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1. Save Old Man Boro's Dog

Old Man Boro has his best friend Linda who is an 18 Month old Kelpie and they both desperately require your help! Most people who live in the Glen Eira City Council areas will know Boro and his companion Linda as they spend most days walking from Caufield to Carnegie with Linda on her leash. Linda is a lovely, friendly and well behaved dog, Linda is usually smothered with love and affection from locals when seen in the streets and when tied up outside shops. Linda loves being patted by adults and especially children and has never harmed anyone. Boro is an elderly man who lives alone with his Kelpie. His dog is all he has now and his young Kelpie provides him with that sense of safety, security and comfort, especially at night. On Friday the 10th of March whilst walking Linda as he does every day, near the Caulfield race track heading towards the dog park. Linda accidentally got loose from her lead due to pulling to hard from excitement and snuck through a big gap in a fence at the Caulfield racetrack. Boro did his best to run after her but being an old man with a young dog this was difficult for him. Boro eventually caught up to Linda where she had stopped to roll around in horse poo. The council though were concerned that Boro could have harmed a horse even though this was not the case and sadly Linda the young Kelpie was confiscated by the Glen Eira City Council and sent to the RSPCA to decide on a day to put this innocent young Kelpie down. Boro doesn't drive so the following day he used all his pensioner money to be able to get a taxi to Burwood's RSPCA to try and get his dog back only to find out when he arrived that he was not allowed to see his dog. This poor old man has been sitting at the council office every single day with a sign begging to get his dog back but they have shown no interest. Please sign this petition and share it around to stop the Glen Eira City Council from putting down innocent Linda who was only having fun and causing no harm. Help us to reunite Boro with Linda, as she is his only family and friend and Boro is lost without him.


Being the adult male Mute Swan, was

Benji, an adult white mute swan arrived at the Remington Oaks detention basin on Saturday, February 11,th 2017. He is a gift from a fellow resident of Remington Oaks.

Benji is being blamed by the Remington Oaks Homeowners Association (ROHA) Trustees for a variety of long-standing problems at the detention basin, though he has only been here for a couple weeks. They have threatened to have him removed.

Benji is fed corn so he has very little reason to eat a lot of, much less eradicate, the introduced native vegetation around the basin. Contrary to rumors being spread by some of the ROHA Trustees. Being is also very gentle, contrary to rumors being spread by the Trustees. He has no eggs or nest to protect, nor will he without a female swan.

3. Save Cedar Point & Horseshoe Creek Halls

The Cedar Point and Horseshoe Creek Halls are valuable history assets to Kyogle, I history should be saved and preserved for future generations to enjoy. Just as we have enjoyed these great facilities, so should our kids and their kids.

These halls were built by the people of Kyogle for the use of the residents of Kyogle. They should remain in the hands of Kyogle residents.

Kyogle Now Trust Committee will be established to run these two halls, if the Kyogle Council is satisfied with our 5 years plan and we show community support

4. Ban Plastic Bags in India

In many countries of the world, there has been a phase-out of lightweight plastic bags. Single-use plastic shopping bags, commonly made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, have traditionally been given free to customers by stores when purchasing goods—a popular method considered a strong, cheap, and hygienic way of transporting items. Problems associated with plastic bags include use of non-renewable resources (such as crude oil, gas and coal), disposal, and environmental impacts.
Governments all over the world have taken action to ban the sale of lightweight bags, charge customers for lightweight bags and/or generate taxes from the stores who sell them. The Bangladesh government was the first to do so in 2002, imposing a total ban on the bag. Such a ban has also been applied in countries such as Rwanda, China, Taiwan and Macedonia. Some countries in Western Europe impose a fee per bag. Bans, partial bans, and fees have been enacted by some local jurisdictions in North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Myanmar. Concurrently with the reduction in lightweight plastic bags, shops have introduced reusable non plastic shopping bags. Even when disposed of properly, they take many years to decompose and break down, generating large amounts of garbage over long periods of time. If not disposed of properly the bags can pollute waterways, clog sewers and have been found in oceans affecting the habitat of animals and marine creatures.
Petroleum is used to produce plastic bags. A car would be able to drive 11 metres on the amount of petroleum used to make a plastic bag. Two primary kinds of direct damage to wildlife are entanglement and ingestion. Wildlife animals or birds can become entangled. When the animals or birds are entangled they drown or cannot fly due to entanglement. In India our landfills are choked with plastic bags creating a crunch for more space for dumping grounds. Our storm water drains are threatened to explode during heavy monsoons due to plastic bags blocking the drainage system. We need to get our Government to ban plastic bags in India totally and put a fine on any one using plastic bags.

