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1. Illegal use hedgehogs in Pennsylvania

"After the United States Department of Agriculture published a petition four years ago, requesting that it amend the regulations and standards pertaining to physical contact with dangerous and exotic animals, the Animal Welfare Institute in Washington, D.C., agreed.

Later, the state legislature adopted strict exotic pet laws that they said were designed to protect the public in the event those animals got loose — a measure supported by the Humane Society

2. Stop Northwest Petroleum LP and QMart in Houston from Racial Discrimination Against Arab-Americans

Northwest Petroleum LP and QMart Convenience Store both owned by Fazil Malik, CEO & President, are companies based in Houston, Texas with headquarters near Katy, Texas with headquarters at 17171 Park Row Drive, Houston, Texas 77083. Northwest Petroleum LP and its owner, Fazil Malik including the company's human resources manager, Cerena Arthur are actively operating in violation of U.S. Code Title 42, Chapter 21-Civil Rights and in violation of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 specifically anti-discrimination provisions including Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ( Equal Employment Opportunities) which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin.

The company, its owner/CEO and its human resources department continue to terminate individuals of Arab-American descent abruptly and without cause. There have been instances where persons of Arab-American origin have been physically beaten and unable to attend work and subsequently terminated due to their injury which is not only criminal but also violates Texas Labor Code, and Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation (TDI-DWC) rules by failing to pay-out Worker's Compensation to individuals injured while on the job. When the beating of this man was reported to Human Resources (Cerena Arthur), his complaint and report was completely ignored.

3. Save Illegal Bangladeshi in Malaysia

Bangladeshi immigrants workers started coming to Malaysia from 1986. There are so many govt to govt agreements to bring workers from Bangladesh. We all Bangladeshi can happily said that, there is a big contribution from Bangladeshi workers in today's Malaysia's development.
You can find footprint of Bangladeshi workers in every building, office, markets, roads, airports basically every place of Malaysia. They are giving their hard time to earn a little amount of money with the exchange of their life most strong time. Malaysia can't deny our contribution towards their development.
But in return what these immigrants workers are getting?
Their bad luck start from their own home country, It starts from very first preparation of doing passport to go abroad. Bangladeshi Passport office is full of brokers & for the police verification it's become an unwritten rules to pay the police guy for their home address & background verification. ( In the mean time so many Rohingya already got Bangladeshi Passport).
Then come to get visa from Manpower office until boarding on the plane, they always just get cheated in many ways. By taking loan with high interest, selling the last piece of land of their grandfather/fathers they come to Malaysia with lots of hope & dream. Once they reached in Malaysia airport, they have to face another cheating drama. Different line, different behavior, different immigration rules for these ill fated Bangladeshi immigrants people. Most of them totally illiterate & don't know how to communicate in proper Bangla as well & think what about English!
The green passport holders become the most bad treated immigrants in Malaysia.
Some of the people need to return back even with the valid visa now a days! how ridiculous this mentality.

Now coming to the main part- if they managed get in the Malaysia, the first they heard is what they already knew about their contract is totally different what their Employer say then.
The visa renewal, working hours, foods, accommodation, medical, transport everything was total lie.
With the pressure of huge loan with high interest they need to work more & more. They used to work here 14-18 hrs a day also to repay back the money.
Once they manage to adjust here to live with hard work & long hrs with below average food & accommodation. The see the year is going to end, need to renew visa & the Employer asked them to pay or asked them to leave. Very simple calculation only come to their mind, become illegal & earn some money to pay loan & contribute to his family livings.
Once they become illegal, then need to pay to Police if they caught. Sometimes it go to harassment, physical & mental torture to give money to police. No Malaysian people can't say they never take bribe from those immigrants, no one !
The illegals workers are easy to hire with low salary & maximum working hours! Double profit!
Now government showing the local people they already took ur job & positions . We will give those to you.
Please sir/madam, don't say like this. They never took anyone positions here. They are bound to work hard to live, feed their family . they are just doing all these thing to live in this cruel beautiful world.

