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Shaw Cable Systems

Shaw Cable Systems operates Shaw High Speed Internet and imposes monthly bandwidth limitations in the area of 3 gigabytes a month download. This limit is much too low when you consider the rich multimedia content of today's internet, and the nature in which they advertise that they will bring you this rich content.

Dear Shaw Cable Systems,

I would like to hearby express my discontent towards your current download limits for Shaw High Speed internet customers. By limiting customers to three (3) gigabytes of download a month, you are limiting them to only one hundred (100) megabytes of download a day, which can easilly be eaten up by the rich multimedia that you advertise as available to your high speed customers, and the increasing size of web pages which more and more now include Macromedia Flash content, streaming video or audio, as well as content like movie trailers, streaming news presentations, and large images.

I would like to suggest that you consider increasing the daily bandwidth allocation to at least ten (10) gigabytes a month, which will give users the chance to experience the rich content of the internet that your service "specializes" in.

Thank you.

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