5. Licence to own or breed dogs

Did you know over 300 stray dogs are found each day in the UK? Sadly over 20 are put down...that's one an hour - every single day!

If there was a law that only licensed breeders could breed dogs and all other dogs had to be neutered, there would be much less unwanted dogs.

I want to bring back the dog license &:
-License to own a dangerous dog
-License to breed dogs
-Compulsory neutering
-Training to pass to ensure only responsible people get a dog license.

Something needs to change, we need to act now to help make a 'dog's life' a good life!

Don't breed or buy while thousands die.... rescue a dog instead.

6. Who decides the Environment's Value? #saveswanpark

*Designated Passive Recreation Zone
*Protect from current and future development proposals or changes to material use of land ~ BEST master plan proposal
*Local access for nature observation and Albert River
*Habitat for Endangered flora and fauna ~ Open eucalypt forest and woodlands including Melaleuca quinquenervia. Contains endangered regional ecosystems.
*Riparian area along Albert river is 849.32m ~ Erosion and land slide issues caused by disruption directly affect Albert river catchments which leads to Logan river and further to Morteon Bay. Wangerriburra (Albert River people) indigenous to the Scenic Rim catchment area with significant 'Bora Rings'. High value ecological wetlands.

7. Help us save 1730's Mclean Virginia Minor Family Home from demolition

Dear fellow American Citizens and fellow Residents,

Sitting on the easterly rim of Minors Hill Virginia, The Minor Family Home at 2049 Virginia Avenue (now 6349 Nottingham st.) is an important landmark with direct connections to our American Heritage and history. It's direct connection to the war of 1812, and our Civil War of 1861-65 make this a priceless American landmark which may soon be lost forever if we do not speak out to preserve this history for our children and grandchildren of this great United States of America!

Facts about the Minor Family Home,

- It's humble beginnings started 284 years ago before the American Revolution approximately 1730. The home was built out of hand-hewn logs which still exists to this day. The original logs structure is completely intact behind the brick overlay and can be seen inside the home.

- George Minor first purchased the home in 1770. He made some additions shortly after and from then on the area became known as Minors Hill which is today considered the highest point in the Area at 471 feet.

- During the war of 1812 George Minor Jr. served as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Virginia Militia 60th Regiment and was called to the defense of the capital. It is reported that Dolly Madison stayed at the Minor house while fleeing from British Troops entering Washington and carrying with her the cherished George Washington Portrait she cut out of the frame to save.

- The minor home had another historic run in with history during the civil war when it was used as a signal station and an observation post to protect Washington from Confederate forces. General McClellan among other well-known figures of the civil war are actually photographed in front of the Minor home March of 1862. You can stand right now in the same place where General McClellan and others stood 154 years ago.

- If we don't act now this historic site will be lost to time forever.

-I believe it is our obligation as American Citizens to protect our Heritage, and the Americans who died for the freedoms we enjoy today.

-Please help save this Amazing piece of American History for our children and grandchildren to see!! We have very little time so I ask you to call on you to reach out to any sources you may have to stop the demolition of this home due in just a week or two!

Thank you for your Support!

8. Save Lancashire's Refuges

9 of Lancashire's refuges which are a lifeline for victims of violence and domestic abuse across the county face crisis.

Lancashire County Council are withdrawing all the funding for refuges in Lancashire. Refuges provide a safe refuge for women and children who are at high risk of serious harm and to stay whilst getting support to help them back into the community.

The funding cuts will have a massive impact in what services can be provided for the people who need help, and means staff who help to provide these vital services will not be able to give their experience and care.

Please sign our petition.

9. Save Bourne Grammar School Library!

Our school library is being removed to cater for two new classrooms. A lot of the school is saddened by the news. In recent school news we have found out that a brand-new Science block is being built.

Whatever classrooms that would replace the Library can be easily catered for in the old science rooms. This could mean that the Library could still go on and function.

If the library was removed, books would be scattered around English rooms and our school would have no library.

Every school should have a centre of sorts for research and homework as well as Computer areas for lessons like Geography and Maths.

10. Save Wander Over Yonder

Wander Over Yonder has been cancelled by the higher bosses at Disney because they think two seasons is enough.