Once they save some money to become legal here again, there is another drama wait for them, so many agents, broker here to make ur visa done. But for the illegal these are the another way to get cheated. some illegals already cheated 2-5 times & they just pay & got cheated. They can't even complaints to police as well bcoz they are illegals. They are feared enough to live as a slave here. There mental health is no more to take those govt offer to become legal with E-card/EMGS/OSG or so many ways.
They need a hope & right guidelines. They need a very simple way to go back home or become legal immigrants, nothing else.

4. STOP Illegal Protesting! DO YOUR JOB!


Call on All Elected Officials to pledge their support for Congress to immediately declare George Soros funded as an International Terrorist Organization operating within the USA using paid agitators to violently protest against the new President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Without Law & Order chaos will continue hurting people and property dismantling our very society. We ask that you do your job!

Please sign your names to this petition!

5. Make Gluten Illegal

Most foods these days are contained with gluten, which is found in wheat. Gluten is known to cause problems to people involving their health.

People on gluten-free diets feel better about themselves after making the switch.

They are healthier compared to those who continue to eat gluten.

6. Do Not Deport Miguel Carvajal

My name is Heather Carvajal, United States Citizen. I am petitioning for my husband, Miguel Carvajal (Non citizen), to ask INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services), ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement and USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) to stop orders for deportation and to grant legal status to Miguel Carvajal.

Miguel came into this country in 1983 at the young tender age of 8 years old and has lived here ever since. He completed elementary school, middle school, high school and 2 years of University in Florida. He traveled and played Professional Soccer. Miguel is now 43 years old, and we have been married for 15 years and together for 18. We have 4 sons (American Citizens), one of whom is buried here in Pompano Beach Fl. We own a home, 2 vehicles, own a business United FC Soccer Academy, and serve our community. We became born again Christians 16 years ago, saved by grace and are grateful for God's forgiveness. We have walked in God's grace and with our focus on serving The Lord and others.

On June 29, 2017 around 7p.m.., ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) came to the field we were training our son on, and arrested Miguel on orders of deportation. He is/has been detained at KROME Detention Center in Miami Fl since that time. For over 16 months Miguel has been waiting for an interview regarding his application for residency and waiver. This application and waiver can be adjudicated by USCIS even with a final order of removal. The file is currently at the Kendall USCIS office and Miguel can be interviewed at Krome.

This petition is EXTREMELY TIME SENSITIVE as they are looking to deport Miguel and tear our family apart, they have denied his I-246 stay on removal and have taken him to the embassy to get his passport in process for removal.


7. Remove all Muslims, refugees, and illegal immigrants, from our country to preserve our way of life!

See all of our demands at,

The Muslim Brotherhood, the originator of modern-day terrorism, from which all modern Islamic terror was born, has a five step program, or strategic plan, to take over Western nations, including the United States, and subjugate all its citizens, for all to submit to Sharia law.

The plan is called “Civilization Jihad.” This five-step (or phase) plan was crafted by Mohammed Akram, a senior Hamas leader in the United States and board member of the Muslim Brotherhood of North America, and approved by its Shura Council in 1987.

Their mission statement is as follows:

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

8. Reject the current supposed refugees and economic migrants

We must not follow the dictat from the EU and we must stand firm and reject the illegal and often violent forms of entry into our borders.

Sign this petition to say enough is enough and stand firm for Britain.


Social Services are Abducting babies and children of innocent and vunerable people, just to meet their adoption targets, promotions and pay rises! They say 'it's in the best interest of the child' or 'we are protecting children and baby's from future risk of harm', they use the same line every time yet no court seems to argue against them.

Ask yourself, how many kids run away from foster homers or adoptive parents' homes? How many kids get neglected threw this evil system? How many kids end up battered or worse dead? how many kids end up getting sold for money? How many kids are drugged up and used as a sex slave threw social services? How many parents or parents-to-be flee to country to protect their children from monsters like these? social services believe their own sick twisted lies.

