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1. Water Fountain Filtration

The pipes that water has to travel through to get to the water fountains that rarely anyone use are old. These pipes are most likely the same age as the school, and our school is old.

2. Water Filtration for West Apartments

Students residing in the West Apartment buildings at SBU have limited access to filtered water stations. Throughout the nine building complex, there is only one station. In order to reduce consumption of plastic water bottles, there needs to be more accessibility to filtration systems to fill up reusable water bottles or canteens. The University has installed multiple systems in every other residential hall, but has neglected the West Apartment buildings. Please sign this petition to help students receive better access to fresh filtered water and to stop plastic waste in our environment.

3. Christiana, Utlwanang & Geluksoord needs bigger water treatment plant.

Allocation of stands and building of houses is being done without considering the capacity of the water purification plant supplying said townships.
The current capacity is 8ML and the demand is 12ML, which results in the disruption of watersupply by Sedibeng Water on a daily basis between 12:00 to 16:00 and 21:00 to 04:00.
This is an untenable situation as we, the ratepayers, pay for a 24/7 supply of blue drop quality drinking water.
These disruptions further lead to the bursting of main supply lines due to a water hammer effect as there are no functioning air release valves in the system. Every time the water is interrupted, air enters the system. This in turn leads to impurities entering the water system during the repair of the burst pipes. The result of this is that the water supply is interrupted for even longer periods to repair the burst pipes.
The repair sites are also not secured properly and left open for weeks, which poses a threat to people using the roads.

4. Lower Veridian Water Bills!

It has come to my attention that several residence of the Veridian Apartments have been experiencing the same outrageous utility bills as I have. Starting from as early as May of 2017 we noticed out water bill steadily climbing, from $110 a month, to $130 a month, $150, and finally in July of 2017 to $175. This is absolutely unacceptable. This is clearly the price WE PAY for outdated meters / facilities. The Veridian Apartments NEED to update their buildings to allow INDIVIDUAL meters for Water/Sewer. It is showing as completely unfair to those whom may conserve water to suffer if others do not do the same in their building. No one to my knowledge has attempted to stand up against this, despite reviews screaming about how Water is extremely overpriced at these apartments. I am hoping that as fellow renters we can come together to show that WE WANT A CHANGE.

5. Safe drinking water for all!

Big spring is home to roughly 29,000 people who unless they are fortunate enough to have well water, are not able to drink their water. I have lived in Big Spring since 2013, and I have never known the water to be safe to drink. Not only is it unsafe to drink but in some occasions you will get a letter recommending that you boil your water prior to bathing in it. Every month residents are charged for water services on water that is unacceptable to drink, and that dries your skin out when you bathe in it. Some days the water varies from a tan brown to a coffee brown. It also smells like the ocean is pouring out from the faucet, making a person feel like they can't possibly be getting clean. Residents are required to pay a monthly fee, but then have to turn around and buy their own water for drinking out of pocket as well. Some families buy enough water to bathe in because they are scared of the side effects of the water. We pay for a service, and we should be getting what we pay for. Please look into this matter and do something to make our water drinkable and safe again. Thank you.

6. Little Falls City Council: We want a SPLASH PAD!

How long does the Taylor Chebet Twitchell Playground need to sit alone at the Little Falls Area Recreation Complex (ARC)? Three years ago a small group built the new playground without City help or funds. They also developed a plan for a splash pad, which included the location, design, funding ideas and a company to build it. At that time, LF City Council wouldn't give its support. We need to show the Council that we want the splash pad!

7. No to 30% increase in Singapore citizen's water bill

The PAP government has decided to increase the price of water by 30% to "reflect" the scarcity of the commodity. The fact is that water is a need and should not be used as a tool to profit.

8. Sunriver Nature Trail Park Accessibility

The new Sunriver Nature Trail Park along the Sooke river has an existing abandoned road bed that can provide access to the beach along the river, but the development plan shows nothing but a walking trail. The park is a natural wonder and will attract many visitors who will be forced to park on the residential street half a kilometer from the river.

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9. Make America great again by supporting water, sewer, road, bridge infrastructure improvement laws and deny DAPL, KXL, oil pipelines .

