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The irkens will not fall!!!
How can Nick be so greedy they say that since they cant have Invader Zim nobody can! They wont give it to Cartoon Network when they failed it and they wont make new ones just because they think it is inapropriat for these times. They think that Invader Zim (being a alien invader from another world bent on the destruction of earth) is an inapropriat show since 9/11 happened. "This is an outrage" says I "Invader Zim may be an invader sent to destroy earth but he is not a very succesful invader and to add to this his A.I. robot, Gir, is a total nut and dose more damage than help."
"How can this be" says Conner Jones,an anonymous bystander "Invader Zim was the best show that ever happened to T.V. how could they do this to all of us kids. That is just wrong. Besides they made a lot of money off the merchandise"

Will you sit back and watch the Irkens fall or will you fight by their side in the battle for the show that was a global miracle?

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