TimeWarner Cable/ Road Runner Online
United States of America

This is a petition to make Time Warner realise that power users (People who use lots of bandwidth are their true customers). I personally probably use 4 times the bandwidth of their normal user and many of you do too. But, who convinced all of their other customers to sign up. Me and you. I have signed up 3 people personally.


I as a member of RoadRunner High speed internet think that it is ridiculous that Time Warner and Road Runner would even consider implementing such drastic measures to cut costs. If Time Warner implements this course of action, I will promptly discontinue my service and sign up with a rival internet provider (Whether it be DSL, or another cable provider such as Earthlink). US "Cable Modem Hogs" are the truely loyal customers of Road Runner and often refer other memebers to the service. We have the power to sway people to sign up with a competitors products.

We believe that if Time Warner/Road Runner should do anything,that they should follow in the footsteeps of dsl providers. The should instead implement a guranteed download speed that no one can exceed with the option to purchase more speed for a higher fee.

Please Reconsider your position on this.

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