11. Save This Mother Owl's Home!

Help save an owl mom's home from being torn down to build houses here in Commerce City, Colorado.

The trees have been there for decades and provide homes for many different birds in the refuge. However, the trees are located just outside of the fence on the homesite property.

When I went to the refuge today, I saw the mother and three owlets sitting in the tree. This is their home and a nesting site for several species of birds and also a perching place for hunting birds such as the Red Tailed Hawk, Bald Eagle, Owl, Magpie, and other local Colorado native birds.

Please sign this petition to save the three trees.

12. Save Sylvester the Lion

Cape Town - Sylvester, the lion that escaped from the Karoo National Park for a second time on Tuesday, 29 March, will be put down once he is re-captured, SANParks announced on Tuesday.

“We will not take him back to the park," Reynold Thakhuli for SANParks told Traveller24. "Unfortunately, this lion has now been identified as a damage-causing animal and will be euthanised”.

"Thus far, we have received reports that he has killed a cow," Thakhuli says.

Last year, when Sylvester went AWOL for more than three weeks, he killed 26 sheep along with other game belonging to private owners.

13. Help Save UCONN Torrington Campus

The UCONN Board of Trustees have announced that the UCONN Torrington Campus has been officially considered for permanent closing in May of 2016!

Once again, the Northwest Corner of Connecticut is losing out to the bigger cities and our children are losing a venue for higher education! The closing of this campus is NOT the solution to our state's fiscal problems.




14. Save our FEMALE AAA STORM program

All dressed up and no where to go, or as the Peace County Midget Female AAA Storm are finding out, all ready to play hockey and no team to play on.

The team recently found out that through a decision made by Hockey Alberta, as of next year it will no longer be able to play in the Alberta Major Midget Female Hockey League (AMMFHL). The league is comprised of 10 teams, at least for this season, and is the highest level of hockey in Alberta for girls aged 15-17. Two other teams, the Sherwood Park Fury and PAC Saints, will also be cut if the decision comes to fruition.

Word of the situation first came to light in April 2015 during a Hockey Alberta Board of Directors meeting. The recommendation to reduce the number of teams in the AMMFHL was put forward as the general feeling was that the talent pool had become diluted with so many players. Hockey organizations had to than give presentations highlighting why they should be allowed to keep their franchise.

While the Peace County Storm feels they gave a good presentation, it was ultimately decided they would be one of the teams cut.

Hockey Alberta's reasoning, quoted from a letter sent to Grande Prairie Minor Hockey Association, is "being located within one of the smallest female hockey populated areas within the Province does not make Grande Prairie a viable option for a Midget AAA franchise at this time."

Koen Ryder, head coach of the team as well as President of the Peace County Female Athletic Club (PCFAC), says these reasons are unsubstantiated claims on Hockey Alberta's part.

"Their reasoning is that we are located in one of the smallest female markets for registration, but knowing that other small market teams in our league have struggled to get numbers and field a team, and yet they get awarded a franchise, it's concerning," he said. "We've always had good, competitive teams with great programs all the way from the young kids up to the older girls."

Another reason for the cut, and one Hockey Alberta won't admit says Ryden, is location.

"There's prejudice against the North. There's a very strong feeling from the southern teams that having to travel to Grande Prairie is a huge inconvenience for them," he said. "The North doesn't have any representation at these meetings Hockey Alberta is holding and without that there's no one to fight for our program."

Many parents echoed that sentiment, saying while they were disappointed in the decision they were not surprised.

"I hate to say it but when we were heard of this, I wasn't overly surprised," says Tammy Yaremko, mother of defenceman Tiana Yaremko. "The North always get pushed aside."

Hockey Alberta has come up with an alternative to the current league, proposing Grande Prairie become part of a new league they are setting up called the Elite League. Including both Bantam and Midget aged teams, the league would play one level below the current AAA system, therefore being ranked as AA. While Hockey Alberta maintains that through this league Peace Region hockey will develop and prosper, Ryden is sceptical of that and thinks it will have the opposite effect.

"What Hockey Alberta is telling these kids is 'we don't care about you, we want you to go play lower level hockey,'" he says. "Their only other options are to move or travel to a centre with a team, join an academy or quit."

And for some of the players quitting isn't an option. Rachel Paul, forward and captain of the team has received a scholarship to the University of Calgary next year.

