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1. Rebuild the Berlin CT Train Station

The brick train station on Depot Road in Kensington, CT has been an iconic landmark in the town of Berlin for over 100 years, since 1900.

It is a symbol of our town's progress and industry during the 19th and 20th centuries, and has been the site of countless goodbyes and homecomings during times of war and peace.

On December 21, 2016 the station, which was in the process of being restored, suffered extreme fire damage and is structurally unsound. However, the building has burned before and been rebuilt several times.

2. No to Natural Gas Infusion Station at Andover, CT

We urge the town of Andover, CT to reject the proposed Natural Gas Infusion Station.

The risks, explosions, traffic from trucks, etc, far out weigh the revenue it will bring to the town.

3. Ask Local Leaders to Support Continued Progress on Intermodal Center

For over 16 years, the SC Lowcountry has struggled to construct a transportation hub in North Charleston which would connect local bus service, intercity bus service (Greyhound & Southeastern Stages). Amtrak, taxis and other forms of ground transportation.

This hub would be linked to the Airport by shuttle bus. The project has suffered many setbacks due to problems with funding, the need to relocate due to railroad siding issues and creating a new plan to build a new station on the site of the existing, decrepit Amtrak Station. Our regional bus station on Dorchester Road is also an embarrassment.

Recently progress was made on building the new hub when the sale of the original planned location went under contract, freeing up funds for the project which was on a timeline to be finished within two and a half years.

As this complex project finalizes plans, many elements of the transit and political system must come together. This is necessary not only to complete this project, but to build a culture of community competence and achievement to support other major efforts ahead as regional gridlock and it’s high economic costs being to appear around the Lowcounty. Efforts like improving mobility in Peninsular Charleston and a regional, off road transit system connecting Summerville, Monks Corner, Goose Creek, North Charleston and Charleston will demand sustained citizen involvement.

This petition begins an effort to help focus political and government attention towards an alignment which escapes the limits of auto centric transportation planning, which naturally needs to begin with a functional North Charleston Hub.
Upon completion, this petition will be delivered to County Councils and other officials in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties.

Detailed information on the N. Charleston Intermodal Center Project can be found at: All Aboard for the Intermodal Center

4. Take Down or Replace Inaccurate Sign at the Amqui Station

A plaque was affixed to the Amqui Station Museum and Visitor's Center (Madison, TN) in late 2013 that features multiple inaccuracies.

Entreaties to the Executive Director (Cate Hamilton) and Board of Directors of Discover Madison, Inc., (Carson W. "Bill" Beck, Karen Bennett, Anthony Davis, Rose Robertson Smith) the non-profit that manages the facility, plus the Tennessee Department of Transportation (Neil Hansen) who awarded the grant monies, have failed to incite action to either remove the sign or replace it with one that is correct.

5. I support the reintroduction of a rail link serving Leigh and the wider area.

The proposed route for the High Speed rail link (HS2) between London and the North has been published. It shows the rail line passing very close to us.

Transport for Leigh believe this provides an excellent opportunity for the re-instatement of a rail link serving our local region by way of a new interchange located in our area. This new interchange proposal will bring considerable investment, jobs, economic growth and increased mobility.

We have a fully costed proposal, which maximises benefits to HS2 itself, the North West region and our community. The proposal is intended for delivery in two phases. Phase one delivers the station on the existing line with the second phase being the connection to HS2 as comes.

6. New Police Station to Cover Morningside, East English Village and Cornerstone

Please help petition for a new police station to cover the areas of Morningside, East English Village, and Morningside. I am Scott A. Hastings, who moved to Morningside 25 years ago from Farmington Hills to live in a diverse, racially mixed, middle-class neighborhood.

Unfortunately foreclosures have devastated our neighborhoods. The 48224 zip code – MORNINGSIDE – has been the hardest hit in the United States declining property values up to 99%. Driving through Morningside, East English Village, and Cornerstone, nobody would imagine that areas in Metro Detroit have a housing shortage.

