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1. Exemption for Sunrise Propane explosion victims

On August 10, 2008, a propane explosion occurred at Sunrise Propane, 54 Murray Rd, North York, Ontario, forcing 12,000 residents from their homes.

Due to extensive damage caused by the explosion, not all residents have returned home as they have to rebuild.

Residents who have elected to tear down more than 50% of their existing walls, have learned that their house rebuilding is being treated as "new construction".

This Bylaw is according to Municipal Code, Chapter 851, Water Supply and Chapter 681, Sewer Service. Residents will have to pay the City of Toronto approx $11,000 for upgrades on city property, which does not include the additional expense required to upgrade the pipes on their own property.

Glenn De Baeremaeker, Chair of Public Works & Infrastructure, denied all requests for the issue to be added as an agenda item. He stated in a letter, “I fully understand and sympathize with the situation your constituent is faced with as he rebuilds his home following last summer’s Sunrise Propane blast, there does not appear to be sufficient merit to warrant a request of City Council to exempt this property from the relevant provisions of the Municipal Code”

Several written requests have been submitted to the Mayor's office for assistance. Karen Duffy responsed from the Office of the Mayor, stating that "The Mayor's Office is satisfied that the city is responding to your request. The decision rests with the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. There will be no meeting scheduled."

A final attempt was made to add the issue to the agenda on the day of the meeting, June 3rd, and Glenn De Baremeaker made a ruling that the request would not be put to a vote and would not be heard by the committee.

Karen Duffy stated the Mayor was powerless to help, and once again said no meeting would be scheduled.

2. Brighton Ridge HOA Petition

In regard to the recent abortion of a H.O.A. meeting you held last week.

To the majority leaders of the H.O.A, I truly hope that there is a way to recall
everything that you have done.

Maybe the community should start looking at alternative ways to resolve the problems we have within the H.O.A with other means of leadership.

In the last meeting the majority agreed to let RV's park in the H.O.A. for a "brief period" up to 24 hours. Gentlemen the word "brief" is described in any
dictionary as a "short duration", not 24 hours. The majority then added to this
insult to confuse the issue even more and let emergency work be done to an
RV, which is a conflict in the CCR's as it is clearly stated "no work can be
performed on any vehicle".

3. False Corruption Alligations against Mr. S.C. Sharma, CMD, NEEPCO stated 'Unlawful' by CBI

Mr. S.C. Sharma (former CMD, NEEPCO) has been cleared by the CBI of the charge of forging the certificates related to BBUNL and M/s CKS Engineers (P) Ltd.

CBI has stated these charges as 'unlawful' and condemned the wasted interest who wrongfully filed them.



5. Keith's Leadership Ability

The Product Process Supervisor position has opened at Best Buy #047. Keith Wood filled out a JOS form and approached the hiring manager, Mark Pacheco. Mark's response was that Keith was not ready, that he lacked the necessary leadership skills and had not been in store long enough to be comfortable with everything.

Keith is disputing this for these reasons:
1) Multiple people Keith works with have stated that they think Keith would be a good Supervisor.
2) Said people have also voiced that they would listen to and respect Keith as Supervisor and as a leader.
3) When asked about the other available candidates, said individuals stated that they believed Keith was the most knowledgable, had the best temperament for the job, and would look out for the team.

This petition is to show how much of the department would support and follow Keith as Supervisor.

6. Windmill Hill Residents Against 3G Mobile Phone Mast

We, the undersigned, object to the erection of a 3G mobile phone mast behind Glenview for reasons as stated on
the website:!!

7. Reinstate Hill Country Village Secretary, Susan Heck

The city council of Hill Country Village voted 3-1 on 11/12/03 to place city secretary, Susan Heck on paid leave. This action was taken at the request of the city administrator, David Harris. Mr. Harris presented as his reasons for requesting Ms. Heck's removal a list of nonspecific and undocumented charges.

All of the many citizens who addressed the council spoke favorably on Ms. Heck's behalf, providing testimony to her 10 years of loyal, efficient, and honest service to everyone in the Hill Country Village residential and commercial district. Disregarding the tax payers stated wishes, the city council proceeded to vote to remove Ms. Heck from her job and fill her position with the complaining party, David Harris.

8. Ban on Lynching Amina

Say No to lynching poor women. I call every human on this earth to let the Nigerian government know that it has no right to allow that Amina be lynched on June as stated. The country has major problems such as illiteracy, HIV, poverty, criminality, unlawfull emigration, highjacked elections at any levels, and so on which need remedies. Killing her will not solve anything. That's why I appeal all the countries to boycott Nigeria's exports. I would also ask the UN to impose tight economic sanctions on the country. No one has the right to kill in the so-called name of God.


There was a time in central Florida when hot dogs were being sold by women in thong bikinis. This resulted in a high percentage of traffic accidents at intersections where these carts were located.

Most counties near Tampa, FL curtailed this activity by adjusting their adult content laws. Rather than taking this approach, Pasco County, Florida has been citing a zoning law that requires all business be transacted in a permanent structure as a basis for shutting down hot dog carts and other mobile food vendors that are otherwise legally licensed to conduct business in Florida.

The enforcement of this law has been very biased and selective. During a meeting in November, 2002 with zoning officials it was stated that all vendors would be treated equally and without bias. As of May, 2003 vendors identified in the meeting have yet to be shut down, while others have been subject to the selective enforcement.