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The latest and most disturbing threat to privacy is the FBI's latest toy "Carnivore". Carnivore is an eavesdropping device that devours private e-mail and spits out interesting parts for scrutiny. The FBI already has attached Carnivore to the e-mail hardware at some Internet service providers. Though it won't say where. Carnivore is intended to rifle through potential criminals' Internet traffic after police obtain a court order. But the tool gives the FBI the ability to track not just the individual named in the court order, but also everyone who uses the same server at the Internet service provider. This program brings to a peak government attempts to control Internet users. This petition will be sent to the Attorney General Janet Reno and hopefully increase pubic awareness that big brother can now read your e-mail's.

To the Attorney General of the United States, we the undersigned demand that the FBI comply with the Freedom of Information Act and publicly release all FBI records concerning Carnivore, including the source code, other technical details, and legal analyses addressing the potential privacy implications of the technology.

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