A police station would stabilize the neighborhoods, increase property values, and repopulate our area. Some say we cannot afford a new police station or more police officers, but it is obvious we cannot afford NOT to have them.

A police station would stabilize the neighborhood and stop crime. In twenty-five years of living in Morningside my exterior doors have been stolen, my copper piping has been taken, my built-in mail boxes have been ripped from their brick foundation and I have been held and gun point… (My friends have advised me to move for many years, but my eternal optimism and efforts to help have always trumped that issue).

For these reasons many contractors have stopped restoring homes, realtors cannot put signs in front of homes or hold open houses, and banks have stopped lending to buyers.

A police station would increase property values by giving residents a sense of safety and stop the blight. My property value is 90% less than the insurance replacement cost. The replacement cost is $410,000 and the property value is $41,000; these numbers are appalling… I think it is shocking that an 850 sq. ft. Wood frame home on a slab in Royal Oak is selling for near $100,000 while a 1,850 sq. ft. Brick Tudor in our area with a basement is selling for $1,000 and others are torn down. Many of the homes are selling for less than they did 80 years ago at the time of their construction. The reason is crime, Detroit residents have complained for decades…

A police station would greatly help to repopulate this devastated area. The main reason people have left and plan to leave is the lack of police officers and police enforcement. The nearest police station in Detroit is 10 miles from my home. The police officers are working 12 hour shifts and cannot keep up with 911 calls. If there were enough officers police response time would be minutes rather than hours, officers could constantly walk the neighborhoods like in Washington D. C., New York, and other major cities and quality of life would improve. More officers would drastically reduce crime, encouraging middle-class families to move back and build large brick homes once again.

Please help make a new police station in our area a reality by signing a petition.

7. Save the Ridge Fire Station

We recognise that any downgrading of fire stations in Hastings will have a negative impact on fire cover and community fire safety across Hastings and the villages in Rother.

8. Keep Our Fire Stations Open

The NSW government is planning to close up to 8 fire stations at any one time across Sydney and even more in the regional areas of the state expanding a program that is already threatening lives of our families and friends.

The Government claims that "sick leave" taken by fire fighters is the driving cause of what they call an overtime blowout. Fire Fighters [by calculations which account for extra long shifts 10 - 14 hrs] on average take only 16 hrs more sick leave per year than other "office based" Public Servants. When you consider that there are a range of Illnesses and Injuries that you can still attend an office job but not a fire station, this small difference over a year seems insignificant doesn't it?

So under this plan your local fire station may be closed and you may have to rely on Fire Fighters attending from further away.... I can tell you that waiting for a fire engine when your house is on fire is an uncomfortable feeling; an extended wait would be heart breaking... to say the least.

The Fire Brigade [aka FRNSW] is funded on the following basis;NSW Government contributes 14.6% Local Councils Contribute 11.7% and Insurance Companies contribute 73.7%


The break down of saving goes like this......
Each $1mil cut from the Fire Brigade budget saves the Govt $146,000 the remaining saving goes to :-
Local Councils $117,000
Insurance Companies $737,000

So if the Govt. achieves its target of saving $64,000,000 over the next few years this equates to a saving of :-
$8,600,000 for the Government
and a saving of .... wait for it....
$47,168,000 for the INSURANCE COMPANIES.

9. Install lifts and ramps at Croydon Station

I share your concerns about Croydon Station not having appropriate access facilities for our elderly and people with a disability, including parents with prams.

I need your support to lobby the NSW State Government to install lifts and ramps at Croydon Station.

10. No to Blackheath Station Car Park Charges

Network Rail have recently re-taken control of the car park at Blackheath station after the Lewisham Council's lease expired.

They now plan massive, inflation-busting rises in parking charges that threaten the vitality of local businesses and the farmers market, as well as demanding more from hard-pressed commuters who already face large rises in their train fares.

