#Neighborhood Living
Guelph City Council

John Galt conceived of a city that was built 'for the people'; not 'to access the infrastructure funds'. Funding grants should not get in the way of sound decision making.

We urge the developer, the City of Guelph and our Councilors to work together with the community to create a housing development that is something all of us are proud of and that fits within our downtown, both now and in the future.

We the undersigned hereby OPPOSE the rezoning application for the 75 Dublin Street corner in Guelph the following reasons:
1. Accessibility for seniors: Steep hills every direction + Inadequate parking = Site doesn't make sense for the proposed tenant.
2. Too tall for surrounding heritage character of the neighbourhood- Official Plan already says this.
3. Children deserve the right to light! Adjacent school children have little green space now, irreversible shading will kill the few trees there are and affect children’s well-being. Hundreds of children will be affected each year vs. 20 affordable units. How do we make sense of this disproportionate impact?
4. Seniors deserve parking (and visitors!) How do tenants get to affordable grocery options? Where do home care providers, visitors or deliveries park?
5. Parking congestion for neighbourhood. Streets are already full. Adding more units without parking will displace existing users of street parking further and further from home.
6. Safety for seniors & school children: snow load, slippery road conditions in winter and traffic are a serious problem now. We oppose adding more congestion to an already dangerous situation.

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