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1. Allow us to help the children of the future

1. I and many others believe this music to be quite enjoyable and music of this degree beneficial to helping with the work we were doing.
2. Stopping students from expressing their creativity like this can have problems with the student like thought processing. If we were aloud to listen to this music however, it would give us the will and moxie to continue our work with joy.

2. Protect the Environment

We believe that the protecting environment and environmental safety should be a top priority in the world today. With the important landmarks being made such as the Paris Climate Agreement, and with many other steps being taken today, we must preserve those steps and move forward, as well as making more strides towards a cleaner and better world.

3. Be The Change That Climate Change Needs

The circumstances are simple really, Climate Change is going to destroy the Earth and many of our beloved plants and animals.

From the rainforest to the coral reefs the world is being brought it to its knees.

Now as non believers like Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt (head of EPA and basically a human mouthpiece for the coal and oil industry) take center stage it is imparative to say something.

4. Save NASA Climate Research Budget

Bob Walker, a Trump senior advisor, stated that the NASA Earth Science Division will be stripped of all funding.

This would mean the elimination of Nasa’s world-renowned research into weather, temperature, ice, clouds, soil and water conditions, and other climate related phenomena. Nasa’s network of satellites provides a wealth of information on weather and climate events.

According to Kevin Trenberth, senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, ”NASA provides the scientific community with new instruments and techniques, and the elimination of Earth sciences would be “a major setback if not devastating”. “It could put us back into the ‘dark ages’ of almost the pre-satellite era,” he said.

Over the coming decades, NASA and the Agency's research partners will continue to pioneer the use of both spaceborne and aircraft measurements to characterize, understand, and predict variability and trends in Earth's weather, soil, and ocean system for both research and critically important areas ranging from farming applications to natural disaster predictions and planning.

Earth is our lifeboat in the vast expanse of space. Over the past 50 years, world population has doubled, grain yields have tripled and economic output has grown sevenfold. Earth science research can help us understand and how the Earth can sustain this growth in the future. In addition, over a 1/3 of the US economy - $3 trillion annually - is influenced by climate, weather, and natural hazards, providing economic incentive to study the Earth.

This is not a political issue. This organization does pure research about our planet. This information is used by scientists, businesses, meteorologists, fishermen, and farmers around the world.

5. Save Burns Bog. Fight MK Delta's Industrial plans in Burns Bog.

History of MK Delta Lands Group & How it happened:

In 2004, Burns Bog owners the McLaughlins were under foreclosure. The McLaughlin family asked Jack Matthews to rescue the Bog from foreclosure. He did. (J.M. Pers. Comment, 2004.)

Four levels of government came together to purchase Burns Bog for conservation. They offered Jack Matthews $78 million for the 5,500 acres of Burns Bog. Unfortunately, Jack Matthews left $5 million on the table.

Matthews sold 5,000 acres of Burns Bog to the four levels of government. He kept 525 acres of ecologically significant land.

In 2005, the Kerbel family (Ontario) and Jack Matthews (originally from Ontario, now Dallas, Texas) created MK Delta Lands Group Inc.

Present day.

MK Delta Lands Groups is applying to the Corporation of Delta for an Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning application at 7969 Highway 91 Connector. They want to build an industrial park on 155 acres of land located on the edge of Burns Bog (Lot 4).

The following are parts of their application:

• Proposed Agricultural Land Reserve Exclusion
• Official Community Plan Amendment
• Rezoning
• Regional Growth Strategy Amendment
• Sanitary Sewer Area Extension
• Development Permit
• Subdivision Application at 7696 Highway 91 Connector

In exchange for this development, they are offering Delta 328 acres of land in Burns Bog and financial contributions.

Why should you be concerned?


Here are what others said about MK Delta Lands Group’s proposal in 2012 (we successfully stopped this project):

“There is a limited amount of “green space” in the Lower Mainland that is causing detrimental effects to not only human health but to our natural environment. It would be regrettable to see anything happen to Burns Bog, especially because of how sensitive the ecosystem is.”
- Olivia Woodburn

“As someone who has lived nearby for over twenty years I am appalled to learn that MK Delta Lands Group is proposing to potentially destroy one of the greatest natural environments on the west coast of British Columbia.”
- Asha Young

“No amount of mitigation and no amount of money can offset the impacts to the site and the local and global ecosystem if the proposed development is allowed…They CAN’T re-create this bog. Please DO NOT ALLOW this development.”
- Diane Ryba

Please sign the petition. Your support makes a huge difference. Your gifts help us continue to fight for Burns Bog. Click here to give now.

