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1. Bring B.A.P to Australia

It looks like B.A.P are about to announce a concert in there is STILL a chance they may come back!!
Last year the boys said they would be back in 2017, so let's show them we want them back!!!
If we want them back we need to prove there is a sign and share with your friends...even if they are overseas...SHARE!! as we all know fans are prepared to travel if they can!!


Many of Scotland's little monsters were extremely excited to see that Lady Gaga had announced her UK tour of Joanne! But, we weren't so excited that there unfortunately wouldn't be a Scottish date on a UK wide tour :( Many of my friends and I tried and failed to purchase tickets for other places like Manchester and London... Only to find out later on that ticket touts were selling them on for over £100 a ticket.... Most of us are students and some of us just generally don't have the money to pay such a fee! Above that there would be travel + accommodation! So, if like us, you want Lady Gaga to give her Scottish Monsters a chance to see her... then please sign this petition to bring her to Scotland again like she did on the Artrave tour!!! LADY GAGA SCOTLAND WANTS YOU SO BAD!!!!!!!!

3. 24K to America and Canada

24K has been to many places. Europe twice, Brazil, China, Malaysia, and almost Japan. But 24K hasn't been to one place where there are many fans, and the members want to go to... America and Canada.

We North Americans have been waiting for 4 years for our kings to come hold a concert near us, but Choeun has not granted our wish yet. This petition is to hopefully show Choeun that 24K indeed has many North American 24U.

4. Bring Coldplay to Hong Kong!

How many times have you thought "but why aren't they coming to Hong Kong?" Hong Kong, has for many years been a victim of exclusion from "World Tours," Now that Coldplay is bringing A Head Full of Dreams to Asia, Hong Kong is yet again excluded. To many of us, this was heartbreaking news, and so we sought comfort in the fact that they would be playing shows in nearby cities but ALAS, tickets have been selling out.

So I ask, of you Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion: Come!! Thru!! And!! Add!! A!! Date!! For!! Hong Kong!!

5. Bring The Dolan Twins to Adelaide

So, the Dolans Twins are touring Australia. They're going to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, but they aren't coming to Adelaide. We want to change that, and to do so, we need your help!

6. Traigan a Menudomanía Forever A Venezuela

Venezuela siempre ha sido uno de los países Latino Americanos que más apoyo le ha dado a la agrupación juvenil MENUDO a lo largo de su historia Por lo tanto, y a manera de continuar con ésta tradición le pedimos a todos los organizadores de eventos en el páis, que traigan el Tour Menudomania Forever a tierras venezolanas.

Venezuela merece ser incluída en la gira por Latino América de MENUDOMANIA FOREVER!

7. We need Lin-Manuel Miranda on a Latin American Tour

We want to meet to the amazing Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind the musicals Hamilton and In The Heights... but how Broadway is far away.

Why not ask for a Latin American tour?

8. Jim Breuer to help AC/DC as lead singer

Due to Brian Johnson's hearing loss, AC/DC is looking for a new lead singer to help them out on 10 US tour dates.

Who better for this position than the great Jim Breuer.

Jim has proven time and time again in his comedy routines that he clearly has the voice to be a Brian Johnson stand in.

Let's make this happen.

9. Reunite original Buckingham Nicks members

Buckingham Nicks is the debut and sole studio album by the American rock duo Buckingham Nicks. Produced by Keith Olsen, the album was released in September 1973 by Polydor Records. Buckingham Nicks is notable as an early commercial collaboration between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, both of whom later joined Fleetwood Mac. The album was a commercial failure on its original release, and despite the duo's subsequent success, it has yet to be commercially re-mastered or re-released on any format since 1973. The rights are now with the former couple as the original company Anthem (not the Canadian label of Rush fame) has long since become defunct.

- From Wikipedia

As a fan and friend of Gary Hodges, I, along with many BN fans would absolutely enjoy a global tour and re-mastered release of the original "Buckingham Nicks" Polydor record. It's been talked about but there's never any real answer whether or not this will happen but WE sure would LOVE to see these songs up close and personal.

