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President Obama, Japanese govt, Danish govt

EchoGreen has been around for years with an intention to Do Something. We are a growing group of writers, musicians, singer songwriters, artists, media producers and web consultants. It's been a long time coming, the need is here.

Recently, as oil leaks into our oceans and we have images of tar rain pouring onto our bodies, homes, vehicles, animals and gardens, we cry for the dolphins, as it rains and we decide, the time is now.

EchoGreen will be sponsoring several petitions with the voice of those who are at one with the earth and its ways in the old way mixed with the new way. 

The old way being, feeling the vibration of the earth and the beings, in other words, feeling their life, their voices and their feelings reverberate through our beings, while hearing the voice of the earth as if it is speaking our language and an animate object. Earth is an animate object, we often, have just lost our ability to hear what it has to say. She/it/he is talking to many of us at once. And we have something to say via our translations.

Whereas the new way is through media, through business, through the grid and the economy of the West, speaking out to the people who can make the difference because they have the economy and consumption at their fingertips.

We are the people, we are the change, we are the ones we have been waiting for and we are here. Let's take it for the big one, let's do what we can. Let's petition to businesses, to governments, to presidents, to the people. Let's make our voices loud and clear and let's take a stand. 

We live, we eat, we release our waste, we breath, we love, we think, we feel, we dance, we laugh and we play, just as we all do or want to do.

It's time to do this without hurting the earth and others. What can we do? Whatever it is, you know inside you. Start by signing and making petitions and sending them to companies, making them popular. Campaigns are big and our voice can be heard. Do it from the heart and with integrity. Do it with true knowledge about what is best. For instance, how can we be mobile yet not consume oil? How can we receive food yet not have it inefficiently trucked across America? How can we save the seeds and not spread disease? How can we be healthy happy and harmonious?

We can do it. Let's do it, one at a time, before we can no longer breath, eat or stand.

Halt Dolphin Death - Slaughtering the World's Dolphins is Unnecessary

About This Petition
This is a petition to halt the unnecessary slaughter of dolphins around the world by the Americans, the Japanese, Danish and any other peoples of this world who are doing damage to the world by slaughtering the dolphins for food.

Dolphins Share Their Intelligence With Us
Dolphins are not just a food, they are highly intelligent beings who uphold harmony in this world by being ancient beings of joy and connection. Just as Tibetans chanting mantras and meditating in Tibet brought vibrations of peace to the entire world by their chants, art and meditations on this earth, the Dolphins also bring a special vibration to this earth, a vibration of harmonic joy and forms of bliss.

We humans can learn much by the dolphins interactions with each other and with us. We can also just feel their vibe and allow the joy they bring to enter our hearts and be such ourselves. We need this in the face of the earth's rapid change toward dark, warring, fearful, and deterioration paradigms that are circulating now. We have no need for demise of our selves individually, our friends and family, our society as a whole, our earth's children including the animal and plant kingdoms and of course our atmosphere. Take one step to help the dolphins who vibrate the joy we need to remember that we are living in paradise.

About Dolphins
Dolphins teach us of our vitality with their rhythmic breath and with their joy in the oceans. While treasuring their every blow of air out their blow hole, they giddily play with each other with squeals of resounding joy while intertwining in the mixed currents and streams of the oceans. Their interrelations with each other, and you if you swim with the dolphins, is pure child-like play, innocence, love and caring. Dancing, swimming, jumping, flipping and waving their bodies in undulations, they dance the dance of spiral motions, dna, wave forms, rockets and forms inherent to our existence on earth. 

With their undulations in the currents of the waters of the world, dolphins joyfully fulfill our bodies' need to flow in the vortex of the archaic, ancient, known and felt spaces that our bodies, souls, minds, earth, growth, chaos and echoing greenness yearns to connect with outward and onward. We can be this connection, we can be the change, one small step at a time.

Hear the Call
Thanks to the Dolphins, happiness in this world can be felt, they never stop even when their loved ones die. Dolphins uphold this movement of joy in time and space of the now, that we all inhabit together. Can you feel it?

Thank you all.


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