#Consumer Affairs

I recommend that the Sears in stone road mall be replaced by a Hudson’s Bay in the same location. Guelph is growing rapidly with many new retailers opening and many students who need to buy things for the first time. Students need to buy many household items and lack a car to get to the next city. There need to be an option for students to buy department store items. Now that Sears is leaving, we need to get Hudson’s Bay to come to Guelph in Stone Road Mall so that first time adult shoppers can see what upper end department stores are like. Hudson’s Bay has many successful stores in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo but none in Guelph. With this petition we can pressure the Mayor to bring in Hudson’s Bay. We can also show Hudson’s Bay that many people in Guelph would like to shop there. It would likely make the whole mall more attractive as every competing mall has a Hudson’s Bay.

Replace Sears with Hudson's Bay in Stone Road Mall.

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The Hudson Bay to replace Sears petition to Guelph was written by mark brauer and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.

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