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Jan 23, 2006

In march 2005 I rented a home from Dayne Davis Realitor unaware of the serious consequences that would fall upon my one yr old son.

From the fist day we moved in my baby seemed to have changed mentally the things he once did like walking and talking all came to a stop and little by little he seem to get sicker often with high fevers of 106 to viral infections and having to go to the doctor at leat twice a month.

So they decided to give him a lead test and it was my worst fear his levels was at 10. I was contacted by the health dept (Kimberly Noble) to have the home cleaned of lead and was told to contact the landlord. I did and to my despise he gave me a seven day notice and he just recieved my rent money two days prior.

I had just moved in i got the results in June and was informed by the doctor and health dept it was a matter he has to clean. (He refused.) So i got a lawyer (Brian Smith) which informed me of my rights and told me he just can't throw me out because my baby was sick. Mr. Smith also informed my landlord Dayne Davis whom agreed to clean the house if i would not sue him for medical and emotional expenses especially since i was Eight months pregnant at the time. So he had me to leave my home for seven days assuring me the home would be cleaned up and so i did. When i returned home and after the court proceding was stopped i realized that the inside of the home wasent done only the front porch.

I called Dayne Davis and informed him of the situation because paint chips was still in the home he told me they hepa vac the home and it was safe that all i would need to do is bleach the windows and everything would be fine. so i did. The paint started to chip again and i notice my baby was getting sicker, around this time he took me to court to file for eviction two months later in Sept becuase of the funds i wouldnt give him until the home was cleaned which was just for june 2005 after he agreed with my lawyer not to take legal action especially since he wouldnt take my funds anyways.So i payed him and to my surprise my son is getting more violent, angry and now he cant talk anymore, hes also throws horrible temper tantrums and he cant even focus. So i was advised by his family doctor Dr. Saeed that his levels had increased to 15 and to send him to an A.D.H.A specialist Dr. Chheda, whom diagnosed my son with A.D.H.A Behavior conduct disorder, and refers him to a speech, and behavior therapist as well as phychrioist. Hes now deemed mentally retarded and the cause was Lead Poising now he is prescribed medicine to help him focus and calm down. I informed Dayne Davis that i was notified by the health dept for the second time and salem houseing comission(which cleans lead in homes) and they agreed to clean the home with his signature. He refused and torn up my paper then threated me by calling the police all over him signing the paper so i can have a healthY safe living environment.Dayne Davis even went so far to tell me "I DISLIKE YOU PEOPLE" you people he has some neverve, my son could have died over his lack of sincerity and unsafe house. That he was aware unsafe, he lied just to recieve my funds and now my sons life is worth nothing, and i need help.

He also told me " I WANT YOU TO MOVE YOU CANT PROVE THERE IS LEAD IN THE HOUSE IF I EVICT YOU ITS YOUR WORD AGAINST MINE AND I CAN MOVE ANYOTHER FAMILY IN". Please someone whoever has a ear let him hear and whoever has a heart let it speak the truth and help me for my sons sake. My son is too young to understand why hes sick and why he dosent deserve to live in a safe environment.

We have a voice and needs it to be heard, please stop him Dayne Davis before he rents a home to another child this time the child might not be as lucky as mine he/she might not make it. My newborn is only 4 mos and has already been sick often but shes too young to be tested, will someone please help me.

We, the undersigned, want tighter health controls on all rental housing. We want lead free housing for our children.

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