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Time Warner Cable is one of the nations largest high-speed bandwidth ISP's. For years and years they have offered broadband connections that many of us use on a daily basis. They have recently announced that they are planning on raising rates for heavy bandwidth users who will pay an additional monthly fee. This means a monthly bandwdith limit which end users are not able to monitor. We are supposed to put our trust into TWC to charge us what they feel is fair.

This is pretty much equal to 'Big Monopolistic Corporations make another money squeeze. No real competition allowed.'

Another show of greed.... Time Warner is not loosing money. They are diverse in many areas of telecommunications, TV, etc.... This is no different than lets say.... hmmm... Record labels creating anti copy-protection that denies a consumer from making "legal copies" for themselves in order to suck more money from our pockets. Yes, there is a thing called inflation.... Yes, companies need to raise prices to equal the overhead... But in this case and many others, they are just plain old greedy. Time Warner and other ISP's lure their customers with fixed rates and then they hijack them by raising prices knowing we will pay because there are few options. It's the ol' way of fisting the public for more and more money.

There is only one way to deal with greedy companies... What's the magic word you may ask? BOYCOTT!!!! It has worked before. If companies think they will loose a majority of their customer base, they will back away from "bad" pricing, marketing, and other business strategies.

Here is what I suggest:

1: spread the word that RR (Road Runner) will hike their prices. Make sure to clarify that it is not because of "illegal" activities, hell I can suck up bandwidth just playing online games. Point out that it can effect everyone, the day trader, the gamer, the average user, EVERYONE.....

Second: Encourage people to flood Time Warner with e-mail, phone calls, and other means expressing that such price hikes are simply unacceptable. This will only work if they receive complaints on a mass scale.

Third: If Time Warner continues with their future business model, then we all need to boycott them. This too must happen on a mass scale. Its up to "US" the users to put an end to ISP price gouging. If you don't, then you are only bitching sideways (someone who complains but never takes action).

Now, if that it is the case, (people only bitching sideways) Time Warner will continue to make everyone bend over and you can bet others will follow soon. So, lets all make a pact to declare WAR on AOL, Time Warner, and other ISP's who feel that sucking the consumer for every last penny is good business.

We the undersigned feel that Time Warner Cable's decision to raise the price of high-speed internet and cap bandwidth is wrong. We understand that the goal of a business is to make money but robbing your customers blind to keep your corporate bigwigs rich is not ethical. We request that Time Warner cable reverse their decision to raise the cost of high-speed internet access or we will discontinue our services and seek out the advantages of your competition.

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