At what point does the needs of an innocent victims needs get thought of threw this trauma? I for one strongly disagree with forced adoption because they do not care back your children, they just care about profit. They will try every trick in the book to win, they don't care how many children or birth families are ripped apart by this game. They also say 'you cant look after your child because you have mental health issues' these sick people play a massive part in that!

10. Rhode Island: Stop the Proposed Ban on Fireworks in Rhode Island

Back in 2010, fireworks were legalized in Rhode Island. They created countless jobs and boosted the economy, which was tanking beforehand. They generated revenue, including tax money from outside of the state, since neighboring states do not have fireworks ordo not have as vast a variety of fireworks as are in Rhode Island. Patriotic Americans were able to celebrate our country's independence with a national pastime.

But now, Corvese has introduced a bill which would overturn the law and make everything illegal once again. He claims he wants to create jobs, but yet, he continues to push H5187, which would demolish a vast market opportunity, demolishing hundreds or even thousands of well-paying and desperately needed jobs. Furthermore, it would decrease tax revenue to the state, making the burden on taxpayers unbearable, as the weight would be shifted to the working class within the state.

Even worse, safety was never an issue brought up by Corvese. His only lame excuse was that he had a petition of a mere 105 residents, complaining that their dogs were whining. Is this cause enough to destroy our state? Stop this insane proposed bill now! Visit for more information.

11. Legalize Prostitution in Michigan

Michigan needs to legalize prostitution in order to insure public health and safety as well as collecting taxes from an untapped industry.

12. VAT Is Not Law And Must Be Stopped!



Do You Know That Value Added Tax (VAT) Is Not Law?

As VAT Was Not Legally, Lawfully, Nor Properly Passed In The Parliament,
Nor In The Senate!

Further, According To The Gazetted VAT Legislation, This VAT Bill, Also Was Not Assented To, Nor Signed Into Law, By Our Governor General, Dame Marguerite Pindling!

Therefore, Because The Above Process Was Not Carried Out,
It Means That VAT IS NOT LAW!

VAT MUST Therefore, Immediately Be Stopped And Immediately Be Challenged!


Because The Above Process WAS NOT CARRIED OUT, It Also Means That The Bahamas Government Is ROBBING, DEFRAUDING And Making Millions Of Dollars Off The People (Citizens, Tourists And Visitors Alike), Through The UNLAWFUL IMPLEMENTATION OF VAT, WHILE KNOWING IT TO BE ILLEGAL!


The Cabinet Manual Of Procedures On The Government’s Website Shows The Procedure for The Passing Of Bills. These Stages Include:

• The Four (4) Stages For The Passing of Bills In The Parliament
(The House of Assembly), And The Votes To Be Taken At Each Stage.

• The Passage of These Bills In The Senate.

• And The Assent And Signing Off On These Bills By The Governor General

Please See Links Of The Government’s Web Site On Procedure For The Passing Of Bills Under Cabinet Manual of Procedures:

Please Also See Article 63. (1) Of The Constitution of The Bahamas, Which States Under:

ASSENT TO BILLS That ‘A Bill SHALL NOT BECOME LAW UNTIL the Governor-General Has Assented (Agrees) To It In Her Majesty’s Behalf And Signed In Token of Such Assent:


But Won’t It Seem Strange That Our Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling Would Assent To And Sign Off On Such A BAD, REGRESSIVE Tax Bill Which Is AGAINST THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE, Knowing That Our Governor General Is The Widow of The Father of Our Nation (Sir Lynden O. Pindling), Seen By Many As ‘The Moses’, The Deliverer of The (OPPRESSED) People?


Yes……. VAT IS A BAD, REGRESSIVE TAX, And Its Implementation Has Contributed To
Greater Suffering Of The People, As There Is Now A TREMENDOUS INCREASE
AND PRICE HIKES On Items And Services:

And Where, We, The People Are Being DOUBLE TAXED AND TRIPLE TAXED
At Just About Every Point Of Purchase And Service:


Our Government (Legislators), Many Of Whom Are Attorneys, Know This!