6. Create Lord Of The Rings : Battle For Middle Earth 3

Battle for middle earth was one of our favourites game series ! We got endless times of joy and pure action! Still now on 2016 BFME 2 has tons of loyal fans who deserve a new game!

With this petition we will try to encourage EA GAMES to bring back our favourite game! There is no more things to say! You all know what are we asking for and if EA see too many fans asking for this i think they will try to make it happen ! SHARE IT TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!


I dont have any powers within the EA company or else and i am doing this only to try to show EA GAMES our desire to play again our favourite game. I promise when the number of signatures is large enough 'll send the petition to EA GAMES so they can think what to do.

7. Step to a better world

Global Warming, Oil Wars, Hunger and Air Pollution are among our biggest challenges in the 21st century. These challenges have roots in the main challenge of today, i.e. ENERGY.

International Energy Agency, IEA "2011 Key World Energy Statistics" shows that earth's deposit of peat, coal, oil and gas are on fire and our transport system has a main role in this disaster. 27 million ton of our fossil fuels deposit burns every day and converts into 11000 Billion Cubic Feet of invisible CO2, caused Global Warming and Climate Change. 27 million ton of raw material of our industries burns every day!!. We need to take an action urgently before it is too late.

Also we worsen Hunger by burning 100+ million ton of food per year after converting to biofuels.

We need a clean transport system suitable for 21st century. We still use the dirty 18th century combustion engines technology for our transportation while there is an economic, safe, funny and clean technology available for transportation, here @:

Sign this petition in order to stop burning our wealth and keep our tinny planet rich, safe and clean.

8. Where the Green Bud Grows: Tommy Chong for Nobel Peace Prize

For 40 years Cheech and Chong have entertained the world with their comedy regarding Marijuana. From what started out by a controlling governments around the world claiming that a naturally grown plant they claimed led to hard drugs has now been downgraded and then upgraded as a medicinal plant which studies from the 1800's have proven that it has usage for Depression, Sleep Disorders, Asthma, Gluacoma, and today Cancer.

9. Ban Plastic Bags in La Jolla!

Help raise awareness of plastic and how it effects our environment!

Los Angeles County has been the first county in California to ban plastic bags, so why can't San Diego or specifically La Jolla?

We live in such a BEAUTIFUL beach community and it's sad to see our local markets using plastic bags!

Help the oceans and ban plastic bags!

10. ME3 Ending petition to BioWare DLC/Patch

We have confirmed informations that in every ending in Mass Effect 3 Normandy will crash on remote planet and shepard will b separated from his crw, lov interst and friends.

We want ending where Shepard is at least with his love interest together!

11. W.I.T.C.H. Season 3 Petition

Would you like W.I.T.C.H. to return to television?. W.I.T.C.H. Is an animated television series about five kids with extraordinary powers, stopping evil and having many magical and funny adventures along the way.

Many many fans throughout the globe have experienced many emotions over W.I.T.C.H., And would like to see it return so much. Please sign the petition to help make a difference and possibly get W.I.T.C.H. back on air.

12. Petition for Safe Energy

Dear Safe Energy Advocate,

We, the undersigned safe energy advocates, have been
speaking out about the risks and dangers posed by nuclear
power for years – many since before the 1986 Chornobyl
and 1979 Three Mile Island accidents as well as the
hundreds of other radioactive releases, unplanned shut-
downs, and other mishaps that have continuously plagued
both the U.S. and the international nuclear industries since
their founding.

While nuclear power’s unacceptable safety, environmental,
public health, economic, and national security risks should
have been self-evident long before now, the latest
unfolding nuclear disaster in Japan once again underscores
the following:

Nuclear plants can never be designed to withstand all
potential “acts of God.”

Nuclear plants can never be designed to withstand all
instances of “human error.”

Nuclear plants can never be designed to withstand all types
of “mechanical malfunction.”

Nuclear plants can never be designed to withstand all
forms of “terrorist attack.”

There is no such thing as “safe” nuclear power.

There is no such thing as “clean” nuclear power.

There is no such thing as “cheap” nuclear power.

Consequently, all proposed governmental financial and
regulatory incentives for new nuclear plant construction -
including loan guarantees, accelerated licensing, and
inclusion in a “clean energy standard” - should be rejected,
and no new reactors should be built.

Existing nuclear reactors should be phased out as rapidly as
possible, beginning with the oldest and/or most unsafe,
and no presently-licensed reactors should have their
operating lives extended.