- Kym Larsen

Main performers:

Lindsey Buckingham – guitar, percussion, vocals
Stevie Nicks – vocals

Additional personnel:

Ronnie Tutt – drums
Jim Keltner – drums
Jerry Scheff – bass guitar
Gary Hodges – drums, percussion overdubs
Monty Stark – synthesizer
Peggy Sandvig – keyboards
Jorge Calderón – percussion
Waddy Wachtel – additional guitar on "Lola (My Love)"
Richard Hallagan – string arrangement

10. Bring Warped Tour back to Las Cruces

VANS Warped Tour has been a long time tradition in Las Cruces for 11 years.

11. Bring Taking Back Sunday to Ireland

This petition is to help get Taking Back Sunday to come to Ireland on there upcoming European and UK tour.

Taking Back Sunday haven't played in Ireland since August 2011, the launch of there self titled album.

12. WE WANT more BSB 2014 tour DATES FOR Europe!

After publishing the European dates for 2014 "In a World like This" tour by Backstreet Boys, we REALLY DEVOTED FANS who live in South-Eastern, Central Europe, etc-like Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, WANT 1 MORE DATE for us, so you can PROVE that you - the BSB - still care for us, and that you didn't forget "This is Us" Tour from 2009-that you didn't forget Zagreb, Belgrade...

13. Bring back Richie Sambora on tour in Europe in 2014

Done! Richie will be touring Europe last 2 weeks of june and the first week of july 2014

After the highly successful european leg of the "Every Road Tour" in 2012 this petition has one simple purpose; to get Richie back for another leg in Europe in 2014!

If you agree just sign!

14. Bring Strictly Come Dancing Tour back to Belfast

Between 2009 and 2012 the Strictly Come Dancing Live tour came to Belfast, to popular demand. In 2013 it stayed only on the mainland UK, and now for 2014 it will not return once again.

Why should the people of Northern Ireland be once again deprived, particularly given the popular reception the tour received here?

15. Bring ONE DIRECTION to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Please bring One Direction to INVESTORS GROUP FIELD in Winnipeg for their 2014 "WHERE WE ARE TOUR" please and thank you.

16. Bring B.A.P to Australia

B.A.P was formed and began promoting in late 2011, starting with Yong Guk, who takes the role of leader in the group. He signed to TS Entertainment and was featured on labelmate Song Jieun's song "Going Crazy". He made a solo debut on August 11, 2011, with the single "I Remember", featuring B2ST's Yang Yo-seob.

A second member, Him Chan, an ulzzang multi-instrumentalist, was the second member of BAP to be introduced to the public as an MC for a music show program on MTV Korea, called "The Show". And lastly, on November 23, 2011, Zelo, the third member from BAP to be publicly introduced, collaborated with fellow member Bang Yong Guk, under the moniker Bang & Zelo. They released a song, titled "Never Give Up".

2012: Warrior, Power, No Mercy, Crash, and Stop It

In January 2012, the group starred in a reality show, Ta-Dah, It's B.A.P, which aired on SBS MTV. The show focused on how the six members play the role of aliens from a different planet who worked together to debut as B.A.P and invade Earth to help save their dying planet, Planet Mato.

On January 25, 2012, the group's debut single, "Warrior", was released, with MTV Korea describing it as "powerful and charismatic". Additionally, Nancy Lee of Enews World wrote "It appears B.A.P has set out to differentiate itself among the pretty-boy male idol groups currently dominating the K-Pop world with a tough, bad boy image, smashing car windows, kicking up dirt and, you know, doing as boys do."Promotion for the single began on the Korean TV show Music Bank, followed by other Music TV appearances such as M! Countdown, Music Core, Inkigayo and The Show. On February 3, 2012, Warrior debuted on Billboard's World Albums Chart at #10. In South Korea, Warrior sold over 10,000 copies in just two days upon its release.

In March 2012, B.A.P released a follow-up song, "Secret Love". On April 16, 2012, TS Entertainment announced that B.A.P would have a comeback with a new album on April 27, 2012. "Power" was released in April, as a single-album of the same name, Power. Upon the release of the album, Power has sold out its initial batch of 30,000 copies. The album was well received[citation needed] and like its predecessor, Power also debuted at number 10 on the Billboard World Albums Charts.

