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1. Spectrum Service to Talbert Rd and Subdivisions Mooresville, NC 28117

Based on a recent discussion on, it has come to my attention that most of the homeowners that live on Talbert Rd (Mooresville, NC 28117) and the aforementioned subdivisions would subscribe to Time Warner Cable/Spectrum services if they were offered to us. Given the conservative estimate that 50% of residents would subscribe to Spectrum over Mi-Connection or Windstream, it would be a sound business decision to offer their services to over 500 households including the apartment complex at Colonial Ridge Circle, the residents on Talbert Rd and Terrace Rd/Mcadam Ln. Talbert Rd between W Plaza Dr and Brawley School Rd is less than one mile in length. It seems to us that the end would justify the means, for our benefit and for Spectrum's benefit.

2. Regulations To Protect Consumers Against Unfair Cable & Internet Companies

We request the KY legislature to help consumers against unfair business practices from cable and internet providers. Consumers are powerless when dealing with complex contracts, termination fees, service issues, switching costs and limited provider choices.

(1) Contracts are complex, difficult to read and are unilaterally in favor of the service provider;
(2) Termination fees are unreasonable especially when the provider fails to deliver service or the quality is poor, and fees are often placed on consumer even after the contract term is completed;
(3) Providers use switching cost and termination fees against consumers;
(4) Rate increases are significant and are often well in excess of the CPI;
(5) Most of Kentucky has only two choices for cable and internet providers and in some cases consumers have only one choice. Oligopolies like AT&T control market share, set pricing and consumers are powerless to resolve issues through the bureaucratic system.

The costs to obtain cable and internet by the average consumer are quite significant and often exceeds a families the cost to feed a family of 4 for a week. We respectfully request that the KY legislature step-in on behalf of consumers that are being treated unfairly and establish regulations that provide a level of protection against unfair business practices and unreasonable price increases.

3. Time for Commercial free Cable TV

I have paid for a cable service for at least 13 plus years during all of this time I have had to watch commercials that I did not want to watch.

I feel that when I pay for a cable service I do not feel that I should have to watch commercials while watching television that I paid for.

Everyone should have either the option of free television or paid for television in the paid for television I believe you will be able to watch commercial free on any channel you choose to watch since you paid for it.

4. Cast Michael Madsen as Cable in upcoming Marvel movies

As HUGE comic book fans, my brother and I ( and I'm sure many of you ) always like to try to cast Hollywood actors that closely resemble the comic book characters. There are not that many Marvel characters that haven't already been cast, so CABLE really stood out to us. Who else in Hollwood do you think could pull off the role of the telepathic gun-toting tough guy? None other than Michael Madsen.

Examples of his bad-ass film history:
Kill Bill - bad ass gun slinger
Resevoir Dog - bad ass gun slinger
A Cold Day in Hell - bad ass gun slinger
Sin City- gun slinging bad ass cop.

He even played in "A Man with a Gun" as man with a big gun!

We want everyone who thinks that Michael Madsen should be cast as CABLE to sign this petition, and share it with all.

5. Bring FOX Sports to Canada

Canadians used to be able to watch motorsports racing on the SPEED channel, since the elimination of the channel our cable bills were not adjusted! There has been no channel to replace the lost content for which we paid.

Allow our cable/satellite providers the US channel that offered the content that SPEED used to offer us! Canadians can't even stream the FOX sports channel on the internet since there is a geo fence in place blocking Canadian VPN addresses!

If there is no replacement channels to offer customers who bought bundles we have the right of a refund or credit!

6. All South Carolina residents want In-State Local Channels

Localism is important to the state you live, work, and breathe in especially the state of South Carolina. There are 13 orphan counties in the state of South Carolina that's located in another market's state. Beaufort, Jasper, and Hampton Counties in South Carolina are assigned to the Savannah, GA market. McCormick, Edgefield, Aiken, Barnwell, Allendale, and Bamberg Counties in South Carolina are assigned to the Augusta, GA market. York, Chester, Chesterfield, and Lancaster Counties in South Carolina are assigned to the Charlotte, NC market. Some times orphan counties are denied to get in-state news, weather, sports, and public affairs programs. Due to this outdated assignments by Nieslen, they're denied to get relevant programming of the market of their choice.