"If it wasn't for this program I wouldn't have a scholarship to university next year," she says. "All the values and lessons our coaches have taught us have made me the person I am today, and by cutting the program it eliminates a lot of future possibilities for girls in our area like the ones I had."

In a twist of irony Grande Prairie will be hosting Provincials later this spring. While first thoughts for both coaches and parents alike was 'why bother,' that feeling shifted to a more positive one in hopes that through Provincials and a good showing they can prove why they deserve to keep the program.

"We're a better centre than this, than just telling them to go away," said Ryden is reference to how they first contemplated saying they would no longer host Provincials. "Nothing would be better than having Peace County and Sherwood Parks or PAC in the finals, three of the teams they're going to cut from the league."

Ryden says they will continue to fight for their program and will take legal action if necessary.

15. Save HuffPost Live!

This petition requests that the Huffington Post restore its show, HuffPost Live, to the live content level and variety it had prior to January 8th, 2016 when it became re-runs and clipshows more than a live program.

Please be sure to follow @saveHPL on twitter and retweet a link to the petition using the hashtag #saveHPL ! Let's not let them silence the conversation at HuffPost Live!

16. Keep the covenant on The Aclet Hotel & Our Community Hub

The Aclet Hotel has been a huge part of the local and visiting community for many years, it has provided people with a community environment to ensure social inclusion.

THE SALE of THE ACLET HOTEL Bishop Auckland , I have been informed (not confirmed) that an offer has been made by a large company with finances to do their best to have the Covenant removed from this building, meaning we will most likely lose a wonderful building, local community hub and more.

People gain support in finding work due to the array of people frequenting The Aclet Hotel. To no longer have this wonderful building imprinted on the landscape would be a travesty. In order for us, the residents to ensure we do not lose the heart of our community.

17. Save the Rec from Closure

Ely Play Centre also affectionately known as ‘The Rec’ is a free service provided by Cardiff Council, which is run by Children’s Play Services. This service, allows children and young people to play, socialize and develop their skills in a safe and friendly environment, supervised by qualified and experienced staff.

Cardiff Council is threatening to shut down the service on the 1st of April 2016, unless another organisation will take over the running of the service. The Centre will shut on the 1st of April for good! There are over 600 children and young people registered to Ely Play Centre and these children will be condemned to the streets as there are limited safe play spaces in the community.

The children of Ely and Cardiff do not deserve to be treated like this and it will be detrimental to their well being and the wider community for the future. Cardiff Council hasn’t tried hard enough to safeguard what is an incredibly positive service, which brought a rise in Council Tax in April 2014 to fund this service. Now they are washing their hands of all responsibility, this is a massive injustice to all.

Please show your support to Ely Play Centre and Children’s Play Services by signing this petition and lets try and keep the children safe in our community! Thank You.

18. Save LiveWell Suffolk services

Live Well Suffolk has, since its inception a few years ago, been able to deliver a range of services designed to improve the health (in it's widest sense), of many sections of the community across Suffolk.

My involvement has been through school, where we have been able to train our school councillors as 'young Health Champions' and work with our local community to improve awareness of health issues.With their help we are working to reduce our sugar intake, eat breakfast every day, choose healthy snacks, eat balanced regular meals, drink more water, and take more exercise.

We have introduced life changing programmes around these issues into our curriculum to battle obesity and diabetes and to improve fitness levels. Staff have made real emotional investment into achieving weight loss and we are working hard to involve our parents and our local residents in these initiatives. We are not alone! So many schools have undertaken projects such as ours and there has been considerable work done by LiveWell to educate children not to smoke and to resist peer pressure.

Multiply the work they have done in schools to include all other members of suffolk communities and you get an idea of all the amazing work which has been started.Peoples lives have been transformed, hope has been engendered and all of this wonderful work is in jeopardy because a different tender has been accepted to deliver a service.

If you,or someone you know, has benefited from LiveWell's services and been affected in a positive way,please sign our petition to say so, in the hope that we can inform our public health team of the trust we have developed with LiveWell and let them know that we don't want a reduced service in the future.

We want to continue to build on the fantastic relationship we have with them and let them work to achieve more of the amazing results that they have already achieved through the networks that they have put in place.

19. Save the Warren Farm Footpath to Trumper's Way

There is a frequently used public footpath running across the public open space known as Warren Farm School Sports Centre which has its main entrance in Windmill Lane, Southall UB2 4NE.