They Also Know That The VAT BILL WAS NOT SIGNED INTO LAW By Our Governor General:

Yes, The Executive (Cabinet) Knows This!

Our Government Knows This!

Our Prime Minister, Mr. Perry Christie (The Minister of Finance) Knows This!

The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Philip Davis Knows This!

The Minister of State For Finance, Mr. Michael Halkitis Knows This!

The Attorney General, Mrs. Allyson Maynard Gibson Knows This!

And The Minister of State For Legal Affairs, Mr. Damien Gomez Knows This!

Yet, Instead, They Prefer To ROB AND DEFRAUD The People, IMPOSING THIS BAD, REGRESSIVE Tax (VAT) On The Backs of The People,
But To The Great Detriment And Suffering Of The People!


Some Of Our Members Of Parliament, Including Our Very Own Prime Minister,
Mr. Perry Christie, Even DUCKED THE VAT VOTE, Which Was Quickly Rushed Through Parliament, Quickly Passed And Quickly Implemented:

Please See Links Showing The Members Of Parliament, Who DUCKED The VAT VOTE:



And Notwithstanding The Implementation Of VAT, There Is Now GREAT CONFUSION!

As Consumers Are CONFUSED As To What They Are Actually Supposed To Pay
At The Point Of Purchase And At The Point Of Service!!!

Please See This VAT Link Relating To INCLUSIVE PRICING:

Section 10 (1) In This SO CALLED VAT LAW, Under INCLUSIVE PRICING, States That:

A registrant MUST —

(a) In respect of a taxable supply, state the price inclusive of value added tax; and

(b) where the registrant charges value added tax on a taxable supply,
state the tax separately on a VAT invoice or a VAT sales receipt.

This Means That, In The Purchasing Of An Item (Eg. A Can Of Cream For .99cents),

(7.5% of .99 cents =.7cents)

The .7cents MUST Therefore, BE INCLUDED In This .99cents (For Can Of Cream).

So When You Get To The Register, To Pay For This Can of Cream,
Your Sales Receipt Must State Your Total Cost Of .99cents ONLY:

You SHOULD NOT Be Paying .99cent +.75cents For This Can Of Cream!!


Further, On This VAT Invoice Or VAT Sales Receipt, It Must State Separately,
What The VAT Charge Is For This Can Of Cream(Which Is .7cents):

The Consumer SHOULD NOT Be Charged ANOTHER .7cents (7.5% VAT)
At The Register!!!


What About Bills Passed, This Year, Last Year And The Years Before?

What About The Gaming Bill?

The Stem Cell Bill?

The Disability Bill?

The Sexual Offences Bill?

As These Bills, Apparently, Also Were Not Legally, Lawfully, Nor Properly Passed
In The Parliament, Nor In The Senate And Apparently, And Apparently Also Were Not Assented To, Nor Signed Into Law, By Our Governor(s) General!!

What Is Going On In This Country?

We Can No Longer Sit Back And Accept This!


We Must Make Calls, Write, Inundate And Demand That Our Legislators
And Members Of Parliament (MP’s) Scratch, Cancel And Stop This BAD, REGRESSIVE VAT (TAX), In Which They Know IS NOT LAW!!!

Our Members Of Parliament Are Sent To The People's Parliament To Represent Their Constituents, And Not Go To The People’s Parliament, With Their Own Agenda!


In Making And Filing Complaints With The VAT Department, As It Relate To Businesses And Merchants Breaking The Law, And As It Relate To TREMENDOUS HIKE IN PRICES, Including The DOUBLE TAXING On Items, The VAT Department Seems To Be Dysfunctional, And Seems To HAVE ‘NO TEETH’.

Have You Heard Of Anyone, Any Business Owner, Any Merchant
Brought Before The Courts Or Even Jailed For Breaking This SO CALLED VAT LAW?


