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1. Who decides the Environment's Value? #saveswanpark

*Designated Passive Recreation Zone
*Protect from current and future development proposals or changes to material use of land ~ BEST master plan proposal
*Local access for nature observation and Albert River
*Habitat for Endangered flora and fauna ~ Open eucalypt forest and woodlands including Melaleuca quinquenervia. Contains endangered regional ecosystems.
*Riparian area along Albert river is 849.32m ~ Erosion and land slide issues caused by disruption directly affect Albert river catchments which leads to Logan river and further to Morteon Bay. Wangerriburra (Albert River people) indigenous to the Scenic Rim catchment area with significant 'Bora Rings'. High value ecological wetlands.

2. Save the footpaths of Hanwell

There is a frequently used public footpath running across the public open space known as Warren Farm School Sports Centre which has its main entrance in Windmill Lane, Southall UB2.

The footpath runs from the main entrance to Warren Farm School Sports Centre in Windmill Lane, Southall UB2, along the tarmacked road and then eastwards across Warren Farm to the 5-bar gate on the north eastern edge. An established path then leads over a level crossing with the Brentford Branch railway line, into Jubilee Meadow, over the Grand Union Canal at lock 97 and into Hanwell via Green Lane.

Please see the map.

The footpath is marked in red with the end points marked with red and green pins.

This footpath is regularly used by many people to get;
  • from their homes in Windmill Lane, Wolsey Close, Norwood Green and Southall to their places of work at Waterside Trading Centre, Hanwell and Ealing.
  • to access the Grand Union Canal for leisure and exercise walks
  • to get to the Hanwell Carnival or Brentford Festival.
  • to get from Norwood Green to The Fox pub in Green Lane, Hanwell
  • to get to the Health Centres in Hanwell
  • the shopping centres of Hanwell or Ealing.
  • From Hanwell people use the footpath as part of a circular exercise walk to Osterley Park
  • to access The Plough Inn on Tentelow Lane
  • Children from Hanwell also use the path to access the horse riding stables next to Warren Farm.
  • To attend Church at St Thomas’ Church on Boston Road
  • To attend Church at St Mellitus’ Church on Uxbridge Road, Hanwell
  • To attend Church at St Mary’s Church, Norwood Green

The footpath has been used for a minimum of 25 years and by many families for much longer than this.

According to the 'Highways Act 1980' this footpath must be dedicated for public use because it has been freely used by the public for more than 20 years.

3. Reconsider the "Dallas Buyers Club LLC v iiNet Limited [2015] FCA 317" Court Ruling

On the date 7th April 2015, the Honourable Justice Perram J in Sydney ruled an order that allowed Dallas Buyers Club LLC and Voltage Pictures LLC to attain the private information of customers that it requests from iiNet and various smaller ISPs. Justice Perram also did not put a monetary cap on the amount that can be compensated by Dallas Buyers Club, thus allowing individual customers to be charged highly damaging amounts.

All the above is felt to be a violation of the privacy policy users agreed to when signing the contract between the ISP and customer and furthermore unfairly puts users at risk of being charged unfairly high compensation amounts by Dallas Buyers Club LLC.

The ruling can also be considered unreasonable as owners of shared PC's could be sent warning letters about actions they have not done. Public or unlocked or hacked wireless networks also fall under this category where the wrong people may be charged or warned.

4. Ban the burka and niqab in the UK

Why should the Burka be banned in the UK?

• CCTV is invalid for criminals wearing the burka/niqab as you cannot see in CCTV the face or appearance of anyone wearing one;

• Criminals can use the burka/niqab as a disguise to stop police from recognising them and arresting them;

• If a motorcyclist enters a petrol station rushing to pay for their petrol to get to a loved one in an emergency at hospital they are asked to remove their helmet before they enter and pay, the burka/niqab is allowed to stay on whilst in the building, what's the difference?

• Terrorists can walk freely around the streets covering their face in a burka/niqab without the police knowing if they are following the right person when in a crowd as they could easily be mixed up;

• It is not a religious obligation if you do not wear the burka/niqab;

• Can you trust s person that you cannot fully see the face of?

• Public places should not allow the burka/niqab as it can make people feel uneasy and scared wondering who the person under the burka/niqab could be e.g a murderers, rapists and paedophiles etc;

• Why should we risk our own safety for other individuals to be given freedom?

• Why should they be at less risk if commiting crimes?

• Why should they be able to hide away?

• Why waste all that money on security?

Bring back public safety and bring the risk of crime down more! It's for your own sake and your families sake.

