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All English Animation Companies of the world.

Space Knight Tekkaman Blade is actually a 90's version of a sci-fi television series called Tekkaman: The Space Knight that was broadcasted in Japan during the early 1970's. An English adaptation of the new series was then brought overseas - making it the first mechanical (or "mecha") related anime to appear on North American television since the run of Robotech.

Entitled Teknoman, the series began it's run on the UPN and FOX networks across North America. Taking place in the year 2087, Teknoman recounts the story of Slade - Earth's only hope of salvation - and his continuous struggle for the existence of mankind... simultaneously fighting an inner struggle to preserve his own humanity without succumbing to the dark side of his power.

Like the majority of anime dubs, Teknoman has undergone several changes from the original series Space Knight Tekkaman Blade (thankfully, nothing which greatly hinders the enjoyment of the show). Scenes had been cut, character names were changed (even genders in some cases), more narration had been added, and new opening and closing themes were composed. Sadly, Teknoman did not last very long as both UPN and FOX cancelled the run of the series -- just as the story was becoming VERY interesting if I may add.

The OVA sequel, Tekkaman Blade II, was released in 1994 (Japan). Taking place 10 years after the invasion, we're introduced to a new Space Knights team, some of whom had been captured by the Radam and converted, into Tekkamen. The series is VERY short - having only 6 parts - and was commercially picked up by Urban Vision.

This petition is designed to resurrect Tekkaman from the ashes that it has dissipated into, by requesting and showing the overwhelming support for the series return throughout the world.

Special thanks to Blue Earth (http://www.geocities.com/bluearths/) for the four paragraphs of information.

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I, the signer, have heard of, or seen Tekkaman or Teknoman and would like to see it re-released both on Television and to the general public in an English Language version. I would possibly like to see it acompanied with a new english dub which does justice to such a great anime, and see it released in both VHS and DVD formats with an average of 4 episodes per DVD and 2 per VHS. If the series was re-dubbed and released there is a good chance I would buy at least one, if not all the tapes released. I believe it would not only supply all the nations of the world with much enjoyment but would also be a great investment for whichever company possessed the rights and was receiving the profits from sales etc.

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