Mayor Cam Guthrie

Currently there are only 2 roller skating rinks west of Toronto. One being in London, the other is in Mississauga, which will be closing(quote from the former owner/leasor) within the next 2 -3 years possibly. There is 1 other rink that operates during the summer months only in Hamilton @ Pier 8, weather permitting.

We are in desperate need of a rink to satisfy the needs of people from all age categories. There are multiple Roller Derby organizations whom also need a regular rink to practice in & to compete. It would also be a great place for speed skating clubs & artistic skating clubs by giving them the space to get them to a world class performance level.

People need a place, especially the youth of today, to gather, exercise & socialize in safety. This would offer something to everyone of all ages.

We need a roller skating rink for all ages in Guelph.

Currently there is only a rink in London, one in Mississauga which will be closing possibly within 2-3 years & during the summer months there is Pier 8 in Hamilton which is open depending on the weather.

We require a rink to offer a safe place for our youth & all ages to gather & participate in roller skating. This would also benefit artistic, speed skaters & the numerous Roller Derby teams in the immediate area. It could be a place to train skaters to become world class participants in all aspects of the sport & recreational aspects!

Please sign this & share with everyone to benefit us all!

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