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Mistake 2: In December of 2003 I contacted Elizabeth Gilbertson to inform her that I was going to give notice at work and go back to school. I was terrified of these people I worked with. They felt no shame for lying. Just to cause trouble they would lie. The final straw was when an agent e-mailed me with "missing money in the subject line of the e-mail. I went to the Union and Attorney Radosovich. They both said not to worry. I was not willing to take any such chance since I was in charge of all the money DOC took in. I wanted to be sure that Katherine and Daniel would have health care.

I knew that I would not financially be able to replace health care for my family. I was assured by Elizabeth Gilbertson that the children would be eligible Katie would continue on Title 19 and the CIP and Daniel would be eligible for Badger care as well as me.

ABC's for Health and Family Services of Sheboygan also confirmed what Ms. Gilbertson had said.

I also informed Elizabeth Gilbertson in January that I would be unable to pay the cost share of $364 she said, "don't worry about it."

They did cut all of our health care. The total financial cost is above 150,000.00 I did print the e-mail as proof and showed it to the Attorney and the Union Steve Pfundtner..

Hold Wisconsin Human Services accountable for their mistakes.

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