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"God hates Goths" may well be a joke site, but there is still some risk of someone taking it seriously and/or using those sorts of hate language when around the people whom it could offend.

There is a disclaimer about how it is a satire at one place in the site, but I think that they should really put a disclaimer of some sort on every page, ideally at the top of every page. That way, anyone who happens to get on to any of its pages will know that this is a satirical joke and they should not take it seriously.

"The greatest threat to today's society is the rise of the gothic subculture. Goth is a sinister and violent subculture obsessed with Satanism, Wicca, Vampirism, BDSM, rape, child abuse, Hitler, bondage, sick sexual perversions, serial killers, death, drugs, self mutilation and other sick practices to vile to mention. Goth's are the Devil's Children. In my opinion, Goths are more dangerous to children than pedophiles"

“So let's be straight here. Goths are the lowest form of human trash that has ever crawled upon this good clean earth. 'Garbage people' I call them, and I can assure you that is what they are. Freaks who worship the Devil, who take drugs and molest children, who have pre-marrital sex, who whore themselves, who are obsessed with Vampirism, and abuse handicapped kids, who promote cross-dressing and underaged homosexuality, who behave like wild violent animals that need to be put down, who cut themselves and try to get others to self harm, degrade themselves and attempt suicide and think it is acceptable behaviour. I rate them as detestable as those worthless cerebal palsy retarded creatures they plant at the entrance to Walmart, to welcome shoppers.” "Duuu... welllcuummm... too... wullmart... Duuuuu...". “Because let's face facts here, they are equally as pathetic and repulsive.”

“See, we are at war here. War against the Hell that Earth is becoming. Crack addicted children on the streets, the whores, vampires, Goths, the mentally handicapped, retarded demons with spina bifida and cerebal palsy, mongeloids that behave like wild animals that are prone to sexually gratifying themselves in public, pathetic excuses for humans with brains like dogs, and homosexuals. What kind of a world is this ? That fags can marry and spread their disease ridden seed ? That is why send Aids to cure their kind. Why even now God is preparing for war. Why he sent the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and why he will send many many more atrocities upon this pathetic World. Because we have turned from him, and like a good father he will scold us for it.”

“God is angry with us. Furious that we let open Satanists walk freely among us when the Bible teaches we should be burning them, and we WILL be punished for disobeying our God. He will send calamity after calamity upon you heathens, and he will mock you when you die. Halleluja!”

“These are signs that the end is near, my friends. Just look at the state of our World, that we are over-run with satanic pieces of trash like you. But make no mistake, we will fight this evil head-on by any means at our disposal, with the direct blessing of God himself. Our God, who drowned the wicked world in the great flood, and spared but one man who was worthy. Our God, who cleansed the cities at Sodom and Gomorrah with fire from the skies, wiping out fags and adulterers and idolators. We are all ready and willing to die for our God. I find it quite pathetic that you are all so blind.”

“Goths in my opinion are more dangerous to Children than pedophiles, and need serious psychiatric help. The sooner Goths realise what they have is nothing short of mental illness, the better for everyone concerned.”

“What we can offer you here is ten year of experience in educating young people, such as yourself, about the dangers of the Gothic subculture, and the role that heavy satanic music plays in destroying lives (and brain-cells).”

“If you want to go on being lead around by your nose-rings, then ignore the message of salvation this website offers you. If you want to seek repentance and a new lease of life, that only Jesus Christ can offer you, now is your chance for recovery.” “Our own Rev RG Green estimates that 99.999% of ALL women born today are heading straight to Hell!” “The truth is that so many women are turning away from God, and ignoring important Bible teachings about how they should act, how they should dress, how they should know their places!”

“Though the fact of the matter is that while Bible teaches us MAN will be reunited with his maker. NOWHERE in the Bible does it say that women go to Heaven! In fact we do not even know if women have souls to save! While the Bible teaches God gave MAN an immortal soul, and made woman FOR him, NOWHERE in the Bible does it talk about God giving dogs, cats OR WOMEN a soul!”

“Many people write to me to complain about my Churches views on Handicapped children. They tell me I must be 'wrong in the head' to think this way. That retards are just 'people too'! Do you know that many of these worthless freaks actually believe God created these ugly limbless monsters? I find that highly insulting even to suggest such blasphemy. So I have decided to create this 'God Hates Retards' section, so that people can understand that I am merely trying to educate them into the Bible truths about these vile and repulsive dumb animals. If every filthy retard dropped down dead tomorrow Jesus would weep tears of joy! When a retard dies, God laughs!” The group who supposedly run this site - Parents Against Goth" - claim to be peaceful. I ask you, does any of this hatred sound peaceful to you?

Goths are not always evil; it's just that they have a bad name. I have met at least one of them in my life. Nighttime is not always bad. Remember, Jesus was born in the night. Anyone who has ever worked with someone who has a learning disability will know what great stuff they are capable of. The use of the word "retard" against them is both hateful and ignorant. Women DO have souls. Nowhere in the Bible does it actually say that they don't, and they are God's people, too. "He made them all, both male and female". Look at all of the great, charitable and helpful people in history that were women.

Please remember that, if God does exist (which I believe He does), He is probably a god of love, not hate. Although God may hate some actions/thoughts, such as those of homosexuals, it is not all that likely that He actually hates the people themselves.

God Hates Goths

We, the undersigned, ask that this extremely offensive website be removed and that these people be banned from ever starting up a new one.

We also ask that they be made to disband their group and find something less hateful to do with their lives.

While some of us may love and believe in God and all of His creations, we do not support this kind of hatred.

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