City Council of Hill Country Village
United States of America

The city council of Hill Country Village voted 3-1 on 11/12/03 to place city secretary, Susan Heck on paid leave. This action was taken at the request of the city administrator, David Harris. Mr. Harris presented as his reasons for requesting Ms. Heck's removal a list of nonspecific and undocumented charges.

All of the many citizens who addressed the council spoke favorably on Ms. Heck's behalf, providing testimony to her 10 years of loyal, efficient, and honest service to everyone in the Hill Country Village residential and commercial district. Disregarding the tax payers stated wishes, the city council proceeded to vote to remove Ms. Heck from her job and fill her position with the complaining party, David Harris.

On November 12, 2003 the council room of Hill Country Village was filled with residents who wished to express concern over the proposal to put our City Secretary, Susan Heck, on paid administrative leave. A memo submitted by David Harris stated he intended to recommend termination of Susan Heck to the Council. There were no negative comments and much praise for the tireless and efficient work she has performed for many, many years. Perhaps you fail to consider the value of her honesty and integrity because she finds things that might reflect poorly on the administration. We the residents of Hill Country Village find her a valuable asset.

We the undersigned with to express our support for Susan Heck who has been a loyal employee and served us well for many years. It is our will that she not be terminated, but be reinstated as City Secretary and Municipal Court Administrator.

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