Safety standards for existing reactors should be
substantially tightened while they continue to operate and
federal nuclear funding should be redirected to the orderly
phase-out of those reactors as well as the safe
decommissioning of closed reactors and disposal of
radioactive waste.

National energy policy and funding should be refocused on
greatly improved energy efficiency and the rapid
deployment of renewable energy sources which are far
cleaner, safer, and cheaper than nuclear power.

Sincerely, Mark R. Bielby BA.s.d.s

13. Save Waratah Park Earth Sanctuary

Waratah Park Earth Sanctuary, Home of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, is currently leased by Prudentia Investments and its future is uncertain.

We, the community, do not want this land to become just another housing estate. We cannot allow this to happen, this is a beautiful piece of land and an iconic part of Australian History. This is a matter of urgency! NSW Lands needs to take responsibility & claim back this land and return it to the community.

We call on the Government to acknowledge the dire state of affairs that currently confront Waratah Park. The Government must acknowledge the historical significance of the site and the recognition it commands throughout Australia and world wide. We also call on the Government to direct the Heritage Council to consider the inclusion of Waratah Park, particularly the iconic ranger cottage, on the State's Heritage Register.

We must ensure that the site is preserved under public ownership and remains open for the enjoyment and benefit of the people of New South Wales. This is a real challenge for the current Government, and we urge it to meet that challenge.

14. Save Western Ghats

4 Dams
16 Weirs
21 Kms Mammoth Tunnel
Over 200 Acres of Concrete Structure….are set to cut the throat of Western Ghats.
Over 18 villages will be submerged; over 800 hectares of forest will be destroyed

Destruction of the Western Ghats will not only cause decimation of biodiversity but also accelerate the impact of global warming.

15. Stop Styrofoam Usage

- Takes longer than a normal life-span to decompose.

- It is highly used at this moment, but should be stopped!

If you do use it, PLEASE recycle it. (:

16. "Bring Your Own Bag Everyday" Campaign for all Local Retailers

NEA started the Bring Your Own Bag Day (BYOBD) since 2007. It started with every first Wednesday of the month to the current every Wednesday of the week. Most Singaporeans try to avoid patronizing participating supermarkets on Wednesday which defeat the purpose of BYOB or Stop the Wastage of Plastic Bags campaign.

Upon my last trip to GuaugZhou (广洲) I noticed the locals Bring Your Own Bag campaign is as successful as Korea. Most of the retail outlets do not provide carrier unless with a fee. I see all citizens with recycle bags whenever they are out to shop. I was not spared too. Regardless of buying of groceries, apparels or even books almost everything it’s Bring Your Own Bag.

Can we Singapore move towards this direction? I love Singapore, I love the Earth, and I love the planet we are in. I am sure I am not alone. May we help to keep the beautiful earth we are in and preserve it as much as possible for our next and future generations?
Did You Know...?
• More than 2.5 billion plastic bags are used every year in Singapore.
• Almost half of these bags are given away unnecessary such as customers asked for more than required.
• Plastic bags suffocate, disable and kill thousands of marine mammals and sea birds worldwide each year. When the animal dies and decays, the plastic bag is free again to repeat the deadly cycle.
• It only takes less than a week for an average Singapore family to accumulate 50 plastic bags.
• Most of these recyclable plastic bags are often thrown away without being recycled.
• Plastic bags thrown away as litter, dirty our public places, rivers and canals, and may even clog up drains, and this would lead to stagnant water and mosquito breeding.
• By using reusable bags during our shopping trips, we will use fewer plastic bags and help to conserve the earth's resources.
• We can help to put an end to this earth destruction.
• Say "NO" to plastic bags now!
• Say "YES" to less waste, haze and global warming.

What Price Have We Paid? We pay a big price for using plastic bags extensively – from the devastation they cause to our uniquely island environment, to the financial cost to the retail sector of supplying plastic bags to customers…the price we pay for using plastic bags really adds up.
Plastic bags are a serious threat to our environment and natural resources they take up to 1000 years to break down.

Plastic bags are responsible for blocking drains and harming our wildlife - both marine and land-based animals. Plastic bags are often mistaken as food by marine mammals. 100,000 marine mammals die yearly by eating plastic bags. These animals suffer a painful death, the plastic wraps around their intestines or they choke to death. We Murdered Them with plastic! And we are murdering our future generations too!