• £515,000,000 spent on CCTV by councils alone before February 2012 which is coming out of tax payers pockets without public houses, sports facilities etc forking out thousands for them to be installed.

5. Save Great Yarmouth's Boating Lake and Gardens

Since the closure of the Great Yarmouth Boating Lake, there has been no maintenance of the site by Great Yarmouth Borough Council. This has caused the Lake and surrounding Gardens to fall into decay. If this is allowed to continue then there will be no way back to restoring the site for public use.

Without any income from the Lake and its Coffee house there is no money available to invest in restoring the Lake and Gardens, it is essential that this be rectified. Since June 2012 we have been in contact with GYBC to try and reopen the Lake and Gardens so that the site can be saved and restored. Unfortunately two years later we are no nearer getting GYBC to agree to any proposals put forward.

Please help us save this historical local attraction by signing our petition.

6. St George's Day - National Holiday

Every other patron saint within the UK has a public celebration day except good old St George.

St George should have a public bank holiday.

7. Private transportation for Public Schools

This is an issue that is of concern to parents, educators and employers alike.

Service providers can look at this as a form of niche market for attaining higher income brackets from parents who are paying less on education, their facility to spend that little extra for an improved service is an unexplored opportunity.

8. The PUBLIC Has A Right To PLAY !

On the face of it, the "Pay & Play" option gives members of the public the opportunity to access golf courses built on public land, such as the Delhi Golf Club, the Army Golf Club and the Qutab Golf Club at a nominal fee.

In practice however, the predatory, non-regulated and discriminatory pricing followed by the management of these clubs is designed to ensure that only the "rich" amongst the general public are allowed access. Moreover, by unilaterally hiking prices for the general public without consultation or any sort of review process that involves the general public, these clubs are becoming elite bastions for big business, bureaucrats, armed forces personnel, politicians, the well networked and the wealthy with discriminatory pricing targeting the common man, sending a strong message that he or she isn't welcome.

Take the Qutab Golf Club for example: Till November 30th, 2013 the "Pay & Play" rates for the general public were Rs. 300 on weekdays and Rs. 600 on weekends. On December 1st, 2013 with no advance notice, the rates were hiked by 100% for all categories of the general public! There is absolutely no justification for this hike, given that this course has come up on public land and membership to the general public is closed. Consequently the only way the general public can access this course is through so called "corporate" memberships or the "Pay & Play" route. At best an annual increase linked to the rate of inflation, about 10 to 12% can be justified and hikes of this extent have been made every couple of years. Anything else is arbitrary, high handed and misguided and must be immediately withdrawn.

The Qutab Golf Club was the one course in Delhi, with reasonable green fees, where the public was always welcome. This was truly a one of a kind public course with hundreds of golfers in Delhi and NCR having started their golfing journey here. Reasonable "Pay & Play" fees for the general public ensured that golf wasn't positioned as an elite sport, meant only for the rich, but a sport that anyone could take up. By unilaterally hiking the fee for the public by 100%, the DDA appears to be sending out a message that only the rich and super rich amongst the public are welcome here, to rub shoulders with the bureaucrats who dominate membership of this club. This is unacceptable.

What is happening at Qutab is a reflection of a deeper malice that has set in amongst golf clubs and courses across Delhi that are supposed to be open to the public on account of the vast tracts of public land they've been allocated for a pittance.

At the Delhi Golf Club, that occupies 220 acres of prime public land in the heart of the city, the "Pay & Play" rates for the general public that used to be Rs. 300 and Rs. 600 for weekdays and weekends till just a couple of years ago, have now escalated to a whopping Rs. 3,100 on weekdays and Rs. 4,600 on weekends! To take the discrimination practiced even further; a member’s guest pays only Rs. 700 on weekdays and Rs. 1,100 on weekends! Clearly the pricing is designed to ensure that the "general public" doesn't show up, to claim their playing rights!

Similarly, the Army Golf Club, built on 49 acres of public land, supposedly allocated for training army personnel, has followed the same strategy! The rate on weekdays is Rs. 1000/ and the weekend rate an astronomical Rs. 2,000! Just about a year ago, these rates were Rs 300/ for the weekday and Rs. 600 for the weekend! Over here, the discrimination against the general public is taken to ludicrous levels. For instance, a non-member from the armed forces pays just Rs 75 on the weekdays and Rs. 150 on the weekends!

It's obvious from the pricing stated above, that the objective is to ensure that the general public is priced out of these courses, even while the law requires them to be accessible to the public. There are many judgments of the Supreme Court that refer to the spirit of the law being upheld, not just its form. The examples we're pointing out in this petition are classic examples of the spirit of the law being abused, even while the form is maintained.

