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1. RKA Highschool Dances

Recently we've had more events during the school year. These events help boost the happiness of students that attend RKA.

A lack of events can really hurt the health of the school. I was told to fight for what I think is right. This is definitely right.

2. Halt Dolphin Deaths

EchoGreen has been around for years with an intention to Do Something. We are a growing group of writers, musicians, singer songwriters, artists, media producers and web consultants. It's been a long time coming, the need is here.

Recently, as oil leaks into our oceans and we have images of tar rain pouring onto our bodies, homes, vehicles, animals and gardens, we cry for the dolphins, as it rains and we decide, the time is now.

EchoGreen will be sponsoring several petitions with the voice of those who are at one with the earth and its ways in the old way mixed with the new way. 

The old way being, feeling the vibration of the earth and the beings, in other words, feeling their life, their voices and their feelings reverberate through our beings, while hearing the voice of the earth as if it is speaking our language and an animate object. Earth is an animate object, we often, have just lost our ability to hear what it has to say. She/it/he is talking to many of us at once. And we have something to say via our translations.

Whereas the new way is through media, through business, through the grid and the economy of the West, speaking out to the people who can make the difference because they have the economy and consumption at their fingertips.

We are the people, we are the change, we are the ones we have been waiting for and we are here. Let's take it for the big one, let's do what we can. Let's petition to businesses, to governments, to presidents, to the people. Let's make our voices loud and clear and let's take a stand. 

We live, we eat, we release our waste, we breath, we love, we think, we feel, we dance, we laugh and we play, just as we all do or want to do.

It's time to do this without hurting the earth and others. What can we do? Whatever it is, you know inside you. Start by signing and making petitions and sending them to companies, making them popular. Campaigns are big and our voice can be heard. Do it from the heart and with integrity. Do it with true knowledge about what is best. For instance, how can we be mobile yet not consume oil? How can we receive food yet not have it inefficiently trucked across America? How can we save the seeds and not spread disease? How can we be healthy happy and harmonious?

We can do it. Let's do it, one at a time, before we can no longer breath, eat or stand.

3. Not happy with the Young and The Restless soap opera

Every story line is depressing and unreal; young and restless was a show that targeted real life issues and has now become a horror show; the stories are sick and the writers who can't do better should be fired !

4. Promote women's rights

The goal is gender equality, with all women and men being able to realize their full human rights, and potential to contribute equally to society and benefit equally from the results.

5. Help Resurrect LA FEMME NIKITA

La Femme Nikita was an exceptional espionage/spy drama that premiered on the USA cable network from January 1997 to March 2001. It was adapted for television by Joel Surnow from the original French film of the same title and ran for five consecutive seasons. During that time, it was the highest rated drama on cable television, and it went on to become a cult classic with viewers around the world.

As a weekly serial drama, La Femme Nikita was original and ahead of its time. The unique, innovative style of the show influenced numerous other television series and movies that followed. Revolving around complex moral and ethical dilemmas, it was intelligent, sophisticated, and darkly beautiful. For many, the fascination and genius of La Femme Nikita was its dark tone of modern minimalism and its unprecedented style of character development.

The program was of such outstanding caliber that there has never been another like it...before or since. La Femme Nikita has been profoundly missed and has left a void that no other program has filled. Thousands of individuals identified with the show on a deeply personal level and felt it became a part of their lives. On a global level, people passionately love it and have remained dedicated life-long fans.

Following a campaign in the summer of 2000 to save the series from cancellation, the devoted audience was given the gift of eight additional episodes. However, fans of this riveting and darkly engrossing drama were left with an unsatisfactory open-ending. Many viewers of the show felt they were denied closure and will never feel like complete resolution has been achieved until Michael and Nikita are reunited.

After seven years absence, the fans feel the return of La Femme Nikita would reward them for their loyalty and faithfulness, update them on the lives of the characters, and provide a positive and cathartic closure to a much beloved story.

6. World of Warcraft single player Version free

I like World of Warcraft and want to play more of it without the billing or the Subscription for it to play and without the requirements of a Credit card because I don't have one.

