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1. Change the website "God hates Goths"

"God hates Goths" may well be a joke site, but there is still some risk of someone taking it seriously and/or using those sorts of hate language when around the people whom it could offend.

There is a disclaimer about how it is a satire at one place in the site, but I think that they should really put a disclaimer of some sort on every page, ideally at the top of every page. That way, anyone who happens to get on to any of its pages will know that this is a satirical joke and they should not take it seriously.

"The greatest threat to today's society is the rise of the gothic subculture. Goth is a sinister and violent subculture obsessed with Satanism, Wicca, Vampirism, BDSM, rape, child abuse, Hitler, bondage, sick sexual perversions, serial killers, death, drugs, self mutilation and other sick practices to vile to mention. Goth's are the Devil's Children. In my opinion, Goths are more dangerous to children than pedophiles"

“So let's be straight here. Goths are the lowest form of human trash that has ever crawled upon this good clean earth. 'Garbage people' I call them, and I can assure you that is what they are. Freaks who worship the Devil, who take drugs and molest children, who have pre-marrital sex, who whore themselves, who are obsessed with Vampirism, and abuse handicapped kids, who promote cross-dressing and underaged homosexuality, who behave like wild violent animals that need to be put down, who cut themselves and try to get others to self harm, degrade themselves and attempt suicide and think it is acceptable behaviour. I rate them as detestable as those worthless cerebal palsy retarded creatures they plant at the entrance to Walmart, to welcome shoppers.” "Duuu... welllcuummm... too... wullmart... Duuuuu...". “Because let's face facts here, they are equally as pathetic and repulsive.”

“See, we are at war here. War against the Hell that Earth is becoming. Crack addicted children on the streets, the whores, vampires, Goths, the mentally handicapped, retarded demons with spina bifida and cerebal palsy, mongeloids that behave like wild animals that are prone to sexually gratifying themselves in public, pathetic excuses for humans with brains like dogs, and homosexuals. What kind of a world is this ? That fags can marry and spread their disease ridden seed ? That is why send Aids to cure their kind. Why even now God is preparing for war. Why he sent the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and why he will send many many more atrocities upon this pathetic World. Because we have turned from him, and like a good father he will scold us for it.”

“God is angry with us. Furious that we let open Satanists walk freely among us when the Bible teaches we should be burning them, and we WILL be punished for disobeying our God. He will send calamity after calamity upon you heathens, and he will mock you when you die. Halleluja!”

“These are signs that the end is near, my friends. Just look at the state of our World, that we are over-run with satanic pieces of trash like you. But make no mistake, we will fight this evil head-on by any means at our disposal, with the direct blessing of God himself. Our God, who drowned the wicked world in the great flood, and spared but one man who was worthy. Our God, who cleansed the cities at Sodom and Gomorrah with fire from the skies, wiping out fags and adulterers and idolators. We are all ready and willing to die for our God. I find it quite pathetic that you are all so blind.”

“Goths in my opinion are more dangerous to Children than pedophiles, and need serious psychiatric help. The sooner Goths realise what they have is nothing short of mental illness, the better for everyone concerned.”

“What we can offer you here is ten year of experience in educating young people, such as yourself, about the dangers of the Gothic subculture, and the role that heavy satanic music plays in destroying lives (and brain-cells).”

“If you want to go on being lead around by your nose-rings, then ignore the message of salvation this website offers you. If you want to seek repentance and a new lease of life, that only Jesus Christ can offer you, now is your chance for recovery.” “Our own Rev RG Green estimates that 99.999% of ALL women born today are heading straight to Hell!” “The truth is that so many women are turning away from God, and ignoring important Bible teachings about how they should act, how they should dress, how they should know their places!”

“Though the fact of the matter is that while Bible teaches us MAN will be reunited with his maker. NOWHERE in the Bible does it say that women go to Heaven! In fact we do not even know if women have souls to save! While the Bible teaches God gave MAN an immortal soul, and made woman FOR him, NOWHERE in the Bible does it talk about God giving dogs, cats OR WOMEN a soul!”