VAT Registrants (Businesses), The Government’s TAX COLLECTORS, However,
Are Now Being Forced To Pay Up And Hand Over ALL The VAT Funds,
They Would Have Collected From The People, Monies, We, The People
Would Have Been DEFRAUDED Of (Since 1st January, 2015),
Due To The Unlawful Implementation Of Value Added Tax (VAT):

Please See Link:

Please See Other Links Relating To VAT:


And Where Our Leaders Have Yet To Reveal Or Disclose Exactly How These Millions In VAT Funds Are Being Used!

In Which, I Believe, Is Why This VAT Bill Was Rushed Through Parliament,
Quickly Passed And Quickly Implemented!

Yet So Many Of Our People Are Suffering!

And Our Nation Has Such A Great Deficit!

Wake Up Bahamas!

Please Sign This Petition!

Please Also Urgently Sign Petition Of Vote of No Confidence And For The Immediate Removal Of:

The Minister of Finance (Prime Minister, Mr. Perry Christie)
Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Philip Davis, Minister of State For Finance (Mr. Michael Halkitis), The Attorney General (Mrs. Allyson Maynard Gibson) & Minister of State For Legal Affairs (Mr. Damien Gomez), Both Attorneys For The Government),
The Executive (Cabinet) And Government of The Bahamas (Our Legislators):

As Just Too Many Of Our People Are Suffering!!!

And Our Leaders Care Absolutely Nothing About We, The People!!!

Mrs. Tanya Cash (A Very Concerned Citizen, House-Wife, Mother And Consumer,
Whose Family And Fellow Citizens Are Being ROBBED AND
DEFRAUDED By Her Government, Through The Illegal, Unlawful, And
Improper Passage And Implementation Of The Value Added Tax/VAT
Bill, Passed Since January 2015)

13. Make Cigarettes Illegal in the United States of America

According to the Surgeon General, cigarettes are still the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. If there is no immediate and significant change in cutting smoking rates 1 out of every 13 children alive today will die early from smoking; that's 5.6 million people.

88 million Americans are still regularly exposed to secondhand smoke and die or contract diseases because of it. Between 1964 (when the first Surgeon General's report was presented) and 2014 over 20 million Americans have died because of smoking. 2.5 million non-smokers and more than 100,000 babies have died because of secondhand smoke.

Let's protect the innocent, the people who have made the choice to keep cigarettes out of their lives, and the future of our children.

Let's reduce all of these numbers down to zero. Let's ban cigarettes in the United States.

14. Indian ID for Undocumented Indians in USA

I would like to bring to your notice the issue relating to some 450,000 undocumented Indians living in USA and how our Indian government can be helpful to them by providing NEW passport as well as required legal documents necessary for them to take advantage of recent immigration executive actions announced by President Obama.

Me and my friends are advocating for some 225000 - 275000 undocumented Indians who came to USA undocumented (some smuggled and others flew on fake identity) from villages in India in order to escape poverty and support their families back home in India. NO ONE WOULD LEAVE HIS OR HER OWN COUNTRY AND MIGRATE TO UNKNOWN COUNTRY UNLESS HE REALLY HAD NO OTHER CHOICE. Most of these undocumented Indians in USA do not have time, knowledge, or resources to get in touch with Indian politicians and government officials and explain their problem or grievance resolution.


15. Citizens of Kilgore Texas Request City Council Resolution for Protection from Consequences of Illegal Immigration & Border Policy

Due to the recent influx of illegal immigrants crossing our Texas/Mexico border (approx. 52,000 since October 2013), and the current rate of approximately 2000 per day, with only 20% of these being children and 80% being OTM's (Other Than Mexicans), it is estimated that more than 90,000 minors will arrive in the United States during the 2014 fiscal year and an additional 145,000 illegal alien minors in 2015 fiscal year, with most expected to remain in Texas cities and communities; HHS and ORR are seeking locations to house and process those apprehended.

We The Citizens of Kilgore request that our local City Council take proactive measures to draft & sign a Resolution protecting Kilgore Citizens from the challenges of this crisis, which other communities are now facing, including financial burdens, increased public health risks, and a burden on local law enforcement.