I want this version of the game to keep everthing that was on the game to begin with.

The more you sign this petition its going to happen.

Keep on signing!!

7. Save our National Identity

Maybe if we circulate this amongst ourselves, American citizens will find the backbone to start speaking and voting the same truths!!

8. Sign the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Pet Promise!

This petition, originally published in August 2006, has been republished as of today's date: September 19, 2013.

We are petitioning America's pet owners to remind them of everything that is required to be a responsible dog owner.

The AKC Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise, created to bring the spirit of AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day to life and adapted from the AKC Canine Good Citizen Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge (, reminds us that raising a happy and healthy pet is more than just playtime and pampering.

For more information visit

9. Learning with Freedom: Stop wasting my time!

July 27, 2006

Let's face it: how much time do you spend in school? when do you get up? when must you be to your first class?are you happy? ask yourself, and don't fool yourself "we cant check our email!!!"

Don't be a baby, look at your school with however many kids you can get and ask yourselves if you are happy. *dont fool yourself=look at whats important. you can change the suckage. heres a site for info on what i mean:

10. Murderers should be locked up forever

June 2, 2006

Why do murderers kill people and get away with it when they should be locked up forever?

Murder is taking someone's life away. The world would be a much better place without murder; life should be long and happy not short and sad.

Life should be fun and happy and I will keep updates on how life should be all the time so keep checking on this petition to see updates and replys from me and other people.

11. Bring back Beavis and Butthead, Pinky and the brain, Eek the cat, and Ren and stimpy!!!

Man, have you ever wondered to what happened to those awesome, older, shows? My main points are Beavis and Butthead, the best teen/loser/rockers line up on T.V., you'll never find anything as humorous and brilliant as those two!; Pinky and the brain, that was the greatest evil master mind/dumb sidekick duo in animation ever.

Eek the cat, just a great, pre-adult, humor with a cat; Ren and stimpy, the best cat/dog there ever were on T.V. history, which I bet may have been replaced with that lame show cat/dog, it also had that great little tune 'Happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy!

12. Bring Back Cartoons, old school and anime!!

Ever Since the 1960, cartoons, especially the ones on mornings and afternoon, were top-notch and keeping the kids happy. But since before and after the new millenium came, all that changed. All we see in weekday mornings and sometimes weekend mornings are the morning news, paid programming, and court shows. Like it or not, Cartoons are our way of life. They help us be happy and teach us to be better people.

If we don't bring back cartoons, the children will have nightmares when they watch the news when another U.S. soldier gets killed in Iraq. Cartoons will not fade away that easily.

Fight The Power!!

13. Bring back Runescape Holiday drops!

As many fellow players of "Runescape" are aware the beloved holiday drops are no longer going to happen. Previous holiday drops included party hats, masks and Santa hats, etc...

These added a great boost of fun to the game but since the drops have been stopped I have created this petition to convince Andrew Gower and Jagex Ltd to return our holiday drops ASAP! This fine game needs them!


After the Football League and Coca Cola launched it's ludacrous new names for the new coming season, I feel it's in our best interests to send a warning out that the fans of Football League clubs are not happy and want things left as they are.

15. Help Lee get a Cowboy Bebop Art Box

Anime on DVD is running a contest to give away several Art boxes for the quality anime series Cowboy Bebop. This is a petition to try to let Lee P. Bailey receive one of these boxes to properly house and proudly display his set of DVDs.

16. "Happy Birthday to You....." 24th B-day for Dan

Hi Daniel, everyone from the message boards would like to wish you a happy birthday!!....Our messages are below....


Ok guys...
lets see of this petition thing works... just write you name and a message for Daniel Johns. Nothing over the top, and don't make it WAY TOO LONG cause we have to fit them all onto a card!

Thanks a lot for you contribution guys! :)

18. PTWLL Baseball - give every child a chance

The PTWLL baseball organization is not treating everyone fairly. We would like to change this and make a difference so every child gets a chance to hit a homerun, or catch a fly ball, or just have fun experiencing the great world of baseball. But with the PTWLL your children may never have that wonderful oppurtunity. Please sign this petition. Make the children of Parsippany, New Jersey happy. Thank you for your time.

