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1. Fight Anti-Semitic Rhetoric At The Berkeley Daily Planet Newspaper

The Berkeley Daily Planet has run (and continues to run) articles deemed to be anti semitic which have solicited protests including from local community rabbis, mayors of Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland, assembly members, state senators and 4 Berkeley city council members (see BP issue June 4 - 10)

2. In support of Nadra Foster

This petition is in support of Nadra Foster.

3. Berkeley Iceland to Stay Open

March 28, 2006

Berkeley Iceland is up for sale.

The willingness of current or potential owners to keep it as an ice arena largely depends on the decisions made at the city level.

4. Get Berkeley's Public TV Station in East Bay

Berkeley's B-TV channel 28 is an excellent resource for free speech, uncensored, non commercial programming produced by local residents.

Your city government has the power to get Comcast to include this channel for all cable subscribers in the East Bay. So, please read and sign this petition today!