On December 16, 2016, the President signed into law the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (“WIIN”) Act (S. 612), legislation negotiated by both parties, and overwhelmingly passed by Congress on December 10th, to provide for critical water infrastructure improvements. The WIIN Act is comprehensive legislation to address the needs of America’s harbors, locks, dams, flood protection, and other water resources infrastructure. It includes the Water Resources Development Act (“WRDA”) of 2016, which supports the critical missions of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (“USACE”) in overseeing the nation’s water infrastructure. In addition, the WIIN Act includes provisions aimed at improving drinking water infrastructure around the country, addressing control of coal combustion residuals, and improving water storage and delivery to help drought stricken communities. The K&L Gates policy team and the authors of this alert are available to answer any specific questions you may have and are prepared to assist clients on water infrastructure issues.

S. 612: WIIN Act passed with a vote of 78-21 on December 10, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC, SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 -- On behalf of a diverse coalition of organizations representing the drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, flood risk management and local government sectors, we congratulate the Senate for passing S. 2848, the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2016 with a broad bi-partisan vote of 95 to 3. This strong vote reflects the wide-spread support among Members of Congress and the American people for bolstering federal investment in our nation's water infrastructure.
S. 2848 not only authorizes critical U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects that drive investment in navigation, flood management, and ecosystem restoration, it provides critical investment to help communities reduce public health risks posed by lead, targets aid to rural drinking water systems, bolsters funding for water technology innovation, jumpstarts an innovative financing program for water infrastructure projects, and makes common sense reforms to the Clean Water Act (CWA) to ensure clean water investments remain affordable to lower-income ratepayers.

10. Moratorium on fresh water extraction consents

Currently, there is no legislation or regulations in place to protect our national freshwater resource from exploitation. The people are being classed as thieves for filling water bottles from outdoor taps when big corporations are taking millions of litres daily of our freshwater for the price of a resource consent.
The fact that government has passed the buck on to local body councils to grant extraction of our national resource for bottling, without giving a clear and concise piece of legislation to work from is irresponsible.

Also allowing an industry to operate without clear regulations when utilizing one of our national resources, allows for exploitation from foreign and domestic corporations.

We believe that any use of our national resource should benefit the entire nation and not a select few corporate elites and definitely not foreign owned corporations.
Let us stand together and fight for water for the future!

11. National Clean Water Collective

The National Clean Water Collective is comprised of grassroots organizations and activists that have come together to solve the Flint Water Crisis.

They conducted their third successful water drop on Columbus Day, and across three water drops they have mobilized hundreds of activists in over twenty states.

Additionally, through their “CleanWater4Flint” project, the team has collected and distributed over $100,000 worth of supplies to the community with the help of sponsors like Watercura, The National Council of Women, FILA, The Budgetnista, That Suits You, Piece of the Rock Foundation, and The #BeYou Campaign.

The National Clean Water Collective is currently working to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that focuses on both immediate relief and long-term solutions.

12. Mark Zuckerberg, Please support Water Science

We are global scientific community of physicists, chemists, biologists, doctors and researchers representing the non-profit* Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water.

We would very much appreciate your support in broadening the coverage of our unique multinational event: Conference on The Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, a platform for scientists to report their recent research on the physical and biological properties of water. Water is the source of all life and is often called the most mysterious substance on Earth.

The eleventh annual conference will be held this year in Sofia, Bulgaria, on October 6th-9th 2016. Our annual international conference is expected to gather more than one hundred scientists and doctors from around the world, including Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier, Professor of Life Sciences and Biotechnology at Shanghai Jiai Tong University. Professor Montagnier's discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) revolutionized the treatment of AIDS.

The conference is chaired by Gerald H. Pollack, professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, who discovered the fourth phase of water, known as "EZ water" and hailed by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho as “the most significant scientific discovery of this century.” Professor Pollack's discovery has profound implications for biology and sheds new light on the inner workings of cells, which are composed mainly of EZ water. This and other scientific breakthroughs in water research continue to contribute to the advancement of science, thus enhancing all of our lives.

13. City of Belleville Water Usage and Conservation Bylaw

Recently, the City of Belleville has declared a Level 3 low water condition in our local water reserves. This is the first time ever that the city has faced this dilemma and with global temperatures rising due to climate change and environmental factors, it may be one that we see happen more frequently in the years ahead.