“Many people write to me to complain about my Churches views on Handicapped children. They tell me I must be 'wrong in the head' to think this way. That retards are just 'people too'! Do you know that many of these worthless freaks actually believe God created these ugly limbless monsters? I find that highly insulting even to suggest such blasphemy. So I have decided to create this 'God Hates Retards' section, so that people can understand that I am merely trying to educate them into the Bible truths about these vile and repulsive dumb animals. If every filthy retard dropped down dead tomorrow Jesus would weep tears of joy! When a retard dies, God laughs!” The group who supposedly run this site - Parents Against Goth" - claim to be peaceful. I ask you, does any of this hatred sound peaceful to you?

Goths are not always evil; it's just that they have a bad name. I have met at least one of them in my life. Nighttime is not always bad. Remember, Jesus was born in the night. Anyone who has ever worked with someone who has a learning disability will know what great stuff they are capable of. The use of the word "retard" against them is both hateful and ignorant. Women DO have souls. Nowhere in the Bible does it actually say that they don't, and they are God's people, too. "He made them all, both male and female". Look at all of the great, charitable and helpful people in history that were women.

Please remember that, if God does exist (which I believe He does), He is probably a god of love, not hate. Although God may hate some actions/thoughts, such as those of homosexuals, it is not all that likely that He actually hates the people themselves.

God Hates Goths

2. Preserving Pennhurst as a Memorial to the Past and an Investment in the Future

A Call to Preserve: Remembering the Past, Investing in the Future

A Case for Preservation
In the process of collecting stories about life and work at Pennhurst, nearly everyone offers the same refrain: a memorial to the suffering, kindness, and the resiliency of the human spirit all played out at Pennhurst, ought to permanently remain on the site and in the landscape of our cultural memory. Preservation at Pennhurst is a fitting way to remember our past.

But also as an investment in our future, we must consider preserving as much of that once beautiful and theraputic campus as possible. There are real economic and environmental benefits for communities who require preservation as part of their development plans. Those benefits--and the options for adaptive reuse--increase exponentially the more we preserve.

According to Preservation North Carolina, for every $1M spent on preservation versus new construction, each of the following is true: Five to nine more new construction jobs are created; 4.7 new jobs are created elsewhere in the community; $120,000 more initially stays in community; retail sales in the community increase $34,000. As preservation is labor rather than materials intensive, preservation money goes to hire local workers and stays in the community, whereas new construction money is more likely to go to far-off manufacturers and leave the community.

Tearing down buildings as substantially constructed as those at Pennhurst is environmentally irresponsible. It wastes millions of dollars of energy and materials already embodies in the structures; it will require a huge expenditure of fuel to demolish and the debris will overburden our landfills with potentially toxic combinations of materials. The materials used in new construction are highly toxic and energy-consuming to produce. Their use is irresponsible if old matrerials can be reused. Lastly, Pennhurst incorporates design elements that are environmentally friendly and expensive to replicate in new structures.

Preservation techniques can abate or encapsulate hazardous materials as or more cheaply than can be done in demolition. While preservation does not offer a get-rich-quick opportunity, tax incentives associated with it make it an economically feasible option for developers.

For the Forgotten
Reared against a cloud-studded sky high above a graceful curve in the Schuykill River, a mysterious, hauntingly beautiful, seemingly forgotten place casts its shadow into the valley below. It is the fabled Pennhurst State School and Hospital. Its venerable administration building, a formidable Jacobean Revival monument, has presided over the sprawling campus for over a century. At its height, Pennhurst was a self-sustaining community, with its own farms, power plant, and fire company, all staffed in no small part by the school’s thousands of intellectually and developmentally disabled residents. Also a major local employer, Pennhurst’s population dwarfed that of surrounding towns.

The campus buildings have come to symbolize Pennhurst—not just as a public institution, but as the setting of countless private and deeply personal stories that tell the tale of how we as a people have treated those we have defined as “others.”