We demand that Rule of Law according to the US Constitution & The Texas Constitution be upheld by our local elected officials as they swore an oath to those and to protect the citizens of Kilgore.

This Resolution must address the following concerns and provide a plan of protection for Kilgore Citizens :

A. Increased public health risk:

It has been verified that due to the high volume of apprehensions, the mental and physical health screenings are not being completed as directed by law in a timely manner and before release of these foreigners.

The following diseases have been reported and Texas Border Patrol Agents have themselves contracted some of the following infections: Chagas, Scabies, Leshimosiasis, HIV/AIDS, STD’s, Neurocystiercerosis, Dengue Fever, Valley Fever, Swine Flu, Measles, Polio, Leprosy, Chicken Pox, Chikunguna and drug resistant Tuberculosis, STD's and more.

Mental health issues have been reported, related to exposure of witnessing murder, gangs, cartels,sexual assault and depression from disease.

B. Financial burden on Kilgore with the potential for increased taxes:

Once the illegals are released into the community there will be additional healthcare costs to treat long term medical conditions. This is done with taxpayer money.

Additional costs to schools which include the potential need for more classroom space, increased staff-including mental health counselors, foreign language curriculum (not just Spanish but Central American and Middle Eastern countries), juvenile detention classrooms, teen pregnancy management, increased nursing staff to handle vaccines and infectious disease and potential legal fees related to lawsuits.

Other community cost related challenges: the need for tax payer funded housing, the taking of jobs from local citizens who are unemployed, and the need for increased law enforcement;

C. Burden on law enforcement:

MS 13 & MS 18 Gang members are among those being apprehended (some as young as 10 years old whose fathers are also in gangs- they are on a recruitment mission).Many of them have admittedly killed or raped in their country of origin or during their trip here as an initiation into the gang.

In addition to the drug cartel infiltration, the OTM's not only include illegals from Central America (including Honduras the UN recognized murder capital of the world) but also illegals from Yemen & Pakistan, Somalia & China.

Reports show that when reunification occurs it is often a gang member or an illegal alien family member with no background check who picks up the processed individual or many others run away before reunification.

Many 21-23 year old gang members are posing as 16 & 17 year olds.
Sexual assaults have been reported in these detention centers. Illegals are not reporting for follow up on reportable diseases and will most likely not report for appointed court dates. This will put a strain on law enforcement and additional funds may be required to assure citizen safety.

Ultimately, the prudent course of action for our City Council including all local government officials would be to follow the Rule of Law and honor the oath taken to the Texas and US Constitution and to the citizens of Kilgore.

(Reports on above mentioned available upon request.)

16. Stopping illegal reselling of tickets on secondary sites

The reselling of tickets to concerts, musicals, sporting events etc, is becoming ridiculous. When a major event goes on sale, genuine fans try to buy their tickets online or they sleep overnight in front of the box office.

The secondary reselling of tickets sites such as eBay, Viagogo, seatwave, etc, is a illegal business and ruining genuine fans from going to these events.

Here is a youtube video so you can see for yourselves how these companies get a number of allocated seats to major events and resell them on their site for at least twice the face value:

17. Save NYC Unlimited Brunch

Brunch is a New York institution. Yes, it's about food, but it's mostly about a meal in which mixing champagne and orange juice sounds reasonable. And you can drink as much of it as you want, without paying much. Nothing in New York is free... but sometimes, if you're lucky, mimosas come pretty close.

New York City has collectively come to understand that our beloved brunch-drink waterfalls are technically illegal. In a city with skyrocketing housing costs, immeasurable traffic, and constant noise, is it too much to ask that we at least have the benefit of brunching to our livers' content?

For New Yorkers, brunch is our happy place. It is a respite from the crazy, overwhelming metropolis that we hold dear. If we can say that ordering a 32 ounce soda is the right of every New Yorker, could we not argue that unlimited mimosas are equally as important of a right?