As it stands, the City of Belleville does not currently have a Water Usage and Conservation Bylaw due to the fact that within the Quinte region, we've never had many issues surrounding water.

It's imperative that we enact the proper bylaws and procedures now in order to protect our water resources as we move forward.

14. Stop Nestle from Coming to Walla Walla Valley, Waitsburg, Washington State

In consideration of the fact that Nestle Waters is a predatory company with no care for the well being of the areas it drains water from, it is distressing that the City of Waitsburg has actively solicited this company to come to our region.

Our valley is the main source of revenue for farmers and their livelihoods depend on a sustainable water supply. Draining the aquifer of what the City proposes is a negligible amount does not take into account the fact that water is a limited resource and once it's gone, it is gone.

Also of note is that Nestle Waters does not share their data of what amounts are actually being removed from the source. There is no way of knowing how much they actually will withdraw once they are established.

Nestle Waters has a sordid history of dishonest business practices and the community members who have signed this petition do not have confidence in the good will of the company.

Any simple research of the practices of company show a long history of abuse and of other regions fighting the company from coming in and destroying their environment and habitat.

This will impact not only Waitsburg, but the entire Walla Walla Valley. Walla Walla means Land of Many Waters. We have an active watershed ecology program here and we mean to protect our valley and the sinuosity of our waters. It belongs to all of us. The City doesn't have the authority to decide something that impacts the entire region.

Those who sign this petition will work tirelessly to stop any action the City takes to proceed with the process of approval of the Nestle Water plant from coming into our region.

15. Provide Safe Drinking Water for the Pandanus Park Community

The drinking water is full of nitrate and is unsafe for consumption for infants. In America its unsafe for adults. It causes diabetes kidney disease. Blue babies.

16. Supply Water to West Bank

As from reports yesturday, Israel has cut off the water supply in large areas of the West Bank, according to the Palestine's authorities.

The northern city of Jenin, which has a population of more than 40,000, said its water supplies had been cut in half by Mekorot, Israel's national water company, thousands of Palestinians have reportedly been left without access to safe drinking water during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a period of fasting, at a time when temperatures can exceed 35C.

Water is a basic need and a right. Mekorot should restore any water supplies to Palestinians it has cut off and the Israel authorities should end their discriminatory water policies, lifting all arbitrary restrictions it currently imposes on this vital need.

The people are relying on purchasing water from water trucks or alternative sources.
The UN puts the minimum of water essential per person per day at 7.5 liters, but in hotter areas like Palestine, those requirements may be much higher.

17. End Guyana Water Pollution

The main issue in Guyana is the water pollution. This is happening because of the sewage, commercial mining, and agriculture as well as many other caused.

The chemicals from the sewage, illegal mining, and agriculture are seeping in the soil and the water, making it toxic. One study found that the water level was not only highly acidic, but also contained petro-chemicals and pesticides, both of which have been scientifically proven to cause many different harmful diseases.

This water pollution could cause a massive decrease in not only the human, but also the animal population and destroy the ecosystems. Thus heavily damaging and destroying the economy. We plan to get the World Nature Organization to take action.

18. Help Preserve Golden Forest Pond as a Clean, Safe, and Enjoyable Park

There are a number of parks in Vaughan that are littered with garbage and dog excrement. Golden Forest Pond is just one of them that I believe needs immediate action due to the impact the litter has on the environment where ducks and other wildlife live.

Golden Forest Pond is located in Maple, just west of Peter Rupert Avenue and north of Rutherford Road. For years, this pond has been littered with trash such as plastic bottles, coffee cups, bags, paper, beer cans, wine bottles, boxes, old toys, food wrappers, shopping carts and more! Not only is this garbage unattractive to look at, even worse, it is having a severely negative impact on the environment where the ducks and other wildlife live.

The garbage that is scattered near the pond is now getting into the water where wildlife swim, which could cause them to become trapped and die. It is upsetting that in this neighbourhood such a beautiful pond is being littered with trash—this is unacceptable. On October 16th 2015, I contacted the City of Vaughan, and a work order was created which addressed the problem of littering and people not picking up after their pets. I also sent them pictures as evidence. I emailed a list of the actions that they should take immediately before the problem worsens.