On July 12, 2012 the title of B.A.P's first mini album, No Mercy, was revealed. No Mercy was released digitally on July 19, 2012 under the label of TS Entertainment. The physical release was originally scheduled to be on July 19, 2012 as well but was delayed to July 24, 2012 because of the problems with the finished product. On August 30, 2012, the repackaged version of the EP, renamed Crash, was released.

In early October, 2012, TS Entertainment stated that B.A.P were preparing for their new album. On October 23, B.A.P released their third single album, titled "Stop It", together with a music video on TS Entertainment's YouTube channel.

2013–present: One Shot and Japanese debut

In February they began releasing material from the second EP, One Shot. On February 21, 2013, the EP was ranked No.1 on Billboard’s ‘World Albums’ chart.

In May, King Records, the Japanese record label that once signed Rain, signed up the group.

B.A.P is currently on tour around the world, going to five different countries; sadly, Australia is NOT one of them. This petition is to ask for B.A.P to tour in Australia

17. Cher for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was created 25 years ago for the purposes of "recognizing the contributions of those who have had a significant impact on the evolution, development and perpetuation of rock and roll" (RRHOF).

Cher (born Cherilyn Sarkisian) has not only been a vital player in the growth and evolution of music genre and style, but was and is the INSPIRATION for celebrated artists worldwide, including already inducted artist, Madonna.

Cher has been at the face & in the heart of rock and roll for every decade since the 1960's from her first industry job as a backup singer to her latest album announced for release September 2013. That is more than 50 years of talent, perseverance and dedication.

Cher has more than paid her dues for this award and it is long past time for her to have received recognition of those accomplishments from her peers.

This petition is also affiliated with 'The Lovelie Project 2013'; a collection of art, multimedia, letters, tweets et. al. planned for presentation to Cher at her Toronto stop for the 'Never Can Say Goodbye' Tour (TBA).

If you would like to submit something to TLP, please visit our facebook site here or email submissions to with instructions as to credit/copyright.

18. Australians Love HIM too

Shock Australia (who distribute Razor & Tie, HIM's new label) have confirmed that Razor & Tie have NO intention of distributing HIM in Australia, so all music purchases will have to be online.

They have also added that they do NOT intend on supporting an Australian tour of HIM. iTunes Australia have said that they will not have Tears On Tape available for digital download.

19. Vans Warped Tour Perth 2013!

This year it was announced that Vans Warped Tour would be returning to Australia and will not be coming to Perth. As we get Soundwave and completely sell out tickets for Perth Soundwave I see no reason for us to miss out on another popular festival with similar music.

"Soundwave boss AJ Maddah will team up with Warped founder Kevin Lyman to bring the festival back to Australia and has confirmed that the tour will travel to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and a couple of regional centers on the east coast. Perth will not be on the schedule."( - ) This is ridiculous. As the manager of Soundwave he should see Perth as a potential market and we need to show him we want the festival as much as the festival wants us.

The festival came to Australia for the first time in 1998 and never came to Perth either. Its time for a change! Grab your keyboards and lets show the Perth music scene isn't as weak as they perceive.


Legendary band Tool have announced their first AUS/NZ headlining tour since 2002. But they have skipped the City of Perth to the dismay of many Tool fans living there.

Perth would easily be able to accomodate a Tool gig in the newly opened Perth Arena, and more than likely be able to sell all the tickets.

21. Deathstars show in Adelaide May 2013

Another fantastic band. Another "Australian" tour.

The Deathstars are a "deathglam" band from Sweden which have had a massive influence in the music industry in the past 10 years. They are currently coming to Australia to do a tour in May 2013.

Like most "Australian" tours, this tour is an exclusive east coast tour with Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne only featured on the bill.

Obviously we Adelaidians need to show promoters that there is a sufficient fan base in Adelaide to have a date on this amazing tour.

I have had a chat with the promoters and they have stated that if 100 GENUINE signatures were signed of the public in Adelaide then they will seriously consider a show in Adelaide!

