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Is food a part of your life? We believe that anyone who answers "yes" to this question should have a say in where their food comes from, how their food is produced, and how those factors impact their communities now and in the future.

The United Nations Covenant on Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights acknowledges the right for all to have access to adequate food. Our Food Charter builds on this Covenant so that we can work together to build a vibrant, sustainable, food-secure community.

We, the undersigned believe the following principles are key priorities as we create a just and sustainable food system for all. As signatories to this food charter, we commit to entering into a dialogue on actions based on these principles.

Because we value Health, we support…
• Public policy that recognizes food’s contribution to physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.
• Neighbourhoods that encourage walkable and bikeable access to healthy food.
• Strategies to prevent and manage chronic diseases through access to affordable healthy food.

Because we value Education, we support...
• Initiatives that develop food skills.
• Programs that train future farmers.
• The integration of food literacy and gardening into school curricula.
• Public education about the connections between our health, the environment, and our food choices.

Because we value Sustainable Economic Development, we support …
• Prioritizing production, processing, distribution, and consumption of local food.
• Promoting our region as a food, agricultural, and culinary destination.
• Advancing food and agriculture research and innovation for alternative food systems.

Because we value Environment, we support…
• The preservation of local farmland that protects watersheds and wildlife habitat.
• The growth of food production methods that sustain or enhance the natural environment in both rural and urban settings.

Because we value Culture, we support…
• Celebrating and promoting respect for traditional, cultural, and spiritual food diversity.
• Enhancing the dignity and joy of growing, preparing and eating food.
• Strengthening links between rural and urban communities.

Because we value Social Justice, we support…
• Identifying healthy food as a social good and ensuring access regardless of income.
• Championing a fair wage for the production of food, and a safe and respectful environment for all food workers.
• Helping to ensure land access for new farmers for the growing of food.
• Advocating for income, education, employment, housing and transportation policies that support access to healthy, sustainable food.

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