The now forlorn façades provide little to suggest that the eyes of the entire nation were once intimately focused on the campus sprawled out under the administration building’s watch. Through Bill Baldini’s 1968 NBC documentary "Suffer the Little Children" and subsequent Supreme Court cases, the nation saw in these red brick structures the dreadful plight of thousands of Pennhurst residents.

The architecture’s pampered detail disguised a systemic malaise and bureaucratic apathy imperiling generations of confined innocents. “Granite walls of ignorance and social blindness,” as Baldini called them, masked the neglectful decay of Pennhurst’s residents. They, like the campus on the hill today, were intentionally forgotten.

A Place of Hope Amid Despair
Yet Pennhurst was also a place of an American awakening. Originally known as the Eastern Pennsylvania Institution for the Feeble Minded and Epileptic, Pennhurst was once seen as a model institution. It was a product of a self-proclaimed “progressive” era when the solution to dealing with disability was forced segregation and sterilization. Since the 18th century—a similarly self-proclaimed age of enlightenment—people with illness and disabilities were labeled “defectives.” As late as 1820, such “defectives,” along with other dependent “deviant” groups such as aged paupers and the sick poor, were grouped together and sold to the lowest bidder. A similarly conceived philosophy of disposal at the lowest cost was played out time and again at Pennhurst.

If only slowly and person-by-person, a growing and maturing society reconsidered this philosophy. History written at Pennhurst demonstrated that what was once held out as the only right option was in fact hopelessly wrong.

In contrast to the narratives of intense and prolonged tragedy, Pennhurst’s largely untold stories of deep compassion and great character evidence a rise of kind conscience that inspires yet today. One Pennhurst staff member recalls how she and others would volunteer their time on Saturdays and Sundays to clean the residents—most of whom could not toilet themselves—since the state budget did not allocate for housekeeping services on weekends. Another describes sharing holidays at her home with Pennhurst residents whose own families had long since stopped visiting.

But, also as shared by a former employee, there is another, rarely considered aspect to the Pennhurst story that is perhaps its most important: the indomitable and unbreakable power of the human spirit displayed every day by the residents themselves.

Despite the obstacles institutionalization presented, many of Pennhurst’s residents found ways to prosper. “They lived lives of inner dignity and grace” in an ammonia-washed world designed to strip that dignity from them. “This was especially true of the individuals who made up the ‘working patient’ group. Day in and day out, they proved their worth helping to care for their worse-off peers by assisting the paid staff in nearly every aspect of life at Pennhurst. “Even the most severely disabled found ways to assert their individuality and retain their humanity in the face of a system that dehumanized them in a million different ways. Many people who were told for years that they could not succeed beyond Pennhurst's gates proved the ‘professionals’ wrong, going on to live independent lives of worth and value” in the community long after the administration building’s great oaken doors slammed shut for the last time.

Just as we remember the sadness, we need also acknowledge these quiet triumphs of the human spirit.

What Pennhurst has to Teach Us
In a time when sound bytes distill the human story to a trite near-falsity, Pennhurst offers a story of dauntingly rich complexity.

But the themes Pennhurst represents come clearly:

* the power of conscience-driven people to do the right thing against the odds;
* the cost of apathy and willful blindness;
* the danger of classifying those different from us as “other”;
* the resulting propensity to treat the “other” in a manner unbefitting of the common standards of human dignity;
* the fallacy of resignation that comes when we think we are incapable of curing ills larger than ourselves.
* and lastly, the true strength of the human spirit

We are the living beneficiaries of these lessons from the past embodied in brick and mortar at Pennhurst. As such, we have a solemn duty not only to remember these lessons but to pass them on.

Though the entire Pennhurst campus was deemed eligible for the National Historic Register, time, vandals, and vagrants have taken their toll. Recently, the property was sold and there are fears that what remains of the Pennhurst property will be sacrificed to the onslaught of suburban sprawl. The long endured policy of forgetting about Pennhurst—its residents, its story—cannot persist.

