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There was a time in central Florida when hot dogs were being sold by women in thong bikinis. This resulted in a high percentage of traffic accidents at intersections where these carts were located.

Most counties near Tampa, FL curtailed this activity by adjusting their adult content laws. Rather than taking this approach, Pasco County, Florida has been citing a zoning law that requires all business be transacted in a permanent structure as a basis for shutting down hot dog carts and other mobile food vendors that are otherwise legally licensed to conduct business in Florida.

The enforcement of this law has been very biased and selective. During a meeting in November, 2002 with zoning officials it was stated that all vendors would be treated equally and without bias. As of May, 2003 vendors identified in the meeting have yet to be shut down, while others have been subject to the selective enforcement.

We, the undersigned residents of Pasco County draw the attention of the County Government to the following:
THAT a clear majority of the citizens of Pasco County wish to have the ability to purchase hot dogs and other foods from mobile food vendors.
THAT Pasco county government has effectively shut down mobile food vendor operations by threatening fines of one hundred dollars a day for violating an ambiguous zoning law that requires all business to be transacted in a permanent structure.
THAT at least one Pasco county government official has acknowledged the presence of specific vendors and stated that all vendors would be treated equally. Subsequently, only selected vendors have been targeted with threats of fines.
THEREFORE, your PETITIONERS call upon the Pasco County Government to end the pattern of selective enforcement and to amend any zoning laws to allow the sale of food by mobile food vendors.

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