#Civil Rights
Ministary of Power, Govt. of India

Mr. S.C. Sharma (former CMD, NEEPCO) has been cleared by the CBI of the charge of forging the certificates related to BBUNL and M/s CKS Engineers (P) Ltd.

CBI has stated these charges as 'unlawful' and condemned the wasted interest who wrongfully filed them.

Charges against Mr. S.C Sharma were false and we extend our continued support for Mr.S.C Sharma and despise the wasted interest who are posting false petitions on such a credible website.

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The False Corruption Alligations against Mr. S.C. Sharma, CMD, NEEPCO stated 'Unlawful' by CBI petition to Ministary of Power, Govt. of India was written by Employees, NEEPCO and is in the category Civil Rights at GoPetition.