Let's repeal this teetotaling law and keep the mimosas and bellinis flowing. We deserve it.

18. Tennessee Resolution Against Amnesty for Illegal Residents of the United States

The citizens of Tennessee hereby voice their opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty in any legalese, format, or color and demand that their elected officials in Nashville support and defend their position against a federal government that refuses to secure our borders.

Our elected officials need to know we are fully aware that the Chamber of Commerce supports amnesty because Chamber members can hire illegals without being required to provide them with health insurance which is an abandonment of the American working class.

19. Better regulation of yabby traps

In the ACT, and surrounding NSW, the use of Opera house style yabby traps is illegal in waterways, yet they are sold widely across the region and via the Internet.

These yabby traps are well known for causing the death of air-breathing wildlife such as platypus, turtles, water rats and even diving birds like cormorants.

Retailers are not required to advise purchasers of these risks to wildlife or that the use of these in the waterways of the ACT and surrounding NSW is illegal.


Jungle justice in Nigeria is a situation that needs to be addressed Now. Almost every day, there are cases of killing and abuse of alleged thieves or criminals. In a more recent event, a 12 year old Boy was beaten mercilessly by a mob after which they were burnt to death for allegedly trying to kidnap a child with N50. The pleas and cries fell on deaf ears.

The mob had condemned him to death without even seeking the intervention of Law Enforcement Agents.

This is one amongst the numerous cases of jungle-justice that happen and go unattended to in NIGERIA.

21. Stop Amnesty to Illegal Aliens Now

We, the American People, strongly oppose amnesty or any kind of legalization for illegal aliens. We are extremely concerned of the future of this United States of America for various reasons.

The security of this nation is in grave danger by the millions of illegal aliens coming in from other countries. Many are coming from the Middle east by entering Venezuela first, learning Spanish and then crossing the Mexican border to the USA. The great majority coming in from Central, So. America and our neighbors the Mexicans. These people pay thousands of dollars to smugglers just to bring them across the US border. It wouldn't cost much to pay the Immigration fees to the proper authorities -if- they entered according to our laws.

Americans are concerned that our country's economy is being devastated by giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who broke our laws entering our country illegally or, overstayed their temporary Visas.

Our welfare rolls are exploding while Americans are losing their jobs. The Food stamps (cards) are being abused by the criminal element.

People living in Mexico are taking advantage of the Spanish language advertizing the US Government has put on T.V. And many non-eligible obtain the food cards.

Children cross the US border to use our educational system and return to Mexico after classes are over! Mexico is taking full advantage of American resources!

Those are some of the reasons Americans are concerned with the direction this Administration is taking our beloved USA.

22. Ban Pregnant Women from Buying Smokes

Women shouldn't be aloud to smoke. It should be illegal for pregnant women to buy smokes.

If a mother is found with a smoke, they should get a small fine.

23. Make Abortion a Crime

Human lives are terminated before birth every day.

Babies have a right to be born.

What if YOU were aborted?

This petition is about saving lives.

24. Stop the Illegal Transfer of Music in Liberia

Whereas the illegal transfer of Music has taken over Liberia;

Whereas the Copy Right Law of Liberia has become toothless;

Whereas Musicians have been denied their rights to use their talents to survive;

Whereas Liberia is losing too much money from the music and entertainment industry;

Whereas even the law enforcers have become a part of the copyright violation in Liberia; and in as much as the musicians in Bong County have tried to appeal to those transferring their music to desist but failed;

We have therefore decided to ask the government of Liberia to:

25. Legalise fireworks in Australia

Fireworks are legal in both the USA and the UK, but are illegal here in Australia. The main reasons for the illegalisation of fireworks are because of injuries and frightened animals (and owners that care about nothing but their pets).

Animals (mainly dogs) that are affected by the fireworks shouldn't prevent the use of fireworks, as they generally lessen one's sleep much more than fireworks. Why should annoyed pets and owners ruin a tradition? Something that makes days like New Year's Eve special? Injuries caused by fireworks are not because of malfunctions or pure explosive force, but because of short fuses or bad design and lack of knowledge.