9. Support a Dalwallinu Public Gym

We would like the Shire to make available to members of the community a gymnasium to maintain and improve their health and fitness at a time that suits them best.

10. Allow all globally available video games a classification and sale in Australia; Say No to refused classification

The Australian Classification Board has finally humored the Australian public with an R18+ classification that we have all pleaded for. Unfortunately, this means nothing, as they continue to control what we can and cannot access from the international market.

The video game "Saint's Row IV" would have received an R18+ classification, but instead has been ruled inappropriate for us to enjoy. It is not the fact that this particular game is unavailable, but that the R18+ classification means little to nothing when compared to other markets.

This petition leads to ensure ALL video games allowed in other markets are allowed to the Australian public with proper classification. We do not want this (Saint's Row IV being refused classification) to ever happen again.

11. Re-Open Wilson Tennis Courts to the Public!

The Wilson Highschool Tennis Courts in Long Beach, CA have been vandalized for people have cut the nets, oiled the courts, and thrown shattered glass. Unfortunately, because of vandalism and without the money to hire a supervisor, the City has closed the Wilson Tennis Courts in Long Beach, CA to the public, taking it away from the community.

My name is Michelle Truong and I'm a sophomore at Wilson Classical Highschool(right next to the tennis courts). With the help of my team and whnever time allows, we are trying to raise $4,500 to reopen the courts. This has upset me and my community for we had no say in the decision of closing the courts. I have petitioned and written a complaint letter to the City. I have even written to Roger Federer for assistance. I need help reopening the tennis courts to the community. I deeply feel that it's wrong for the City to take away the rights of the public and I need help.
Press Telegram has even written a column of my efforts which can be viewed here:

I have contacted USTA (United States Tennis Association) and I have even written a letter to Roger Federer and several other famous tennis players for help. Press Telegram has even written a column of my efforts. I want to spread the news and get more people involved. Whenever time allows, my team and I will try to fund-raise the $4,500 it takes to hire a supervisor to supervise the courts.

We, the people of Long Beach and supporters for this cause, encourage the Re-Opening of the Wilson Tennis Courts to the public. The City should Reopen the Tennis Courts to the public on the weekends to allow children and the people the time, space, and opportunity to play, and preserve the community’s right to enjoy tennis by using the tennis courts that their property taxes pay for.

12. To all GPs in The Forest of Dean: Stop Privatisation of the NHS

The newly drafted rules governing GP-led clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), say that
contracts can be awarded to "a single provider without advertising an intention to seek offers from providers". In such cases, the rules add, "the relevant body [must be] satisfied that the services to which the contract relates are capable of being provided only by that provider".

Many residents of the Forest of Dean share the concern of others across the country that these rules open the door to competition because in the vast majority of cases there will be more than one organisation, including private firms, that are "capable" of providing the service.

So, the new rules are crafted in such a way to require the CCGs’ to include private providers in the process of tendering.

If, under the draft rules, a private provider can deliver the service at a lower cost than the NHS, then the CCGs are required to grant them the contract. Thus the regulations carry a huge risk of ripping the NHS wide open to private providers and load the dice in their favour by making cost the only factor. As private providers will not be bound by the fair, national wage structures that NHS providers must adhere to, they will be free to cut wages, staff and resources in order to enhance profits while undercutting NHS providers.

We are concerned that this will have serious adverse effects on the quality of healthcare we will all receive.

13. Protect Access to Glassbar Island Park

Glassbar Island Park is an historic recreation area located at the confluence of the Middle fork and Coast fork of the Willamette River.

Since the 1950’s, visitors have come to the area to enjoy the diverse wildlife, open space, and other recreational opportunities.

On January 15th, 2013 a proposal was submitted to the Lane county Board of Commissioners that would bar public foot access to the park via publicly owned property indefinitely.

We are urging the Lane County Board of Commissioners and all relevant governing bodies to protect current and continuous public access to Glassbar Island Park.

14. Stop AT&T From Controlling Unlimited Data Plan Usage

AT&T has decided to violate the U.S. Internet rules by limiting use of Apple Inc's FaceTime application to certain customers.

Other known public interest groups have filed complaints with the FCC about this (

AT&T should give all customers who pay for its mobile Internet service the option to use any Internet application they want to use regardless of which data plan they buy.

15. Install seat belts to Buses

Due to the recent fatal bus accident in NSW, September 2012, it is crucial that all public transport, particularly school buses, be installed with seat belts.

Local Governments need to be held accountable for their failure to ensure this is carried out.