17. Make Earth Day a Federal Holiday

Question: Is there anything more important than the earth? THE ANSWER IS NO.
As the health and beauty of our dear planet earth continues to be jeopardized more and more every day, we all put ourselves and future generations at risk for losing our precious resources and becoming overrun with pollution and waste.

Although many U.S. citizens are becoming more aware and concerned about the current state of our planet, the U.S. as a whole would benefit so much more by making Earth Day a federal holiday.

Not only would it increase awareness, but it would also give citizens the opportunity to give back to the earth so that it may be plentiful with beauty and the resources that are crucial to all animal survival.

18. Stop The War





19. Promote chain restaurants recycling to help stop global warming

I have worked at a Subway chain restaurant and noticed a lot of cardboard boxes are being thrown in trash.

By recycling these boxes, many restaurants could save trees and the earth from global warming.

20. Stop Global Warming

Climate change may be a big problem, but there are many little things we can do to make a difference. If we try, most of us can do our part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere. Many greenhouse gases come from things we do every day. As we have learned, these greenhouse gases trap energy in the atmosphere and make the Earth warmer.

Driving a car or using electricity is not wrong. We just have to be smart about it.Some people use less energy by carpooling. For example, four people can ride together in one car instead of driving four cars to work. Here are some additional ways you can help make the planet a better place!

Learning about the environment is very important. There are many good books that will help you learn. To get started, ask a teacher or a librarian for some suggestions. You also can look at the Links page to find other good web sites with information about the environment and climate change.

Save Electricity
Whenever we use electricity, we help put greenhouse gases into the air. By turning off lights, the television, and the computer when you are through with them, you can help a lot.

Bike, Bus, and Walk
You can save energy by sometimes taking the bus, riding a bike, or walking.

Talk to Your Family and Friends
Talk with your family and friends about climate change. Let them know what you've learned.

Plant Trees
Planting trees is fun and a great way to reduce greenhouse gases. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air.

Recycle cans, bottles, plastic bags, and newspapers. When you recycle, you send less trash to the landfill and you help save natural resources, like trees, oil, and elements such as aluminum.

When You Buy, Buy Cool Stuff
There are lots of ways we can improve the environment. One of the ways to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the air is to buy products that don't use as much energy. By conserving energy, we help reduce climate change and make the Earth a better place. Some products – like certain cars and stereos – are made specially to save energy.

Some Things to Think About
Did you know that you can help the environment if you buy recyclable products instead of non-recyclable ones? Look for the recycle mark – three arrows that make a circle – on the package. Recyclable products are usually made out of things that already have been used. It usually takes less energy to make recycled products than to make new ones. The less energy we use, the better.

Solar Energy
Imagine that it's a hot summer day. You put a scoop of ice cream on the sidewalk, and it melts. Why? Well, you probably know that the sun causes the ice cream to melt. But you may not know that the sun produces solar energy. Solar energy is a fancy way of saying "energy that comes from the sun." Solar energy can be used to heat homes, buildings, water, and to make electricity. Today, more than 200,000 houses in the United States take advantage of the sun's energy.

Cars are an important part of life for most people. But cars also cause pollution and release a lot of greenhouse gases into the air. Fortunately, there are some cars that are better for the environment. These cars can travel longer on a smaller amount of gasoline. They don't pollute as much, either. Using these kinds of cars can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air.

Many things, like computers, TVs, stereos, and VCRs, have special labels on them. The label says "Energy" and has a picture of a star. Products with the ENERGY STAR® label are made to save energy. Buying products with ENERGY STAR® labels will help protect the environment.

21. Peace is the ultimate goal

Sign this petition as contribution for efforts for:

immediate ceasefire.
immediate start of negotiations.
permanent peace to prevail on Earth.

22. Start Doing Something for The Earth

This petition is to support the stand of eco-friendly activities/programmes like e.g recycling programme, BYOB campaigns, to be carried out and to encourage factories to stop releasing harmful gas emissions to the air, instead, they could release the harmful gas emissions towards the ground,as so to not pollute the air; causing respiratory problems for us and also to think of the well-being of the earth.

We ought to do start doing something now because this is our planet, we are earthlings of this planet, we bear the responsibility to take good care of the earth.

23. Reduce World Population Now

Around 10 years ago I started developing a theory on my own about world overpopulation.

"The main challenges the world will have to face in the coming years will be overpopulation, lack of resources (water, food, oil, etc ...), pandemia of all sorts of old and new diseases, pollutions of all sorts (chemical, air, water, food, etc...)".