The list included:
1. The garbage needs to be picked up and properly disposed of soon.
2. There should be garbage bins placed along the pathway.
3. There should be “No Dumping” or “No Littering” signs near the pond.

I never received a response from the City. On Monday May 2nd and Wednesday May 4th 2016, I went to Golden Forest Pond with a garbage bin, gloves, and signs, and started cleaning the park myself. During the seven months since I made the work order no changes were implemented. The littering problem actually got worse…much worse. On May 2nd I took pictures, and I removed a shopping cart that had been dumped right beside the pond. On May 4th I spent 5 hours cleaning, and I ended up clearing out one full trash bag of dog excrement, and two full trash bags of recyclable materials. However, I was not able to finish; I only cleared about 20% of the garbage in the pond, and there’s still lots more that needs to be done.

On May 5th 2016, I called the City for an update on the work order. They told me that on November 17th 2015 City employees went out to inspect the site. They concluded that: “No dumping was found. Regular debris and garbage picked up. No illegal dumping signs required.” They closed the case. I refuse to accept this response from the City. Much more needs to be done.

The next step will be to escalate the issue by contacting the Councilor for Ward 4, as well as the Mayor of Vaughan. In order to do that I need the public’s help. Please support this cause by signing the petition. Together we can make change happen!

19. Connect MCWD to PWRI's Desalination Plant

Whereas, the Cebu City Council and the Cebu Provincial Board have declared the City and Province of Cebu, respectively, to be under a state of calamity due to the ongoing drought;

Whereas, the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) is no longer able to keep up with the City's demand for water leaving most, if not all areas of the City and Province of Cebu, suffering from a lack of water;

Whereas, the MCWD as of April 6, 2016, announced that the deficit between supply and demand caused by the phenomenon has already gone up to 19,000 cubic meters per day;

Whereas, the Philippine Water Resource, Inc. (PWRI) is operating a desalination plant intended for locators at the South Reclamation Properties, and is requesting the mayor to allow it (PWRI) to sell at least 10,000 cubic meters of water per day to the MCWD in order to keep up with its loan obligations;

20. Give Them Water!

On Macedonia Hill in Lawrence County, Ohio, 45 families (The Macedonia 45) scratch out a living by hauling water into their homes every week in order to survive.

Keith & Lizabeth Brammer, along with their two teenage children, face great difficulties since Keith is a paraplegic. The water table, now historically low, prevents the drilling of wells. For over 1000 days people have made empty promises.

The Macedonia 45 have no clean, fresh running water. Only a mile away, Walmart and Lowe's use gallons of water every hour! Let's join together! Give them Water!

21. Demand The End To The Pollution That Causes Red Tide

Winter is the primetime for tourists and snow birds to come to Florida to escape the cold.

Imagine the panic that people who run fishing charters, boat rentals, beachfront hotels and restaurants are feeling as agricultural swill gushes from the state’s center to the east and west coasts, killing marine life.

• Save our beaches from effects of red tide
o Dead Fish
o Poor air quality

• Future economics at risk
o Our tourist industry
o Property values
o Fishing industry
o Etc.

22. Let's get Matt Damon to sing "Snyder doesn't know"

The city of Flint, MI has been devastated by the poisoning of their city water and infrastructure.

Matt Damon has called for the resignation of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder over this issue. Let's get Matt to sing a new version of "Scotty Doesn't Know", from the movie Euro Trip, call "Snyder Doesn't Know".

Please, someone with song writing chops, write the words.

The goals: Help remove Gov. Snyder from office, bring awareness to the fact that the water infrastructure of Flint NEEDS to be replaced.

23. Amend the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

• In 2014, In Florida, 50 children under the age of 15 drowned in a pool or spa.

• The majority of accidental drowning and near drowning occurs in residential swimming pools and in open water sites.

• Toddlers in Volusia County are drowning at a rate higher than the state and national averages. Researchers found that 24 toddlers have drowned in Volusia from 2003-2014, and 92 percent of those drowning incidents happened in swimming pools.

The Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act (chapter 515) for the state of Florida states that only residential pools built after Oct. 1st, 2000 must have a safety mechanism in place. That leaves 90% of the residential pools in Florida without necessary safety means. Most children who drown in swimming pools were last seen in the home, had been missing from sight for less than five minutes and were in the care of one or both parents at the time of the drowning.

