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Berkeley's B-TV channel 28 is an excellent resource for free speech, uncensored, non commercial programming produced by local residents.

Your city government has the power to get Comcast to include this channel for all cable subscribers in the East Bay. So, please read and sign this petition today!

Berkeley Community Media (BCM) is the Public Education and Government television production facility for the city of Berkeley. They provide training and support for the Berkeley community and cablecast all public submissions of sponsored programs. Over the years, they have received numerous requests from residents of your community to, not only receive B-TV channel 28 on their cable system (currently B-TV is only carried within the city of Berkeley), but to open their facilities for production services.

The franchise agreement with Comcast provides for BCM's access channels to be carried on other systems in adjoining cities. The only requirement is that the city’s governing body request our channels be carried on their system.

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited by the possibility of having the voice of other East Bay residents represented on our channel for all of your cable subscribers to enjoy. Sign, to et Berkeley's Public TV Station in East Bay.

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