The footpath runs from the main entrance to Warren Farm School Sports Centre in Windmill Lane, Southall UB2 4NE, along the tarmacked road and then south-eastwards across Warren Farm to join the public footpath at the corner of Trumper’s Way at the far south-eastern corner of Warren Farm.

Using the level crossing over the Brentford Branch railway line, this accesses the Trumper’s Way/Waterside Industrial Estate and, over the Trumper’s Bridge, the residential area at the end of St Margaret’s Road, or on up Trumper’s Way into Hanwell.

At the south-east corner of Warren Farm the footpath also joins established paths running south-west to join Windmill Lane at the far south-west corner of Warren Farm, or across the level crossing leading north-north-west up towards Jubilee Meadow and lock 97 at Green Lane where that path crosses over the Grand Union Canal and into Hanwell via Green Lane joining the towpath/Capital Ring.

Please see the map.

The footpath is marked in red with the end points marked with red and green pins.

This footpath is regularly used by many people:
• from their homes in Windmill Lane, Wolsey Close, Norwood Green and Southall to their places of work at Waterside Trading Centre, Hanwell and Ealing
• to access the Grand Union Canal for leisure and exercise walks
• to get to the Hanwell Carnival or Brentford Festival
• to get from Norwood Green to The Fox pub in Green Lane, Hanwell
• to get to the Health Centres in Hanwell
• the shopping centres of Hanwell or Ealing
• From Hanwell people use the footpath as part of a circular exercise walk to Osterley Park
• to access The Plough Inn on Tentelow Lane
• Children from Hanwell also use the path to access the horse riding stables next to Warren Farm
• To attend Church at St Thomas’ Church on Boston Road
• To attend Church at St Mellitus’ Church on Uxbridge Road, Hanwell
• To attend Church at St Mary’s Church, Norwood Green

The footpath has been used for a minimum of 35 years and by many families for much longer than this.

According to the 'Highways Act 1980' this footpath must be dedicated for public use because it has been freely used by the public for more than 20 years.

20. Save Aston's Pharmacy

Aston Pharmacy is under threat of closure, Aston is a very special pharmacy serving a large residential estate in Newport pagnell, Astons provide a very personable service not common to the average chemists such as Boots or Lloyds, These people care, I began to use this chemists a year ago and they do thing differently, They care, They help, They give effective advice, They go that extra mile.

Now they face closure because they are not meeting their expected profit margins.
We face losing a very special shop the likes of which are rare and destined never to be seen again.


21. Help Save the Backfire cafe

Help save the Backfire Cafe! This is a small cafe outside the turn off to Edgewood.

It is also the only place to get actual decent food between Nakusp and Cherryville on a Sunday at 5! And often other times. It is run by a mother and two daughters. It was closed for a bit because the mother had severe medical issues (she actually died a couple times and was brought back), who lives in a tiny trailer behind the cafe during the summer. The daughters are hoping to get through college, not to mention they make rum and butter milkshakes!

Please sign and stop the government from shutting down yet ANOTHER small family business!

22. Save Patty Yuan

Patty Yuan is an amazing early childhood educator and this is our support toward helping her get her work visa renewed.

This will enable us to get Patty back at work to continue to provide the stability and development support that our children need.

Patty makes a very real difference to our children's lives. Patty's effortless warmth and positivity, as well as her natural childcare skills and experience makes her a very rare breed. She genuinely cares and engenders happiness and confidence both in the kids in the centre, and in their parents and extended families.

Patty constantly goes the extra mile in all aspects of her work, from organising centre community picnics for the families, to organising parties and gifts for kids birthdays at her own expense, to working long hours always with a genuine smile and more.

23. Save the footpaths of Hanwell

There is a frequently used public footpath running across the public open space known as Warren Farm School Sports Centre which has its main entrance in Windmill Lane, Southall UB2.

The footpath runs from the main entrance to Warren Farm School Sports Centre in Windmill Lane, Southall UB2, along the tarmacked road and then eastwards across Warren Farm to the 5-bar gate on the north eastern edge. An established path then leads over a level crossing with the Brentford Branch railway line, into Jubilee Meadow, over the Grand Union Canal at lock 97 and into Hanwell via Green Lane.

Please see the map.

The footpath is marked in red with the end points marked with red and green pins.