The FCC is revising its rules on STELAR Market Modification by September 4th, 2015, which permit those to get in-state news, weather, sports, and public affairs programming on MVPDs (also those who live in orphan counties) from the state of South Carolina (including Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville).

All South Carolina cable and satellite TV subscribers deserved to watch in-state news, weather, sports, and public affairs programming from the Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville markets.

We're asking for the South Carolina TV stations which include 4 network affiliated TV stations in Greenville, 4 network affiliated TV stations in Charleston, and 4 network affiliated TV stations in Columbia. We want them available for all cable providers, satellite providers such as DIRECTV and DISH. We want all TV stations from the state of South Carolina to be available to all providers in the state of South Carolina.

7. Comcast Internet Cable TV Service for Penholloway Estates, Jesup Georgia

We're petitioning Comcast Cable providers for dependable Internet, Television and Phone services to our neighborhood in Penholloway Estates, and the surrounding area.

The last cable junction is at the intersection of Whaley and Penholloway roads.

We're asking Comcast/Xfinity to run services down Penholloway Road, to offer services to Penholloway, Plank, Boat Ramp, and Martin's Landing Roads.

8. Shaw Cable TV add FOX Sports Racing or refund $10 per month in cable TV fees

Shaw Cable TV subscribers paid for SPEED Channel in their cable package(s) and it is a very popular channel for people interested in racing. When SPEED was basically folded into FOX Sports Racing, Shaw dropped SPEED from the channel listings and did not replace it with FOX Sports Racing.... but still left monthly cable tv charges the same.

9. Get TruVista in Cassatt

We are petitioning to get TruVista available in Cassatt, South Carolina.

Currently in Cassatt only satellite providers like Dish are available.

10. Suddenlink Can't Get Away With This!

Hours after Suddenlink cable customers in West Virginia had several Viacom-owned channels removed from their cable lineups, the companies disagreed on how negotiations to keep the channels in customers’ cable packages ended. The break-up comes after five months of price negotiations for channels including MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Spike TV, VH-1, BET, TV Land and CMT.

“It’s unfortunate we could not reach an agreement, and we understand the frustration this will cause some customers, but we sincerely hope they’ll give the new channels a try and find those channels as compelling as others have said they do.”

Viacom spokeswoman Carole Robinson said that’s not the case. Viacom offered Suddenlink a one-year agreement to keep its 24 channels on the terms Suddenlink proposed on Sept. 23, Robinson said, but Suddenlink refused. Regardless of who’s to blame, Christine Stephens of Charleston isn’t happy about the move. “I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship with Suddenlink and I can’t get out of it,” “I just feel like Suddenlink didn’t consider their customers,” said Stephens, who’s been a Suddenlink customer for more than 10 years. “I’m not irrational, but I’m handicapped and limited in recreational options.”

For the $160 monthly for cable, phone and Internet, she said, she should have been treated better. Suddenlink rates will not change as a result of the channel switch. Stephens added that she found out about the switch from Viacom, not Suddenlink. By Wednesday evening Suddenlink’s Facebook page was filled with comments about the split from Viacom — mostly negative. Several parents asked what they should tell their kids when they can’t watch Nickelodeon programs, like “SpongeBob Square Pants” and “Dora the Explorer.”

Regan, the Suddenlink spokesman, wrote that, through phone and email surveys, social media polls and calls to its care centers, Suddenlink’s customers consistently told the company they do not value the Viacom channels as much as they value others, they do not want to pay significantly more to keep Viacom channels and they would like other channels added.

“Despite our repeated requests for a reasonable offer, Viacom continued to demand a nearly 50 percent increase in payments and increased their demands even further when we asked for per-channel, stand-alone pricing.” “Because Viacom refused to treat our customers fairly, Suddenlink was forced to make a difficult decision: As of October, we will introduce other channels our customers have requested through polls and surveys and not carry Viacom channels.”

11. Raise COX Bandwidth cap

Cox cable has had a 250gb bandwidth cap since 2001 and refuses to raise it unless you pay 40 dollars more for a more expensive service?

Bandwidth should adjust for inflation. In 2001, I wasn't streaming Hulu or playing extremely large games while chatting on Skype at the same time!