11. Demand to keep free public access through the pedestrian bridge at Sheffield Station

For the last four years Residents Against Station Closure have been campaigning against the closure the pedestrian bridge that connects the Tram, Park Hill/Norfolk Park and surrounding areas with the bus station and city centre businesses and amenities.

The closure is opposed by all the local MPs and the City Councillors from Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green Parties and a great number of local organizations and institutions. Unfortunately the Secretary of State for Transport recently wrote to Nick Clegg MP saying he was "keen to ensure that they [gates] are installed at Sheffield station."

Residents against Station Closure are now campaigning for the bridge, that was built with public money, to become a public right of way.

For more information visit or join us on Facebook at

12. Step-free Access at Crystal Palace Station

The online petition had 316 signatures by Sunday 10th July. In total 667 signatures were collected including those on paper and have been handed-in by Val Shawcross. Thank you to everyone who signed!

Crystal Palace Station is now run by the Overground operator, LOROL. They do what Transport for London tells them (and pays for); and TfL is chaired by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

This petition is supported by the local MP for Crystal Palace, Jim Dowd (Lewisham West & Penge constituency).

The petition will be presented by Val Shawcross AM to the Mayor at the London Assembly plenary meeting on 20th July.

13. Save Watford Met Line Station!

As part of the current proposal for the Metropolitan Line Extension (formerly Croxley Rail Link ), the Metropolitan Line Station at Watford would CLOSE. Closing it would be a disaster for many local families. The plan is still being considered by government for funding. Please act NOW to Save Watford Met Line Station by signing this petition.

Watford Met station is incredibly well used - 1.85 million entry/exits a year (2015 figures) - not only by the thousands of residents of the Cassiobury estate (including the section to the north of the park - just stand in the park yourself one rush hour evening and see just how many commuters walk and cycle across it every day to and from the Met station) but also by many in West Watford (for whom it would still be nearer than the proposed new station), hundreds of schoolchildren attending Watford Boys Grammar and many travelling out of Watford to Rickmansworth School and beyond.

Undoubtedly there is a need for better public transport links in West Watford. However why not simply re-open the disused branch line to the old Croxley station from Watford Junction (possibly connecting to St Alban's Abbey Line as suggested by others)? In this way passengers from West Watford could at least take advantage of faster Midland Line services to London & Midlands rather than sitting on the slow Met Line services to Baker St & beyond. This would save on a substantial element of the proposed construction cost and could run as a shuttle - perhaps even driverless like the DLR?

If you can spare 5 minutes please answer these 10 questions to help us better understand how the closure of Watford Met station will affect you. Survey results will be provided to those leaving contact details.

Please act NOW to Save Watford Met Line Station by signing this petition.

14. Common sense Fire protection for Central Coast communities

If you live in the Central Coast suburbs of Avoca Beach, Copacabana, MacMasters Beach, Killcare and Picketts Valley, the new Kincumber Fire Station may not be coming to emergency incidents in your area.

Local 'fire service' politics has created the potential for the new 24hr station, manned by professional firefighters, to not be called to certain types of incidents. Agreements are in place to address this but history has shown that they rarely work successfully.

We want residents of these areas to stand up and tell the decision makers that they have got this wrong. That you want, and indeed pay for, the best possible coverage and protection. This can be achieved by responding both Kincumber fire station, as well as local volunteer crews.

It is a fact of the system, that well intentioned volunteers cannot reach you as quickly as a permanent station, manned with professional emergency service workers.

15. Save Headingley and Burley Park Stations

It was reported in the Yorkshire Post on 27 August 2010, in an article by Paul Jeeves titled 'Faster journeys in prospect after meeting with train firm', that "[An] initiative [by Northern Rail] could see services streamlined between the spa town [of Harrogate] and the West Yorkshire city [of Leeds], quickening journeys by as much as seven minutes – about a fifth of the time it currently takes to travel between the two.