This footpath is regularly used by many people to get;
  • from their homes in Windmill Lane, Wolsey Close, Norwood Green and Southall to their places of work at Waterside Trading Centre, Hanwell and Ealing.
  • to access the Grand Union Canal for leisure and exercise walks
  • to get to the Hanwell Carnival or Brentford Festival.
  • to get from Norwood Green to The Fox pub in Green Lane, Hanwell
  • to get to the Health Centres in Hanwell
  • the shopping centres of Hanwell or Ealing.
  • From Hanwell people use the footpath as part of a circular exercise walk to Osterley Park
  • to access The Plough Inn on Tentelow Lane
  • Children from Hanwell also use the path to access the horse riding stables next to Warren Farm.
  • To attend Church at St Thomas’ Church on Boston Road
  • To attend Church at St Mellitus’ Church on Uxbridge Road, Hanwell
  • To attend Church at St Mary’s Church, Norwood Green

The footpath has been used for a minimum of 25 years and by many families for much longer than this.

According to the 'Highways Act 1980' this footpath must be dedicated for public use because it has been freely used by the public for more than 20 years.

24. Save Beech Hill Farm Storage, Westerleigh, Bristol BS37 8QF

Beech Hill Farm, Westerleigh, Bristol BS37 8QF, have been providing storage facilities to the local community and surrounding local area for more than 9 years.

With high waiting lists at other facilities this is a much needed resource for the local area.

The facilities compliment the surrounding countryside and wildlife that have clearly made their home and they happily coexist.

The land its self is unable to be used for agriculture purpose, because of the previous landfill use. The owners have made use of the land and provided a much needed resource for the community.

25. Save our Assistant Principals!

We are writing to you on behalf of numerous concerned parents whose children attend eight different Elementary Schools in Baltimore County, Maryland. Just a few weeks ago, our parents became aware of a change in Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) policy which negatively impacts almost every aspect of our children’s education.

In short, the Baltimore County Board of Education has arbitrarily decided that elementary schools with fewer than 350 children will no longer be staffed with an Assistant Principal (“AP”). Some schools are currently projected to have 348 students next year, or other numbers just under 350 and so we have been advised that our school will not have an Assistant Principal starting the school year 2015-2016.

Eight elementary schools in this county will be affected by the Board’s new policy. We are being told that the Baltimore County Board of Education plans to ‘replace’ the AP position with one .5 (1/2 time) special education “Facilitator.” The Facilitator will be responsible for assuming the AP’s duties as they pertain to children who have Individual Education Plans (“IEP’s”), and the Facilitator’s salary will be paid through a special grant - not out of Baltimore County’s budget. Who will cover the remaining duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Principal? Baltimore County’s answer to this issue to is train and reassign the job duties of teachers and other staff members over the summer to ‘cover’ the remaining AP duties. We fervently believe that this plan is destined to fail and will leave our school in an alarmingly vulnerable state; jeopardizing the safety of our children and negatively impacting the quality of their education. We cannot expect already overwhelmed teachers and school staff to pick up these responsibilities. With everything that is changing in the school systems and curriculum, it would be a terrible decision to require even more from them.

Why can’t the .5 facilitators be sent to the schools that need assistance? Why can’t they create other positions to be funded under this grant to help these schools? What research was done that backs up this decision? There are many unanswered questions and uncertainties’.

It is of particular importance to note that our schools were not advised of this new policy until well after the Board of Education held its scheduled “open forum” meeting. In fact, despite the fact that this policy decision was made by the Board approximately 5-6 months ago, our school community was only notified of it the first week of February - just ONE DAY prior to the scheduled Board of Education meeting. This short notice left not only our community, but other affected school communities, with absolutely no time or opportunity to process the consequences of this policy change, let alone prepare statements and voice our concerns to Board members at the scheduled meeting. This insufficient notice and apparent intentional lack of transparency on the part of BCPS is alarming, disappointing, and frustrating. They have not lived up to their philosophy of transparency.

Every school should have two administrators- a Principal and an Assistant Principal. They are the two most critical roles in the school system and the quality of our children’s education is at risk here. No school should have to operate without an Assistant Principal.

Baltimore County needs to be investing in the future of our children – not cutting costs by eliminating essential staff. Our schools have made many sacrifices as a result of Baltimore County budgetary restrictions, but this new policy is one that we cannot accept – the stakes are too high. As parents, community members, school members and educational leaders, we feel betrayed, pushed aside and disregarded. This decision should not have been made in secret, without more careful consideration of the ramifications or the input of the community, schools affected and parents.

