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1. Build within the Bylaws Guelph

John Galt conceived of a city that was built 'for the people'; not 'to access the infrastructure funds'. Funding grants should not get in the way of sound decision making.

We urge the developer, the City of Guelph and our Councilors to work together with the community to create a housing development that is something all of us are proud of and that fits within our downtown, both now and in the future.


Currently there are only 2 roller skating rinks west of Toronto. One being in London, the other is in Mississauga, which will be closing(quote from the former owner/leasor) within the next 2 -3 years possibly. There is 1 other rink that operates during the summer months only in Hamilton @ Pier 8, weather permitting.

We are in desperate need of a rink to satisfy the needs of people from all age categories. There are multiple Roller Derby organizations whom also need a regular rink to practice in & to compete. It would also be a great place for speed skating clubs & artistic skating clubs by giving them the space to get them to a world class performance level.

People need a place, especially the youth of today, to gather, exercise & socialize in safety. This would offer something to everyone of all ages.

3. Support the Yorklands Green Hub

We, the undersigned, hereby affirm our endorsement of and interest in the following proposal:

To create a living lab/green hub on a portion of the Guelph Correctional Centre land where people, groups and businesses will come together to develop and promote resilient and sustainable innovations related to energy use and conservation, water use and protection, local food production, active and sustainable transportation and waste management.

4. Stop New Cell Towers in Guelph, Ontario

In a residential neighbourhood in the northeast end of Guelph, Ontario, the proposed Bell Cell Tower at the intersection of Grange and Starwood, and the Rogers wireless pole extension on Auden Road should not be approved.

Cell towers do not belong in residential neighbourhoods – and certainly not close to schools. The proposed Bell Cell Tower would directly overshadow two adjacent schools.

Canadians are currently being exposed to levels of radio and microwave frequency that have never been experienced in human history – or ever tested for their long term effects.

In May 2011, the World Health Organization classified electromagnetic radiation as a Class 2B possible human carcinogen. The microwaves that are emitted from these towers are being linked to leukemia, infertility, cancer, Alzheimer's, autism and various other insidious health issues. The standards that have been set by Health Canada – Safety Code 6 – fall at least 100 times higher (meaning 100 times more exposure) than those set by most European countries. We're led to think that this new technology is safe and that we're well-protected – but we're not. At present, Safety Code 6 is based ONLY on thermal heating effects, and not on biological (cellular) effects. It doesn't take into account the effects of electromagnetic radiation on brain waves, or on neurological or endocrine systems.

We're playing with fire when we should be erring on the side of caution. Red flags are waved by The Bioinitiative Report (, the most comprehensive and daunting compilation of research on cell tower emissions done by an independent international body of scientists and researchers; Magda Havas PhD (, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University; Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD (; Citizens for Safe Technology (, and numerous other respected researchers and organizations.

Note: Developments on this situation are being posted at, and also at (click "News" then "Cell Tower Situations" and scroll to Guelph).

5. Guelph-Wellington Food Charter

(Click here to view or print the Food Charter).

Is food a part of your life? We believe that anyone who answers "yes" to this question should have a say in where their food comes from, how their food is produced, and how those factors impact their communities now and in the future.

The United Nations Covenant on Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights acknowledges the right for all to have access to adequate food. Our Food Charter builds on this Covenant so that we can work together to build a vibrant, sustainable, food-secure community.

6. Guelph Tax Revolt

Enough is Enough!

7. Opening a MEC in Hamilton

We believe that many forces (an increasingly younger downtown population, a non-stop flow of potential MEC members through McMaster and Mohawk, proximity to other similar markets -- Guelph, St. Catharines, etc) would combine to provide an ample customer base for such a location. The following cities (and their populations) could be serviced by a Hamilton MEC:

Hamilton (692,911)
London (457,720)
Kitchener (451,235)
St. Catharines-Niagara (390,317)
Guelph (127,009)
Brantford (124,607)
(Total 2,243,799)

We also believe that there are more MEC members (and potential members) within the Hamilton area than the MEC membership data suggests. Most students and temporarily employed people (grad students, medical interns, researchers) are likely registered to MEC with their home (or parents' home) address. For this reason, MECs records probably do not show a high concentration of members in the Hamilton area despite there being a large number of temporary (turning permanent) residents in the "target demographic".

You do not need to be a MEC member in order to sign... but if you ARE a MEC member, it would be very worthwhile to include your MEC member number (and update your address at

Update regarding a MEC location in Burlington:
Why Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) chose a bad location for their Burlington store.
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