This petition will be forwarded to the relevant members of Parliament.

16. Support a People's Bank

Case for a People’s Bank.

The Commonwealth Bank was a successful government owned bank with many remarkable achievements over most of the 20th century while it was the ‘People’s Bank’. Among other things Australians saw it as insurance against exploitation by private banks.

The privatisation of the Commonwealth Bank in the 1990’s was a financial disaster for Australia. It came about in the shadow of government deceit, where the people were told that this was to be the last government sale of public assets.

Since deregulation, banks have enjoyed obscene profits and paid their executives multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses. The dark side of the coin shows they have closed branches, cut services, colluded and exploited legally and illegally their collective monopoly of power whenever possible.

This failed deregulation led to all state government banks collapsing and paved the way for a wave of further deregulation and privatization which can exploit the consumer.

The results are being felt by many Australian families who are having difficulties managing budgets such as their privatised utility bills.

Adding to their financial woes is they’re being slugged with an increasing range of bank fees and charges for services, most of which were given free by the original Commonwealth Bank.

There is a strong case to reverse this negative flow, starting with the banks. Options are to nationalise all banks, or create a government owned People’s Bank based on the original Commonwealth Bank model.

Australia’s federal and state governments, general public, and small and large business sectors all stand to gain from a People’s Bank.

For example, the private banks will have to fall in line with the policies and ethics of the People’s Bank. This means less profit for the private banks and more money in your pocket.

The Commonwealth Bank model is cited in overseas publications as a system with enormous merit to both public and private sectors.

We have an opportunity to again demonstrate to the world a banking system that can bring considerable benefits to the federal government and its people.

If you believe we need a People’s Bank, sign the petition and forward it to your family and friends to sign too.

Please check out these links for relevant information:

17. Ensure the future of Bay66 skatepark

Proposed plans to put offices on the skatepark site remain.

The council have said that an alternative location for the skatepark would have to be provided.
BUT there is no specific alternative for relocating the park.

The draft plans are not specific enough to guarantee the future of the skatepark and we ask that you join us in petitioning the planning department of Kensington and Chelsea council further.

!Do not allow the loss of this amazing community resource!

Thank you for your support, please spread the word!

18. Petition for a motion of no-confidence in the UK coalition government

As most of you will know, the UK government operates an e-petition website on the basis that any petition achieving 100,000 signatures or more must be passed forward for parliamentary discussion. The govt has repeatedly rejected an e-petition calling for discussion of a no-confidence motion in the current coalition government.

This government has repeatedly shown itself unfit to govern - sleaze,an all-out attack on the NHS and the public sector generally, inappropriate interactions with powerful media & corporate interests, opposing Freedom of Information requests and not least mismanagement of the UK economy, among many other issues.

If you wish to communicate to the government that it does not have the support or mandate of the UK people for its actions, please sign the petition below - and publicise it to your friends via Twitter, Facebook and any other means. The government may not listen, but the more people sign, the harder it will be for it to ignore!

19. Inclusive Public Schools

The Albertan Constitution currently includes a provision from the 1905 School Act that allows for the recitation of the Lord's Prayer every morning in Public schools. It offers no such privilege to any other faith.

A Canadian court has already ruled enacting this policy as discriminatory, coercive & exclusive. It stigmatizes children & denies them their religious freedom.

This practice still continues in a number of our diverse Public schools resulting in the segregation of children & families.

20. Support frequent La Trobe University Shuttle Buses

This year, 2012, the La Trobe Student Union is lobbying the university to make improvements to accessibility and diversity of public transport across the board.

The LTSU believes that the provision of frequent shuttle buses to Macleod and Reservoir stations is an important and relatively low-cost measure which can be taken to improve accessibility to rail transport, and to relieve pressure upon the parking and tram systems.

Shuttle buses are already provided effectively by a number of other universities in Melbourne, and it is time that La Trobe moved decisively to improve the poor standard of public transport at the Bundoora Campus.

21. Fairer discounts for right to acquire tenants

The Government has launched a “reinvigorated” Right to Buy scheme for public sector tenants that will provide £75,000 discounts to help social tenants into home ownership. This means that tenant will be given 35% discount and 1% for every year they have been a social housing tenant.

However, this does not include tenants who are under the right to aquire scheme, this scheme offers between £9000 and £16000 dependant on where they live. The government state there are currently no plans for a change in right to aquire discount policy.

So again why is one group of Tenants being treated differently from another group of Tenant. We all Public Sector Tenants.

