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Ex-Inmates, Murderers and the Mentally Ill, have now been sent to live among our elderly, in state run nursing centers in residential communities. Rapists and murderers are roaming the streets from 8am to dusk with no supervision, and are allowed to live with elderly people who can't defend themselves.

In Hazel Crest a south suburb of Chicago, an eighty year old man was brutally beaten when a man broke his window of the retirement center he lived in and savagely beat him to death. His killer was apprehended, but to the shock of the community and the local Police department, the James Riesners killer lived just behind his residence at the Imperial Nursing Facility. He was a 2 time offender and was released from prision and sent to the nursing home because of mental illness. We as a community and a nation should not have these people living in nursing homes around elderly people who are afraid.

We, the undersigned, petition to stop ex-imates and mentally ill persons from residing at residential nursing home facilities.

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