A meeting was held yesterday [28th August] between Northern Rail, which runs services between Leeds, Harrogate and York, and senior council and business officials.

Within three years, some services may not stop at Burley Park and Headingley stations in Leeds".

Such a move seems particularly flawed when you consider that usage of Headingley station alone has been approximately *double* that of two stations which are to benefit from such a move and has been at this level for the last 3 years*.

Meanwhile Burley Park has a usage level approximately equal to that of Hornbeam Park, Pannal, and Starbeck combined*.

In fact the only station of the four beneficiaries and two victims which can rival Burley Park's usage is Harrogate itself*.

The station usage does not justify reducing services to Headingley and Burley Park, the effect on those who depend on these services does not justify reducing services to Headingley and Burley Park, and the decision to penalise these two stations appears to be completely without justification.

*For evidence of this please see:

16. Support a Railway Station for Robroyston

I am gathering support from the community in Robroyston to prove that there is a real need and desire for a train station to be built in the local area.

If there is enough support for the idea, then I will have a much stronger case during my discussions with Transport Scotland.

17. Secure bike parking at Bishops Stortford station

There are only very limited secure bicycle storage facilities at Bishops Stortford station. The vast majority of the cycle bays are old fashioned types which grip only the wheel edge and do not allow the frame to be secured to modern standards. This has led to competition for a small number of locking points, such as the vertical supports of the bike shelters.

Cycles are not only being stolen because they are insecure, but also numerous arguments and friction are arising between cyclists and motorcyclists over obstruction caused by cyclists being forced to lock their bikes against the supports in the designated motorbike section.

This continuing situation is unacceptable, particularly as provision of proper locking points would not be disproportionately expensive.

18. Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 3 for PS2

The reason why there should be " Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 3" it will be PS2 is that the two games of the series narutimate (accel 1 and 2) had been made for ps2, then the third game of the series also had to be for ps2. Much people wait for this game for ps2.

19. Bicycle Transit Station for Perth City

Update 26/Sep/11: the original petition used a funding model based on a developer sponsored Bicycle Transition Centre and the development land suggested was 3 Cliff Street. The developer funded model still may be the way to go and other locations for the centre may be considered.

To promote easy cycling to work and reduce traffic congestion a Perth bicycle transit station is a step forward.

The Station shall provide:
• 24-hour, 7 days/week access to bicycle storage, showers and lockers with key card access.
• Bicycle servicing and retail shop on site.
• Tea, coffee and a bite to eat.
• Wi-Fi access.
• Dry cleaning and laundry services while the cyclists are at work.

Around the globe bicycle stations commonly operate like a health club. They make cycling to work easier, and they build a community.

The Web Site Link above links to a full proposal for the development of a Public Bicycle Transit Station located at 3 Cliff Street, Perth (next to the Jacob’s Ladder, with access from both the top and bottom of the ladder).

20. Keep Jorgensens BP On M91 in Greenville Open

The customers of BP Jorgensens would like to see the gas station/ store stay open.

We have been inconvenienced with the store hours changing and were glad to see them change back, but we are now deeply sad to see the store is closing.

Please keep this store open for the continued fast customer service and good location and benefit of the small store.

21. Review Australian Federal Government Allocation of Tax Dollars to Community Television

Since the early 1980s, media enthusiasts set out to establish what was labelled "Public Television" services. The US, UK and Canada have had their main public television stations, and numerous satellite station affiliates spread out across their countries during this same period and to date.

Denied by the federal government at the time, the local television industry was authorized to create a community access television service for each metro area’s public, but these stations later dropped the “access” from their branding.

It was in 1994, that this third-tier industry in Australia began using commercialism that to date have increasingly encroached with each station, where it has become more stylized like commercial and public television rather than maintaining the philosophical principles of what a community broadcaster should be. On 4 Nov 09, the federal government gave your publicly owned digital spectrum and $2.6 million dollars to launch another commercial-style television network. Did the federal government seek the public’s opinion prior allocating your public ownerships?