This thought came from one of the Main Geniuses the world gave birth to, ALBERT EINSTEIN, WRITTEN IN the 1930's, when the word ecological had yet to be "invented", when the consciousness of a devastated Earth was not even floating around, when the planet had still unexplored part to go and discover !

24. GLOBAL WARMING!!! Help our mother earth!

Our earth is going in the big danger of global warming every second.

We have time to watch cinemas, for shopping, party and etc. but don’t you have time for saving our earth?

25. A New Global Warming Bill

Do you know why we should alert the government or global warming? Do you know why we should pass another bill helping to stop global warming?

Well, I know there are some considerate people on Earth's surface that care about Mother Nature but do NOT know what to do. The least we can do is spread the word. Well, one person can't turn our people's habits around completely, but one can make a difference. Don't be ashamed of not having the ability to do it yourself, because global warming is more than just one problem. Let me give you a few examples:

What is global warming =
&Rainforest clearing
&Polar ice cap melting
&Warmer winters
&Stronger hurricanes
&More drought
&Extreme flooding
&Oxygen shortage
&Greenhouse effect
&Coral bleaching
&Ozone holes
&More asthma
&More allergies
..............................& more + + + +

26. Save Our Rainforests!

Haven't you heard of 'rainforests'? They are literally 'rain'forests. The Amazon river is only the largest river on the face of this planet because the rain floods the Amazon river daily. These spectacular forests are facing countless dangers because of global warming.

Every passing second, the size of 3 football stadiums of trees are cleared in the rainforests for housing the rising population, firewood, furniture, art projects, paper, cut down for farming, or just stored to decompose.

These extraordinary trees are only found along the Equator, but if they are constantly being sawed apart at this rate, they will disappear before we come to our senses. Rainforests are home to over half of the world's species. Do you know why? Rainforests contain many natural resources, especially water, and since the trees grow so tall and rivers snake across the forests, you must be able fly, glide, swim, climb, slither, or just plain walk to live here. Well, that's a lot of options.

Well, if you sign this petition, I will send this to the Brazil government and the US government so they can stop cutting down the unique rainforests we have today. Imagine a world without them. Do you want your future children to live in a world without rainforests? Act now for a better future.

27. This is the Solution to Pollution

Our ignorance of global warming is deadly. Mother Nature is dying, and what comes with her is-prepare for this-EVERYONE. From forest inhabitants to penguins to rainforests to snakes and to US. Actually, everyone is involved with it.

Our precious Planet Earth will be completely destroyed when we pollute too much. It will become a twin of Venus, a victim of the greenhouse effect, oxygen loss, extinction, rainforest clearing, ozone layer thinning, polar ice caps melting, sea level rising, increased flooding and drought in different areas, sewage, and what we know best-POLLUTION!

From dropping icecream sandwich wrappers and throwing your tiny, insignificant candy wrappers on the ground and spitting your chewing gum into the grass and discarding your banana peels, and extreme polluting by wasting glass, styrofoam, cars, and plastic. Please! REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. How many times have you ever heard those 3 simple words? I bet $100 you have. If you don't, I don't believe you... well, you learned your lesson.

Sign this if you want a cleaner world with more years ahead of you. Do you want your children to live in a world without a clean path to walk on? Do you want a world without a way to enjoy nature properly?

Think more about the future, citizens. For the sake of Earth.

28. Take Action Against Global Warming!

Stop global warming by signing this petition! The greenhouse gases collecting in our atmosphere is heating our planet. If it rises just one degree, everything begins to melt, from ice cream sandwiches to Glacier National Park and even Antarctica!

But, since the oceans nearly cover our planet, it takes just Greenland to flood all coastal areas. This concerns not only our precious Mother Nature, but you. Please take the time to help stop this disaster from happening.

YOU can make a difference. Are you ready for the challenge?

29. Global Peace by All Means

The destruction of mankind on this planet, because of sheer human stupidity of destroying the Oxygen we breathe through unbridled Pollution, is now very real, and within our own sights.

Governments are lying by deluding the peoples of the world into a false sense of fraudulent security. We have no time left.

30. The Gay Pledge

As individuals in the GLBT community, are uniquely identified by our 'rainbow" colors. We proudly wear them to proclaim, "we are hear to stay!"

We, as a people of different nationalities, races, ages and genders, residing on this earth, want the recognition that we truly stand for more than our sexual orientation, and the people we choose to associate with. The Gay Pledge, is our vow of what we stand for. The Rainbow Flag has true meaning. The Gay Pledge, states the truth.

Please sign this petition, for the recognition of, The Gay Pledge.