$1,000,000 A BOMB - the US can bomb Afghanstan for a week solid but it can't feed its homless or prevent rape from happening several thousands of times a day.

SPACE STATION - meanwhile people are overworked, underpaid and stressed all adding to a pool of negitivity.

STREET VIOLENCE - is at an all time high, and the suicide rate has sky rocketed.

CURE FOR CANCER - My city has built a new cancer research center employing over 1000 people. Cancer creates jobs, crime creates jobs, drugs create jobs - the government wants jobs, not a cure.

SEASONS COLLIDING - It's called THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT caused by mankind. If the angels were here they would be disgusted. (They are, and they are).

TECHNOLOGY HALTED - A teleporter would render millions jobless in the transport industry. Cloned food could help billions but it would also render millions jobless in the food industry. We invoked light, lets at least use it right - but the government wants money, not progress.

It's been 500 years or so since the last revolution? Well guess what, the government still sucks. The majority of people hate what has become of earth. Lost in the money, lost in the sex, lost in the crime, doesn't feel so bad to leave it all behind.
I think everyone should start actually listening (to the LYRICS) of bands like system of a down, or other pro earth artists. They seem to be the only ones who have this all figured out.
For the planet's sake, go to a statistics site, research this world we live on and let's get our minds into action before all the bullies with nukes blow our once gorgeous planet away.

Sign this, send it to someone, .... maybe our kids can save us. I hope so.

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