26. Let's save Tris Prior

Veronica Roth offered us one of the best books ever, the divergent series, which has been loved by all kind of people all over the world!

She gave us an interesting and original story which is all about love,being brave, being intelligent, being selfless, friendship, being kind, family and fighting for our beliefs. She gave us the most perfect characters ever, tris prior and tobias eaton aka four, with whom we fell inlove during the books, and to make it even better, she made the best couple in the cinema history!

All we divergent fans over the world fell in love with fourtris, tobias, but the best character by far was tris! she was the definition of how people should be! We loved her more and more through every page of the book we read, and then , at the chapter 50 of allegrient, when I was like ''and now everything is gonna end and tris will marry tobias and have the cutest family ever'' like thousands of other fangirls, the worst thing happens. Tris, our beloved tris, dies, just like that she dies.

I can tell you that at that moment a million divergent fans all over the world were crying , because tris wasnt just a character from a novel. She was way more. My love for her cannot be expressed in worlds. So the reason i am making this petition is to tell divergents producers not to kill tris in the third movie, because billion of fans will be dissapointed and the movie wont sell a lot. this is all I had to say.

27. Save the Snowflake Babies

UPDATE - Amy Adams has advised that she is not able to intervene as Minister of Justice and that the appeal will have to be put before the NZ Parliament to change the HART Act. This petition will therefore be added to an application to the NZ Government.

On November 22nd 2014, 2,000 NZ children, frozen as embryos, are to be destroyed over the following year. This action is in accordance with the HART Act of 2004 in NZ, which prohibits them being kept any longer in frozen storage facilities without ethical approval. Their lives will be ended unless some intervention is carried out. They are also not protected from scientific experimentation under NZ law.

I have been in dialogue with my MP Jaqui Dean who has sent my concerns to Dr Johnathan Coleman, the Minister of health, who has in turn written to the Minister of Justice Amy Adams. She has recommended a course of action to bring the matter before the NZ Government.

The HART clinics have been working with the department of Health to contact parents. Time is running out for these little lives to be saved before November 22nd.

Only a ministerial action can intervene to stop their destruction in time.

28. Save Luke: Stop the US Government from Letting Him Suffer and Die

For many (TOO MANY) years now, Jeddidiah Luke Crowsey would have been dead, if he had not fought with all his strength to stay alive. He ran out of strength, and his government continues to deny him help. He cannot cope if his health gets ANY worse. If he does not get help BEFORE it gets ANY worse, nothing that can be done will matter. He suffers from THE REAL VERSION of those "anxiety attacks" that cop-out nobodies like to lie about. AND BECAUSE SO MANY LIED PREVIOUSLY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A SYSTEM THERE WAS TO SAVE LIVES he is denied help. That and his AGE. He has been told MORE than twice in denial letters, that the government officials with authority to save his life "Feel at his age, with his problems you could work enough hours to support yourself."

Their opinion does not change reality and now, in reality, Luke lives EVERY DAY with breath just low enough to suffocate on GOOD days, and lives in suffering fear of anxiety attacks that could take the last of his very limited precious oxygen, because they keep denying him.

Luke was afraid to make this petition. To stop talking in the third person finally, I only didn't want to make this petition because I was afraid that ASKING for help, instead of someone else asking FOR me, would make me look like another person taking advantage of the system, and if that happened, I would AGAIN be denied, and still die. I was hoping one day, someone would make this petition FOR me, because I lived in constant fear that doing it myself would have the world ignore it, the same way I'm ignored now.

But my illnesses are not fake. My terror is not fake. And I am so afraid of dieing, I finally went against my fears, just because this is the last chance I may have. I'm too scared not to try. That fear is my honesty. I don't want to die. Signing THIS petition ONLY MEANS you are PUBLICLY PUTTING YOUR FOOT DOWN that you

"WILL NOT LET YOUR GOVERNMENT TAKE YOUR TAX DOLLARS AND LET YOUR GOOD FRIENDS DIE!" So please, tell American government they DO NOT get to let me die. THE PEOPLE DO. So I'm begging the people. My favorite hobby is video games and good samaritan work, but I dont do much of those things any more, because I can barely breath. SOMEONE TELL THE USA GOVERNMENT THAT THEIR OPINIONS OF ME DON'T MATTER, and that their people WONT TOLERATE them letting me die.

EVERYONE who knows me personally, knows how loving and sick I am. (AND MACHO.) I never would petition this, if it did NOT mean, I would MORE THNA LIKELY quickly die, if I dont get help. Living WITHOUT the help is such suffering, is that any better?