19. Sellers' Grievances

It appears that is headed for becoming a greed-based .com industry that is smashing down the sellers. We are forming this petition to make them aware of the following practices that they are currently doing on line.

1. Allowing "Lowest Price" to be attached to the lowest price. WE DO NOT WANT THAT ON THERE.
2. Allowing sellers to sell their books for 1 cent. There should be a minimum ammt. for each book in terms of asking price as most of us not all on here for a tax right off and cannot compete with those who want ALL the business.
3. For marketplace taking the first .99 cents plus 15 % plus part of the shipping money is greed-based. A lot of the books on Amazon are sold for under $10.00.
4. In terms of Z Shops we are paying almost $40.00 per month and we are not even getting the listings out of the data base within your system and onto the site. They are being listed as "listings pending" for long periods of time.
5. You are giving buyers not only free shipping but if they buy something for $50.00 in your kitchen department you give them $30.00 free. How can we compete with that.???
6. Now you merge with other bookseller companies and most of us on here have no idea of what you are doing....merging with Alibris and Abe.....What are we to think when our sales fall like this?????
7. We are not happy sellers right now. Why don't you ask us what would make us happy...we are your supporters...If you look at the discussion boards you can tell that we are not happy campers.....
Your Sellers .......


Children should NOT be "seen and not heard".

Children of Australia should be given a safe, secure and happy life, free from abuse neglect and fear, and furthermore, children have the right to be heard.

All information can be found at my website included:

21. Yugoslavia goes on

March 18, 2002

In order to satisfy a whim of some Montenegrin politicians, a larger group of Yugoslav and European politicians decided to change the name of our country. They say: "It's only a formality. The most important thing is that we stayed together".

We don't agree. Those politicians haven't named Yugoslavia, so they can't rename it without people's consent. If they didn't struggle for this country; we did, our fathers and grandfathers did. We believe in those symbols, in our flag. If every other country is allowed to have its symbols, we want the same right.

Besides patriotic, social, historical and practical reasons, here are numerous other:

1. Costs.

When deciding about the "new state" Serbia and Montenegro, its creators said: "it's going to be a cheap state". But the very first step towards it is very expensive, time and energy consuming. It is not Tito; sorry, Milo who would have to change his school's name, his football-team's name, his passports all over again, his driving licenses, his addresses, his cinema's name, his business' name, his scientific projects' names. We would have to do it, to pay for it, and to dislike it. But we won't do it!

2. Symbolic meaning.

At the eve of the civil war in Yugoslavia which we also didn't want the persons who started it and sent so many people to death or holocaust, those individuals said with satisfaction: we've done with Yugoslavia! But they hadn't quite done, and we proudly carried on the name of our country despite of those criminals. Some of them still sit among us and use our hospitability.

They ordered the change from Milo and hope to call Yugoslavia by their name in the future. They want us to deny that we are Slavs since they aren't. They pay huge money for such goals. But our name isn't for sale!

3. Durability

The so called "Serbia and Montenegro" (pity they couldn't have made it longer) is going to last only for three years, after which a decision would be made about the final status of the Federation. Is it worthy to make such work, cost and inconvenience to us and the whole world for only three years, when a possibility of still another name might occur after that time?

4. Impracticability

It is not necessary to explain how unpractical it would be not only for Yugoslavs, but for the whole world to change the country's name.

5. Democracy

Milo's voters count less than 100 000. Yugoslavia's population is estimated on 10 000 000 (ten millions) people. Even if we suppose that all Milo's voters would accept the change of the state's name would it be democratic to carry on their will in comparison of the other 9 900 000 who don't want the change?

Milo of Montenegro is happy to see his
republic's name in the UN. He doesn't care that his and Serbian people would have to pay for the change.
If we are really so obliged to make him happy, let's put a title Union of Serbia and Montenegro in front of Yugoslavia, instead of Federal Republic as it stands now.

Serbian and Montenegrin Union Yugoslavia would be all right with us, we hope it would do for Milo. A half of Montenegrins didn't vote for him, anyway.