Mountain Equipment Co-Op

We believe that many forces (an increasingly younger downtown population, a non-stop flow of potential MEC members through McMaster and Mohawk, proximity to other similar markets -- Guelph, St. Catharines, etc) would combine to provide an ample customer base for such a location. The following cities (and their populations) could be serviced by a Hamilton MEC:

Hamilton (692,911)
London (457,720)
Kitchener (451,235)
St. Catharines-Niagara (390,317)
Guelph (127,009)
Brantford (124,607)
(Total 2,243,799)

We also believe that there are more MEC members (and potential members) within the Hamilton area than the MEC membership data suggests. Most students and temporarily employed people (grad students, medical interns, researchers) are likely registered to MEC with their home (or parents' home) address. For this reason, MECs records probably do not show a high concentration of members in the Hamilton area despite there being a large number of temporary (turning permanent) residents in the "target demographic".

You do not need to be a MEC member in order to sign... but if you ARE a MEC member, it would be very worthwhile to include your MEC member number (and update your address at www.mec.ca)

Update regarding a MEC location in Burlington:
Why Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) chose a bad location for their Burlington store.
More details about the problems with MEC's Burlington location

Attention Mountain Equipment Co Op City Selection Group:

As lovers of the outdoors who do not live in Toronto, we'd like to see a MEC store opened in downtown Hamilton. We come from far and wide, from Niagara, London, Kitchener and beyond -- and we'd rather coast into Hamilton than battle gridlock into Toronto.

We hope that you will analyze the data (taking into account that many existing members who go to any nearby schools are probably listed under their old addresses) and make the right choice! More people will shop more often at MEC if you move into the Hamilton core.

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