Help take away Jeddidiah Luke Crowsey's suffering. Tell your government they do not get to let him die.

Tell American Government that the people make the choices, and NOT them ALL alone. Tell them YOU DON'T WANT them to LET Luke die, (THEY ARE DOING THAT!) and that's WHAT MATTERS. Because if a miracle OR some kind of intervention by POWERFUL PEOPLE is not done SOON, Luke may not have much longer. The worst part is, surviving like this is so much worse than death. I am in horrible terrible suffering. They won't let me stop suffering. I don't want to die, and I don't want to suffer.... They keep letting it happen.

Tell the American Government that the people do not like them letting those who are legitimately in need of help, to suffer. Tell them. If enough of you don't, they will continue to let me suffer to DEATH. I cannot combat this forever. I am so afraid.... I REFUSE to go to a street corner and beg for money for my meds. And the amount of time I can walk and talk is too limited to provide for myself. I'm ashamed, but more terrified than ashamed now, so I am too afraid not to ask for help. I will not beg on street corners for other people's hard earned pocket cash. But I will ask for help from a system MADE TO HELP THOSE WHO NEED IT.


29. Get The Voice to Allow us to Save contestants without using a Twitter Account

I'm really tired of not being able to save my favorite artists on The Voice because I don't have a Twitter account. That is really unfair!

I think saving should be available on so everyone can vote to save. It's not fair that everyone can vote the night before the results but only people with Twitter accounts can save artists when they are in the bottom 3.

If you agree with me on this, please sign.



Quoting Councillor Shawn Pankow
April 15th/2014

"After about three years of debate, it appears the wrecking ball is headed for the home at 140 Elmsley Street. The property was bought years ago by the previous council with the intention of tearing it down and expanding the parking lot for the new Memorial Centre.

In 2011, it was suggested by a former building inspector that the building was actually in very good condition, contained some beautiful heritage elements and was really too good to tear down.

With demands for space at town hall, council decided to repurpose it as a new location for the Chamber of Commerce and a Welcome Centre. The cost for this was estimated at $35,000, or not much more than the original $30,000 estimate for demolition.

Discussions with the Chamber dragged on causing a delay in that plan and eventually, with the police moving out of the municipal complex, there was no longer a need to move the chamber.

The building was properly winterized in 2011 but for unknown reasons (staff involved are no longer employed by the town) proper precautions were not taken in 2012 causing damage to the hot water heating system and plumbing. The new projected cost for repairs soared to about $87,000, including a completely new HVAC system and ductwork and restoration of the original two storey porch on the front. However, many of the repairs are cosmetic and the extent of the damage is not yet known. Much of the house has already been re-wired and a new 200 amp breaker panel has been installed.

A divided Council deferred any final decision on it in 2013 and there is no money in the 2014 budget for renovations or demolition. It appeared council had agreement at the time of the budget passing that we would sell it, but that no longer appears to be an option.

I have been in the building and have renovated old homes in the past. It is a beautiful old home that could serve many purposes. It would be a shame to tear it down and I would prefer council find a new purpose for it. I had suggested it could be a home for the Centre for Youth but they would prefer to use the hall in the Youth Arena (something council will have to discuss in the near future).

Some members of council are reluctant to have it as a family home once again as they would have no control over how that area would look. Although, our property standards bylaw would have influence over the site.

Perhaps the zoning could be changed to commercial and it could be turned into a nice office. Yes, commercial taxpayers pay about double the tax we collect for residential properties. Perhaps it could be given to a charity or not-for-profit and made into something that will contribute back to the community for decades to come.

The majority of council - Mayor Staples and Councillors Brennan, Cummings and Graham have all stated they want it torn down and the site turned into green space. However, with a $30,000 cost of demolition plus a number of trees to be cut down and stumps to be removed along with the other landscaping required to turn this area into a park, I assume the total cost will be around $50,000. With no money in the budget, I'm not sure how this will be paid for.

The building has sat vacant for years and once it is gone, there is no bringing it back. I don't understand why there is such a rush now to tear it down and create that large of an out-of-budget expenditure when leaving it for now leaves the door open for all possibilities.

All of this on the same evening The Hub approaches council looking for additional financial support for "our" community pool. I wonder if members of council will be as anxious to provide the additional support needed here as they are to spend $50,000 to tear down this classic old building?"