Many people claim they can’t purchase a pool safety barrier due to money issues. Pool alarms and door locks can cost as little as $50!

Would you be more prone to buying a barrier if there was a tax initiative on these products?

Could you put a price on a child’s life?

24. Help save our lives, homes and community

Our community has been flooded year after year with water from another community, public roads and empty lots. Our community was not build to accept the water coming in and has left families trapped in their houses during rain storms.

Property damage occurs and the streets are left unsafe for cars san kids to walk on.


25. Encourage more Prairie Restorations; Thank Arlington, TX Leaders for Past Projects

* Participants signing this petition support sustainable landscape practices using native plants, in particular native prairie / native habitat restorations.

* Citizens want more of this type of landscaping through the city and DFW metroplex to create a sustainable living environment that supports humans' desire for aesthetically pleasing landscapes while also providing habitat for wildlife, especially pollinators, to preserve the local biodiversity that benefits us all.

* I am sending a letter of positive reinforcement to City of Arlington, TX leaders thanking them for their past efforts, in particular, praising the ~2 acre prairie restoration in the 800 block of N. Cooper Street, encouraging them to put this type of native prairie habitat restoration into more frequent practice in urban areas with hope for future installations in additional road right of way areas, neighborhood parks, municipal golf courses, and around other city facilities.

* By signing this petition, you endorse this support to city leaders to encourage expansion of these efforts. See the actual letter to be sent to Arlington, TX leaders below.

* You do not have to be an Arlington, TX resident to sign. We want signatures from people throughout the Fort Worth and Dallas metroplex area.

26. RVA Against Utility Fraud

Richmond residents across the city have experienced sudden spikes in their water bills.

Typically those targeted are younger mobile residents concerned about their credits.

Scenario as follows:

Water bill comes in very high
Calls to city water utilities to complain
City promises to send out meter checker
They don't show up.
You call again and again. They don't show up again and again
No response from supervisors and officials you complain to
Utility bill goes to collection
You are bullied into paying it to save your credit.

27. Support California Water Equality

Californians are facing a difficult challenge as they try to figure out how to continue cutting water consumption as the state enters its fourth year of a severe drought.

Last year Governor Brown ordered all Californians to reduce water consumption by 20 percent – some communities and water agencies met that goal, while others did not.

Now the state is switching gears, and the State Water Resources Control Board has introduced a plan that would require unequal water restrictions throughout the state, ranging from 10 percent to 35 percent depending on the region.

The proposed cuts are unfair, unequal and confusing.

28. Clean water for the world

At the moment 748 million people in the world don't have access to clean water. Over 5,000,000 children die every year from diarrhoea which comes to over 1400 children dying on average every day.

Some diseases caused by dirty water are Ecoli, Salmonella, Typhi, Schistosoma, Cholera Vibrios and Hepatitis A. These diseases kill more people every year than all forms of violence including war.

29. Stand Up to Protect our Top End Rivers

Since 2012, several large ten year water licences exceeding 5GL have been issued by the Northern Territory Government from the aquifers which feed the Daly, Katherine and Roper rivers.

These aquifers are now over-allocated beyond the agreed caps on extraction which were in place under draft water allocation plans for the Oolloo and Tindall (Mataranka) aquifers. This does not include a specific reserve of water for use by Indigenous communities for economic development purposes, or water use by pastoral, mining or petroleum companies.

Over-extraction will decrease dry season flows, threatening key species and their habitats as well as fisheries, bush food sources and important cultural sites.

Water allocation plans informed by the best available science, knowledge and community consultation must be in place prior to the issuing of any long term water licences. Environment NT needs your help to protect our Top End rivers from over-extraction.

30. Reset the Irish Children's Water Allowance

When setting up Irish Water, the Minister for the Environment retained the right to issue a direction to both Irish Water and its regulator, the Commission for Energy Regulation. Before the recent European and local elections the Government promised that the free water allowance per child would be 38,000 litres per year.

After the elections the same Government allowed the Energy Regulator set the allowance at 21,000 litres per year.

This petition is about calling on the Minister for the Environment to use his powers under the legislation setting up Irish Water to direct both the company and the regulator to set the allowance at the Government's recommended level.