Join us in overcoming complacency and putting aside notions that preservation here is impossible. Preservation is very possible and we can do it if our efforts are concerted. We are presented with a variety of options for preservation. While there has been significant deterioration, the buildings are structurally sound. A program of adaptive reuse could offer profitable new life as well as provide a lasting, living memorial.

There is reason to believe the developer and the township are open to the idea of preservation. The developer himself has said he would like to find a use for the property of which local residents will be proud. Certainly, we can all be proud of a memorial annd adaptive reuse. However, to make it happen, we must channel our support and direct it to action. To that end, please consider signing the following petition.

Additionally, please consider sharing your Pennhurst stories by going to or through the forum on this website.

3. Save Children from Insane Parents

Have you heard about the "Andrea Yates" case? This is the woman who killed her five children. She claimed insanity and facts were proven she was mentally ill when she did it.

For many years there were factors of doctors stating this but she still was allowed to keep her children and have more. What about "LaShuan Harris" She did the same as Andrea Yates by drowning her three children also. They both said their kids needed to be saved and go to God by drowning them. Where does that leave the kids? Yes, dead.

4. Lead free housing for our children

Jan 23, 2006

In march 2005 I rented a home from Dayne Davis Realitor unaware of the serious consequences that would fall upon my one yr old son.

From the fist day we moved in my baby seemed to have changed mentally the things he once did like walking and talking all came to a stop and little by little he seem to get sicker often with high fevers of 106 to viral infections and having to go to the doctor at leat twice a month.

So they decided to give him a lead test and it was my worst fear his levels was at 10. I was contacted by the health dept (Kimberly Noble) to have the home cleaned of lead and was told to contact the landlord. I did and to my despise he gave me a seven day notice and he just recieved my rent money two days prior.

I had just moved in i got the results in June and was informed by the doctor and health dept it was a matter he has to clean. (He refused.) So i got a lawyer (Brian Smith) which informed me of my rights and told me he just can't throw me out because my baby was sick. Mr. Smith also informed my landlord Dayne Davis whom agreed to clean the house if i would not sue him for medical and emotional expenses especially since i was Eight months pregnant at the time. So he had me to leave my home for seven days assuring me the home would be cleaned up and so i did. When i returned home and after the court proceding was stopped i realized that the inside of the home wasent done only the front porch.

I called Dayne Davis and informed him of the situation because paint chips was still in the home he told me they hepa vac the home and it was safe that all i would need to do is bleach the windows and everything would be fine. so i did. The paint started to chip again and i notice my baby was getting sicker, around this time he took me to court to file for eviction two months later in Sept becuase of the funds i wouldnt give him until the home was cleaned which was just for june 2005 after he agreed with my lawyer not to take legal action especially since he wouldnt take my funds anyways.So i payed him and to my surprise my son is getting more violent, angry and now he cant talk anymore, hes also throws horrible temper tantrums and he cant even focus. So i was advised by his family doctor Dr. Saeed that his levels had increased to 15 and to send him to an A.D.H.A specialist Dr. Chheda, whom diagnosed my son with A.D.H.A Behavior conduct disorder, and refers him to a speech, and behavior therapist as well as phychrioist. Hes now deemed mentally retarded and the cause was Lead Poising now he is prescribed medicine to help him focus and calm down. I informed Dayne Davis that i was notified by the health dept for the second time and salem houseing comission(which cleans lead in homes) and they agreed to clean the home with his signature. He refused and torn up my paper then threated me by calling the police all over him signing the paper so i can have a healthY safe living environment.Dayne Davis even went so far to tell me "I DISLIKE YOU PEOPLE" you people he has some neverve, my son could have died over his lack of sincerity and unsafe house. That he was aware unsafe, he lied just to recieve my funds and now my sons life is worth nothing, and i need help.