Because of the banning of fireworks, there are no laws regarding the design of the products. This greatly affects the safety of the fireworks as they're not designed for the average user, instead only for a pyrotechnician. Another thing worth noting is the lack of knowledge that some users may possess. Because nothing about fireworks is taught to the public, some people may not know how to use them properly, and the safety measures that they must take. This all leads to more injuries and deaths, and less freedom and fun.

Please legalise fireworks for a 'win-win' result.


Too Many Mexicans are crossing the border and staying illegally causing issues with American Citizens, Leaving us Homeless, Jobless, & Hungry.

27. Replace the Trees

I live next to the High School, in Biddeford, Maine. During renovations at the High School, Ledgewood Construction damaged a fence that separates my property from the High School. The School Department wanted Ledgewood Construction to replace the fence.

In order to replace the fence along my property, Ledgewood Construction Company would have to cut down 10-12 trees on my side of the fence, that had grown into the fence over the years. The Facilities Director came to my property and we negotiated a deal to allow Ledgewood Construction to cut down the trees.

The deal was, I would suffer the loss of the trees and they would put in an 8 foot stockade fence. After the trees were cut down, the fence was replaced with another chain link fence.

City of Biddeford Code; Section 53 Primary and secondary schools, fraternal organizations, and not-for-profit clubs. [Ord. No. 2001.45, 5-16-2001]
Schools, fraternal organizations and not-for-profit shall be permitted as a conditional use in accordance with the provisions below:

A. The buffers standards of this ordinance shall be met.

B. No building shall be closer than 50 feet from any property line.

C. When adjacent to residential properties, parking areas and outdoor activity areas shall be effectively screened from view by a continuous vegetative barrier, or stockade fence, not less than six feet in height.

28. Impeach Obama for being a Dictator

Here lately it seems that our president has been doing nothing but screwing over our country and going against the United States Constitution. He clearly is not in the best interest of our country and is not meant to be in office anymore than he already has been.

This last law that he is trying to pass for the immunity of younger illegal immigrants goes against everything that we as American citizens live and work hard for in our society.

29. Free Alaa Abd El Fattah

Egyptian activist, blogger, and software developer Alaa Abd El Fattah who played a major part in the Egyptian revolution, has been unlawfully detained, after voluntarily responding to a summoning by a military prosecutor, since 30 October 2011.

Refusing to recognise the validity of the interrogation, or the military prosecutor questioning him, Alaa was faced with charges including inciting violence and theft of weapons, despite unquestionable evidence to contradict. Alaa's silence also stemmed from his belief in the huge part the military played in the killing of peaceful protesters in that particular incident.

Following an international campaign against military trials for civilians, Field Marshal Tantawi, Egypt's interim leader, ordered the case to be transferred from a military prosecutor to the State Security Court.

Expected to have been released this week, Alaa's case was rejected by an Appeals Court and The High State Security Court has added the charge of premeditated murder with the intention of committing an act of terrorism to the list of the charges he is facing.

Many believe Alaa's detention is a tactful mind game played by the military council to scare off other Egyptian activists for whom Alaa seemed embody the true spirit of the great Egyptian revolution.

His wife, Manal Hassan, is expected to give birth to their first son, Khaled, this week.

30. Stop Australian MP's from participating in the Gaza terror flotilla

The involvement of Australian politicians in a "flotilla" which aims to encourage and support terrorism under the guise of humanitarian aid should result in the removal of their rights to run for any political position Australia.

They intend, like the last anti-israel provocation, to engage in illegal warfare with a foreign military (Israel) which is illegal. The red cross has stated that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and indeed Gaza has the highest standard of living and mortality rate in the entire arab world.

We must tell these MP's and the Australian government how disgusted we are with the involvement of the greens Sylvia Hale and Labors Lynda Voltz. The 2010 Flotilla resulted in the deaths of 9 IHH terrorists.