George W. Bush

President Bush and United americans:
My name is Jayla Lee, and I have relized, that one day our world will come to an end. I want to help the Earth stay healthy and exsist longer than it is planned to. To do this, I need your help, the world's help. People drive cars every day, and the smoke ruins the air, and it's exspecially bad here in Sacramento. What I need your help with is to follow China's ways--riding bikes instead of cars. Every human on Earth recieves a bike, and increase taxes by a couple cents to pay for the bikes. Please, let the Earth last longer, so humans in the future can enjoy Earth, and they'll all know that you helped it to be more healthy.

So please, take a few seconds out of your busy schedule, and sign this petition.
Thank you very much for your time.

We, the undersigned, want to live in healthier air, and help the world last longer!

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