#Residential Disputes
home owners in the HOA
United States of America

In regard to the recent abortion of a H.O.A. meeting you held last week.

To the majority leaders of the H.O.A, I truly hope that there is a way to recall
everything that you have done.

Maybe the community should start looking at alternative ways to resolve the problems we have within the H.O.A with other means of leadership.

In the last meeting the majority agreed to let RV's park in the H.O.A. for a "brief period" up to 24 hours. Gentlemen the word "brief" is described in any
dictionary as a "short duration", not 24 hours. The majority then added to this
insult to confuse the issue even more and let emergency work be done to an
RV, which is a conflict in the CCR's as it is clearly stated "no work can be
performed on any vehicle".

We, the undersigned Home Owners with residences in the Brighton Ridge HOA
hereby Petition the Brighton Ridge HOA, it's council members and representatives
to Abolish the "pending amendment to allow RV parking" as stated in the proposed addendum.

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