#Children's Rights
Citizens of the United States and Congress
United States of America

Have you heard about the "Andrea Yates" case? This is the woman who killed her five children. She claimed insanity and facts were proven she was mentally ill when she did it.

For many years there were factors of doctors stating this but she still was allowed to keep her children and have more. What about "LaShuan Harris" She did the same as Andrea Yates by drowning her three children also. They both said their kids needed to be saved and go to God by drowning them. Where does that leave the kids? Yes, dead.

We, the undersigned, petition against the practice of mentally ill people keeping custody of children or being physically allowed to have more children if they are not capable mentally to do it.

The picture is clear and an amendment needs to be added to the rights of a mother that if she is mentally ill that she should either give up custody rights or "become sterilized" to prevent the loss of a child's life.

It is obvious that insanity is being allowed as an excuse to kill children.

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