This petition is to ask European JRPG publisher Ghostlight Games (who have previously publsihed other SMT games and will be publishing Persona 3 Portable later this year) to seriously consider publishing SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked in Europe.

29. Should Sikh TV launch on Virgin Media (Cable Operator in UK)

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa
WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

Dear Saadh Sangat,

With the grace of the True Guru and under the guidance of the eternal Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new digital television station – The Sikh TV.

We feel that many of the issues Sikhs face today around the world are not being actively resolved and will continue to spiral out of control unless steps are taken now to resolve them. The Sikh TV will aim to encourage unity and positivity amongst Sikhs so that we can tackle these issues together as one nation.

Despite being one of the newest world religions, Sikhs have a very rich and proud heritage spanning back over five centuries. However, over the past few generations, this has been lost amongst youth and elders alike. The Sikh TV will provide historical and factual programming and dig up the very roots that Sikhism has grown from.

As todays modern and western society continues to increase pressure on our youth, more and more Sikhs are giving up their identity and taking up consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other intoxicants. The Sikh TV will aim to educate and help our young generation to understand their faith in their language and offer soultions and guidance to the issues that affect them.

The Sikh TV will broadcast 24 hours, 7 days a week to audiences around the world from its base in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to provide spiritual and religious programmes that appeal to young and mature Sikh men and women, and inspire a Sikh way of life as inspired by the Ten Gurus. We will also be producing educational content for non-Sikhs and educational institutions.

The Sikh TV will give generations of Sikhs a platform to reach out and speak out on matters they feel strongly about. This will be a community television channel and we invite all Sikhs to get involved regardless of their age or gender.

We hereby humbly invite all Sikhs to offer their support and blessings for this project and participate by offering their ideas, opinion, comments and suggestions to make this endeavour a resounding success for the present and the future.

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa
WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

The Sikh TV

30. Oppose the banning of herbs and supplements

I am the owner of Knoxville Reflexology Group, Inc. and have been involved with clients health and wellness since 1996. I want to inform my clients about what is going on in Europe with regard to banning herbs and supplements by April 2011.

I want them to get involved and be aware that this will eventually happen in the US as well.