22. Reinstate Lance Armstrong's Ironman Eligibility

Lance Armstrong began his athletic career as a triathlete winning his first race at the age of 13. At 16, Lance Armstrong became a professional triathlete and became national sprint-course triathlon champion in 1989 and 1990 at 18 and 19, respectively.

In 1993 Armstrong focused his attention on cycling and became a decorated cyclist before being diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer at the age of 25. The cancer spread to his lungs, abdomen and brain. He had a 20% chance of living. He had surgery removing his diseased testicle and began chemotherapy. He also had brain surgery to remove the tumors on his brain.

After successfully defeating cancer Armstrong went on to win a record 7 consecutive Tour De France titles. With this unrivaled success he mainstreamed cycling in the United States, and used his celebrity and prestige to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for Livestrong and touching an unmeasurable amount of lives in the process.

After retiring from cycling he returned to triathlon in February, 2012 at Ironman 70.3 Panama finishing 2nd overall. He also entered half-Ironman distance races in Texas (7th) and St. Croix (3rd) before breaking through with victories at Ironman 70.3 Florida and Ironman 70.3 Hawaii setting a course record.

In recent weeks his Tour De France titles have been stripped, and he has been banned from cycling and all other sports governed by the US Anti-Doping Agency based on insurmountable evidence that he used performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career. It is yet to be seen whether the titles will go to the second place finishers of those years. Note that the 2nd and 3rd place finishers of all 7 years that Armstrong won his titles have at one point in their careers been suspended for the use of performance enhancing drugs.

23. For a Newcastle, NSW show on P!NKS 2013 Tour

In past years P!NK has come to Newcastle and had sell out shows, but with the 2013 tour upcoming, many people have been shocked to find that there are only Sydney shows for us Nova's.

24. Nicki Minaj for Odyssey Arena Belfast

Hell of a lot of Northern Ireland Barbz missing out!

We want Nicki Minaj to bring her tour to Odyssey Arena Belfast.

25. Leehom to perform in Europe

This is a petition by Wei Yi U.K & Europe on behalf of Wang Lehom's European fans.

Leehom, you are loved all over the world and your concerts are always a huge success. Despite touring all over the world, you have never performed in Europe. We appreciate that it would maybe mean putting on a much smaller concert than you are used to but you have a huge number of fans here who would love the opportunity to see you perform.

As such we, the undersigned, request that you come to Europe to perform for your fans here.

26. Get Mindless Behavior To NJ

Mindless Behavior hasn't been in NJ for a very long period of time.

They have a new tour coming up; but they haven't scheduled any time for their NJ fans.

27. One Directon To Perth!

As all of you directioners know, One Direction's management missed Perth on their Australian Tour.

We want to make One Direction's management and the media aware of this so our chances of having a concert here are very real. Please sign and tell all of your friends! Tell your friends to pass it on too!! Let's do this together!

28. NKOTBSB please come to Panama

During the summer of 2010, the Backstreet Boys joined New Kids on the Block on stage at the Radio City Music Hall (as a part of NKOTB Casi-NO Tour) and this was the beginning of this nkotbsb-manía. Great and important stars came to tour in Panama, this is time to show how them are important here.

29. Bring At the Drive-In to Australia!

From the person who brought you and succeeded with the 'Bring The Mars Volta to Adelaide' Petition comes his most daring mission yet - bring the newly reformed after an 11 year silence 'At the Drive-In' to Australia to play shows!

Many my age were too young when AtDI were at their prime and this would be a crazy opportunity to catch one of the all time most incredible live acts. If you do not know who ATDI are then do yourself a favour and look them up. google that shit.

Please invite everyone you know to this page! SPREAD THE WORD!

30. Get KRA to tour in the USA

KRA is an incredible Japanese Rock band mixing punk, indie rock, and funk all into an incredible milkshake. They move and play with such technical ingenuity and passion.

We need to see bands like this supported so they can go country hopping. This broadens our horizons as a country and stimulates the spread of culture on both ends. And the music rocks, need I say more?