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I have decided to update the more "civil" petition here,


so that all can view the signatures. Please use your real names/screen names, that is what wil get the job done. Not fictional ones. Thanks. -SirBrad

Dec 28, 2005

This is a petition for the owners of Penguin Magic to remove a few extremely immature, and mentally challenged 'so called moderators' who are continuing to make the Penguin forums a place of misery for all members.

These incompetent, and mentally handicapped kiddies are only concerned about getting off daily from their alleged power trips, by locking, editing, and deleting topics that do not even need edited. They also continue to torture all the members with their prepubescent mentalities, and the spelling and Grammar that would make a pre-school student look like a college graduate.

The main mods in question are, bravesaint, wiggy191, and jak. AKA: 'The three stooges.' These three morons are probably the most stupid idiots that I personally have ever seen attempt to type on an internet forum, let alone try to moderate. bravesaint is the alleged leader of the retard squad, the others simply follow suit. bravesaint, an inane, incoherent moron who claims to do magic professionally full-time, yet somehow manages to be on forums 24/7 locking/deleting/editing topics, thus throwing in his last nonsensical, and extremely poor/kiddie like last jabs.

This so called full-time professional also still lives at home with his dad. What torture that must be for that poor guy. But getting back to the point at hand, as it is entirely too easy, and time consuming to list brave's faults, and failures in life, please vote to have these preposterous, and asinine forum losers demoted as soon as possible. They are specifically the main reason why many great members have left the forums, and why all those same members will never buy another product from Penguin again while they are still in their very poorly appointed positions of 'moderator.'

These lame-brained, senseless, and introverted misfits make Penguin look bad every single day by their so called "representation," and even though they most likely could not live their pathetic lives anymore after a demotion, as their lives solely depend on being looked upon as an 'authority figure' by 10 year olds, especially bravesaint, I am afraid this decision is for the betterment of literally thousands upon thousands of members, and the putrid stench of these three morons has lingered on long enough.

So I ask that you please sign the petition, and vote to eliminate the scum of Penguin town, so that it may then continue to grow and prosper as a magic discussion forum in general, and actually influence members to participate, not have scum tell them to "just leave." Because let's face it, when they do leave they will also be taking their wallets, and their parent's credit cards with them also. So actually these mentally defective nitwits are costing Penguin a lot of money by remaining mods, and causing everyone else A LOT of unnecessary grief.

So please vote, and hopefully the admins will finally see the light and demote these ignoramus, nincompoops as soon as possible, and finally realize what a very poor decision it was long ago to even appoint such lowlifes as mods in the first place, as they have been told now for about 3 years. Then we can all get back to posting positively, and constructively as usual, and without fear of our posts being edited by a few prepubescent, power happy, authority wannabes, who are actually too stupid to ever have any real authority in life. Thank you. Petition Creator - Sirbrad

We, the undersigned, call for the immediate removal of all incompetent Penguin Mods.

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