I could hit 1TB since I stream everything. That's what the new inflated bandwidth cap should be.

12. Charter Service for the rest of Coffee County Manchester TN

The Northern part of coffee county has limited number of choices for tv services, Internet service, and phone service.

These are limited to directv or dish network and thier partners. After living 3/4 of a mile to where service has ended for charter.

13. Limestone County Alabama Cable/Internet Petition

While most of the citizens of North Alabama have access to more than one cable TV company to choose from.

The citizens of Limestone County have access to one cable TV company, Charter Communications.

Please sign this petition if you would like to see more choice and competition in Limestone County.

14. Renew Southland for a fifth season

Head back to the streets of Los Angeles for the new, explosive season of Southland, the critically acclaimed drama series from Warner Bros. Television and Emmy-winning producer John Wells (ER, The West Wing). Chronicling the lives of LAPD officers and detectives like no other series on television, this powerful, intensely emotional drama stars Michael Cudlitz, Shawn Hatosy, Regina King and Ben McKenzie, along with special guest star Lucy Liu.

Since premiering in 2009, Southland has redefined the police drama with its raw, authentic look at the lives and work of Los Angeles detectives and beat cops. The show centers on four main characters: Officer John Cooper (Cudlitz), a seasoned cop who will have to prove himself again after recovering from surgery; Officer Ben Sherman (McKenzie), who still has much to learn after recently completing his training rotation; Detective Lydia Adams (King), whose unending caseload hits closer to home; and Sammy Bryant (Hatosy), a former detective who decided to go back to being a uniform cop after the traumatic death of his partner.

Shot on location in the streets and neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Southland captures a realistic, natural environment where similar situations can and often do occur in real life. The series was created by Emmy winner Ann Biderman (NYPD Blue, Public Enemies) and is executive-produced by Emmy winners Christopher Chulack (ER, Third Watch) and John Wells. Chulack is also a primary director of the series, while Jonathan Lisco (The District) serves as executive producer and Andrew Stearn (Shameless, The West Wing) is co-executive producer.

15. No to Wire Rope Barriers

Wire rope barriers are dangerous and expensive. Where they have been installed, motorcyclists colliding with them have suffered horrific injuries and death, often far worse than the consequences of the item the wire rope was protecting them from.

Recent studies have shown that they are also more expensive to maintain than their competitors. Various countries such as the Netherlands and Norway have banned their use so there is no reason why they continue to be used in the UK.

16. Optus Mobile & Internet Network Deterioration

There have been numerous reports by Optus customers, that over the last few months and more, their Mobile and Internet Networks have been widespread and quickly deteriorating.
- Mobile: Optus network deteriorating
- Internet: International traffic congestion
- Modems: Cisco DPQ 3925 issue

Such problems exist for the Mobile Network as;
- Low Signal Strength in populated areas.
- Low Signal Quality (regardless of signal strength) in populated areas.
- Dropped phone calls within reception areas.
- Echoing on phone calls.
- Failed calls within reception areas.
- 3G reception drops in and out.
- 3G data fails
- Delayed SMS/MMS
- Failed SMS
- Major congestion & blackspot issues in Metro areas
- Congestion & blackspot issues spreading to regional areas

Such problems exist for the Internet as;
- Slow International Links
- Congestion in the evening
- High latency
- Unreliable hardware and Modems

From a company that launched a "Yes, we hear you" campaign in July, 2007.
Well, we ask that you please hear us.

17. Comcast! We miss KBS World programs! Add MKtv!

As of November 1st, 2009 WMBC ended its broadcast of KBS World on digital channel 63.5. This service was free and only required a digital tuner connected to a television to be viewed within the metro NY/NJ area.

Two local cable companies-- Time Warner and Cablevision both offer a channel called MKtv which broadcasts many KBS World programs which are entertaining, educational, and family-friendly most of which offer english subtitles for non-Korean speakers.

A list of programs available on MK:

The MK coverage area includes:

Both of these providers are not offered in my town of residence. I am within the Comcast coverage area and I am sure that I am not the only one that want MKtv to be added to Comcast.

18. Gospel Music Channel on Mediacom

The following persons have the opinion that the Gospel Music Channel should be available to the subscribers of Mediacom cable television.

