#Human Rights
Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Escalation of violence continues in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories. Arafat has asked for peace-keeping troops and UN observers to be brought to the region. Sharon has objected. The violence on both sides continues to escalate, and peace is nowhere in sight.

UN Peace Keeping Troops and Observers must be brought in to restore peace in the region before more innocent young Palestinians and Israelis die.

Secretary-General Annan- The time has come for the United Nations to step into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Violence on both sides continues to escalate--and this retaliation approach that both sides are taking means it will never end. Too many young people have died on both sides. The United Nations is the only force that can bring peace to the region. Amnesty International has asked for peacekeeping troops to be brought in. Chairman Arafat asked for UN observers to come in last Septemeber. Now, we, the people of the world are asking. Please send peace keeping troops and observers into Israel and the Occupied West Bank Territories.

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