22. Build an Arcade in Chandler, Arizona

Many of the youth of Chandler have expressed desire for an arcade, a public place to meet and play video games, but never publicly. Many of the arcades are not close by, and require making special trips on weekends or holidays.

There is a demand for arcades in Chandler, and teenagers, as well as adults, would be willing to frequent this establishment and spend money there. Chandler City is always expanding, and a well-placed arcade has the good possibility of making a large profit.

23. Better Parking Facilities at Townsville Hospital

Townsville Hospital needs more adequate parking spaces. The parking situation at Townsville is going beyond simply ridiculous to outright dangerous. At any given time up to twenty cars are circling the one carpark vying for spaces.

People resort to parking illegally as it is the only option other than parking outside of hospital grounds. It is something that needs to change and with the upcoming election now is an ideal time to bring it to the attention of our state premier.

24. Abolish Canadian Senate

Senators do not provide a value to Canada.
Senators cost Canadians a whole lot of money.
Senators are unelected.
Senators are appointed through patronage.
Senators are ineffective.
Senators are not responsible to the electorate.
Senators get pensions most of us can only dream about.
Senators are not sanctioned by the electorate.
Senators do not deserve a golden pension.

25. Re-Acquire Hulse Property

The two pieces of properties that runs east to west from beach to lagoon where the Lobsterfest is currently held, between Tuna and Cozy Corner running back to the Police Station, as well as the open property next to Cozy Corner on the south side, that runs east to west, beach to road side adjoining the current graveyard.

This property, which is affectionately known as the Hulse Properties, which was initially owned by Archbishop Arthur Dunn and Evadne Hulse; is the only two pieces of property that the village can and should re-acquire in downtown Placencia Village that can, once again, serve a public good, a public purpose and public space for one and all Placencians to enjoy now and in the future.

This property is of perfect size and location where we can have proper space for public parking, public beach area, properly extending our cemetery and to have a general public space.

Placencia must do everything it can to re-acquire this property, we cannot afford not to.

26. Sign to show you support for an early national election

Julia Gillard is going to keep her failing government in power until the last breath, unfortunately they are going to take the Australian people on a downward spiral with them.

27. Allow public watercraft dock access to the Alum Creek Sailboat Marina Public Facilities

The parking lot, restrooms and pump out station at the Alum Creek Sailboat Marina are public facilities.

These facilities are not accessible to the boating public from the waterways.

28. Better Public Toilets for Soho Shopping Centre

Soho rd once had two public toilets where by both gender were able to use the facility and it was a manned facility with multiple toilet’s .These were replaced by more modern commercial viable option with automated single unit. There are only two single units coin operated.

Shoppers have to queue for long time in all sorts of weather conditions, they are often blocked and not regularly cleaned. It's a health and environmental hazards, where by thousands of shoppers on Soho rd have very few toilets in operation.

29. Open Dufferin Islands, Niagara Falls to Public Swimming

The Dufferin Islands are a wonderful place to bring friends and family to enjoy the outdoors. It is situated just moments away from down-town Niagara Falls, steps away from the Horseshoe itself.

The idea has been proposed to reopen the Dufferin Islands to public swimming for the benefit of all locals and guests to the city. The Parks Commission has grown to be a large business influence in the region, and in all fairness it would be a financially reasonable request to reopen access to the ponds compared to the many other ventures the commission is undertaking.

Reopening would create new jobs for young people, and introduce a new generation of youth to the joy and beauty that our dear city has. We believe that in the name of progress and outdoor activity for the people of Niagara Falls, the Dufferin Islands should be reopened to public swimming usage.

30. Change foreign ownership regulations for the telecom sector

In 2009 Canada's Globalive, with the financial backing of Orascom attempted to launch Wind Mobile in major Canadian centers. At the time, the CRTC ruled that Orascom in effect ran Globalive due to the size of their investment in the venture, effectively preventing them from operating.

However, the Governor in Council (acting on suggestion of Tony Clement, Industry Minister of Canada) concluded that since Canadians owned 66% of the voting shares, that they were controlled by Canadians, and allowed them to launch Wind Mobile.
In little more than one year, Wind Mobile has launched in 5 major cities across the country, has signed up over approximately 300,000 subscribers, invested hundreds of millions in our economy during an economic downturn, and has provided competition and more choices for wireless customers.

On February 4, 2011, the Federal Court ruled in a suit brought by competitors Public Mobile and Telus, that the Governor in Council's decision overriding the CRTC's decision was improper. Wind was granted a 45-day stay of the decision to file arguments.

There are thousands of jobs that are at risk, as well as the unlimited plans with no surprise fees that Wind Mobile has provided since their launch.