19. Upgrade cable service from analog to hi-def at Lincoln at Wolchase Apartments

The Direcpath cable service at Lincoln at Wolfchase apartments located in Cordova, Tennessee does not offer digital or high-definition service, yet residents are charged the same or higher rates as companies like Comcast or Time-Warner that do offer these services.

Satellite TV vendors (DirecTV or Dish Network) do offer service but only those residents that face south are allowed to purchase the service due to a ban, by ER management) on Satellite dishes being attached to the exterior of the building.

The current cable service is an inferior analog product, that does not meet the minimum federal requirements for digital service starting in 2009.

20. Arirang TV Back In Sky Cable's Silver Plan

For the past nine years since Sky Cable had included Arirang TV in its roster of cable channels in 1999, Philippine viewers have been enjoying and learning about the Korean culture through the variety of shows they offer.

Since 2006, Sky Cable had removed Arirang TV from its channel listing offered in their basic Sky Silver Plan available at PhP 680.00 , and moved it to the premium Platinum Plan offered at PhP 2020.00. Because of this, Philippine Arirang TV viewers are left with no option but to upgrade their plans to a more expensive one should they want to continue watching Arirang TV.

Arirang TV is the only Korean TV station with a multi-lingual format, with Korean shows translated or subtitled in different languages (Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Bahasa, Spanish, Vietnamese and English).

By signing this petition, you are supporting the cause of the Philippine Arirang TV viewers in their endeavor to bring Arirang TV back to the channel listing of Sky Cable's basic Sky Silver Plan so that everyone can enjoy the viewing pleasures - both entertaining and informative- of Arirang TV in a much affordble cost.

21. Freedom of the press in India and Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal ban on news programme

Itanagar: The District Magistrate of Papum Pare district in Arunachal Pradesh banned the airing of news programme by ‘Aaj Ki Awaj’ by cable operators for allegedly violating rules.

The District Magistrate in exercise of his power conferred under section 19 of the Cable TV Act, 1995 prohibited all cable operators from transmitting or re-transmitting the news programme by ‘Aaj Ki Awaj’ with immediate effect, official sources said on Saturday. In an order, the District Magistrate said ‘Aaj Ki Awaj’ has been airing programme without registering with the authorities and alleged the programmes are defamatory and suggestive innuendoes and half truths.

‘Aaj Ki Awaj’ has been covering news from all over Arunachal Pradesh and providing them to cable operators for circulation daily for the past few years after Doordarshan station at Itanagar discontinued airing privately produced news programme. PTI




23. Help Resurrect LA FEMME NIKITA

La Femme Nikita was an exceptional espionage/spy drama that premiered on the USA cable network from January 1997 to March 2001. It was adapted for television by Joel Surnow from the original French film of the same title and ran for five consecutive seasons. During that time, it was the highest rated drama on cable television, and it went on to become a cult classic with viewers around the world.

As a weekly serial drama, La Femme Nikita was original and ahead of its time. The unique, innovative style of the show influenced numerous other television series and movies that followed. Revolving around complex moral and ethical dilemmas, it was intelligent, sophisticated, and darkly beautiful. For many, the fascination and genius of La Femme Nikita was its dark tone of modern minimalism and its unprecedented style of character development.

The program was of such outstanding caliber that there has never been another like it...before or since. La Femme Nikita has been profoundly missed and has left a void that no other program has filled. Thousands of individuals identified with the show on a deeply personal level and felt it became a part of their lives. On a global level, people passionately love it and have remained dedicated life-long fans.

Following a campaign in the summer of 2000 to save the series from cancellation, the devoted audience was given the gift of eight additional episodes. However, fans of this riveting and darkly engrossing drama were left with an unsatisfactory open-ending. Many viewers of the show felt they were denied closure and will never feel like complete resolution has been achieved until Michael and Nikita are reunited.

After seven years absence, the fans feel the return of La Femme Nikita would reward them for their loyalty and faithfulness, update them on the lives of the characters, and provide a positive and cathartic closure to a much beloved story.

24. Fair Choice for Massachusetts Cable

End the Comcast monopoly and support fair competition.