Please sign this Petition and let the Australian Federal Government, under Senator Stephen Conroy know that the public should have been consulted on whether or not current community television stations met their philosophical principles as a community broadcaster, and let the public decide their faith and change for a newly designed television service that can live up its principle intentions.

22. Support Jake's Restaurant Group Proposal

Jake's Restaurant Group, which operates casual dining restaurants in the Bay Area is proposing to open and operate a new restaurant at 14101 Winchester Blvd. which is located in the Vasona Station Shopping Center in the Town of Los Gatos.

The proposed Restaurant is 4,000 square ft. and would serve casual dining cionsisting of prepared to order sandwiches, hamburgers and pizza,etc. and would serve beer and wine. Jake's Restaurant Group currently operates 6 restaurants in the area: The Garret in Campbell, Jake's Restaurants in Willow Glen, Saratoga and Sunnyvale and The Boardwalk of Los Altos and the Oasis of Menlo Park.

We are very involved in each of these communities and believe in "giving back" by supporting local organizations, sports groups and public schools.

We feel that we would be a benefit to the community that surrounds this location.

23. Build Surrey Canal Road station!

Plans for a station at Surrey Canal Road are under threat – this would mean that there will be no new station in Lewisham at all, despite the route passing through.

24. Give us access to Finsbury Park

In a City the size of London, the Underground system is the quickest way to get around and we are disappointed with the Mayor's decision to shelve 22 of the 45 planned step free access projects across London only committing himself to providing step-free access at 29 per cent of all stations by 2017. This is a major step back from previous plans to provide step-free access on a third of the network by 2013. As a result, many disabled passengers, older people and parents with young children are being denied access to this mode of transport. This is particularly concerning in the run up to the 2012 Paralympics and makes us wonder how the Mayor is planning to keep his post-Beijing pledge to make London’s Games the most accessible ever.

It makes little sense that Finsbury Park, where the current 49.1m passenger journeys a year are likely to increase by 40% over the next 15 years, is not being made step-free whilst Kingsbury and Amersham, both serving less than one tenth of Finsbury Park’s passengers, are being made accessible. We believe that money would be better spend on projects in areas where a larger number of people would benefit.

The decision makes even less sense because Network is going ahead with plans to provide step-free access from the overground platforms to street level at Finsbury Park. It has now given Transport for London and the Mayor until the autumn to change their minds on working together to make Finsbury Park step-free.

These are the reasons why we (Jeremy Corbyn MP, Jennette Arnold AM, local councillors, the Islington Disability Network, Islington Mobility Forum and Transport for All) are working together to collect as many signatures to pass to the Mayor to convince him to change his mind. If you agree that Finsbury Park Underground station should be made accessible to all passengers then please sign this petition. We are aiming to hand the petition over to the Mayor in the Autumn.

Ps. Please provide your email address to ensure your signature counts!

25. Kyle and JackieO are the Best

Austereo’s Today and Triple M Networks have maintained solid results in 2008, paving the way for a strong 2009.

Sydney’s breakfast team Kyle and Jackie O finished the year with an audience share of 10.2 per cent maintaining their number one position and 2Day FM increasing listeners to stay number
one FM.

Kyle and JackieO broadcast Australia's number 1 interactive Countdown the hot hits which has number 1 since 1998.

Kyle and jackieO are on Australia's biggest station like 104.1 2Dayfm, 101.9 the fox, b105, 92.9, SAfm, 104.7 and NXfm.

They are also on other good stations across the countrysuch as Starfm and Snowfm.

26. Stop forward motion on transfer station

Proper discussion has not been initiated with the town board, town residents, and BOCC, Road & bridge and county manager and forward motion has begun.

The economic feasibility of this HSS site is not fully researched as the BOCC does not know where the trash will be hauled. Depending on this answer, other sites (specifically Kremmling landfill and Fraser Road and Bridge shop could be more feasible).

