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UN, Delegation of the European Commission to the UN

Dear Excellencies,

I am writing you in response to your criticism over the Government of Macedonia's latest action against the Albanian terrorists (i.e. as you refer to them as "armed rebels and extremists"). Your "disappointment" on how the latest crisis around Aracinovo was handled, had particularly provoked me to express MY bitterness and deep disappointment regarding the following:

1. I am very disappointed to hear that your excellencies have been disturbedby the fact that the Government of Macedonia had to take decisive action against armed groups who threaten the people of Macedonia and use weapons as a tool to legitimize themselves and their actions (often later acting as "the victims themselves"); furthermore, I am equally disappointed by the actions of the Swedish security forces (Sweden is currently presiding
with the EU) against peace protesters in Gothenburg during the EU Summit in mid-June.

2. I am very disappointed that your Excellencies have not taken into consideration the fact that all parties involved in the process of reconstructing Kosovo have failed to restore a lasting peace, law and order in the neighboring Yugoslav province of Kosovo, which permanently produces negative consequences for the peace and stability of the whole region(including the Republic of Macedonia).

3. Furthermore, I am very disappointed and disturbed to see lack of willingness by your respective governments to build multiethnic Kosovo, as previously pledged.

4. Many Macedonian citizens (despite of their ethnic or religious affiliation) are stunned by the fact that international humanitarian
organizations are vigorous only when it comes to helping unfortunate ethnic Albanians and neglecting the others in need.

5. I am alarmed to find out that you have FINALLY been disturbed by the crisis in Macedonia and kindly ask you to go back in time and figure out when was the exact and right time for you to be really upset!

6. I am disappointed to realize that you think it is the Macedonian
Constitution that generates the current crisis. I would kindly refer you to the Constitution of the neighboring Republic of Albania and ask you to read all of it (including its Preamble).

7. I am very disappointed that all of you failed to employ due diligence as you have done so during the peak of the current crisis and "discover" that there is no "Slav" majority - rather ethnic Macedonians and that there is no one third ethnic Albanian population in Macedonia - rather 22,9% according to the 1994 census, conducted (believe it or not) by The Council of Europe itself and its ICOM (International Census Observation Mission) in Macedonia led by Mr. Robert McMurray of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Certain Media based in your respective countries are still insulting a greater majority of the population by naming them "Slavs" which does not correspond to their true ethnic affiliation. We have never heard an affirmative comment from them talking about "citizens of Macedonia" if nothing else.

8. I am very disappointed that my country's name is still FYROM, thanks to your "proved" interest in defending and promoting fundamental human rights and freedoms (among those let me remind you about the freedom of expression and self-determination). In addition, I am insulted by the fact that the EU mission in Skopje represented by Mr. Teixeira is named the "Delegation of the European Commission to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM, Skopje"!

9. Let me remind you that you still have an ongoing obligation and a pledge to protect Macedonia and its borders particularly the volatile one with Kosovo), made in the eve of the NATO intervention against Yugoslavia. Kosovo's well being cannot be constructed on behalf of the misery of its neighbors, just for the sake of "showing its success story" which so far exists not.

10. I am very disappointed that some of your envoys are beginning to "shoulder" and chit chat with those who undeniably want the partition of my country. If that indeed is your last word on Macedonia also, then let us not waste more time and lives and let the demarcation begin immediately, rather than pressure for continuation of a political dialogue containing ridiculous
bargaining over rights and powers which involves parties who per se have no legitimate right to negotiate on such issues exclusively. If you all truly want the stability and the peace in this region your missionaries would at the moment be assisting the government rather than act as a "taxi-service" to all those who came in uninvited, to kill, threaten, block water supplies and force civilians to leave their homes and properties just because they do not fit into their xenophobic scenario and "cause".

11. Dear Excellencies, it is true Macedonia has little money to buy weapons and rockets, but when it comes to defending our values and freedom such money is well spent to our minds. Loyal citizens do not fear legitimate security forces. Criminals do!

12. Let me in the end express my hope that you will reconsider your position toward Macedonia and its certainly "imperfect" Government and convey a clear message of support to those of us who act and work toward further democratization and the European prospective of Macedonia. All those inspired by the "freedom fighters" clearly demonstrated fear and disbelieve in the European integration itself. I guess your Excellencies this is the last chance for you to decide are you going to give a credit to those who would rather stand on the demarcation line, than to those committed to pursue the way of the integration toward Europe, without alternatives and preconditions and no matter how hard and challenging it is.

As you can see I've raised exactly 12 issues for the "12 stars Union". I, and others who sign this petition, will be patiently awaiting your response to each one of them!

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