Cable bills are outrageously high and competition should be increased to lower them.

25. Philadelphia CSN to Channel Lineup

Comcast Cable Company provides CSN Baltimore in their channel lineup. With the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals having their own network now, and with the Pitssburgh Pirates already being on FSN, it's time for the Comcast Cable Company to add the Philadelphia CSN to their channel lineup to cater towards Philadelphia sports fans.

With that being the home network for the Phillies, as well as the 76ers and Flyers, it would allow those fans who have moved out of the Philadelphia area to enjoy their sports teams games other then watching out of state sports news on the Baltimore CSN network.

26. Lowering the Electric Bill at Sagewood Apartments

We, the residence of Sagewood Apartments at 10000 Rushing would like to see our electric bills lowered. All of our electic bills have tripled within the last 2 months. Many of us living here are on a fixed income and can not afford these outragious bills.

We have no free cable living here, most places furnish free cable. We don't need the place well lightened up, if we are going to have to pay for it. We just can not afford this hike in our electric bills. We will not be able to run the air conditioner in the summer with these prices. We need something done about this ASAP.

27. Getting fiber optic cable in Wayland Township

Wayland Township is unable to receive high speed/DSL internet service due to a lack of fiber optic cable.

We would like this to change.

28. KMID Versus Grandecom

Guys I am starting a petition. I know you get 100 spams a day but this one is started by me, John May in a request for Midland/Odessa Residents to start a petition demanding something be done with Grandecom and KMID. Here is a scoop on the situation:

As of January 1, 2006 Grandecom will not be allowed to carry KMID's (ABC) signal. KMID all of a sudden decided to demand anywhere from 1-3 cents a day for every subscriber of Grandecom for their use of KMID's signal. Remember this is a FREE signal that Grandecom does NOT charge for. Yes you can pay like 10 dollars a month for local stations but the coverage you get with Cable FAR exceeds the signal you get with an Antenna. They are not making money off KMID's services they are making money for offering you a usable signal.

Just because you use a different Cable Company does not mean you should not sign this petition. This is a petition for the right for smaller companies to compete and for local citizens of Ector and Midland County to be able to receive the same benefits that larger counties receive for free. Cox and Cableone have been trying to scare you away from smaller cable companies for years. Why? Because they are inferior? No. Because they don't want to loose profits AND by having competition they are forced to actually spend money on customer service and listen to customer complaints.

This is the same as TXU trying to scare us away from buying electricity from other companies. I've been with a smaller company since the de-regulation and haven't had any of the problems TXU promised and scared us with.

The way I see it Grandecom AND KMID are both to blame for this. KMID and Grandecom both refuse to give up greed to satisfy customers complaints.

Please sign my petition requesting KMID and Grandecom begin renegotiations and that no stoppage in coverage occurs or if it does we will be forced to have a complete boycott of all services KMID and Grandecom currently offer. Remember if you are not a Grande Com customer this still effects you. This will lead to hire rates with whoever you pay for cable. Why? Whoever stays with KMID will not be forced to pay a premium because they will have the "exclusive" right to offer you a useable signal. Please send this to everyone you know in the effected area. Ask them to forward it on to anyone they know. All responses with signatures can go to I will comprise an alphabetical list of names and forward it to the appropriate people at both KMID and Grandecom.

Remember this email is asking for your support of our local community. This is a request for KMID and Grandecom to disregard their problems and come together without excuses to offer the Permian Basin customers our local stations at a reasonable rate.

If they refuse or continue to just point fingers we will in return boycott all services provided by both companies.

29. Degrassi on basic Cable television

Feb 8, 2005

People who do not have digital cable cannot watch degrassi unless they get an antenna and they should air it on a regular cable channel.

30. Release Endurance on DVD

The reality show "Endurance" has been very successful throughout the last few years. Kids and teens would tune in each week to see what team won a Pyramid Piece or which teams were sent to the Temple of Fate.

So isn't it about time that this show was released on DVD or VHS so that viewers could watch more often than just every Saturday morning? An enormous amount of Endurance fans do not recieve digital cable in their household, therefore only being able to watch each episode one time.

Even viewers with cable would still love to own their favorite show on tape, being able to watch whatever episode they wanted whenever they wanted.