He also told me " I WANT YOU TO MOVE YOU CANT PROVE THERE IS LEAD IN THE HOUSE IF I EVICT YOU ITS YOUR WORD AGAINST MINE AND I CAN MOVE ANYOTHER FAMILY IN". Please someone whoever has a ear let him hear and whoever has a heart let it speak the truth and help me for my sons sake. My son is too young to understand why hes sick and why he dosent deserve to live in a safe environment.

We have a voice and needs it to be heard, please stop him Dayne Davis before he rents a home to another child this time the child might not be as lucky as mine he/she might not make it. My newborn is only 4 mos and has already been sick often but shes too young to be tested, will someone please help me.

5. Penguin Mods Who Must Go

I have decided to update the more "civil" petition here,

so that all can view the signatures. Please use your real names/screen names, that is what wil get the job done. Not fictional ones. Thanks. -SirBrad

Dec 28, 2005

This is a petition for the owners of Penguin Magic to remove a few extremely immature, and mentally challenged 'so called moderators' who are continuing to make the Penguin forums a place of misery for all members.

These incompetent, and mentally handicapped kiddies are only concerned about getting off daily from their alleged power trips, by locking, editing, and deleting topics that do not even need edited. They also continue to torture all the members with their prepubescent mentalities, and the spelling and Grammar that would make a pre-school student look like a college graduate.

The main mods in question are, bravesaint, wiggy191, and jak. AKA: 'The three stooges.' These three morons are probably the most stupid idiots that I personally have ever seen attempt to type on an internet forum, let alone try to moderate. bravesaint is the alleged leader of the retard squad, the others simply follow suit. bravesaint, an inane, incoherent moron who claims to do magic professionally full-time, yet somehow manages to be on forums 24/7 locking/deleting/editing topics, thus throwing in his last nonsensical, and extremely poor/kiddie like last jabs.

This so called full-time professional also still lives at home with his dad. What torture that must be for that poor guy. But getting back to the point at hand, as it is entirely too easy, and time consuming to list brave's faults, and failures in life, please vote to have these preposterous, and asinine forum losers demoted as soon as possible. They are specifically the main reason why many great members have left the forums, and why all those same members will never buy another product from Penguin again while they are still in their very poorly appointed positions of 'moderator.'

These lame-brained, senseless, and introverted misfits make Penguin look bad every single day by their so called "representation," and even though they most likely could not live their pathetic lives anymore after a demotion, as their lives solely depend on being looked upon as an 'authority figure' by 10 year olds, especially bravesaint, I am afraid this decision is for the betterment of literally thousands upon thousands of members, and the putrid stench of these three morons has lingered on long enough.

So I ask that you please sign the petition, and vote to eliminate the scum of Penguin town, so that it may then continue to grow and prosper as a magic discussion forum in general, and actually influence members to participate, not have scum tell them to "just leave." Because let's face it, when they do leave they will also be taking their wallets, and their parent's credit cards with them also. So actually these mentally defective nitwits are costing Penguin a lot of money by remaining mods, and causing everyone else A LOT of unnecessary grief.

So please vote, and hopefully the admins will finally see the light and demote these ignoramus, nincompoops as soon as possible, and finally realize what a very poor decision it was long ago to even appoint such lowlifes as mods in the first place, as they have been told now for about 3 years. Then we can all get back to posting positively, and constructively as usual, and without fear of our posts being edited by a few prepubescent, power happy, authority wannabes, who are actually too stupid to ever have any real authority in life. Thank you. Petition Creator - Sirbrad

6. Make Human Services of Wisconsin Accountable for their mistakes

Mistake 2: In December of 2003 I contacted Elizabeth Gilbertson to inform her that I was going to give notice at work and go back to school. I was terrified of these people I worked with. They felt no shame for lying. Just to cause trouble they would lie. The final straw was when an agent e-mailed me with "missing money in the subject line of the e-mail. I went to the Union and Attorney Radosovich. They both said not to worry. I was not willing to take any such chance since I was in charge of all the money DOC took in. I wanted to be sure that Katherine and Daniel would have health care.