There are no regulations in place to insure the community's safety. There are no regulations in place should any regulations be violated with the potential for hazardous health and environmental impacts.

We have been unfairly isolated from the planning process with the above departments. The people of this county should have been involved in this important decision effecting all of our lives.

There are documented examples of other communities transfer stations who do not adhere to maintenance of the facility.

Increased carbon footprint due to truck traffic mileage when traveling large distances to and from Hot Sulphur Springs.

This proposal is in direct conflict with the Grand County Master Plan with the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs on issues of preserving agricultural and ranching views on the east end of the town, and joint development with the county within a three mile area of the town.

There will potentially be a negative impact to the water quality due to the close proximity of the waste transfer station to the Colorado River and the source for the Hot Sulphur Springs municipal water plant.

Negative impact on National Scenic Byway, one of few in the state and country

Negative impact to our community is documented in other communities fights against transfer station. They include, visual, odor, noise, traffic, and ground water issues as listed below:

Truck traffic including leachate and trash escaping from trucks, heavy truck traffic, road infrastructure and damage, and increased noise

Noise pollution with large trucks, the trucks dropping loads that may still be encased in steel dumpsters onto concrete tipping floors which can cause adverse vibration in nearby structures.

Odors escaping from open facility doors and unclean trucks

Falling property values and disease spreading due to external vectors such as bugs, birds, mice, and other vermin

Cumulative impacts on public health and quality of life from noxious odors, water quality contamination, increased external vectors, dust, and truck exhaust

Increased fire hazard involved in storage and transfer of materials

Litter and the resulting reduction of property values from improperly sealed trucks, improperly stored garbage, and from wind when doors are open

Property values will decrease due to above issues

27. Get JB playing on Radio Now Again!

Alright, so I recently found out that Radio Now! (A Radio Station) was told to stop playing Jonas Brothers songs. Heres the story:
A church group went to the station and told them to stop playing Jonas Brothers music because it was somehow "offensive" to them. The radio station told the group no, and now the station is in trouble, & has stopped playing Jonas music, all because of a church group.


So we MUST get the Jonas Brothers back on the station. Do you really want them to stop playing Jonas music just because of a church group of what, like, five people? No! So sign this petition! We want at least 500 signatures before July 23rd. I know, big goal we want to reach, but please. Before you know it, this church group will try and get EVERY radio station to stop playing them!

Please & thank you!

28. Save The SOAP Station

The SOAP station has been a highly effective department in Nottingham Trent Students' Union since is was set up just over two and half years ago, running activities beneficial to thousands of students!

29. Gospel Rap Show On KoKa

In 2006 There was a radio show on Koka that was geared towards The Youth by playing only Gospel Rap and Gospel R&B from local and national artist.

Due to phone calls and public disapproval made by several listeners to the station the show was pulled off the air.

We are now petitioning to get our show back because it is needed in the area. It is a growing form of Gospel music that has changed the lives of Young people and Adults alike.


There are many senseless and irrelevant programs being broadcasted on the radio and television in the metropolitan area where the crime rate is outrageously high.

I think that Radio One should cut some programs and devote at least one hour to the youth. Allowing them to call the station and express themselves about what's going on in there community, schools, and personal situations.

A counselor of some sort would also be available to answer questions and give advice. I also believe that BET should bring Teen Summit back. It would also be a good way for teens to receive information and speak on certain issues such as sex,gang violence,and STD's.

WPGC is my favorite radio station but I have an issue with them. They speak on violence in the city every chance they get but why not open up the lines for the youth to call in and express themselves. We have all these senseless programs on the radio but the biggest issue is left unattended.

I also have a big problem with my favorite television station BET. Who like I said about WPGC have discussed youth violence but where is the shows like Teen Summit? We need these programs back in the lives of the youth so there’s space and a place to air out issues. If we don’t reach out to our youth we will never know what’s really bothering them.


Steven Davis Jr.