Mark Pacheco
United States of America

The Product Process Supervisor position has opened at Best Buy #047. Keith Wood filled out a JOS form and approached the hiring manager, Mark Pacheco. Mark's response was that Keith was not ready, that he lacked the necessary leadership skills and had not been in store long enough to be comfortable with everything.

Keith is disputing this for these reasons:
1) Multiple people Keith works with have stated that they think Keith would be a good Supervisor.
2) Said people have also voiced that they would listen to and respect Keith as Supervisor and as a leader.
3) When asked about the other available candidates, said individuals stated that they believed Keith was the most knowledgable, had the best temperament for the job, and would look out for the team.

This petition is to show how much of the department would support and follow Keith as Supervisor.

Do you think Keith Wood has the necessary leadership skills, knowledge, and temperament to be Supervisor of the Product Process Team? Would you follow Keith Wood if he was your leader?

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