I knew that I would not financially be able to replace health care for my family. I was assured by Elizabeth Gilbertson that the children would be eligible Katie would continue on Title 19 and the CIP and Daniel would be eligible for Badger care as well as me.

ABC's for Health and Family Services of Sheboygan also confirmed what Ms. Gilbertson had said.

I also informed Elizabeth Gilbertson in January that I would be unable to pay the cost share of $364 she said, "don't worry about it."

They did cut all of our health care. The total financial cost is above 150,000.00 I did print the e-mail as proof and showed it to the Attorney and the Union Steve Pfundtner..

7. Abolish Bathroom Use Policy at Peru Community Schools

Petition against Peru Community Schools for Bathroom Use Punishment.

There has been a situation during this 2004-2005 school year that was brought to my attention by my children. They were being punished with standing on the wall at recess for needing to use the restroom. I, Walter Campbell Jr., approached Thomas McKaig in a private meeting about the situation. I was told it is the teachers' discretion on how to handle bathroom privileges and that he had asked a Dr. and was told children could go 4 hours without needing to use the restroom. As you will find in my research, it is healthy for a child to use the restroom at least every 2 hours if not more. I brought up that children will have accidents from holding it and not wanting to get in trouble and his response was "Well more children haven't had accidents than have had accidents". I don't think these children should even have the opportunity to have an accident. Every child is different and they drink different amounts of liquid, body retains liquid differently, bladder sizes differ, along with many other differences in children. As I see it using the restroom is not a privilege, it is a necessity for health and psychological reasons. Nothing further was done to investigate the situation.

I did some research on the harms of children not being able to use the restroom and sent these items to school with my children and they were returned to me. The documentation can be viewed at or .

My children are now allowed to go to the restroom when they need to without punishment, but ONLY my children. They are also being treated differently as they do not get in trouble when clearly they should or being let to do things any other child would not ordinarily be allowed to do. This is being done to keep me from filing a lawsuit about the bathroom policy. I do not feel this is fair to the rest of the children in the Peru Community School Corporation, as now this is discrimination to the other children, and ask that something be done. We as adults have OSHA to protect us and it is law that we are able to use the restroom at any time needed, why not our children.

I do know that at Blair Pointe that there are some classes where children are not allowed to use the restroom at all when asked. Then we have Jr. High and High School, where they are given 5 minutes between classes to get books, go to restroom, and make it across the school to get to class. This is not enough time for a normal human to complete such tasks.

I think that the school system has to understand that they need to conform to the needs of the students, not to the needs of the facility. We pay the taxes to keep our schools running and to teach our children. Teaching them that using the restroom is a punishable act is not what we as Miami County residents pay for.

I feel it is our responsibility as parents to know what our schools bathroom use policy is and remedy the situation so that our children know that using the restroom is a normal bodily function and not a punishable act. We as parents have an obligation to be sure our children are safe from physical and mental harm, but letting our schools punish children for a natural body function is considered abuse both physically and mentally. Continued denial of bathroom use will eventually harm our children physically and if they wet themselves they will be harmed mentally.

8. Mentally challanged civil-human rights

Mentally challanged girl's civil rights to see family.

Bonnie Ditmyer is a 26 yr old mentally challanged girl. She is not allowed to see her halfbrother and halfsister even though she wants to. We are taking this petition to the American Civil Liberties Union to force her guardian into letting Bonnie see them.


Ex-Inmates, Murderers and the Mentally Ill, have now been sent to live among our elderly, in state run nursing centers in residential communities. Rapists and murderers are roaming the streets from 8am to dusk with no supervision, and are allowed to live with elderly people who can't defend themselves.

In Hazel Crest a south suburb of Chicago, an eighty year old man was brutally beaten when a man broke his window of the retirement center he lived in and savagely beat him to death. His killer was apprehended, but to the shock of the community and the local Police department, the James Riesners killer lived just behind his residence at the Imperial Nursing Facility. He was a 2 time offender and was released from prision and sent to the nursing home because of mental illness. We as a community and a nation should not have these people living in nursing homes around elderly people who are afraid.